K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 10

Hello Dramatics! We are now on Episode 10 of the K – Drama Remember. There are so many questions that need answers. Will Jin Woo get his revenge on Nam Gyu Man and his father? Jin Woo’s father is getting worse while in prison. It’s obvious that he is not getting the medical attention he needs for his Alzheimer’s  and now stomach pains. Jin Woo also has some kind of illness that we have yet to learn about. Lets see if we find any answers to our questions in Episode 10. Without further adieu, lets get started.

In the last episode we saw Jin Woo in court forget his words, stumble and faint in the court room. We learn he was rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention. Lee In Ah and Jin Woo co workers came to visit him and so did Dong Ho. Jin Woo was not too thrilled to see Dong Ho because he betrayed him so many times. Dong Ho tells him to take care of himself and rest before he continues with the trial. Dong Ho also also tells him that the only wants one thing and that’s for his father to be found innocent.

Back in court, the doctor of JIn Woo’s father is on the witness stand and he admits that he falsely testified in court four years ago. He admitted his father had Alzheimer’s. Jin Woo asked him who told him to commit perjury but he said no one told him to do so. Jin Woo told him not to lie and asked him again if he committed perjury on his own and he said yes. Jin Woo asked him a third time who told him to commit perjury and said no one. But we all know that it was Nam Gyu Man and his father who told him to do so.

Nam Gyu Man meets with the doctor at his office. The doctor begs and pleads with him that Jin Woo made him tell the real truth. Nam Gyu Man basically slaps the doctor and threatens him. He then takes his glass name plate and breaks it in front of him. As he leaves, Nam Gyu Man calls prosecutor Choi and tells her to find a way to keep Jin Woo’s father in prison.

While in his office, Jin Woo’s office assistant enters and asks him if his condition is getting worse. Jin Woo responds by saying no one can know yet. He then thinks about what Dong Ho told him earlier and if he was sincere with his words about his father’s innocence.

Jin Woo goes to visit his father in prison and his father recognized him. This made Jin Woo very happy and excited! His father started to remember a lot of things Jin Woo did as a child. He even remember a time when the two of them were singing on his birthday. It was great seeing his father remember things from the past. The two of them were laughing and having a good time reminiscing. It appears that Jin Woo’s father is getting better suddenly. I hope that this means that he is finally getting the proper care he needs.

Nam Gyu Man and his father have a conversation about prosecutor Choi. He tells his son that she is taking care of the trial and that he should focus on the company. Nam Gyu Man tells his father that the company merger is going well. His father tells him that he is the only heir to the company and his sister is not meant to handle a responsibility as that. Nam Gyu Man talks with his assistant and he tells him that he needs to take care of detective Gwak before Jin Woo gets him to admit he falsely testified.

At his office, Jin Woo made a plan to go after detective Gwak because he played a major part in his father’s guilty verdict. Jin Woo asks his assistant to keep an eye out on him. The two of them see detective Gwak directing traffic and Jin Woo steps out of his car to talk to him. He tells detective Gwak that Nam Gyu Man is going after him and he will give him the chance to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, we see Lee In Ah and she tells her boss that she is quitting her job as a prosecutor. The reason she is quitting is because the system is corrupt and she can no longer work properly as a prosecutor. Lee In Ah leaves the office with her belongings and goes home to break the news to her parents. Her father is supportive and her mother is furious at her. Her mother was so mad she kicked Lee In Ah out of the house. With no where to live, she goes to Jin Woo’s office. She tells Jin Woo that she quit her job and she spends the night in the extra room at his law firm. I am so hoping for a romance between these two characters! It was very cute watching them sitting on the couch drinking beers and laughing together. I could use a little romance and fluff in this drama for a while. It would lighten up the mood and give me a break from all of the intense scenes. The next day Jin Woo’s co workers come in and find him sleeping on the couch. Lee In Ah comes down stairs from the room and the two co workers thought they had a wild and romantic night. Jin Woo and Lee In Ah just laughed that assumption off. Lee In Ah hears them talking about the trial and she asks if she could help. Lee In Ah told them that she is now attorney Lee instead of prosecutor Lee and agrees to help. The group takes a picture and then Jin Woo gets a phone call.

When Jin Woo answers, he suddenly runs out of the office. We learn that his father is in the hospital because he was complaining of stomach pains while in prison. All of the doctors and prison guards ignored his medical condition and cries for help. Later Dong Ho visits him in the hospital. He asks the doctor about his condition and payed him to save Jin Woo’s father no matter what. As he leaves the hospital, he sees Jin Woo and tells him that he will finish what he could not do four years earlier in court. I am hoping that he finally gets to use the evidence of Nam Gyu Man’s confession. This is very important information in the trial. At his fathers bedside, Jin Woo tells him he will win the trial just to hang on a little bit longer.

Later we see Dong Ho’s father figure and Nam Gyu Man’s assistant talking about how to handle detective Gwak. Jin Woo’s assistant listens in on the conversation and calls him with what he heard. We then see detective Gwak tied up on the hood of a car in a junk yard. There is a crane that is about to smash down on him and kill him until Jin Woo kicks out the driver of the crane and takes control. He saves detective Gwak from Dong Ho’s father figure and his gangsters.

Dong Ho and his father figure are having a drink at a club and he begins to ask him about the car accident his father was in. He told him that Jin Woo’s family was in the other car that his father hit and he wants to know more information about it. His father figure told him if he knew anything he would have told him. I have a feeling that he knows exactly what was going on with Dong Ho’s father on the day in question. Hopefully the truth about this will come to light in future episodes. His father figure told him to pick a side either Jin Woo or Nam Gyu Man.  Dong Ho tells him that he will repay is debt to Jin Woo in the retrial.

Before Dong Ho enters the courtroom with the evidence, he is stopped by his assistant. He begs Dong Ho not to show the evidence. Dong Ho brushes him off and goes on into the court room. His assistant immediately gets on the phone and notifies Nam Gyu Man.

In court, we notice that the judge has been replaced by an older man. The younger judge asks his boss why the replacement. His boss said that with the retrial someone with more experience would be better. Before the judge started the trial he mentioned that the tape confession of the older woman has no consistency or credibility. He is asking for another witness and more evidence. We then see Dong Ho arrive at the court parking lot. As he gets out of his car he is attacked by his father figure’s gangsters and beaten up. His father figure takes the evidence from him that he was supposed to show in court.

Detective Gwak is on the stand in court. As Jin Woo questions him, he begins to tell the truth about falsely arresting his father. When Jin Woo asked him about illegally incarcerated his father and forcing ad confession out of him….he lied. He said he did not do anything like that. We then flash back to detective Gwak and Nam Gyu Man talking. Nam Gyu Man told him he will be used as bait in the trial. As Jin Woo begins to give his final statement he receives a call from his Office Manager. She tells him that his father has passed away. Jin Woo runs out of the courtroom and to the hospital to see his father. It’s a very sad scene to watch as Jin Woo is crying and begging his father to wake up. My heart was broken and I felt sad for Jin Woo. He tried so hard to do everything he could to help his father. At his fathers memorial, Dong Ho comes to pay his respects to Jin Woo’s father. This upsets Jin Woo of course as he blames him for killing his father. He promised that he will get his revenge on everyone who did this to his family.

At a company meeting, Nam Gyu Man’s father appoints him president of Il Ho Group succeeding his father. Dong Ho is not there and his father figure calls his assistant looking for him. Nam Gyu Man notices that he is not there and threatens to harm him if he does not arrive soon. We then see Jin Woo enter his home where he and his father lived. He began looking at old photos of him and his dad and he read a heartwarming letter his did wrote to him. As he reads it, Jin Woo is sitting on the floor crying. And that’s where our episode ends.

WOW! This episode really had me all in my feelings! We are now ten episodes in and I have cried watching each one. This one was no exception. I am happy that Dong Ho was trying to come around and be an ally to Jin Woo. I am very sadden however of Jin Woo’s father who is now deceased. I did not expect that to happen at all. But I will say with his passing, this gives Jin Woo a more desperation to get revenge on Nam Gyu Man. And with Lee In Ah now a lawyer I am hoping to see a more active role in future episodes. Alright Dramatics let me know what you think about this episode. Don’t forget to check out my reviews on my You Tube Channel and check out my reviews on DramaFever of Remember here: Episodes 7 & 8Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6 Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

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