K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 10

Hello Dramatics! I am back once again with another episode of Cheer Up! We are now on episode 10! Let’s jump right in and see what happened to our students at Sveit High.

When we left our students, Soo A had just pushed Yeon Doo down the stairs and Kim Yeol grabbed Yeon Doo to save her from getting  hurt.  They both were rushed to the hospital after Kim Yeol lay there unconscious. Kim Yeol is not hurt very badly. Both Yeon Doo and Ha Joon wait for him to wake up and when he does Yeon Doo is there. She tells him she’ll get back at him for putting her through what he did and when he asks how, she kisses him on the cheek. Kim Yeol responds by kissing her back passionately.  Ha Joon then shows up and sees everything. He is very heartbroken. Soo A, scared about what she’s done. She is waiting outside the hospital and calls to learn of Kim Yeol’s condition. When she finds out he’s going to be okay, she cries tears of gratitude. Yeon Doo calls Dong Jae to fill him in on Kim Yeol’s condition and to get a little best friend advice.

Kim Yeol’s dad shows up at the hosptial with Yeon Doo’s mom who decides to leaves at the last minute. If she would have stayed, she would have found Yeon Doo in  Kim Yeol’s hospital room. Yeon Doo gives Kim Yeol and his dad some space to talk.

 Soo A talks to her mother to confess everything she has done. She’s expecting that when her mother realizes how far she has gone,  she says she will do something about it.  Instead, her mother tells her she will cover everything up and ensure that she’s still able to go to a good school. Soo A is horrified by this realization that her mother doesn’t even care about all the horrible things she’s done.  Soo A also realizes how hated she is by everyone else and doesn’t see a way out.
Yeon Doo is having difficulty thinking about forgiving Soo A at this point. She still hopes for her redemption, but feels that there’s nothing more that she can do for her. Soo A comes to the point where she realizes how evil she’s become and that she needs to apologize. She writes and apology note to Soo A and goes to the hosptial to give it to her. When she gets there, the whole cheer team is in Kim Yeol’s room so she leave it on the door.

Soo A sees Dong Jae and asks him a favor. Together, the two go out and spend some time at the arcade having fun together. She seems to genuinely enjoy herself and wonders why she never did something like this before. She regrets wasting her life studying when it did nothing but turn her into an awful person.

When Yeon Doo finds the note Soo A left she’s worried. It appears to be a goodbye note and she thinks that Soo A is going to do something drastic. The cheer team sets out to look for her. Yeon Doo calls Dong Jae who tells her that she just left and she seemed fine, but upon rethinking her behavior he’s worried too. Soo A’s mom gets the call that what seems like Soo A’s  suicide note was found and she is absolutely terrified.

 We find Soo A, on a busy road about to walk out into traffic.  Yeon Doo and  Kim Yeol see her from a distance, but can’t get to her as she steps out onto the road. She’s in the middle of the street and a car is coming up fast.
 Soo A stares into the headlights when Dong Jae comes and pulls her out of the way of the car and hugs her. Without thinking, he has overcome his phobia and saved Soo A’s life.
The cheer team is horrified at themselves for treating Soo A in such a way as to make her want to kill herself. Even though Soo A did awful things herself, they regret sending out the video and treating her so coldly.  They wait anxiously to hear if she’s okay, but as she’s recovering her mother won’t allow any visitors. So the team records a video of themselves telling Soo A they miss her and asking her to come back. The episode ends as she watches the video from her hospital bed smiling.
Let me know what you think about this episode! Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more updates! Until then Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!



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