K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 4

Hello Dramatics! Welcome back! It’s time to get into another episode of Remember. Just as in the previous episode, a lot of things happened in episode 4 too. A lot of shocks and surprises! I am still a bit dumbfounded at some of the events that took place. I will not keep you waiting any more, lets get into Episode 4!

When we last left off, Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are at Dong Ho’s office looking at the evidence of Nam Gyu Man admitting to the murder of Jung Ah. Jin Woo called Dong Ho and he said he will talk to him later. We then see Dong Ho talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father. He says I will help you and you will help me.

We then see Nam Gyu Man driving with his assistant. He asks him if he thinks he can stand trial because he is very afraid of his father disowning him. We learn that Nam Gyu Man is the successor of his father’s company. His assistant tells him that his father already knows because he reported it to him. Nam Gyu Man demands the car be stopped. He gets out and pulls his assistant out and begins assaulting him. He yells at him “I told you not to tell my father!” The assistant tells him that his father already took care of it that’s why the police never mentioned his name. The assistant told him Dong Ho is meeting with his father.

Next we see Dong Ho and Nam Gyu Man’s father discussing the videotaped evidence. Dong Ho tells him that the court may use the video as evidence because Nam Gyu Man was unaware he was being recorded. Dong Ho said if the court does not use the video it will be all over the media and he will make sure everyone sees it. Nam Gyu Man’s father will give Dong Ho whatever he wants not to expose his son. Dong Ho tells him the only thing he wants is for Nam Gyu Man to turn himself in before the trial starts.

At Dong Ho’s office where Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are waiting, Dong Ho enters and Jin Woo tells him he saw the video and knows what happened. Dong Ho tells him he will use the video as evidence and call the doctor as a witness. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo when the court finds out about his fathers medical condition the trial will turn over and his father will be able to go home.

Nam Gyu Man enters his fathers room to have a talk. Our villain kneels before his father and tells him he is sorry and he was wrong for what he had done. His father throws a fencing helmet at him and tells him to put it on. We then hear Nam Gyu Man screaming “I’m sorry father!” as he is getting punished by his father. His father then demands to hear everything that happened that night from beginning to end.

We then see a flashback on the night of Nam Gyu Man’s party. Jung Ah is on the floor in pain crying. Nam Gyu Man is standing over her and he throws money at her to pay her for her “services.” Jung Ah then grabs a glass from the table, breaks it and attacks Nam Gyu Man by cutting him with it on his face. He slapped her but Jung Ah fights him off and runs out of the room and into the kitchen. She is trying to find an exit but instead she runs into Nam Gyu Man. She continues to run away from him until she finds an exit outside. She runs through the woods with Nam Gyu Man on her tail. She falls down and hides behind some lumber hoping no to get caught. Nam Gyu Man finds her, strangles and stabs her until she loses her breath. Nam Gyu Man wakes up the next morning next to the deceased Jung Ah with blood on his face realizing what he has done. He calls his assistant for help and he orders him to get rid of the body and the murder weapon. Most importantly he wants him to protect him and make sure nothing bad happens to him. The assistant tries to call 911 stating that Jung Ah could still be alive, but Nam Gyu Man stops him.

Nam Gyu Man tells his father he had no intention of killing Jung Ah. He did not know he could kill some one so easily. He continues to tell his father he was not thinking rationally. His father scolds him by saying if you are crying and scared because a girl died how are you going to take care of my company.  Nam Gyu Man’s father is talking with his assistant. His father tells the assistant to make sure no one knows about what happened. Nam Gyu Man’s father states that he does have a plan and will reveal it when the time is right. He wants to get rid of Dong Ho and stop him because he knows too much.

At court, Dong Ho sees his father figure and the two men go outside to have a talk. He tells Dong Ho to lose the case. Dong Ho asks him did Nam Gyu Man’s father meet with him and persuade him to lose. Dong Ho brushes him off and walks away into court. While in court, the doctor is on the witness stand. Dong Ho asks him about Jin Woo’s father medical condition. The doctor says he is mentally unstable but is just like any other person. He then lies and says he does not have any symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The doctor also stated that Jin Woo came to him and said to claim his father has Alzheimer’s….again…lies. The prosecutor  then calls Jin Woo to the witness stand.

The court is in recess and Dong Ho talks to his father figure again. He asks him did Nam Gyu Man’s father promise him anything and he said he promised to help him with construction of a shopping mall. Just then we see a flashback of a young Dong Ho with his father. The two are in a truck and his father seems very nervous. He looks out of the window and sees the police chase him. His father tells him when I am gone the man who is his father figure will be his new father. His father gets into an accident and he dies on the scene. This is the same truck that hit Jin Woo and his family in the previous episode.

The next day in court, the prosecutor asks Jin Woo if the doctor provided a false test and he said no. Jin Woo then stood up and said someone else killed Jung Ah….Nam Gyu Man. The prosecutor asked if he has evidence and Jin Woo said yes there is a video tape confession. Jin Woo then asks Dong Ho to show the video tape, but he betrays him and does not. He tells the court there is no such evidence and Jin Woo is mistaken. Jin Woo is very hurt by this and does not understand why Dong Ho, someone he trusted, is betraying him. Jin Woo begs for Dong Ho to show the tape but he just stands there silent. Jin Woo is removed from the court screaming and begging Dong Ho to show the tape.

Jung Ah’s father is grieving the loss of his daughter. He watches video tapes of her as a young child as he breaks down and cries. He then enters her room and reads her diary. He finds out that she had a singing job at the villa of Nam Gyu Man. He also finds a business card and calls the prosecutor. He tells him that she went to work for someone at the company and he cannot allow an innocent person to be punished for his daughters death. He begs him to find the real criminal.  We then see the prosecutor talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father. We then find out that Jung Ah’s father committed suicide.

In court, a co worker of Jin Woo’s father takes the stand. She tells the court that he hid something in his room. They produce the murder weapon which had blood on it that matches Jung Ah. As the closing argument is read, the court finds Jin Woo’s father guilty and sentenced to death.

Nam Gyu Man visits Dong Ho’s office to retrieve the copy of the video. Dong Ho gives it to him and he walks outside. Jin Woo sees Nam Gyu Man get into his car and he tries to chase it down. He then sees Dong Ho exit the building and he runs over to him and punches him in the face. He starts yelling at him because he was betrayed by Dong Ho and he put his trust in him. Jin Woo states that he will finish what he started and he will never trust another lawyer.

Jin Woo attends the funeral of Jung Ah’s father. He does not get a good reaction as he enters the building to pay his respects. Jung Ah’s mother slaps him in the face and asks him why he is there. His father killed her entire family. Jin Woo pays his respects and then leaves. He has a suitcase in his hand.

Four years later, we see Lee In Ah as a prosecutor. Jin Woo enters the courtroom as a lawyer for his father. And that’s where our episode ends.

Wow what an intense episode! So much happened here. I can’t believe that Dong Ho betrayed Jin Woo however I can understand wanting to protect his father figure. I can also understand Nam Gyu Man’s father wanting to protect him too but his son is a murderer. I am looking forward to seeing how Jin Woo will be as a lawyer. I have a feeling he will do the right thing and help his father prove his innocence.  Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below and lets have a discussion. Don’t forget to visit DramaFever for my DramaClub recap of Episodes 3 & 4. Also check out my recaps on my You Tube Channel Until the next episode Dramatics remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!







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