DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 11 & 12

Hello Dramatics! Have you been watching our students at Sevit High?  These are the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and I hope you all enjoyed this drama just as much as I did!  Check out what June, Logan, and I thought about the final episodes of this amazing drama! What did you all think of the outcome?  I would like to know what you think! Also check out my reviews on my You Tube channel! Just in case you missed my last reviews on DramaFever you can check out Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6  Episodes 7 & 8  and Episodes 9 & 10 Also check me out on Seoulwave where I do K – Drama reviews as well! I will see you all in the next drama! Take care Dramatics!  Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

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