K – Drama Review: Blood Episode 6

Hello Dramatics! Today I am reviewing the K Drama Blood and we are on Episode 6. Have you been watching with me? Lets jump right into this exciting episode shall we?

We left off with the patient who went crazy at the hospital and was talking about how he wanted his alcohol. A nurse tried to stop him, but the patient grabbed the scalpel and went after Ri Ta. Ji Sang jumped in front of her and got cut on his face. His cut begin to heal on its own and when he realized this, he ran away. Ri Ta ran after him after she noticed this. Ji Sang covered his would with his hand so she could not see it.

Ji Sang rant into his office and wiped the blood off his cut and put a bandage on his face. Ri Ta knocked on the door wondering if he is OK. He opened the door and said he will take care of his wound and he did not need any help.

Lee Jae Wook and the lady that is the head of the Drug Development Department are talking about the patient who went crazy. Lee Jae Wook said that he can no longer stay at the hospital because he is an alcoholic. Alcoholics are usually the first to get adverse reaction in their blood.

Ji Sang tells his roommate that he has been experiencing dizzy spells in his previous surgery and when the alcoholic patient went crazy and he saw his blood. Ji Sang asked him to increase the dosage of his pills, but he is already at the maximum limit. Increasing his dosage would affect his nervous system and the ability to perform surgeries. His roommate wants to do blood work on him and Ji Sang told him that Ri Ta saw his injury.

At the hospital, Ji Sang hears a woman singing in the hallway. Her hair is above her so her neck is exposed. Ji Sang begins to change, his nails begin to grow, and his eyes begin to turn green. The girl then turns around and sees no one is behind her. But Ji Sang with is pale skin is getting closer to her. Just has he is about to go after her to bite her neck, he wakes up from a dream.

The next day the roommate tells Ji Sang not to perform any surgeries for a few days and to be careful around areas where blood is present. According to his blood results, he cannot depend on his medicine anymore, but his own urgent will. Just as Ji Sang leaves for the hospital, the roommate takes the bandage off his face.

Next we see Lee Jae Wook talking to security and looking at footage on camera of Ji Sang when he got cut. He orders to see security footage of Ji Sang in the ER, ICU, and OR for the last three days.

Ri Ta is talking to another doctor and says she say Ji Sang’s cut heal itself. She sees him in the hall and goes to confront him. She asks Ji Sang about his cut and weather or not he needed stitches. She takes the bandage off his face and his stitches are revealed. The roommate put fake stitches on his face in order to fool anyone who might be curious.

Ji Sang is talking to the spy doctor and he tells him that the blood samples of the patients don’t go to the department labs, instead they all go to the Drug Development team which has restricted access. They also discover that the patents are receiving medicines that are not on their charts. The spy doctor asks Ji Sang to do an investigation on the blood, but Ji Sang refuses.

Next we see the spy doctor talking to the head secretary. He tells her that the Chairman gave the Drug Development team authority and it would be difficult to investigate. She suggested he participate as an observer but if he does this they won’t share the data with him. She says it’s no problem and she will find a way around that.

Lee Jae Wook recommends a doctor as a future director when he leaves. They have a conversation about this and Lee Jae Wook said that Ji Sang will be the Assistant Director. Ri Ta will be on the business side of things and not doing surgeries. Lee Jae Wook then asks the future director to assist him in managing the ward with him.

A nurse sees Ri Ta in the hall and tells her to come quickly. The security guard is removing the alcoholic patient from the hospital. Ri Ta tries to stop them but the future director intervenes.

Ri Ta and her aunt (who is the head secretary) are talking about what happened that day. The alcoholic patient is killed by being ran over by a car, and the roommate tells Ji Sang to no longer work at the hospital. The secretary tells the chairman about her concerns of the Drug Development team.

In a meeting, Ji Sang’s hand begins to shake and Ri Ta notices this. The future director asks if he would like to take the surgery and Ji Sang refused. He said he would rather attend a seminar in Jeju Island. Eariler Ji Sang broke the vending machine by punching it. Ri Ta notices that the machine is broken and thinks that Ji Sang is responsible. While in his office, Ji Sang’s hand begins to tremble again. Ri Ta comes in and she tells him she is attending the seminar too,

At the seminar, Ji Sang is very well known. He gives a speech about the Applyby Surgery. We flashback to Lee Jae Wook who is visiting a girl in the hosptial. I am not sure who this girl is to him. Could it be his daughter perhaps or just a young patient he grew close to? She fell out of her hospital room window and died. We then discover that this little girl was an orphan.

Ji Sang goes for a walk into the woods and we flashback to when he saved a girl from wolves. Ri Ta followed him into the woods too. They talk and she reveals she was almost killed by wolves who attacked her. It was in fact Ji Sang who saved Ri Ta in the woods when she was little.

After the seminar the doctors, Ri Ta, and Ji Sang are having dinner. The group begin to play a drinking game. Ji Sang does not drink instead he wants to leave, but Ri Ta makes him stay. The others try to get Ji Sang to drink, but he says he is allergic to alcohol. Later we see Ri Ta outside vomiting from over drinking. She says that if the boy who saved her in the woods were there, things would be better. Ji Sang carries the hungover Ri Ta back to her room.

Lee Jae Wook’s assistants tells the others to kill Ji Sang. Back at the hotel, the fire alarm goes off and wakes up Ri Ta. It was a false alarm and Ji Sang walked outside of his room to see if Ri Ta was ok, but his bandage was not on his face. Ri Ta notices this as well.

The next day, Ji Sang and Ri Ta are going home. Ji Sang gets a text message that says “If you want to know who killed your mom meet me tonight and prepare to die.” So Ji Sang goes to meet with who ever sent the message to him. Lee Jae Wook’s assistants have blood in several IV’s at the underground hospital. Ji Sang enters and he begins to get sick as blood is dripping off the walls. This blood is contaminated and it is making Ji Sang very sick. He begins to fall to the ground. As he falls, he begins to change, his nails begin to grow, his skin begins to turn pale, and his eyes begin to turn green. The rest of the assisstants enter and one of them has a steak in his hand and he goes to stab Ji Sang. Just as this is happening, someone in a black hoodie knocks him down and begins to fight off all the assistants. This person in the hoodie kills the assistants and Ji Sang begins to fight him off. Just as the fight is about to start, the person in the hoodie reveals himself….and it’s Lee Jae Wook! This is where the episode ends. Ji Sang is suprised and shocked to see that he is a vampire too! We will have to wait for the next episode to see what happens next. Make sure you are following me on my You Tube channel for more reviews! Take care Dramatics. Remember to Keep Calm and Drama On!

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