DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 7 & 8

Hello Dramatics! Have you been keeping up with all of the students from Sevit HIgh? Check out what June and I thought about the latest Episodes 7 & 8 here Let me know what you think about all of the scandalous behavior that has been going on between the students. Also don’t forget to check out my You Tube Channel for the latest reviews of the current Episodes. Just in case you have not been following me here are the latest DramaFever reviews for Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 and Episodes 5 & 6 Also check me out on Seoulwave where I also do K – Drama Reviews. Until next time Dramatics until next time! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

SnackFever: Halloween 2015 Review And Unboxing

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there! Today I am doing something a little different and bringing you my latest SnackFever unboxing! I discovered a snack box that is totally in-line with my interests (basically anything related to Korea, of course) and it’s quickly become the best snack subscription I’ve ever received! I just had to hop on board with this subscription! I have been subscribed to SnackFever since they first debuted in July 2015, and I have to say that this is one of my favorite subscription boxes! They are the only subscription that offer Korean snacks in the United States. Their headquarters are located in KoreaTown LA.

Who They Are: SnackFever is a snack subscription based out of L.A. that sends you a box full of really unique and interesting Korean snacks. They don’t stop at cookies and chips though they send soups, ramyun, drinks, candy and more!

Box Options And Prices: SnackFever offers 2 different sized boxes:

The Original Box ($20)
10+ Snacks in Every Box
Mini Box ( $12)
5+ Snacks in Every Box
SnackFeveroffers a monthly subscription, 3 month and 6 month pre-paid subscription plans that are discounted, so the more you buy in advance, the more you save!
And coming soon customers will be able to purchase a Deluxe Box! I can’t wait for this to be released. You know I will be getting this day one!
SnackFever offers free shipping to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. SnackFever will happily ship outside of these areas for an additional fee.
For the month of October SnackFever gave their customers the option of purchasing a special Halloween Box full of snacks and candy. This is not part of their regular subscription, but I do have to say that this box was jammed packed with lots of yummy goodies. I really hope that SnackFever comes out with these special theme boxes often. It’s always great to get some extra goodies.
SnackFever includes a helpful info card for all the snacks that are included in the box. This is especially great considering most of the snacks have Hangul written on them
  The description says that the purpose of this candy is to endure the sourness for 3 seconds! I have yet to try this candy but I do like sour candy. I believe once you get past the 3 seconds of sourness, this candy will become sweet.
This is cola flavored hard candy which actually tastes just like Cola! Very good!
Chocolate pie with marshmallow filling. I have tasted something similar to this here in the United States. Actually I live in the state and city where that version of the Choco Pie is made. This cake was not too sweet but very moist and the marshmallow filling was a very nice contrast and gave this snack flavor. I ate mine with a glass of milk.
My Gummy
Grape Jelly that has a chewy texture. These are similar to gummy bears.
Jardin Hot Chocolate
Homestyle cafe mori tea. This is perfect as we are getting into cooler weather!
Round biscuits filled with chocolate. These little biscuits have the Kancho characters imprinted on them! So cute 🙂
King Gummy Worms
Worm shaped Korean gummy worms with different flavors. These are very tasty! You can’t go wrong with gummies!
Country Corn
Fresh corn chips combined with butter flavor. These are very very good! I recieved a bag of these in a previous box and I really enjoyed them. They are a very light chip and when you bite into them, you can taste the sweetness of corn! One of my many favorites.
Honey cheese flavored baked potato sticks. These snacks are very light and tasty. As you bite into them you can taste the sweetness of butter and honey! These are fun to eat because they resemble Pepero.
Grape chewy candy containing natural fruit juice. These are similar to Starburst!
Strawberry Milkis
Strawberry flavored soda beverage. I received this in a previous box and it was very good. It taste like a light strawberry soda. It was not too heavy as sometimes soda can be.
Cookie stick filled with delicious chocolate inside. These are my favorite snack! When ever these are in my box I get very happy! They are so light and delicious! They definitely satisfy my chocolate craving!
Tasty fruit candy that has a long lasting flavor. I recieved this lollipop in a previous box as well. It was very good, but it was a little hard get it open, it was worth it when I finally did.
Sweet and sour caramel candy. These remind me of a slightly sour Starburst. They are not overly sour which is good. As you chew this candy it does become sweet. I really enjoyed this candy.
Hard sweet candies of Muscat and Plum. These were very good as well. I found them to be very long lasting too!
Walnut flavored soft marshmallow candy. This candy was very chewy and reminded me of sweet caramel.
Tayo is a animated childrens show that comes on in Korea. I watch it on DramaFever it’s really cute! The candy reminds me of a SweetTart!
And last but not least this SnackFever box would not be complete without the vinyl sticker. This time it’s Halloween themed!
And that is everything that is in my SnackFever special Halloween Box! Wow as you can see, it was jammed packed with a lot of yummy candy and snacks!  I have no idea how much these snacks are in Korea, but as I was looking up these snacks on Amazon, ebay I realized that I am getting a great deal with SnackFever I know it’s  not easy to find these products at low prices here in the US. At my local Asian supermarket snacks are a little pricy because of their commodity and popularity. Getting all of these snacks for $20 shipped is an awesome deal! I actually got it for even less since I signed up for a 6 month subscription. That’s what makes this box so fun for me! I love having no clue what everything is and having new and exciting snacks to try out! I was incredibly impressed with the variety of snacks included in this Halloween Box.

Snack Fever has immediately shot up to the #1 spot when it comes to snack subscriptions. It’s interesting, creative, affordable and has a great variety! I could not be happier with this subscription and I truly encourage everyone to sign up if they want more fun during snack time!

If you want to sign up for Snack Fever, I would love it if you’d use my referral link HERE

I hope you all enjoyed my review and unboxing for SnackFever Check out my You Tube channel for my live unboxing. If you get this subscription let me know what you thought of the snacks in your box? Which ones were your favorite? Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Snack On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 6

Hello my fellow Dramatics! I’m back again with Episode 6 of Cheer Up! Lets not waste any time and get right into this exciting episode!

In the last episode Yeon Doo told the reporters that she agreed to a interview.  Yeon Doo asks the interviewer will this help her teacher and he says yes. He asks her about the fact that the students were being used to help build other specs. She says this was true at first but now everyone’s working together as a team. I have a feeling he is going to take her words and twist them around by the time this interview comes out.

Then Kim Yeol and Ha Joon approach the reporter together. Kim  Yeol asks the reporter if he had a good interview with Yeon Doo to which the reporter says yes. Ha Joon then kicks the reporter. Kim Yeol explains to the him that he broke the Interrogative Security Law that is supposed to protect the interviewee’s identity. Kim Yeol threatens to sue him if he doesn’t properly protect Yeon Doo.

Later Ha Joon walks by Yeon Doo and she stops him and has him sit down to eat a snack with her. She tells him that she gave the interview. Ha Joon tells her that he already knew that and that he saws her talking to the reporter. She asks if he wanted to give the interview as well. He does not admit to this, but says he hopes Teacher Yang will be alright.

We find out that the  60 minutes special on Sevit High will not be aired.  Teacher Yang calls the reporter to find out what happened. He discovers that the reporters bosses at the station told him to trash the story. Then the reporter warns Teacher Yang to be careful as well. We discover that the Assistant Principal realized that Teacher Yang was planning to do the interview with 60 minutes and reported it to the Principal. Now at this point, they know they need to get rid of Teacher Yang. But they can’t fire him either. They begin to look for anything in order to get him fired.

Yeon Doo feels a little down that the interview will not be aired. Kim Yeol tells her that it’s for the best, that it helps to keep her safe. Kim Yeol tells her to concentrate on the cheerleading competition. It’s time to show Coach Nam their cheerleading routines.  Soo A and the Real King members perform their routine complete with stunts and performance dancing. Only Dong Jae is the only member who does not perform because he has not yet gotten over his phobia. Yeon Doo and the members of Baek Ho perform a dance performance highlighting each members talents.

It’s time to decide who the winner is and Coach Nam says that both teams did very good on their performances. But Coach Nam points out that because Soo A did not include Dong Jae in her perfomance. So that makes Yeon Doo the winner and Captain of the cheerleading team. Both routines were so good, Coach Nam decided to combine both styles together for the competition. Soo A is very upset that she lost the opportunity to be Captain. She finds out that Teacher Yang is the one who is ratting them out. Soo A’s mom tells her that the adults will take care of that issue. But Soo A does not trust her mother at all. At practice, the team is  trying to prepare for the competition and Coach Nam asks Teacher Yang to be the spotter for Jae Young, of the girls from the Baek Ho team. Her partner stumbles and Jae Young falls backward. Teacher Yang is there to catch her and protect her from getting hurt, but she yells at him as he touches her chest while doing so.  Everyone else realizes that this was necessary in order to keep her from getting hurt, but she’s upset and runs out of the room.

Jae Young realizes that Teacher Yang did not purposely touch her. Soo A approaches and tells the Baek Ho girls that they need to get back at Teacher Yang for ratting them out. So they go to the Principal and tell her that Teacher Yang touched Jae Young inappropriately. The moms of all the Baek Ho students find out and come to the school demand that he be fired. Coach Nam goes to the Principal and explains to her that explain that the touch was necessary in order to prevent Jae Young from getting hurt. The Principal tells him that she will let the Board Of Education know about this matter and see what they have to say.

Rumors start to fly around school about Teacher Yang. Embarrassed, he still continues to teach. Yeon Doo is furious as she knows these rumors are not true. As the whispers get louder  in Teacher Yang’s class while he’s teaching, Yeon Doo gets up out of her seat to tell the other students off. Kim Yeol stands up and tells Yeon Doo sit down. He says that the girls of Baek Ho were the main targets that started this whole mess about Teacher Yang. Kim Yeol goes on to point out that the girls are trying to get Teacher Yang kicked out of school. Yeon Doo is proud of Kim Yeol but asks him why he did it. He tells he did it because if he didn’t, she would without worrying about the consequences or pain it caused her. Yeon Doo questions what the means and he tells to think hard about it.

Yeon Doo goes to Teacher Yang and tells him that there are those who know he is a good teacher and believe he did not do anything wrong. After trying to cheer up Teacher Yang, Yeon Doo comes across a notice that Teacher Yang is to be fired. Ha Joon and Kim Yeol come upon her and try to tell her that there was nothing she could have done, but she tells them that it’s not over yet.

When Teacher Yang enters the lunchroom, everyone stars and whispers about him but he tries to remain positive. When he sits down at a table, all the students sitting nearby get up and walk away.  So Teacher Yang begins to eat his lunch alone. Just then, Yeon Doo and Dong Jae sit down at the table with big smiles and being to joke with the teacher. A few moments later Kim Yeol and Ha Joon have joined as well with smiles on their faces.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon start a petition to allow Teacher Yang to keep his job and submit it to the Board Of Education. The Principal finds out about this. Yeon Doo calls a few days later to check on the status but not petition has been filed there. Teacher Yang is then in a meeting with the Board Of Education about the charges of inappropriately touching Jae Young. They bring her in the meeting as well and she seems very upset as she knows her lie went way too far. Teacher Yang tells the board that it’s his fault and he’ll take responsibility and resign immediately.

Jae Young confesses to her mom that Teacher Yang never touched her and her mom tells her to keep quiet, that if she confesses not only will she be known for lying, but also the details on the spec-stacking will become known. Because Jae Young’s uncle is a congressman, it will mean a big deal to her family. Jae Young is still very much upset and goes to Soo A. Soo A said that he would only get a reduction in his pay. Soo A tells her it was her own fault for being too stupid not to realize that he would be fired.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are feeling sad after Teacher Yang was fired. While Kim Yeol seems frustrated at how stubborn Yeon Doo was on the matter at first Ha Joon tells him that despite what Kim Yeol says, he’s acting like he did care about Teacher Yang.  Ha Joon states  that he’s glad he helped Yeon Doo try to save Teacher Yang.

Ha Joon goes to visit his father at work and begs him to get Teacher Yang’s job back because he is on the Board Of Educaiton. His father just brushes him off and tells Ha Joon that the was the one who got rid of the petition and he wants Teacher Yang fired.

Yeon Doo’s mom comes to Sevit High to comfort Yeon Doo. Yeon Doo admits to her mom that she did give the interview after all and they talk about how similar they are.  Yeon Doo’s mom tells her that she really only told her not to do it because it was the mom thing to do, but really what she wanted for Yeon Doo was for her to follow her heart no matter what it told her to do. Yeon Doo walks her mom out and they see Kim Yeol who greets them. Yeon Doo informs him that it’s her mom. She tells Yeon Doo that he’s handsome and that she should go out with someone like him.

The next day at cheerleading practice, Yeon Doo is distraught by the whole Teacher Yang situation and Coach Nam tells her it’s a cheerleader’s responsibility not to cheer just for fun, but to cheer others on and to cheer others up. Yeon Doo gets an idea and approaches Jae Young and the other girl from Baek Ho and tells them she needs their help and reminds them about Teacher Yang, knowing that they don’t feel good about the way things turned out. She finds Teacher Yang and makes him promise to show up at the athletic competition and he says he will.

On competition day Kim Yeol sees Yeon Doo pacing alone in the hall. He gives her Vanilla Milk, telling her he wants to be different from from Dong Jae. He then tells Yeon Doo that at first, he found her funny and fun but lately he’s been making her feel all sorts of different emotions. Yeon Doo apologizes and starts to walk away. But then Kim Yeol grabs her into a tight hug and tells her to cheer up. Yeon Doo is shocked by his actions. A member of Real King comes running up to tell them that Teacher Yang is there and they break apart. Kim Yeol seeming quite happy and Yeon Doo quite surprised.They look out in the audience, to see Teacher Yang trying to be unnoticed. The entire team is excited that he’s there. Coach Nam sees him as well and motion him to sit next to her in the front, telling him that’s where he belongs, saying that he’ll be their teacher forever.

The cheer teams gets on stage and performs their cheer routine.  Then when they finish, they pick up signs that they incorporated into their routine. As they flip them over they reveal the messages which read: “Teacher Yang didn’t touch me”, “Please have him come back, he was wrongly accused”, and “Cheer Up! You Have Us!” Teacher Yang sees this and tears well up in his eyes as the students begin to chant his name. Coach Nam is very proud of the team. The cheer team smiles at him and cheers him on except for Soo A who didn’t know it was coming and is furious. She’s not alone as the Principal, Assistant Principal and Soo A’s mother all watch from the audience just as furious. And that’s how this episode ends!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! I really hope Teacher Yang returns because he is a very good teacher and he is the only adult that is trustworthy at the school. Are you watching this drama with me? Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to check out my review on DramaFever and check out my You Tube channel for reviews as well! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 5

Hello Dramatics! I am back once again bringing you the latest Episode of Cheer Up! Episode Number 5 is quite an adventure if I do say so myself. Looks like there may be a possible male lead too! Lets jump right in and see where this episode takes us.

In the last episode the  kids of the cheerleading team found what they thought was a bottle of juice in the fridge drank the entire bottle. The juice was in fact alcohol. This made the students of both teams bond together much better than they already were. Then Coach Nam, who is their cheerleading coach,comes in and she seems quite upset that the students trashed the house and got drunk. By this point, the students were lying around drunk. Then Coach Nam call Teacher Yang, the students Homeroom teacher,  and together they get a van and bring the students back to school.

While driving back to school, they experience some car trouble. When they stop, all of the students exit the van. When the van is fixed, the students climb back in and they continue to school.  Yeon Doo is sitting in between Ha Joon and Kim Yeol and as she falls asleep her head bounces back and forth between them.  Ha Joon is annoyed for a few seconds then he and Kim Yeol are laughing. At this point,  Ha Joon has gotten used to Yeon Doo. It was good to see Ha Joon laughing instead of being a tough guy.  Dong Jae looks back at them and helaughs as well, but then realizes that Soo A is not in the van.

They turn around and go back to look for Soo A, but they can’t find her. While the members of Real Kings, Ha Joon, and Kim Yeol go to look for her, Soo A’s friends from Baek Ho stay in the van. They are more worried about making it back to school on time than Soo A’s disappearance. It seems that the ones that hurt Soo A the most are the ones who went out to look for her.

Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are searching for Soo A. Then Kim  Yeol asks Yeon Doo why is she searching for Soo A if she hates her, then he smiles at her. As the two walk, Yeon Doo twists her ankle and begins to limp. Kim Yeol insists that she get on his back and he gives her a piggyback ride as they continue to look for Soo A. Then we see that  Ha Joon has found  Soo A standing at the edge of lake. Soo A states that she wants to end her life. Ha Joon states that he knows what she is going through and she can stop now. Soo A begins to walk down into the lake and Ha Joon watches her, but then she stops.

Teacher Yang states that he would  bring the students back to school. When Ha Joon and Soo A come back to meet the others and everyone looks strangely at them because Soo A is wearing Ha Joon’s jacket.  Then behind them Kim Yeols meets up with everyone else Yeon Doo still on his back.

Teacher Yang and Coach Nam rush the students back to school. The principal and Assistant Principal are waiting in front of the school greeting students. If they see the cheerleading teams they will get in trouble because they were not on campus. So Coach Nam comes up with a plan and runs up to both of them. Coach Nam says she wants to show them the choreography for their routine. She distracts the two as the students sneak into school behind them. As Yeon Doo is sneaking behind them, she falls on her ankle. Kim Yeol comes back for Yeon Doo and the two go into the building undetected.

After the students go into the school, Coach Nam and Teacher Yang take a moment to rest as this was a very close call. As they are talking, a reporter for the 60 minutes news approaches and gets footage of them saying the kids spent the night off campus. The Assistant Principal the Principal find out that someone told the Board Of Education Office about specs with the cheerleading team. They believe it was someone who works at the school and they must find out who it was.

Yeon Doo is trying to remember whether or not she and Kim Yeol kissed. Kim Yeol does not give her a straight answer though. He just teases her about wanted to kiss him. At cheerleading practice, Coach Nam says that they will decide on a new Captain since two clubs are now one. One representative from each squad will be selected to be the new Captain. Soo A and Yeon Doo are selected, but Soo A has to choreograph a routine with the Real Kings and Yeon Doo with Baek Ho.

Kim Yeol continues to tease Yeon Doo about the kiss. Then we flashback and see that when went in to kiss her, she just collapsed on his shoulder. So they did not actually kiss. Coach Nam and Teacher Yang really want to get the footage back from the reporter that recorded them. They need to protect their jobs and the students at Sevit High. So they take the reporter out for a few drinks. Coach Nam starts to cry and states that this will ruin her reputation if this footage gets out in the public. The men who are at the bar overhear this conversation and believe this to be a different kind of tape. A group of men stand up and demand the reporter to give Coach Nam the tape. The reporter does give her the tape but then Coach Nam and Teacher Yang realize he has the original version on his computer.

Teacher Yang decides to make a deal with the reporter saying that he will give an interview about the school. But the reporter wants every last detail and he has a feeling that Teacher Yang knows a lot more. The reporter tells him to contact him again when he is ready to do the interview. At school, the Real Kings refuse to help Soo A because this would be a betrayal to Yeon Doo. Soo A then enters with a Professional Cheerleading team that impresses  the Real King members. Soo A tells Dong Jae to either get over his phobia of touching people or quit the team.

Yeon Doo is having trouble getting the  members of Baek Ho to cooperate. Instead they are more worried about their upcoming exam.  Yeon Doo then walks out as she is very frustrated. She then Ha Joon and asks him to help her with the cheerleading routine. Kim Yeol walks into the room and sees the two of them together. Yeon Doo tries to get him to help her as well.

We then see the Principal and the Assistant Principal walk by talking about how Teacher Yang needs to be fired because the Assistant Principal insists that he is the one who told the BOE about building specs for the cheer team. The Principal tells them that if they interview with the 60 minutes news they will be expelled. Ha Joon and Kim Yeol can tell that Yeon Doo is not phased the principal’s threat. They take her aside once they leave the office and tell her that she needs to worry about herself instead of others. Yeon Doo is very worried about her teacher so she goes to find him and tells him what she heard. He then thanks her for telling him.

Teacher Yang then goes to the reporter and gives him all the details and paperwork about the building of specs at Sevit High in exchange for the footage saying the students stayed out all night.  He asks the reporter not to interview the students, but the reporter says that he need their interviews as well. The Principal tells all the students to not give any interviews or their future at Sevit will be in jeopardy. The principal tells her Assistant to find something to expel Yeon Doo with because she knows that Yeon Doo will try to do the interview behind her back.

Yeon Doo goes to the reporter to give her interview. When she is about to talk, Kim Yeol drags her away. Kim Yeol tells her that she is crazy for doing this interview. Yeon Doo asks how can she just sit back and do nothing when her favorite teacher is in trouble. Kim Yeol says that this is not going to do anything and that she always makes these bold moves but doesn’t follow through with them. At the end she will only get hurt.  Yeon Doo states that doing nothing is worse than getting hurt.

Yeon Doo calls her mother and gets advise on the situation.  Her mom tells her that she should not do the interview. Later at  Sevit High, Ha Joon’s father has come to visit the principal. While he’s at school he discovers that  Ha Joon might not be able to get into the college that his dad wants him to attend. His dad begins to beat Ha Joon in the parking lot of the school.  Yeon Doo eavesdrops on this and she is worried. She hides and calls  for Ha Joon, as if she’s a friend looking for him. Ha Joon’s father then leaves.  Yeon Doo comes out of hiding and looks at Ha Joon.  Ha Joon just walks away from her.

Yeon Doo goes inside the school and finds Ha Joon sitting at a table. She gives him medicine and bandages for his wounds.  Ha Joon seems shocked by her kind gesture. She tells him she’s not going to tell anyone about what she seen and then leaves.  He then begins to smile as he looks at the bandages in his hand.

At cheerleading practice, Yeon Doo is about to give up on getting Baek Ho to cooperate. Suddenly Ha Joon stands up and takes off his jacket, and agrees to help her. Later that evening Yeon Doo sees Teacher Yang and she says she is sorry she can’t help him.  He advises her that she should not try to fight the school but to find friends who she can trust and adults that are on her side. It’s raining and  Yeon Doo is inside practicing cheerleading moves alone.  Ha Joon leaves his umbrella outside the door for her and walks back to his dorm in the rain with a big smile on his face. When  Yeon Doo leaves practice she  doesn’t see the umbrella as she leaves the room. As she gets outside she realizes it’s raining. She does not have an umbrella so she sits underneath the awning.  Kim Yeol appears and immediately says he didn’t bring the umbrella just for her.  She explains to him how exhausted she feels and that everyone at school makes her feel less than. He tells her not to worry about everything. The next day, the Principal and Assistant Principal remove  Teacher Yang from his classroom. As he walks away Yeon Doo remembers what he said about finding an adult that’s always on his side and she remembers everything he has done for her. She realizes that he was the adult that was always on her side. After that she immediately runs to the reporter and tells them that she’s ready to do an interview. And then the episode ends.

I really am loving this drama! What are your thoughts about this episode? I really like the fact that Ha Joon is warming up to Yeon Doo and he could be a possible second male lead. We will have to see what happens in the next episode. Don’t forget to check out my reviews on DramaFever and check out my You Tube channel for reviews as well!  Until next time, remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

My Top 10 K – Dramas Of All Time: Collaboration With Sincerely Roni

Hello Dramatics! I recently collaborated with fellow You Tuber Sincerely Roni on our favorite K – Dramas of all time! Here is the link to my TOP 10 and here is the link to Roni’s TOP 10 Make sure you check both of our lists out! This was very difficult for me as there are so many great Korean Dramas out there! I felt I needed a Top 20 at least! But I have plenty of old favorites that I am sure all of my dramatics enjoy! Take a look at our lists and leave a comment! Let me know what your Top 10 K – Dramas are of all time! Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 5 & 6

Hello Dramatics! I can’t believe we are half way through Cheer Up! I hope you are enjoying this drama just as much as I am. Here is the latest review that June, Logan, and I for Episodes 5 & 6 of Cheer Up! Here is the latest link: Cheer Up! Episodes 5 & 6 Just in case you missed it here is the link for Cheer Up! Episodes 1 & 2 and for Cheer Up! Episodes 3 & 4. Don’t forget to check out my reviews on You Tube and on Seoulwave And finally check out my blog posts here! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Blood Episode 5

Hello Dramatics! Guess who’s back bringing you yet another K Drama review! A lot went on in Episode 5 of Blood. Lets not waste any time and jump right into what happened!

Lee Jae Wook and Park Ji Sang are in the surgery room at the same time. We then flash back to see how Park Ji Sang evaded the police. He ended up getting into a fight with them, knocks them out cold, and runs away back to the hospital. As Park Ji Sang starts the surgery, Lee Jae Wook goes upstairs to watch. He has this look on his face as if to say “How in the hell did this kid keep on surviving the fight?” The leader from the Drug Development goes into the patients room and injects a liquid into their IV drip as the are sleeping. As Park Ji Sang competes the surgery he begins get a bit dizzy. Ri Ta asks him if he is OK and she is even to finish the surgery if he can not continue. He assures he is OK and continues yet another successful surgery.

After the surgery, Park Ji Sang encounters the patient’s little boy who thanks him for saving his mother. Park Ji Sang tells the little boy to continue to be brave no matter what happeneds to your mother. At this point Park Ji Sang is reflecting on when he lost his mother and he too had to be brave.

Park Ji Sang also confronts Lee Jae Wook who is upset because he was very late to the surgery. Park Ji Sang tells him that  he had to attend to a personal matter. Lee Jae Wook told him never to let this happen again. Back in his office, Park Ji Sang is reflecting on the street fight he was in earlier with Lee Jae Wook’s assistants. Ri Ta enters the office and asks Park Ji Sang for an explanation on his lateness. He also tells her that it’s a personal matter and he does not have to explain himself to anybody.

Park Ji Sang then gets a call from his roommate, Joo Hyun Woo, telling him to come home quickly. He has something important he wants to share with him. It appears that Park Ji Sang is immune to the chemicals that was in the injection that Lee Jae Wook’s assistants tried to kill him with. In other words, nothing can kill Park Ji Sang. While Joo Hyun Woo is excited about this news, it makes Park Ji Sang sad. He explains that he is the worlds strongest who is infected and he will never become human.

We then see Park Ji Sang flashing back talking to his mother. Park Ji Sang told his mother that he could no longer hold in his urges. He stated that the wanted to kill a human and he killed the deer he was taking care of. His mother told him he does have the ability to control his urges and that in fact he is human. Park Ji Sang disagrees and says he always has urges to kill everything around him, he always has rising blood pressure, and he has to take medicine because if he sees blood he would want to kill someone.

Ri Ta watches the news about two police officers who were assaulted the night before. On the surveillance camera we see two of the officers on the ground and someone fleeing the scene. The person who is running away is Park Ji Sang. Ri Ta then notices this by the clothes he was wearing. They are similar clothes that Park Ji Sang was wearing when she visited him in his office. She then takes out her camera and takes a picture of him, but his face was not shown. Only the back of his head.

Park Ji Sang and Joo Hyun Woo see the news report as well. Park Ji Sang wants to ask him something as he flashes back to the surgery where he had a dizzy spell. Park Ji Sang asks him where the pills that he takes are. Joo Hyun Woo tells him and he goes upstairs to retrieve them.

In the next scene, we see Ri Ta taking to the other doctors about Park Ji Sang’s lateness to the surgery. The other doctors are not happy about this at all and Ri Ta files a disciplinary action report on him.

We then see a flashback of Lee Jae Wook talking to his mentor who is also a doctor. They are arguing over some research that needs to be done for a virus. The mentor says that he will not share anything him. This makes Lee Jae Wook very angry and he starts to change: His eyes turn green, His skin gets pale, His nails begin to grow, and He begins to grow fangs in his teeth. He told his mentor that he has been injecting himself with the virus they have been working on without his permission. Lee Jae Wook ends up chocking and killing his mentor. For some reason I thought that Lee Jae Wook was born with the virus to turn him into a vampire just as Park Ji Sang was. So for me watching this scene take place really shocked me that the would betray his mentor. However, he is a villain, and a good villain will often betray anyone for their own self worth.

The doctor who is the spy looks into Park Ji Sang’s file and sees a picture of him as a young boy with his mother and Lee Jae Wook. We then see Park Ji Sang and Ri Ta have a conversation and he asks her why did she cover for him to Lee Jae Wook. As we see a flashback to Park Ji Sang in the ER mumbling about not wanting his mom to die, Ri Ta says that she felt sorry for him because he is sick. As Park Ji Sang walks down the hallway, he notices more secutity camers, and a greater presence of security officers.

Ri Ta walks into to check up on a patient and sees the leader of the Drug Development team talking his blood sample. Remember, this is the same person who injected him with something in his IV drip. Ri Ta immediately confronts the Drug Development leader and says to her who gives you the right to take blood from patients without permission. She says the chairman of the hospital, Yoo Suk Joo (Ri Ta’s uncle), and director (Lee Jae Wook). The secretary to the chairman comes in on the last part of the conversation. and asks the Drug Development leader to apologize to Ri Ta. Just then, Park Ji Sang says to Ri Ta that there is something strange about the ward they are in. He is really nervous about the increased amount of security there. Ri Ta then goes and confronts her uncle about the leader of the Drug Development team taking blood from patients, and he told her he gave permission to her.

Park Ji Sang is checking on his patient and he notices a bruise on his arm. He takes a picture of the bruise and goes to his office to look up more information about it. He also asks the doctor who is the spy about the bruise. He says it’s from an infection. As Park Ji Sang leaves, the spy doctor continues to look into Park Ji Sang’s file.

The patients begin to feel effects of the medicine that was injected into their IV drip. Ri Ta notices the patient getting up out of his bed and into the medicine room. He is about to drink Rubbing Alcohol when Ri Ta stops him. She immediately orders that the patient be moved into isolation. Park notices something strange about the blood from the patients tube and he begins to feel effects and change. He rushes back into his room and takes a pill to fight off the urge. Park Ji Sang then goes back home and has a conversation with Joo Hyun Woo about the virus project that could possible cure him and make him fully human. Joo Huyn Woo does not want to make this virus because if he goes through with it, he will be human for a few days and he will die. Joo Hyun Woo is very close to Park Ji Sang and he does not want to lose his friend. I really enjoy the bond that these two characters have with on another. Joo Hyun Woo is like the brother Park Ji Sang never had.

The spy doctor then checks in on the patient with the bruise on his arm, only to notice that it has disappeared. The patient tells him that a nurse came in and took seven to eight vials of blood from him. The doctor goes back into his office to talk to Park Ji Sang about this. A nurse comes in with vials of blood and she slips and the vials of blood crash to the floor and break. The spy doctor asks the nurse if the blood was normal or infected. She said it is normal. Park Ji Sang can see that the blood is infected. He immediately runs out of the room.

We then notices a security guard running really fast down the hall. The patient who tried to drink Rubbing Alcohol has gone insane. He is fighting off the staff with and IV stand and he is rambling on about wanting alcohol. Park Ji Sang sees this and he says to the patient that he will give him alcohol. The patient begins to calm down, but just as the nurse was about to grab him the patient freaked out and cut himself with a scalpel. Park Ji Sang sees the blood and begins to get dizzy just as he did before in surgery. The patient then yells “I’m going to kill you all!” and he charges at Ri Ta. Park Ji Sang jumps in front of her and he gets cut on his cheek with the scalpel. The cut on his cheek begins to naturally heal himself as he covers up the cut with his hand so no one will see. And that’s where this episode 5 ends.

Wow this was a great episode! I look forward on what’s to come in the next episode. I have a feeling that Ri Ta might have got a glimpse of his cut and will be curious about it. We will have to wait until next time! Are you watching this drama? Let me know what you think about it so far! Don’t forget to catch me on my You Tube Channel and on DramaFever Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 4

Hello to all of my Dramatics out here! Have you been keeping up with stuudents of Sevit High? I can’t believe we are already on Episode 4! I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but this drama is Twelve Episodes instead of Sixteen. I was hoping that this drama was a bit longer because I really am enjoying it. I hope you are too! Lets see what happens in this episode of Cheer Up!

We left off with a chaotic moment at Sevit High.  The cheerleading coach and the moms of the Baek Ho students were in an argument.  The moms wanted to fire her and she wanted to quit on the squad. Members of the Board Of Education walk in and got wind that the school was fixing the cheerleading club in order to get students into Ivy League Schools and not actually cheerleading. The principal jumps in and says to the Board that the students are going to be competing in a athletic competiton and the Baek Ho students will perform. All of the moms play along with the principals story stating that they will be in the performance as well. Just then, the Board Of Education say that they will be in attendance to watch the performance along with other members in the Education Department.

At this point parents and principal really need the cheerleading coach. Sp she decides to stay if they let her give grades for cheerleading based on participation. The principal is not happy about this at all, but she agrees to the coaches condition.   On the first day of practice Yeon Doo is a bit concerned because they are not practicing. Instead they were in the room doing their homework. Yeon Doo asks the coach why are they not practicing for the competetion. The coach tells her that they need to get to know eachother first. The students from both squads do not like eachother and they obviously want no part in this exercise.

The coach leaves and two teachers walk behind her and check out her body, but they both seem disappointed when she turns around and shows her face. The teacher then goes into the principal’s office to speak with her. She needs his help with the cheerleading club and then threatens to not renew his teaching contract if he does not comply. With his job on the line, the teacher agrees to help her.

Later we see Yeon Doo and Dong Jae walking. Yeon Doo finds out that her close friend Dong Jae was kicked off the basketball team.  She’s very angry about this and feels guilty. She tells him she will do what ever it takes to get him back on the team, but he tells her that he is Ok with not being on the team anymore. Dong Jae was not really upset about getting kicked off of the basketball team. Yeon Doo is furious about her best friend not being on the team. She is obviously more upset about that than he is. Could this be an opportunity for Dong Jae to join the cheerleading club with his friend? Walking behind them are Kim Yeol and Ha Joon.  Ha Joon asks Kim Yeol if he really likes Yeon Doo doesn’t it bother him that she’s always around Dong Jae.

Two members from the Real KIngs are on the upper floor of the school playing around with mops instead of doing their chores. The mop ends up breaking a window right underneath Yeon Doo is standing. Yeon Doo, Dong Jae, Kim Yeol, and Ha Joon see the disaster that’s about to occur. Dong Jae freezes up, and Kim Yeol grabs  Yeon Doo and gets her out of the way so broken glass does not hit her. The broken glass rains down on his back instead of her face. I just love how Kim Yeol protects Yeon Doo. It showes that he really does have feelings for her. After that, Kim Yeol goes to the hospital with Yeon Doo and the teacher is there also. Kim Yeol has a few cuts on his back, but he is not seriously hurt. Yeon Doo feels very grateful because he saved her.

Dong Jae, who is terriffied about what happened, is sitting on the floor underneath the desk rocking back and forth. He really did want to save Yeon Doo, but because he does not like physical contact he hesitated to do so. We then flashback to young boy on the playground who is  Dong Jae. He is sitting at the very top of the monkey bars and a young girl climbs up and asks if he wants to play with her and he said no. He does not push her, but he pulls his arm from her grip strongly and she falls backward off the monkey bars.  We then see the same little girl lying in a hospital bed with a bandaged head and Dong Jae crying outside the hospital window.

At the hospital, Kim Yeol says to the teacher that he is going to the bathroom and Yeon Doo follows him. The two of them are sneaking out of the school and cutting class. As Yeon Doo catches up with him, she thanks him for saving her and he asks her to buy him food. After eating, they walk down the street and to the market together. They see a group dancing on a stage and Kim Yeol drags Yeon Doo over to watch them.

The announcer says that the winner of the dance competition can with a stereo, Yeon Doo immediately goes up to stage to participate as she is in need of a new stereo because the Real Kings one is broken. Kim Yeol seems a little embarrissed at first, but then he smiles as he watches her dance. The announcer then notices Kim Yeol in the audience and tells Yeon Doo that he’ll give her the prize automatically if she does a dance with Kim Yeol.  Yeon Doo goes runs into the audience and grabs him and brings him on stage. Kim Yeol is shy at first, but then he begins to get more into the dance.

Later we see Yeon Doo carrying a rice cooker that says Third Place. They get onto a bus to go back to school and Kim Yeol takes the only empty seat so Yeon Doo is now standing with the rice cooker. Yeon Doo then sets the rice cooker on his lap and stands away from him, leaving everyone on the bus to stare awkwardly. There is an empty seat and he motions Yeon Doo to sit next to him. As they ride the bus, Yeon Doo falls asleep with her head on his shoulder and Kim Yeol with his head on hers. Kim Yeol wakes up to find her sleeping on him and smiles. He moves the rice cooker to his lap and then rests his head on hers again and goes back to sleep.

When they arrive back at school, Kim  Yeol is carrying the rice cooker for her. As the come to the entrance they notice the teacher is standing and waiting for them. The teacher is not really angry at them. He asks where they went and they did not answer him at all. Instead he tells them to say they were at the hospital the entire time.  Dong Jae is waiting for them at the entrance as well. KIm Yeol hands Yeon Doo the rice cooker and leaves. Excited,  Yeon Doo shows off her rice cooker to Dong Jae and he notices that she has a bandage on her hand. Apparently she got cut from the falling glass as well. Yeon Doo is telling Dong Jae all about their adventure and Dong Jae suddenly reaches out his hand to touch hers, but then pulls away.

Yeon Doo goes back to her room and begins to reflect about her day with Kim Yeol with a big smile on her face. It appears she has fallen for him as he’s fallen for her. And it’s about time! I am very excited about this! We also see Kim Yeol in his room and smiling about his day when Ha Joon mentions that it’s the first he’s ever seen him smile like that and it’s a good look for him.

The next day at cheerleading practice,  Dong Jae enters and announces that he wants to join, and the cheerleading coach approves. She does disapproves of is that the members of the Real Kings and Baek Ho have not gotten to get to know eachother. The cheerleading coach then puts the groups in a room and makes them ask each other questions.  They start with simple ones like “who’s your favorite singer” to which one of the members of Baek Ho answers “Apink”. And of course,  when Yeon Doo who is played by Jung Eun Ji, of Apink

Then Yeon Doo’s friend from the Real King brings up Kim Yeol’s reputation with girls and asks who he’s dating. He responds that he does have a girl that he wants to kiss. Yeon Doo instantly turns so red that Dong Jae notices and says that they should go to the nurse. She looks up at Yeol bashfully and he seems surprised and happy that she’s blushing and gives her an adorable smile. Ha Joon takes note of this interaction. This scene was so very cute and adorable, I even started to blush as well.

Later in the principal’s office the principal and a teacher realize that the CCTV footage of Baek Ho and Real King and their numerous fights was never deleted. The footage is now in the hands of the TV reporter that is investigating the school that is creating specs just to make the students resumes look good. So the principal tells the teacher to delete it immediately.   He begins to delete the footage, until he gets to footage of Soo Ah standing alone at the school entrance. He does not see anything suspicious, so he just leaves it alone.

The cheerleading coach has the members of Baek Ho and Real King practice a cheerleading stunt. They are to team up with a guy partner hoist the girl partner onto his shoulder and then she dismounts.  Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo get paired up which is perfect because they will finally be close to one another. Dong Jae, on the other hand,  gets paired with Soo Ah. This is bad because of his phobia about physical contact and he does not really like her to begin with.

After practice, the teacher has Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol in the teacher’s lounge filling out an incident report about the broken window incident. Kim  Yeol is left alone in the room after Yeon Doo goes to the bathroom. He sees the footage of Soo Ah on the computer. He decides to play the footage and sees  Soo Ah picking up the bloody towel when Ha Joon hurt himself.  Yeol realizes that she was the one who took it to the principal to give her ammo to blackmail Kim Yeol to join the cheerleading club.

Kim Yeol finds  Soo Ah and confronts her immediately. He tells her to be careful or she’s going to be sorry and to not mess with him or Ha Joon. Ha Joon hears part of the conversation and demands Soo Ah tell him what  they were talking about. During night time inspection Ha Joon ends up missing and Kim Yeol asks the teacher to cover for him. We then see  Ha Joon on the roof of the school, about to  jump off. As he gets to the ledge, he stalls as he can’t go through with it. Yeon Doo finds Kim Yeol saying she knows Ha Joon will be OK. Yeon Doo knows that Kim Yeol wasn’t lying when he said that they were like brothers and that he had to do cheerleading to protect him.

Kim Yeol finds Ha Joon and Ha joon gets mad at him for making the deal. He tells Kim Yeol that he already felt like dying and this just made it worse.Kim  Yeol tells him that he didn’t know what else to do. Ha Joon tells him that he’s only trying to stay alive because of Kim Yeol. During cheerleading practice, Ha Joon is not happy at all.  He says he’s going to quit and the members of Real King are offended by how he seems to look down on them and then a  fight begins.

The cheerleading coach takes a picture of the students fighting. She tells them that they could either endure physical punishment or get penalty points. So all the members of Baek Ho and Real King are forced to run outside in the rain. After this, the cheerleading coach tells the students they cannot clean up, instead they must eat together. With dirt and mud all over them, the members of Real King and Baek Ho sit around a table, eating ramen together as other students pass by and stare. As they eat, they realize how funny it is and start laughing together.  It’s the first real bonding moment we see between these two groups.

Yeon Doo’s mom and Kim Yeol’s dad are at a cafe ran by Yeon Doo’s mom. He sits down and says he has something to tell her. He pulls out a ring to propose to her.  Yeon Doo’s mom wants to keep the ring, but she refuses. This moment makes me happy and sad at the same time. These two people really care and love eachother and they should be together.  But if they got married, Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo would be related and they could not have a romance with one another.

The cheerleading coach and members of Baek Ho and Real Kings arrive at a location where they are to practice. She has a meal prepared for them and tells them to eat without her. They check the fridge to see if there is anything else to drink so they find water and juice. So they serve the juice and lo and behold, it’s not juice, but alcohol. The students had no idea what they were drinking was alcohol. They all begin to continue drinking the juice until it’s gone. By getting drunk, this is another boding experience for these two groups as well.

The drunk members of  Real King try to  teach members of Baek Ho to dance while others are hanging on each other and giggling.  Soo Ah, is up upstairs alone crying.  Ha Joon sees her and she expresses how lonely she feels with everyone against her. She is wondering why she’s getting all the blame and she states that she’s having a hard time. Ha Joon doesn’t say anything, but throws his handkerchief at her and walks away.

Outside Yeon Doo is sitting at a table alone when Kim Yeol comes out and sits with her. She lays her head on the table and tells him to do the same. They’re laying their next to each other and smiling when Yeon Doo sits up. He realizes this situation is familiar and references the times she fell on him when he gave her the choice to just go ahead with it or get up.

Kim Yeol tells her that this time he’s going to go ahead with it. He gently places his hand on her neck and then goes in for a kiss. Their lips are just about to touch as the episode ends. I wonder if they will kiss in the next episode or will they get interrupted? I guess we will have to find out in the next episode!

In the meantime look out for the drama club’s newest post and if you are  behind on this series catch up with all my recaps on my blog and on DramaFever here:  Cheer Up! Episodes 3 & 4 and here: Cheer Up! Episodes 1 & 2 Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 3 & 4

Hello my fellow Dramatics! I’m back bringing you the latest Drama Club review for Cheer Up! Episodes 3 & 4. Please join Logan, June and I as we share our thoughts on this weeks exciting episodes. Here is the link to the latest Episodes Cheer Up! Episo3 & 4 And just in case you missed it, here is our thoughts about Cheer Up! Episodes 1 & 2 Make sure you follow my You Tube Channel for the latest updates! I hope you are all watching this amazing drama and enjoying it as much as I am. Also check my blog here for updates as well! That’s all for now my fellow Dramatics! Until next week…Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up Episode 3

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there! Are you as excited as I am for another  Episode of Cheer Up? Lets not waste any time and dive right into Episode 3.

When we left off Yeol approached Yeon Doo and asked her to join the cheerleading team with him. Yeon Doo refused because she now knows that Soo A manipulating everything. Myself personally, I would want to know why Yeol changed his mind all of a sudden. I would want to hear his explanation out of pure curiosity.

Later we see Yeon Doo hanging out a couple of members of the Real Kings. Then Soo A enters with two former members of Real KIngs that left to join Baek Ho. The former members stand there looking guilty as Soo Ah confronts Yeon Doo. Soo A says to the Real Kings that they should join her squad because she will help them with their training.  Yeon Doo and the remaining members of Real Kings just walk away from her. In the background we see Kim Yeol who has heard the entire conversation.

Later we see Kim Yeol, having a conversation with Soo Ah and asks how she got the members to join and she tells him that she didn’t have to do anything. They just decided to join her. Kim Yeol later finds out that they had a choice: Either join the Baek Ho cheerleading squad, or get kicked out of the dorm. Kim Yeol tries once again to persuade Yeon Doo to join cheerleading, but she ignores him. In class, the teacher begins giving out punishments for those who went over 15 penalty points. Kim Yeol reveals all of the rules he broke for the week and he gets a penalty. He then tattles on  Yeon Doo for leaving the campus without permission at night. As a result, they serve their punishment together by crushing milk cartons.

Kim Yeol has a goal to convince Yeon Doo to do cheerleading with him by the end of their punishment. Kim Yeol asks one of her friends from Real Kings to meet him. The friend doesn’t know Yeon Doo is there with him, so when he comes to meet, he has his luggage with him. We find out that he also got threatened but still decided not to join the opposing group. Kim Yeol is shocked to see that Yeon Doo knows about all of the Real Kings getting removed from the dorm. Yeon Doo begins to cry as she feels very bad to see her friends struggle. but her pride is way more important. I am surprised that Yeon Doo chose her pride over her friends. It shows a lot about her character I think. Does this make her selfish? In my opinion I don’t think it does. Every one of her friends had to make choices as well. But she had to sacrifice something that is very important to her.

Kim Yeol lets her cry for a while until they realize they have to get back to the dorm before they are locked out for the night.. Ha Joon throws a rope down for them to climb up. Yeol offers his hand to help her up if she joins the cheerleading club, but she refuses. Kim Yeol begins to climb up only to climb back down to her Yeon Doo. They get inside Kim Yeol’s room and we see his room mates Dong Jae, and Ha Joon. Ha Joon begins to stall the teacher so that Yeon Doo and Yeol can get inside without getting caught.

Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol are hiding under the covers of his bed. Ha Joon continues  to stall the inspector and tells him that Kim Yeol is sick. Yeon Doo is lying under the cover very close to Kim Yeol.  These two characters are always end up in close proximity of each other. I always want them to kiss every time they end up very close to one another. Why must the writers and producers of this drama tease me so! I know the two of them are going to kiss. I will just have to be patient and wait for it.  Yeon Doo runs back to her dorm before the inspector gets to her room. Kim Yeol sends her a text asking her to meet him in the laundry room.  He tries one again to get her to join the cheerleading competition. He lies to her by telling her that he needs to save a friend. And actually, in a way, he is telling the truth. He then tells her that pride is the most important thing to Yeon Doo, but it’s not for him. Yeon Doo thinks very carefully about this. It seems like she has chosen pride over her friends.

So Yeon Doo calls a meeting with the Real Kings. The group is very happy to be together again like they used to be.  Yeon Doo is a little upset that her friends did not tell her that they were getting kicked out of the dorm, but she sympathizes with them. They all miss being a part of the Real Kings and Yeon Doo promised to get the dance team back on campus.

The next day, the Real Kings go meet with the principal and tell her that they will do the dance competition, but they know the principals wrongdoings. The principal must reinstate the Real Kings back on campus if they win. The principal agrees to the terms and  Yeon Doo records the conversation on her phone.  The principal asks them for apology letters and they already had them in hand and presented them to her. When they leave the office, the principal begins to read the apology letters and smiles to herself at how wonderfully they are written. I am so happy to see a soft side of this character. She has been very heartless and cold so far throughout the first two episodes.

Kim Yeol finds Yeon Doo and he is very happy she changed her mind about competing. Yeon Doo states that she wants to keep her friends together. Next we see a group of women enter the school. These women are the mothers of Baek Ho and they are not happy.They know about the cheerleading competetinon and that their children are being used to help Soo A get into a Ivy League school. They immediately confront the principal about this matter.

Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother are having dinner together at a restaurant. We see a box in his pocket and he tells lthe surver to come over to the table with the cake.  It looks like he will purpose to her. If this happends that means that Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol will be brother and sister! I do not want this to happen. Instead I want them to end up together as a couple. The angry Baek Ho mothers enter for a meeting with Soo Ah’s mom. Kim Yeol’s dad and Yeon Doo’s mom decide it’s time for them to leave. I wonder why he is rushing out of the restaurant so fast? Could it be because he is embarrassed to be with Yeon Doo’s mother or could it be because he hates the Baek Ho mothers so bad he can’t stand to be in the same room with them. This makes me very curious.

The mothers of the Baek Ho students agree that they will not go to the Board Of Education about the fraud of participating in the cheerleading tournament in order to get  Soo Ah into an Ivy League school as long as her mother agrees that it benefits all of the Baek Ho team and not just Soo Ah herself. Soo A’s mother agrees with this for she does not really have a choice. She will do anything to get Soo A into an Ivy League school.

Back at school we meet a cheerleading coach that Soo Ah’s mom hired to help train the groups. She states that the members of Real King will be the main ones cheering while the members of Baek Ho will essentially be doing nothing much really but holding pom poms. The Real Kings become furious at this point because they are being used yet once again. They want to quit but they really have no choice in the matter as of right now.

Kim Yeol feels like he should help Yeon Doo and to make sure they both get credit for the work. Ha Joon has been noticing Yeol’s interest in Yeon Doo and can’t help but mention it to Yeol at this point.  Yeol responds that he doesn’t really know what’s going on, but he keeps on getting tangled up with her.

Soo A then sneaks outside where she has hidden a  secret pack of cigarettes.  Dong Jae sees her retrieving the cigarettes and tries to bring her one that she dropped, but she lies and says it isn’t hers.  Yeol sees this and asks Dong Jae for the cigarette. Yeol then  brings the cigarette to Soo A with a smirk and puts it in her bag. He tells Soo A to make the cheerleading competition fair, but Soo A is not interested.

So back to class just as the teacher is about to dismiss them,  Yeol says that he’s missing his wallet, so the teacher asks all of the students to empty their backpacks.  As the teacher is making his rounds, Soo A begins to panic. Yeol is trying to get Soo A to change her mind my manipulating her.  Yeon Doo realizes what’s going on and announces that Yeol has found his wallet. Afterward, Yeol questions why Yeon Doo didn’t let him go with his plan and she explains that she doesn’t want to be on the same level as her.

Soo Ah overhears this  and slaps Yeon Doo in the face, accusing her of playing dirty and threatening that she can play just as dirty. At this moment Soo A does not feel that she has been playing dirty at all. Which is very surprising to me. Kim Yeol comes to Yeon Doo’s defense  saying it was all his idea. Dong Jae sees when  Yeon Doo got slapped and comes to check on his friend. This only makes Soo Ah even more angry at the fact that Yeon Doo has friends that will take up for her.

As Soo A leaves we see a flashback to Yeon Doo taking away her cigarettes and giving her candy, instead.  Yeon Doo was encouraging her when she was feeling bad about being second place. And even though Yeon Doo’s mom was scolding her about getting 196th place, Soo A was jealous  their interaction because Yeon Doo’s mom loves and cares for her.   Soo A’s mom reminds her that making careless mistakes has put and kept her in second place.

During cheerleading practice the Real Kings are able to complete the different drills with no problem. The Baek Ho team is struggling with the physical activity. When practice ends Soo A asks Yeon Doo why saved her earlier in class.  Yeon Doo says  that she knew the cigarette bought back bad memories. Soo A just brushes her off.   Yeon Doo states that she feels sorry for Soo A, but Soo A takes this as an insult. She says to Yeon Doo that she is going to do what’s most important to her.

We then see Kim Yeol who hears Soo A giving two guys cheat sheet in turn for a favor. The two guys are on the opposite team of the basketball team. They are playing against Dong Jae and they are coming closer to him. Yeon Doo is there watching with worry on her face. Them Soo A comes in the gymnasium and admits that she is responsible for what is happening to Dong Jae. At this point we know that Dong Jae does not like to be touched, so as one player grabs him he immediately falls onto the floor.

Yeon Doo is seeing what is being done to Dong Jae, and KimYeol confronts Soo A immediately. She says that Yeon Doo was the one who tattled on her with the cigarettes, however, Kim Yeol says this is a bunch of crap and tells her she should go after him…not Yeon Doo He then asks her why does she want to bring Yeon Doo down so bad, and her response is because she started it.

Yeon Doo sees that Dong Jae is doing better after talking to the nurse. As they exit the infirmary, they see Soo A.  Yeon Doo is very mad as Soo A does not even acknowledge them. As Soo Ahh passes them,  Yeon Doo grabs a basketball and throws it at Soo A hitting her in the head. At this point she is so mad at Soo A, if she could spit fire I am sure she would.   She then calls Soo A dirty and tells her that even if she was going to act like a terrible person she should at least live like a human being.

The next cheerleading practice is even more difficult and the members or Baek Ho decide enough is enough. They tell the coach that they are not going to do cheerleading any more and the coach orders them out. Parents are called and they enter the school and confront the cheerleading coach. The women threaten to fire her but she just said that she will quit. The Boad Of Education was called and they have shown up at the school to do an investigation on the school. We see the  principal and the parents who are coming together to make the club seem real just to get the students into college. And that is the end of Episode 3.

I can’t wait to see what happens in episode 4! Don’t forget to check me out on my other social media sites for updates! Until then Keep Calm And Drama On!