K – Drama Review: Cheer Up Episode 3

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there! Are you as excited as I am for another  Episode of Cheer Up? Lets not waste any time and dive right into Episode 3.

When we left off Yeol approached Yeon Doo and asked her to join the cheerleading team with him. Yeon Doo refused because she now knows that Soo A manipulating everything. Myself personally, I would want to know why Yeol changed his mind all of a sudden. I would want to hear his explanation out of pure curiosity.

Later we see Yeon Doo hanging out a couple of members of the Real Kings. Then Soo A enters with two former members of Real KIngs that left to join Baek Ho. The former members stand there looking guilty as Soo Ah confronts Yeon Doo. Soo A says to the Real Kings that they should join her squad because she will help them with their training.  Yeon Doo and the remaining members of Real Kings just walk away from her. In the background we see Kim Yeol who has heard the entire conversation.

Later we see Kim Yeol, having a conversation with Soo Ah and asks how she got the members to join and she tells him that she didn’t have to do anything. They just decided to join her. Kim Yeol later finds out that they had a choice: Either join the Baek Ho cheerleading squad, or get kicked out of the dorm. Kim Yeol tries once again to persuade Yeon Doo to join cheerleading, but she ignores him. In class, the teacher begins giving out punishments for those who went over 15 penalty points. Kim Yeol reveals all of the rules he broke for the week and he gets a penalty. He then tattles on  Yeon Doo for leaving the campus without permission at night. As a result, they serve their punishment together by crushing milk cartons.

Kim Yeol has a goal to convince Yeon Doo to do cheerleading with him by the end of their punishment. Kim Yeol asks one of her friends from Real Kings to meet him. The friend doesn’t know Yeon Doo is there with him, so when he comes to meet, he has his luggage with him. We find out that he also got threatened but still decided not to join the opposing group. Kim Yeol is shocked to see that Yeon Doo knows about all of the Real Kings getting removed from the dorm. Yeon Doo begins to cry as she feels very bad to see her friends struggle. but her pride is way more important. I am surprised that Yeon Doo chose her pride over her friends. It shows a lot about her character I think. Does this make her selfish? In my opinion I don’t think it does. Every one of her friends had to make choices as well. But she had to sacrifice something that is very important to her.

Kim Yeol lets her cry for a while until they realize they have to get back to the dorm before they are locked out for the night.. Ha Joon throws a rope down for them to climb up. Yeol offers his hand to help her up if she joins the cheerleading club, but she refuses. Kim Yeol begins to climb up only to climb back down to her Yeon Doo. They get inside Kim Yeol’s room and we see his room mates Dong Jae, and Ha Joon. Ha Joon begins to stall the teacher so that Yeon Doo and Yeol can get inside without getting caught.

Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol are hiding under the covers of his bed. Ha Joon continues  to stall the inspector and tells him that Kim Yeol is sick. Yeon Doo is lying under the cover very close to Kim Yeol.  These two characters are always end up in close proximity of each other. I always want them to kiss every time they end up very close to one another. Why must the writers and producers of this drama tease me so! I know the two of them are going to kiss. I will just have to be patient and wait for it.  Yeon Doo runs back to her dorm before the inspector gets to her room. Kim Yeol sends her a text asking her to meet him in the laundry room.  He tries one again to get her to join the cheerleading competition. He lies to her by telling her that he needs to save a friend. And actually, in a way, he is telling the truth. He then tells her that pride is the most important thing to Yeon Doo, but it’s not for him. Yeon Doo thinks very carefully about this. It seems like she has chosen pride over her friends.

So Yeon Doo calls a meeting with the Real Kings. The group is very happy to be together again like they used to be.  Yeon Doo is a little upset that her friends did not tell her that they were getting kicked out of the dorm, but she sympathizes with them. They all miss being a part of the Real Kings and Yeon Doo promised to get the dance team back on campus.

The next day, the Real Kings go meet with the principal and tell her that they will do the dance competition, but they know the principals wrongdoings. The principal must reinstate the Real Kings back on campus if they win. The principal agrees to the terms and  Yeon Doo records the conversation on her phone.  The principal asks them for apology letters and they already had them in hand and presented them to her. When they leave the office, the principal begins to read the apology letters and smiles to herself at how wonderfully they are written. I am so happy to see a soft side of this character. She has been very heartless and cold so far throughout the first two episodes.

Kim Yeol finds Yeon Doo and he is very happy she changed her mind about competing. Yeon Doo states that she wants to keep her friends together. Next we see a group of women enter the school. These women are the mothers of Baek Ho and they are not happy.They know about the cheerleading competetinon and that their children are being used to help Soo A get into a Ivy League school. They immediately confront the principal about this matter.

Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother are having dinner together at a restaurant. We see a box in his pocket and he tells lthe surver to come over to the table with the cake.  It looks like he will purpose to her. If this happends that means that Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol will be brother and sister! I do not want this to happen. Instead I want them to end up together as a couple. The angry Baek Ho mothers enter for a meeting with Soo Ah’s mom. Kim Yeol’s dad and Yeon Doo’s mom decide it’s time for them to leave. I wonder why he is rushing out of the restaurant so fast? Could it be because he is embarrassed to be with Yeon Doo’s mother or could it be because he hates the Baek Ho mothers so bad he can’t stand to be in the same room with them. This makes me very curious.

The mothers of the Baek Ho students agree that they will not go to the Board Of Education about the fraud of participating in the cheerleading tournament in order to get  Soo Ah into an Ivy League school as long as her mother agrees that it benefits all of the Baek Ho team and not just Soo Ah herself. Soo A’s mother agrees with this for she does not really have a choice. She will do anything to get Soo A into an Ivy League school.

Back at school we meet a cheerleading coach that Soo Ah’s mom hired to help train the groups. She states that the members of Real King will be the main ones cheering while the members of Baek Ho will essentially be doing nothing much really but holding pom poms. The Real Kings become furious at this point because they are being used yet once again. They want to quit but they really have no choice in the matter as of right now.

Kim Yeol feels like he should help Yeon Doo and to make sure they both get credit for the work. Ha Joon has been noticing Yeol’s interest in Yeon Doo and can’t help but mention it to Yeol at this point.  Yeol responds that he doesn’t really know what’s going on, but he keeps on getting tangled up with her.

Soo A then sneaks outside where she has hidden a  secret pack of cigarettes.  Dong Jae sees her retrieving the cigarettes and tries to bring her one that she dropped, but she lies and says it isn’t hers.  Yeol sees this and asks Dong Jae for the cigarette. Yeol then  brings the cigarette to Soo A with a smirk and puts it in her bag. He tells Soo A to make the cheerleading competition fair, but Soo A is not interested.

So back to class just as the teacher is about to dismiss them,  Yeol says that he’s missing his wallet, so the teacher asks all of the students to empty their backpacks.  As the teacher is making his rounds, Soo A begins to panic. Yeol is trying to get Soo A to change her mind my manipulating her.  Yeon Doo realizes what’s going on and announces that Yeol has found his wallet. Afterward, Yeol questions why Yeon Doo didn’t let him go with his plan and she explains that she doesn’t want to be on the same level as her.

Soo Ah overhears this  and slaps Yeon Doo in the face, accusing her of playing dirty and threatening that she can play just as dirty. At this moment Soo A does not feel that she has been playing dirty at all. Which is very surprising to me. Kim Yeol comes to Yeon Doo’s defense  saying it was all his idea. Dong Jae sees when  Yeon Doo got slapped and comes to check on his friend. This only makes Soo Ah even more angry at the fact that Yeon Doo has friends that will take up for her.

As Soo A leaves we see a flashback to Yeon Doo taking away her cigarettes and giving her candy, instead.  Yeon Doo was encouraging her when she was feeling bad about being second place. And even though Yeon Doo’s mom was scolding her about getting 196th place, Soo A was jealous  their interaction because Yeon Doo’s mom loves and cares for her.   Soo A’s mom reminds her that making careless mistakes has put and kept her in second place.

During cheerleading practice the Real Kings are able to complete the different drills with no problem. The Baek Ho team is struggling with the physical activity. When practice ends Soo A asks Yeon Doo why saved her earlier in class.  Yeon Doo says  that she knew the cigarette bought back bad memories. Soo A just brushes her off.   Yeon Doo states that she feels sorry for Soo A, but Soo A takes this as an insult. She says to Yeon Doo that she is going to do what’s most important to her.

We then see Kim Yeol who hears Soo A giving two guys cheat sheet in turn for a favor. The two guys are on the opposite team of the basketball team. They are playing against Dong Jae and they are coming closer to him. Yeon Doo is there watching with worry on her face. Them Soo A comes in the gymnasium and admits that she is responsible for what is happening to Dong Jae. At this point we know that Dong Jae does not like to be touched, so as one player grabs him he immediately falls onto the floor.

Yeon Doo is seeing what is being done to Dong Jae, and KimYeol confronts Soo A immediately. She says that Yeon Doo was the one who tattled on her with the cigarettes, however, Kim Yeol says this is a bunch of crap and tells her she should go after him…not Yeon Doo He then asks her why does she want to bring Yeon Doo down so bad, and her response is because she started it.

Yeon Doo sees that Dong Jae is doing better after talking to the nurse. As they exit the infirmary, they see Soo A.  Yeon Doo is very mad as Soo A does not even acknowledge them. As Soo Ahh passes them,  Yeon Doo grabs a basketball and throws it at Soo A hitting her in the head. At this point she is so mad at Soo A, if she could spit fire I am sure she would.   She then calls Soo A dirty and tells her that even if she was going to act like a terrible person she should at least live like a human being.

The next cheerleading practice is even more difficult and the members or Baek Ho decide enough is enough. They tell the coach that they are not going to do cheerleading any more and the coach orders them out. Parents are called and they enter the school and confront the cheerleading coach. The women threaten to fire her but she just said that she will quit. The Boad Of Education was called and they have shown up at the school to do an investigation on the school. We see the  principal and the parents who are coming together to make the club seem real just to get the students into college. And that is the end of Episode 3.

I can’t wait to see what happens in episode 4! Don’t forget to check me out on my other social media sites for updates! Until then Keep Calm And Drama On!

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