K – Drama Review: Blood Episode 4

Hello Dramatics! Are you ready for another exciting episode of Blood? Episode 4 of this drama had a lot of things going on! Lets not waist anymore time and jump right into the action.

Park Ji Sang gets into a fight with the Head Vampire’s assistants. He is double teamed and one injects him with a needle in his neck from behind. He takes the needle out of his neck and falls to the ground. But then suddenly without hesitation, he gets back up on his feet and runs after them. He tries to fight them off again, but he is very weak from the injection. We then see the Head Vampire getting a call from his assistants telling him what they have done to Ji Sang. The Head Vampire then congratulates them on a job well done.

Ri Ta is in surgery while this is going on. When she leaves the hospital, but before she leaves she chews out the new employee for giving a patient the wrong medicine, bringing the first year doctor to tears. Ri Ta then goes out to her car, she sees Ji Sang lying in the middle of the street. He is cold as she tries to check his pulse and she thinks he is dead. She calls out for help and gets Ji Sang into the ER to check his vitals.

While checking his blood pressure, heart rate and such, Ri Ta is about to inject him with a needle and he immediately wakes up and asks “What are you doing?” ” What Did You Do To Me?” Ri Ta says all she did was check his blood pressure and heart rate. Ji Sang then gets up and walks out of the hospital as if nothing has happened to him.

The Head Vampire is talking to one of his assistants about Ji Sang. He says that Ji Sang is acting like a human instead of a vampire. He has totally forgotten who he is and what he is. He is trying to live as a human just like his parents did when they were alive.

Meanwhile, back at Ji Sang’s apartment, LUVVY the robot checks his vitals and it reads that his blood pressure is very high and it needs to be lowered. Ji Sang tells his roommate to test the chemicals in the needle that he was shot with. The roommate then tells Ji Sang that who ever did this to you is infected and they are using the same method to try to kill you as they did your mother. Remember in Episode 1 Ji Sang’s mother was killed in a similar manner with an injection of something that killed her instantly by the Head Vampire’s assistants. Then we see the roommate give Ji Sang a little white box with two little tubes of liquid in them.

The next day, Ji Sang asks the head of security about the cameras in the hospital. He asks did he see anything suspicious in or around his room. The guard says that there has not been any problems and he has not seen anything suspicious. We then see the security officer talking to the Head Vampire about Ri Ta bringing Ji Sang to the ER the night before. The Head Vampire is very curious to why Ji Sang was in the hospital. He should have been dead according to him because of the injection his assistants shot him with. How in the world did JI Sang survive that injection?

Ji Sang is napping in his office and Ri Ta comes in and just as she is about to check his pulse, he wakes up and catches her in the act. The look on her face is priceless as if she just got caught stealing cookies out of the cookie jar. She runs out of the room and down the hall. Then all of a sudden we see Ji Sang appearing right in front of her. She asks him how did you teleport so fast here? They have a conversation and Ji Sang tells her to stay out of his way and to stop bothering him. He even eluded that she is following him becasues she likes him. Of course she denies it. The truth is I think she does like him a lot. She is just acting kind rude to hide her true feelings aobut him. It’s like a true love/hate relationship between these two. I have a feeling before long, they will end up in some kind of romance.

A group of nurses are having a conversation at the front desk when a woman appears. She is the one we saw in the underground hospital in the previous episode. She introduces herself as So Hy Ri, Drug Development Team Leader. She then demands the password to gain access to a particular ward in the hospital. The Head Secretary eavesdrops on this conversation and hears everything. She then goes to a doctor and asks him to keep a eye on the Drug Development Team. The secretary knows something fishy is going on because this team does not share what they are doing with anyone. Well the doctor refused to be a spy for her. He says this is your problem and you are responsible for bringing this team here. He also goes on to say he is offended by the team even being in the hospital to begin with. She then tries to blackmail him by promising to submit a proposal for him if he helps. The said he would have to think about it. The doctor then exits the office and down the hall where he looks into the window of the Drug Department to see what they are doing.

Ji Sang then enters a room of one of his patients and Sister Sylvia is in there praying for a very sick patient. Sister Sylvia is a nun who is very close to Ri Ta. She is in fact like a mother figure to her. A little girl is in the room with them and she is very scared that her father is going to die. As Ji Sang leaves the room, the little girl runs after him and begs him to save her father and to not let him die.

After that, we see another patient being bought in who is in need of a liver transplant. As usual the doctors have a meeting before going into this surgery. The Head Vampire is in this meeting of course and insists that Ji Sang do the surgery once again. It’s obvious the Head Vampire is setting Ji Sang up for failure. The other doctors in the meeting know it too because as they leave they have a conversation and says that he is screwing over Ji Sang.

Later after the meeting we see Ri Ta and Ji Sang having a conversation about the surgery that will take place soon. Ji Sang asks Ri Ta to join him in completing the surgery. As they are talking the Head Vampire comes in and asks Ji Sang if he was in the ER last night and he wants to do a medical examination on him. Ri Ta lies for him and says that he was in the ER because he was drinking a lot the night before. I was happy to see Ri Ta stick up for him. She has been acting very cocky towards him before. By having his back it shows that she does care for him even if it is a little bit.

Ji Sang goes back in to check on a patient and he sees the patiens daughter holding her hand and crying as she says “Please don’t die.” Seeing this reminds him of his mother and we see a flash back of Ji Sang holding his mothers hand saying the same words as she is slowly dying.

The patient that needs a liver transplant has a donor. Some of the doctors, including Ri Ta go to the ambulance to do the surgery on the patient with the good liver. This patient is in a hospital across town. The other half of the team stay at he hospital to tend to the patient who needs the liver. Just as Ji Sang is going into surgery, the Head Vampire stops him and says I need for you to do me a favor. He asks Ji Sang to go with Ri Ta to the other hospital instead of doing the surgery. Ji Sang agrees, and he goes in the ambulance.

While in the ambulance, Ji Sang gets a text from someone that says “Congratulations for surviving it for the first time.” Now at this point we do not know what this means. Ji Sang does not know what this means either because he simply ignores it and continues on doing his job.

The Head Vampire is talking on the phone to his assistants and he says because Ji Sang received the Congratulations Text, they can go on with the plan. Meanwhile in the surgery room, the patient almost dies. He is really in need of the liver transplant and fast. The roommate of Ji Sang finds out what was in the needle that he got injected with and we come to find out that he was injected with the same thing that killed his mother. Here is the thing….when his mother was injected….she died instantly. When Ji Sang got injected…..he did not die….he survived. That’s where that text came from. I think the text came from the Head Vampires Assistants!

Across the street from the hospital Ji Sang sees the Head Vampires assistants and he chases after them. A fight soon breaks out and once again it’s two against one. Meanwhile we go back into the surgery room of the patient that almost flat lined. No one in the room can perform the surgery. They all freeze and stand around as if they are first year doctors not knowing what to do. Ri Ta and her team come in the room with the organ and since no one can perform the surgery they immediately call the Head Vampire and Ji Sang. Neither of them answer the phone because Ji Sang is fighting off the assistants and the Head Vampire is not taking his calls on purpose.

We go back to the fight that Ji Sang is having in the street with the assistants. One of the assitants shines a UV flashlight in his eyes. But this has no effect on Ji Sang because he has contact lenses in. Remember the little white box that his roommate gave him? Well in that box was special contact lenses that deflect UV rays. So if the UV light comes into his eyes he will not burn him. The roommate is a very smart young man. I really like how he takes care of Ji Sang and he comes up with a lot of clever ways to assist him in keeping the assistants away. After the light is shone in his eyes, this makes Ji Sang very angry. He then begins to change. His nails get longer, his skin gets pale, his eyes become bloodshot, his teeth began to grow fangs. After he changes, the fight between these three vampires continue until the police arrive to break up the ruckus. There are a total of four police officers, two in front of Ji Sang and two behind him. The two that are in front of him get beat up by the assistants and they run off. As Ji Sang begins to run away the police officers behind him order him not ot move or they will shoot. He cannot turn arond to look at the police officers because he is still changed into a vampire. If he were to turn around he would be instantly shot to death.

Back in the surgery room, Ri Ta is there to take over the surgery. Just as she is about to start, Ji Sang enters the room and so does the Head Vampire. How did Ji Sang get to the hospital so fast? He was surrounded by police officers a mere few minutes ago! Somehow he evaded them just in time to get to the surgery.

Well my fellow Dramatics, this is where Episode 4 ends. I hope you stay with me to find out what happens in Episode 5. So far I can say that I am really enjoying this drama. I really like the acting and the action of the fight scenes. And I must mention that I am in love with the handsome villain: The Head Vampire. I really like his character and Ji Jin Hee is an amazing actor. Ok let me stop fangirling over the villan. Don’t forget you can also watch my review of this episode on my You Tube Channel here: Episode 4 Thank you all for reading! If you are enjoying this drama please leave a comment and let me know what you think. In the meantime: Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 1 & 2

Hello my fellow Dramatics! I will be doing reviews for the drama Cheer Up! on DramaFever. Here is the link where you can find the first review for Episodes 1 & 2: Cheer Up! Ep 1 & 2 Please join Logan, June, and I as we talk about our feelings for the first two episodes. Are you watching this drama with us? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think! Keep Calm and Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 2

Cheer Up! stars: Jung Eun Ju (from the group APink) as Kang Yeon Doo, Lee Won Geun as Kim Yeol, Cha Hak Yeon (aka N Leader And Member of the group VIXX), Chae Soo Bin as Kwon Soo A, Kim Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon, Kim Ji Suk as Yang Tae Bum, Park Hae Mi as Principal Choi Gyung Ran, and Lee Mi Do as Nam Jung (Cheerleading Instructor ).

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there!  I’m back again with Episode 2 of Cheer Up!  So far I am really enjoying this drama! I can’t wait to share with you what happens in Episode 2!

Yeon Doo goes back to  Sevit High School where she tells the members of  Baek Ho that she will be joining them.  The  members reject her because their club is only for the elite 5% of the class. She shows the members the rules and states that there is no such thing in the rule book that says that. Yeon Doo puts her foot down and tells them she will be joining them and she will study in the same room as them.

A teacher comes and removes her from the class and into the teacher’s lounge. As they enter the room they find that Yeon Doo’s mother is there and she is very upset. She goes off on the teacher for the way he was treating her daughter. Yeon Doo is so proud of her mom for sticking up for her she even calls her mom badass for doing that.  The expressions on the other teachers faces is priceless. They look ashamed and very embarrassed. She tells them all she will go to the Board Of Education and she states she wants her daughter to transfer out of the school. But Yeon Doo tells her mom she does not want to transfer…..she wants to stay.

We see Yeon Doo studying in the classroom of Baek Ho and the teacher keeps coming in and punishing her. She has to do numerious chores around school I for one can’t believe the teacher would have the gall to continue to treat Yeon Doo poorly after the verb, but she does not back down at all. I am surprised that after her mom went off in the office on him, he is still punishing her daughter. If I were him I would have been scared to raise one finger at Yeon Doo for fear of her coming back and yelling again.

When Yeon Doo is doing her chores her friends from the Real Kings step in and help her. I really like that the Real Kings are helping her and not letting her do all the chores by herself. It’s almost like they have the “all for one and one for all” type of attitude. Her friends really have her back and they make the chores fun.

The teacher comes outside where Yeon Doo and the Real Kings are. They are supposed to be watering the garden, but it quickly turns into a water fight. The teacher sees this and as Yeon Doo runs away, she trips and falls on top of Kim Yeol. As she tries to get up, he then pulls her away. He tells her his choices then Yeon Doo gets up quickly from on top of him. At this point, I am hoping that these two end up in a romance with one another. I think it’s so cute that she always accidentally trips and falls on top of him. I am going to call it now, this is the start of a budding romance!

Dong Jae then comes just in time with Strawberry Milk for Yeon Doo and they walk away. Kim Yeol then goes to the store with Ha Joon and he gets Strawberry Milk. Ha Joon asks him why he would want to drink that. Kim Yeol responds that he is just curious about it. Kim Yeol is starting to try the same things that Yeon Doo likes because he likes her even though he won’t admit it right away.

Yeon Doo sees Soo A and gives her a broom and mop because it’s her turn to clean the room. Soo A takes the broom and mop and throws them down on the floor. As  Yeon Doo comes back to the room she notices that Soo Ah put some of her things in the washing machine…..not clothes…..but her personal possessions like pictures, a trophy, and such. Yeon Doo has a argument  with Soo A and even tries to go after her. Just as things are about to get physical the members of Real Kings step in and save the day.

We flashback to learn that Soo A’s mother hired someone to help her get into Harvard. During the interview with Administrators, we find out that her resume is lacking real life experience. She has the academics but she does not have any real life experience with helping others. She does not have anything special that makes her stand out from other candidates who are applying. This person puts pressure on the principal and she says that Soo A needs to win a competition. As this person leave the office she sees Kim Yeol. She stops him to give him her card along with what she does.

As the principal walks down the hall, she sees the Real Kings members dancing and she gets an idea. She states that she wants to have a meeting with both of the dance groups. In that meeting she says that Baek Ho will be entering a cheerleading competition. Baek Ho has never entered a cheerleading competition before. The conditon is that the Real Kings must agree to compete and if they win their club will be able to be active on the school campus again.  As they are about to agree to the terms, Kim Yeol suddenly speaks up.

He calls the number on the business card that was given to him and he puts the phone on speaker so all can hear. He then asks what does he have to do in order to get into an Ivy League school and she says don’t worry because I know your team will win the cheerleading competition. This proves to everyone that the principal was going to use all of them to help a student get into an Ivy League school. This was a very mature move on Kim Yeol’s part to reveal this scandal. Good job young man….I applaud you!

Yeon Doo realizes that there could be only one person behind this madness….Soo A.  Soo A has a look on her face as if she has seen a ghost. Yeon Doo then says that the Real Kings will not be in any competition to help her. Soo Ah then runs out of the room and calls the person and goes off on her and tells her to fix this problem right away. After this she calls her mother, but we do not know what was said, but I am sure is was not good.

When she gets off the phone she gets hit in the back of the head with a basketball by Dong Jae who apologizes to her. He said it was an accident…..just like before when he “accidentally” dumped rotten Strawberry Milk on her head.  He heard the entire telephone consversation that Soo A was having and he then said he will forget he ever heard it. He says that Soo A does not have an easy life as well.

Real Kings are a little sad because they lost opportunity to get their club back. e of the members still think they should do the competition because the only way to get their club back is by winning. They agree to disagree about this issue. They get a text reminding them that they have a  dance competition coming up soon. The group decides to do the dance competition together.

As Dong Jae returns to his room, he finds Ha Joon, his roommate, in the shower with his wrists slit.   Dong Jae then tries to help him, but he hesitates and is in shock of what he sees. I believe that something may have happened to him in his past due to his reaction.  Kim Yeol enters and carries Dong Jae to the hospital. When they leave, they drop a towel that has blood on it. Soo Ah picks it up and brings it to the principal. She says she has an idea on how she can make the Real Kings do the cheerleading competition.

During the dance competition,  Yeon Doo twists her ankle, but she continues to dance and the  Real Kings win the competition. When the competition is over, two of the members of the Real Kings say they will not be performing with them any more. They are not confident that their club will be back and they wanted perform with Yeon Doo one last time.  Yeon Doo says she wants to go out for karoke, but they said they need to get back to school. The members are hurt by this news, but Yeon Doo says she understands because she is part of the blame for the club getting disbanded.

Yeon Doo then goes to the hospital to get her ankle check out. We see Kim Yeol at the same hospital with Ha Joon. A flashback happens and we see him coming into the hospital with Ha Joon because he tried to commit suicide  As Yeon Doo’s leaving hospital she sees Kim Yeol in the lobby with blood on his shrit. She asks if he’s okay and he tells her to mind her own business. She then sees Ha Joon with bandages on his wrists. Kim Yeol tells her to pretend that she never saw anything at the hospital that night.

When she reaches the exit she sees the homeroom teacher at the reception desk and hides so he does not see her.   She notices that Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are coming that way and she does not want them to be seen. She gets their attention and motions that the teacher is at the desk. The teacher does not see any of them at this point. Ha Joon runs one way and  Kim Yeol hides around the wall with her. As they are hiding from the teacher, Yeon Doo tells Kim Yeol that she will not tell anyone she saw them there at the hospital.

The teacher approaches closer to where they are and they hide behind a table together. Kim Yeol puts his arm around her. Yeon Doo is talking and all of a sudden Kim Yeol puts his hand over her mouth. As the teacher passes them by,  Kim Yeol’s face gets closer to hers as if they are about to kiss but they are interrupted by Ha Joon who lets them know the coast is clear. Why are the writers and producers teasing me like this! I so want them to kiss. What would have happened if they were not interrupted by Ha Joon? I think he would have kissed her. It’s obvious he likes her and he wants to because they keep ending up in these positions. Kim Yeol then smiles at Yeon Doo and thanks her before they leave.

We find out that the teacher did not leave the hospital. Instead he is there paying a bill and then he hears a nurse call Ha Joon’s name. He then asks if Ha Joon was wearing a school uniform. When Yeon Doo arrives back on campus she sees Dong Jae with her arms outstreatched she is wanting for him to hug her, but he walks past her and to Kim Yeol and Ha Joon to see if he is OK. Yeon Doo then asks Dong Jae what happened to Ha Joon, but he will not tell her anything.
We then see the teacher having a conversation with Ha Joon and he says he is going to call his parents and inform them on what happened. Ha Joon begins to beg him not to call. We learn that  Ha Joon’s father is very  abusive and his dad would send him to a mental hospital if he tried to commit suicide again.   The teacher  is very supportive of Ha Joon. I really like the teacher in this drama. He is very caring and has a warm heart for his students.
We then see the principal meeting with Kim Yeol.  She tells him that Joon Ha tried to kill himself (Remember the bloody towel) and gives Kim Yeol an condition.  Either he joins in on the cheerleading competition and gets Real Kings to join or she tells Joon Ha’s parents and they will remove him from the school and send him to a mental hospital.

As Yeon Doo is heading back to her room we see her two friends that quit Real Kings going into a classroom with Soo Ah. She peeks inside the room to find Soo A showing them a presentation on Stunt cheerleading. Yeon Doo is betrayed yet once again by her friends. The next day she avoids all of Real Kings at school. As she is hanging  out with Dong Jae,  Kim Yeol asks her to join cheerleading with him. She tells him that she is not going to do any cheerleading competetion with him. And that is where Episode 2 ends.

This drama is different from any other high school drama I have ever seen. I really like the plot and storyline and they are really hitting us with some strong topics such as abuse and suicide right from the start. I am also enjoying the chemistry between the two lead characters and the development of the others. I hope that you all stick around for Episode 3! Thank you guys for all of your support! Don’t forget to visit my You Tube page to see what I thought about this episode as well. I will see you guys next time! Keep Calm and Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 1

Hello to all my Dramatics and  welcome to my review of the K Drama Cheer Up! Episode 1. This drama just premiered on DramaFever and I look forward to viewing this! I will be joining the DramaFever Drama Club for this drama so I am very excited to review this drama for everyone. Stay tuned and make sure you look out for that post coming soon.

Cheer Up! stars: Jung Eun Ju (from the group APink) as Kang Yeon Doo, Lee Won Geun as Kim Yeol, Cha Hak Yeon (aka N Leader And Member of the group VIXX), Chae Soo Bin as Kwon Soo A, Kim Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon, Kim Ji Suk as Yang Tae Bum.

Our drama starts as we meet Yeon Doo played by  Eun Ji. I am a fan of her from being in the group APink and I have sen her in other dramas such as Trot Lovers, Answer Me 1997, and That Winter Wind Blows. She is a very talented actress and singer. I really enjoy her character and the chemistry she has with the other actors.

So Yeon Doo is placed 196 out of the 200 students in her class. She is leader and member of the dance club Real Kings. Because these students are low ranking in their class, they are often mocked and teased. So being in the dance club is like a stress reliever for them. The room that they use for practice is right next door to another dance team called Baek Ho. The students on this cheer team are the top academic students in the school. These students use their space for studying. Team Baek Ho hears noise coming from the Real Kings room which distracts them from studying, so they cut off the power to the Real Kings’ room.

Of course this creates conflict between both groups.  Real Kings creates their own electricity by using a bicycle and a generator. This drowns out the classical music being played in the Baek Ho room. After the  Real Kings’ radio blows out and they decide to confront Baek Ho face to face.

Yeon Doo gets into a argument with Kim Yeol, the cocky and handsome leader of team Baekho. A group of parents are in a meeting with teachers and Administrators with questions about clubs at the school. One of the parents said she heard from her daughter that one of the clubs is loud and disruptive. The principal states that if a  club is disruptive they will disband them immediately. As the conflict between Baekho and Real Kings begins to get stronger, a member of  Team Baek Ho gets a text from her mother, telling her that she is on her way and not to get in trouble.  Eventually, the argument between the two groups gets physical as  Yeon Doo  tries to get one of the members  to  hit her while the rest the Real Kings goes after the members of Baek Ho.

A teacher comes out of his room to see both groups fighting. The teacher steps in just in time and breaks them up as the  principal and parents arrive around the corner. We see Yeon Doo in her room with a member from  Baek Ho named  Soo A.. We soon discover that these two are roommates. These two girls are roommates and are on rival teams which in my opinion is a conflict within itself.   Yeon Doo expresses to her roommate that it’s unfair it is that Baek Ho gets away with everything and Soo A advises  that Yeon Doo meet with Kim Yeol to extend an olive branch.

The rooms of Baek Ho and Real Kings are trashed so  Yeon Doo asks Kim Yeol to meet her so they can form a truce.   Yeon Doo does not really see this as in advantage because the school wants to get rid of the Real Kings anyway.  Yeon Doo is yelling at him and she trips and falls on top of him. They are in a compromising position like they are about to kiss.  So  Kim Yeol says that either she can move, he can move, or they can kiss. And just as he is about to kiss her we hear a cell phone camera snap from outside and the two separate quickly.

At this point we do not know who took the picture but we see the picture being sent to the teacher with a text about inappropriate behavior. Another teacher comes in who stands over his shoulder and sends the picture to the principal.

The Real Kings see a poster at school which says that their club is disbanded due to inappropriate behavior. Included in this poster is a picture of Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol as they are about to kiss. The Real Kings are very upset by this because they know that the picture is not what it seems. Plus the members of Baek Ho are getting no punishment at all.

Yeon Doo runs to the principals office but she cannot get inside. The principal is meeting  with Kim Yeol. The principal does not punish him because he is the number one student in the class and his father is a very powerful man.

Outside the principals’ office Yeon Doo is waiting to get inside to talk to the principal but Kim Yeol drags her away before she can tell her off. She asks him to tell the truth about the kiss that didn’t happen between them. He says he doesn’t want to, because it won’t be beneficial to him.  Yeon Doo argues that it’s the truth, but he says it doesn’t matter which leaves her even more upset.

We then see Yeon Doo talking to her best friend Dong Jae, who is on the basketball team. He is played by N of the grouop VIXX. As you know I love K Pop and N is an amazing singer and dancer. He is so very talented and charming in this role of Dong Jae.  He’s a good basketball player, but if he is going to be hit he will let the other player pass.   Yeon Doo states  that he has a physical handicap. We will find out more about this later I hope.

As she is hanging out with Dong Jae, she gets a call from one of the other members of Real Kings. Her room in being emptied of all of her possessions. Yeon Doo runs to the principals office and asks her for  another chance, but the principal refuses. Kim Yeol looks sympathetic to the Yeon Doo loosing her room.

We then see Yeon Doo crying up on the roof surrounded by her things. He asks her if she feels bad and she says she dies. As she gets up to leave she sees  that he has left a post-it on the wall instructing her to  make a poster if she feels bad about what has happened to her.

Yeon Doo and Dong Jae start making posters and  Soo A enters the room. She states that the posters will not make a difference. As she exits the room  we see her deleting a photo from her phone, the one of Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo  about to kiss. We discover that she is the one who took the picture and told the teacher on them. We then see a  flashback of her being instructed on what students to get close to. Soo A’s mother really wants her daughter to be the number one student in her class and she will do anything she has to do in order to make that happen.

Yeon Doo posts the posters around the school and they are quickly taken down by the teacher. A member from the Board of Education comes to the school and the  principal talks to him and she decides to punish all of the students by  grounding them for two weeks, forbidding them from leaving campus and having their cell phone rights revoked. The students of course are not happy about this and they blame Yeon Doo for this punishment. The students berate her in the cafeteria and Soo A completely ignores her. The harrisment continues until Kim Yeol tells them to back off.

Yeon Doo is upset and she asks the teacher who sent the picture. He does not tell her, but when he leaves she takes a look at his phone and discovers that is was Soo A who took the picture. Yeon Doo is shocked and very hurt by this.  She asks Soo A why she did that because they are friends.  Soo A responds by saying that she has no friends at school.

Soo A then backs out of the singing group she was in with Yeon Doo and teams up with other girls which leaves Yeon Doo to sing the song alone.  Yeon Doo becomes upset and she stops singing and calls out everyone in class who betrayed her including Soo A. She also calls out  Kim Yeol for not admitting they didn’t kiss, and the other bullies as well. She blames the entire student body for being cowards. Soo A tells her that her behavior is the same way and Yeon Doo says that’s right and she will leave the school so she can be different from everyone else.

Yeon Doo runs out of the classroom and goes home to her mother who is making dinner for her. All of a sudden Yeon Doo starts to cry and she leaves the table. She goes to her room to reflect she hears a tap on her window. It’s Dong Jae who is her neighbor and he tells her that she has a lot of penalty points and that she is back in the school. to the Baek Ho room where she tells them that she is applying to join their dance club.

I cannot wait to see what happens next in Episode 2! I have a feeling things are going to get very interesting for these groups of students.

I hope that you all stay tuned as I review this drama. Check out my review on my You Tube Channel Cheer Up! Episode 1 and my blog! I will link the DramaFever review as well. Thank you all! Take Care and Hallyu On!