K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 2

Cheer Up! stars: Jung Eun Ju (from the group APink) as Kang Yeon Doo, Lee Won Geun as Kim Yeol, Cha Hak Yeon (aka N Leader And Member of the group VIXX), Chae Soo Bin as Kwon Soo A, Kim Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon, Kim Ji Suk as Yang Tae Bum, Park Hae Mi as Principal Choi Gyung Ran, and Lee Mi Do as Nam Jung (Cheerleading Instructor ).

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there!  I’m back again with Episode 2 of Cheer Up!  So far I am really enjoying this drama! I can’t wait to share with you what happens in Episode 2!

Yeon Doo goes back to  Sevit High School where she tells the members of  Baek Ho that she will be joining them.  The  members reject her because their club is only for the elite 5% of the class. She shows the members the rules and states that there is no such thing in the rule book that says that. Yeon Doo puts her foot down and tells them she will be joining them and she will study in the same room as them.

A teacher comes and removes her from the class and into the teacher’s lounge. As they enter the room they find that Yeon Doo’s mother is there and she is very upset. She goes off on the teacher for the way he was treating her daughter. Yeon Doo is so proud of her mom for sticking up for her she even calls her mom badass for doing that.  The expressions on the other teachers faces is priceless. They look ashamed and very embarrassed. She tells them all she will go to the Board Of Education and she states she wants her daughter to transfer out of the school. But Yeon Doo tells her mom she does not want to transfer…..she wants to stay.

We see Yeon Doo studying in the classroom of Baek Ho and the teacher keeps coming in and punishing her. She has to do numerious chores around school I for one can’t believe the teacher would have the gall to continue to treat Yeon Doo poorly after the verb, but she does not back down at all. I am surprised that after her mom went off in the office on him, he is still punishing her daughter. If I were him I would have been scared to raise one finger at Yeon Doo for fear of her coming back and yelling again.

When Yeon Doo is doing her chores her friends from the Real Kings step in and help her. I really like that the Real Kings are helping her and not letting her do all the chores by herself. It’s almost like they have the “all for one and one for all” type of attitude. Her friends really have her back and they make the chores fun.

The teacher comes outside where Yeon Doo and the Real Kings are. They are supposed to be watering the garden, but it quickly turns into a water fight. The teacher sees this and as Yeon Doo runs away, she trips and falls on top of Kim Yeol. As she tries to get up, he then pulls her away. He tells her his choices then Yeon Doo gets up quickly from on top of him. At this point, I am hoping that these two end up in a romance with one another. I think it’s so cute that she always accidentally trips and falls on top of him. I am going to call it now, this is the start of a budding romance!

Dong Jae then comes just in time with Strawberry Milk for Yeon Doo and they walk away. Kim Yeol then goes to the store with Ha Joon and he gets Strawberry Milk. Ha Joon asks him why he would want to drink that. Kim Yeol responds that he is just curious about it. Kim Yeol is starting to try the same things that Yeon Doo likes because he likes her even though he won’t admit it right away.

Yeon Doo sees Soo A and gives her a broom and mop because it’s her turn to clean the room. Soo A takes the broom and mop and throws them down on the floor. As  Yeon Doo comes back to the room she notices that Soo Ah put some of her things in the washing machine…..not clothes…..but her personal possessions like pictures, a trophy, and such. Yeon Doo has a argument  with Soo A and even tries to go after her. Just as things are about to get physical the members of Real Kings step in and save the day.

We flashback to learn that Soo A’s mother hired someone to help her get into Harvard. During the interview with Administrators, we find out that her resume is lacking real life experience. She has the academics but she does not have any real life experience with helping others. She does not have anything special that makes her stand out from other candidates who are applying. This person puts pressure on the principal and she says that Soo A needs to win a competition. As this person leave the office she sees Kim Yeol. She stops him to give him her card along with what she does.

As the principal walks down the hall, she sees the Real Kings members dancing and she gets an idea. She states that she wants to have a meeting with both of the dance groups. In that meeting she says that Baek Ho will be entering a cheerleading competition. Baek Ho has never entered a cheerleading competition before. The conditon is that the Real Kings must agree to compete and if they win their club will be able to be active on the school campus again.  As they are about to agree to the terms, Kim Yeol suddenly speaks up.

He calls the number on the business card that was given to him and he puts the phone on speaker so all can hear. He then asks what does he have to do in order to get into an Ivy League school and she says don’t worry because I know your team will win the cheerleading competition. This proves to everyone that the principal was going to use all of them to help a student get into an Ivy League school. This was a very mature move on Kim Yeol’s part to reveal this scandal. Good job young man….I applaud you!

Yeon Doo realizes that there could be only one person behind this madness….Soo A.  Soo A has a look on her face as if she has seen a ghost. Yeon Doo then says that the Real Kings will not be in any competition to help her. Soo Ah then runs out of the room and calls the person and goes off on her and tells her to fix this problem right away. After this she calls her mother, but we do not know what was said, but I am sure is was not good.

When she gets off the phone she gets hit in the back of the head with a basketball by Dong Jae who apologizes to her. He said it was an accident…..just like before when he “accidentally” dumped rotten Strawberry Milk on her head.  He heard the entire telephone consversation that Soo A was having and he then said he will forget he ever heard it. He says that Soo A does not have an easy life as well.

Real Kings are a little sad because they lost opportunity to get their club back. e of the members still think they should do the competition because the only way to get their club back is by winning. They agree to disagree about this issue. They get a text reminding them that they have a  dance competition coming up soon. The group decides to do the dance competition together.

As Dong Jae returns to his room, he finds Ha Joon, his roommate, in the shower with his wrists slit.   Dong Jae then tries to help him, but he hesitates and is in shock of what he sees. I believe that something may have happened to him in his past due to his reaction.  Kim Yeol enters and carries Dong Jae to the hospital. When they leave, they drop a towel that has blood on it. Soo Ah picks it up and brings it to the principal. She says she has an idea on how she can make the Real Kings do the cheerleading competition.

During the dance competition,  Yeon Doo twists her ankle, but she continues to dance and the  Real Kings win the competition. When the competition is over, two of the members of the Real Kings say they will not be performing with them any more. They are not confident that their club will be back and they wanted perform with Yeon Doo one last time.  Yeon Doo says she wants to go out for karoke, but they said they need to get back to school. The members are hurt by this news, but Yeon Doo says she understands because she is part of the blame for the club getting disbanded.

Yeon Doo then goes to the hospital to get her ankle check out. We see Kim Yeol at the same hospital with Ha Joon. A flashback happens and we see him coming into the hospital with Ha Joon because he tried to commit suicide  As Yeon Doo’s leaving hospital she sees Kim Yeol in the lobby with blood on his shrit. She asks if he’s okay and he tells her to mind her own business. She then sees Ha Joon with bandages on his wrists. Kim Yeol tells her to pretend that she never saw anything at the hospital that night.

When she reaches the exit she sees the homeroom teacher at the reception desk and hides so he does not see her.   She notices that Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are coming that way and she does not want them to be seen. She gets their attention and motions that the teacher is at the desk. The teacher does not see any of them at this point. Ha Joon runs one way and  Kim Yeol hides around the wall with her. As they are hiding from the teacher, Yeon Doo tells Kim Yeol that she will not tell anyone she saw them there at the hospital.

The teacher approaches closer to where they are and they hide behind a table together. Kim Yeol puts his arm around her. Yeon Doo is talking and all of a sudden Kim Yeol puts his hand over her mouth. As the teacher passes them by,  Kim Yeol’s face gets closer to hers as if they are about to kiss but they are interrupted by Ha Joon who lets them know the coast is clear. Why are the writers and producers teasing me like this! I so want them to kiss. What would have happened if they were not interrupted by Ha Joon? I think he would have kissed her. It’s obvious he likes her and he wants to because they keep ending up in these positions. Kim Yeol then smiles at Yeon Doo and thanks her before they leave.

We find out that the teacher did not leave the hospital. Instead he is there paying a bill and then he hears a nurse call Ha Joon’s name. He then asks if Ha Joon was wearing a school uniform. When Yeon Doo arrives back on campus she sees Dong Jae with her arms outstreatched she is wanting for him to hug her, but he walks past her and to Kim Yeol and Ha Joon to see if he is OK. Yeon Doo then asks Dong Jae what happened to Ha Joon, but he will not tell her anything.
We then see the teacher having a conversation with Ha Joon and he says he is going to call his parents and inform them on what happened. Ha Joon begins to beg him not to call. We learn that  Ha Joon’s father is very  abusive and his dad would send him to a mental hospital if he tried to commit suicide again.   The teacher  is very supportive of Ha Joon. I really like the teacher in this drama. He is very caring and has a warm heart for his students.
We then see the principal meeting with Kim Yeol.  She tells him that Joon Ha tried to kill himself (Remember the bloody towel) and gives Kim Yeol an condition.  Either he joins in on the cheerleading competition and gets Real Kings to join or she tells Joon Ha’s parents and they will remove him from the school and send him to a mental hospital.

As Yeon Doo is heading back to her room we see her two friends that quit Real Kings going into a classroom with Soo Ah. She peeks inside the room to find Soo A showing them a presentation on Stunt cheerleading. Yeon Doo is betrayed yet once again by her friends. The next day she avoids all of Real Kings at school. As she is hanging  out with Dong Jae,  Kim Yeol asks her to join cheerleading with him. She tells him that she is not going to do any cheerleading competetion with him. And that is where Episode 2 ends.

This drama is different from any other high school drama I have ever seen. I really like the plot and storyline and they are really hitting us with some strong topics such as abuse and suicide right from the start. I am also enjoying the chemistry between the two lead characters and the development of the others. I hope that you all stick around for Episode 3! Thank you guys for all of your support! Don’t forget to visit my You Tube page to see what I thought about this episode as well. I will see you guys next time! Keep Calm and Drama On!

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