K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 2

Hello Dramatics ! I am back once again with a review of Remember! We are now on Episode 2 and I am sure we will learn more about our characters and more about the story. Without further adieu, lets get started.

We start off with Jin Woo’s father having a dream about Jung Ah running in the woods. Someone is chasing her and she trips and falls on some rocks and attacked. Jin Woo’s father wakes up from his dream in jail. JIn Woo visits him and he tells him not to worry and someone will find a good lawyer for him when the trial starts. An attorney enters the room and talks to Jin Woo’s father.  He advises him to plead guilty to reduce his prison term by one year. Of course he refuses to do this because he is innocent. The attorney then tells him that because he applied for a jury trial so when the judge asks him how to plead he will say nothing, as if he is innocent, and the attorney will speak for him. His father says what do you mean “as if” I am innocent. Jin Woo jumps in and questions the attorney because he does not believe his father is innocent. He is worried about the outcome.

Jin Woo’s father is bought into court, bounded and escorted by police. Reporters and other paparazzi are outside of the court building shouting murderer and death penalty. Jin Woo is waiting to see his father and Lee In Ah looks on. When one of the reporters recognized Jin Woo, they rush over and grab him. As they do they break off his necklace with a ring around it. As the police hold the crowd back, the reporters begin to throw eggs at Jin Woo.

Park Dong Ho is in the bathroom and sees the attorney for Jin Woo’s father. The attorney is throwing up from partying the night before. He is very nervous about the trial. It is obvious that he is inexperienced. This is his first time in court and he does not know what he is doing. Jin Woo is at the bathroom door listening to the two men talk then walks away.

At the trial, Jin Woo waits nervously as they bring his father in. His lawyer is very nervous and sweating. He also stutters when he speaks, so it is very difficult to understand him at times.  Jin Woo’s father is accused of murder and rape of Jung Ah. He pleads not guilty and the judge asks the attorney if he is OK because of his nerves and stuttering. The trial continues and we learn that there was no DNA found because the murderer used a contraceptive. She was strangled and hit in the head with an object and then stabbed multiple times. No one asked for evidence so this is only speculation at this point.  While court is in recess, Dong Ho has a chat with the attorney. And Lee In Ah returns the necklace to Jin Woo that was broken off his neck.

The trial continues and the prosecutor questions JIn Woo’s father. He does not remember any of the details about that night. He continues to ask him questions like: Do you know her?  What were you doing on this night? How did you get there? Jung Ah’s father is so upset he gets up and rushes and tries to attack Jin Woo’s father, but Dong Ho stops him before he can do any harm. When Jin Woo’s father is being led back to jail, he tells Jin Woo to visit his mothers grave because it’s the anniversary of her death. He also tells him to wear the nice suit that is hanging in the closet.

Outside, Jin Woo looks up Dong Ho’s information on the internet. He sees that he has a 100% success rate and he always wins every case in court. On the bus, Lee In Ah tries to console JIn Woo but he just brushes him off. She tells him that her father is the owner of the pizza shop next door and she offered to bring him food later.

Later we see Nam Gyu Man watching the news report about the murder. He gets a phone call. He goes to a construction site and meets someone who was at his party the night before. He mentions that the girl was murdered on the same day and time of his party. He then asks him if he did it. Just as he was about to answer, Dong Ho comes in and interrupts the conversation. Naturally, Nam Gyu Man is very upset when he sees him and tells him to go away, but Dong Ho does not leave. Dong Ho says Nam Gyu Man killed the young college student based on evidence from his client plus he knows details about the night in question. Nam Gyu Man begins to beat up Dong Ho until he is bloody. Nam Gyu Man is about to throw Dong Ho over the building, but across the street on another building we see Dong Ho’s assistants video taping the entire incident. As Dong Ho leaves, Nam Gyu Man asks him why he went this far to get beat up? Is your client your father? To that, Dong Ho just walks off.

We then flashback to a young Dong Ho attending his father’s funeral. The man he is defending is a family friend and gangster. He tells a young Dong Ho to study hard in school and to study law and not be a criminal as he is. He gave Dong Ho a large sum of money for his college tuition.

We also see a flash back to a young Jin Woo and his family. His younger brother, mother and father are all in the car on their way to an amusement park. The family was stopped at a red light and when it turned green another car slammed into them killing Jin Woo’s mother and brother instantly. The only survivors were him and his father.

As Jin Woo is paying respect to his family at the cemetery, he sees Dong Ho who is doing the same. Jin Woo asks him if he is a lawyer and he says yes. Then Jin Woo begins to tell him everything he remembers when he visits his father’s grave. He continues to tell Dong Ho that his father was framed for murder and he is in need of a good lawyer to defend his father so he asks him for help. Dong Ho refuses because clients that come to him have to pay a lot of money. Jin Woo begs him to help his father again outside, and once again Dong Ho refuses.

When he returns home, Jin Woo finds a group of neighbors surrounded at his house. They have sprayed graffiti all over this front door.They begin yelling at him saying that they do not want to live next to a criminal. Lee In Ah hears the commotion and comes to break the crowd up. When she threatens to sue them all, they all agree to leave.

The next day, Jin Woo who is dressed very nice leaves his house and notices a pizza that Lee In Ah left for him. As he is about to get into a taxi, Lee In Ah sees him and stops him. He tells her that he needs to get some money in order to help his father. He then gets into another taxi and drives off. Lee In Ah follows the taxi to see where he is going. We find out he is going to see Dong Ho and he once again begs him to help his father, and once again he refuses. Jin Woo empties out a bag full of money on his desk. Dong Ho asks him how he made so much money so fast. Jin Woo said he earned it on one night. We then see a flashback on how Jin Woo made the money. He was gambling at a casino and was making money so fast the owner accused him of cheating. Jin Woo wasn’t cheating but instead he remembered the card sequence and that’s how he earned so much money so fast.  When the owner confronted him, Lee In Ah walks in with pizza and asks if anyone ordered. They all say no, then she takes a 2 liter of Coke and sprays everyone in the casino with it. Jin Woo and Lee In Ah run away and eventually get away from them without getting caught.

At trial, Jin Woo’s father is bought into court and cross examination starts but his father has no witnesses. Then just like a super hero who comes in to save the day, Dong Ho enters in a bright colored suit looking like he is ready to get down to business! And that is where our episode ends.

Wow I can not wait for the next episode! I am hoping that Dong Ho agrees to help Jin Woo’s father. He is his only hope at this point. Also I know it’s early but I predict a romance to blossom between Lee In Ah and Jin Woo too. We shall see if my predictions are correct in future episodes. Let me know what you think so far! Any predictions you have? What do you think about Nam Gyu Man? Who do you think the real murderer is? Leave a comment and let me know. Until then Dramatics Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!


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