K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 5

Hello Dramatics! I am back once again bringing you the latest Episode of Cheer Up! Episode Number 5 is quite an adventure if I do say so myself. Looks like there may be a possible male lead too! Lets jump right in and see where this episode takes us.

In the last episode the  kids of the cheerleading team found what they thought was a bottle of juice in the fridge drank the entire bottle. The juice was in fact alcohol. This made the students of both teams bond together much better than they already were. Then Coach Nam, who is their cheerleading coach,comes in and she seems quite upset that the students trashed the house and got drunk. By this point, the students were lying around drunk. Then Coach Nam call Teacher Yang, the students Homeroom teacher,  and together they get a van and bring the students back to school.

While driving back to school, they experience some car trouble. When they stop, all of the students exit the van. When the van is fixed, the students climb back in and they continue to school.  Yeon Doo is sitting in between Ha Joon and Kim Yeol and as she falls asleep her head bounces back and forth between them.  Ha Joon is annoyed for a few seconds then he and Kim Yeol are laughing. At this point,  Ha Joon has gotten used to Yeon Doo. It was good to see Ha Joon laughing instead of being a tough guy.  Dong Jae looks back at them and helaughs as well, but then realizes that Soo A is not in the van.

They turn around and go back to look for Soo A, but they can’t find her. While the members of Real Kings, Ha Joon, and Kim Yeol go to look for her, Soo A’s friends from Baek Ho stay in the van. They are more worried about making it back to school on time than Soo A’s disappearance. It seems that the ones that hurt Soo A the most are the ones who went out to look for her.

Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are searching for Soo A. Then Kim  Yeol asks Yeon Doo why is she searching for Soo A if she hates her, then he smiles at her. As the two walk, Yeon Doo twists her ankle and begins to limp. Kim Yeol insists that she get on his back and he gives her a piggyback ride as they continue to look for Soo A. Then we see that  Ha Joon has found  Soo A standing at the edge of lake. Soo A states that she wants to end her life. Ha Joon states that he knows what she is going through and she can stop now. Soo A begins to walk down into the lake and Ha Joon watches her, but then she stops.

Teacher Yang states that he would  bring the students back to school. When Ha Joon and Soo A come back to meet the others and everyone looks strangely at them because Soo A is wearing Ha Joon’s jacket.  Then behind them Kim Yeols meets up with everyone else Yeon Doo still on his back.

Teacher Yang and Coach Nam rush the students back to school. The principal and Assistant Principal are waiting in front of the school greeting students. If they see the cheerleading teams they will get in trouble because they were not on campus. So Coach Nam comes up with a plan and runs up to both of them. Coach Nam says she wants to show them the choreography for their routine. She distracts the two as the students sneak into school behind them. As Yeon Doo is sneaking behind them, she falls on her ankle. Kim Yeol comes back for Yeon Doo and the two go into the building undetected.

After the students go into the school, Coach Nam and Teacher Yang take a moment to rest as this was a very close call. As they are talking, a reporter for the 60 minutes news approaches and gets footage of them saying the kids spent the night off campus. The Assistant Principal the Principal find out that someone told the Board Of Education Office about specs with the cheerleading team. They believe it was someone who works at the school and they must find out who it was.

Yeon Doo is trying to remember whether or not she and Kim Yeol kissed. Kim Yeol does not give her a straight answer though. He just teases her about wanted to kiss him. At cheerleading practice, Coach Nam says that they will decide on a new Captain since two clubs are now one. One representative from each squad will be selected to be the new Captain. Soo A and Yeon Doo are selected, but Soo A has to choreograph a routine with the Real Kings and Yeon Doo with Baek Ho.

Kim Yeol continues to tease Yeon Doo about the kiss. Then we flashback and see that when went in to kiss her, she just collapsed on his shoulder. So they did not actually kiss. Coach Nam and Teacher Yang really want to get the footage back from the reporter that recorded them. They need to protect their jobs and the students at Sevit High. So they take the reporter out for a few drinks. Coach Nam starts to cry and states that this will ruin her reputation if this footage gets out in the public. The men who are at the bar overhear this conversation and believe this to be a different kind of tape. A group of men stand up and demand the reporter to give Coach Nam the tape. The reporter does give her the tape but then Coach Nam and Teacher Yang realize he has the original version on his computer.

Teacher Yang decides to make a deal with the reporter saying that he will give an interview about the school. But the reporter wants every last detail and he has a feeling that Teacher Yang knows a lot more. The reporter tells him to contact him again when he is ready to do the interview. At school, the Real Kings refuse to help Soo A because this would be a betrayal to Yeon Doo. Soo A then enters with a Professional Cheerleading team that impresses  the Real King members. Soo A tells Dong Jae to either get over his phobia of touching people or quit the team.

Yeon Doo is having trouble getting the  members of Baek Ho to cooperate. Instead they are more worried about their upcoming exam.  Yeon Doo then walks out as she is very frustrated. She then Ha Joon and asks him to help her with the cheerleading routine. Kim Yeol walks into the room and sees the two of them together. Yeon Doo tries to get him to help her as well.

We then see the Principal and the Assistant Principal walk by talking about how Teacher Yang needs to be fired because the Assistant Principal insists that he is the one who told the BOE about building specs for the cheer team. The Principal tells them that if they interview with the 60 minutes news they will be expelled. Ha Joon and Kim Yeol can tell that Yeon Doo is not phased the principal’s threat. They take her aside once they leave the office and tell her that she needs to worry about herself instead of others. Yeon Doo is very worried about her teacher so she goes to find him and tells him what she heard. He then thanks her for telling him.

Teacher Yang then goes to the reporter and gives him all the details and paperwork about the building of specs at Sevit High in exchange for the footage saying the students stayed out all night.  He asks the reporter not to interview the students, but the reporter says that he need their interviews as well. The Principal tells all the students to not give any interviews or their future at Sevit will be in jeopardy. The principal tells her Assistant to find something to expel Yeon Doo with because she knows that Yeon Doo will try to do the interview behind her back.

Yeon Doo goes to the reporter to give her interview. When she is about to talk, Kim Yeol drags her away. Kim Yeol tells her that she is crazy for doing this interview. Yeon Doo asks how can she just sit back and do nothing when her favorite teacher is in trouble. Kim Yeol says that this is not going to do anything and that she always makes these bold moves but doesn’t follow through with them. At the end she will only get hurt.  Yeon Doo states that doing nothing is worse than getting hurt.

Yeon Doo calls her mother and gets advise on the situation.  Her mom tells her that she should not do the interview. Later at  Sevit High, Ha Joon’s father has come to visit the principal. While he’s at school he discovers that  Ha Joon might not be able to get into the college that his dad wants him to attend. His dad begins to beat Ha Joon in the parking lot of the school.  Yeon Doo eavesdrops on this and she is worried. She hides and calls  for Ha Joon, as if she’s a friend looking for him. Ha Joon’s father then leaves.  Yeon Doo comes out of hiding and looks at Ha Joon.  Ha Joon just walks away from her.

Yeon Doo goes inside the school and finds Ha Joon sitting at a table. She gives him medicine and bandages for his wounds.  Ha Joon seems shocked by her kind gesture. She tells him she’s not going to tell anyone about what she seen and then leaves.  He then begins to smile as he looks at the bandages in his hand.

At cheerleading practice, Yeon Doo is about to give up on getting Baek Ho to cooperate. Suddenly Ha Joon stands up and takes off his jacket, and agrees to help her. Later that evening Yeon Doo sees Teacher Yang and she says she is sorry she can’t help him.  He advises her that she should not try to fight the school but to find friends who she can trust and adults that are on her side. It’s raining and  Yeon Doo is inside practicing cheerleading moves alone.  Ha Joon leaves his umbrella outside the door for her and walks back to his dorm in the rain with a big smile on his face. When  Yeon Doo leaves practice she  doesn’t see the umbrella as she leaves the room. As she gets outside she realizes it’s raining. She does not have an umbrella so she sits underneath the awning.  Kim Yeol appears and immediately says he didn’t bring the umbrella just for her.  She explains to him how exhausted she feels and that everyone at school makes her feel less than. He tells her not to worry about everything. The next day, the Principal and Assistant Principal remove  Teacher Yang from his classroom. As he walks away Yeon Doo remembers what he said about finding an adult that’s always on his side and she remembers everything he has done for her. She realizes that he was the adult that was always on her side. After that she immediately runs to the reporter and tells them that she’s ready to do an interview. And then the episode ends.

I really am loving this drama! What are your thoughts about this episode? I really like the fact that Ha Joon is warming up to Yeon Doo and he could be a possible second male lead. We will have to see what happens in the next episode. Don’t forget to check out my reviews on DramaFever and check out my You Tube channel for reviews as well!  Until next time, remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

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