K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 9

Hello Dramatics! We are back again with another exciting episode of the K – Drama Remember. I must admit I have cried watching every episode so far, but there are some parts of this drama that has had me on the edge of my seat! Episode 9 really has me on an emotional roller coaster that I cannot escape. This episode is packed with the same emotion and excitement as the others. I hope that you all have been watching and following along with me as we witness what happens to our beloved Jin Woo in this intense drama. Without further adieu, lets get into Episode 9!

We last left off with Lee In Ah looking for the man who has the scorpion tattoo on the back of his hand. He is responsible for killing the woman who falsely testified in Jin Woo’s father’s trial four years earlier. Jin Woo is also looking for him and Dong Ho is hot on his tail. Lee In Ah sees him at a grocery store and decides to follow close behind him. Suddenly, he appears behind her and hits her over the head with a brick knocking her unconscious. He then drags her into his clock shop where he ties her up and tries to strangle her with chicken wire. Dong Ho breaks into the shop and stops him from trying to kill her. Soon after, Jin Woo enters,  unties her from the chair, and makes sure she is not hurt.  We then see the man with the scorpion tattoo in jail and Dong Ho’s father figure promises him that he will take care of everything and get him released soon.

As Jin Woo, his office manager, the stuttering attorney, and Lee In Ah leave the police station, we see Nam Gyu Man’s assistant watching them from his vehicle. He gets on the phone with Nam Gyu Man to tell him that Jin Woo was released because Lee In Ah caught the killer. This really makes Nam Gyu Man upset as he catches a fit of road rage when someone cut him off while driving. He then gets out of his car and retrieves a golf club from his trunk and proceeds to break the drivers windshield and damages her car. He then calls Dong Ho to come and clean up the mess.

Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are walking and he tells her not to go after a culprit alone ever again. Lee In Ah said she had to catch him in order to clear his name. The two then see the daughter of the woman who was killed. She gives Jin Woo a cell phone with a video tape confession from her mother. Her mother says on camera that she did falsely testified in court four years ago while on the witness stand. The younger judge saw this video tape confession and turned the case over for retrial. Nam Gyu Man’s father was not happy when he saw this on the news. Nam Gyu Man begged his father that he will win the trial no matter what. His father threatened him to take care of this trial if he does not want to end up like his mother. Which brings me to realize we have never seen Nam Gyu Man’s mother at all. I wonder what happened to her and what his father meant by saying that to him? Did his father have his mother murdered perhaps?

Jin Woo visits his father in prison and Jin Woo tells him that his retrial has been confirmed. His father says he does not want to go through it because he killed the college student. Jin Woo tells him he did not kill her, Nam Gyu Man is the real killer. He tells his father that the does not have to worry about anything, just go through the trial. After the visit, Jin Woo barges into the doctors office and asks about the health of this father. He tells him that along with his Alzheimer’s he has been complaining of pain. Jin Woo asks the doctor to let his father get treatment from outside sources. The doctor just brushes him off and does not want to help because he is a murderer. Later we see Jin Woo’s father doubled over with stomach pain begging the doctor for help. The doctor just gives him a couple of aspirin and tells him to stop pretending to be sick. The guards then remove him from the office and back to his cell.

Dong Ho meets with a prosecutor and detective Bae for dinner. The college mentions a drunk driving accident involving a father and son. Dong Ho then flashes back to when he was at the police station asking the detective about his father driving drunk. We learn that his father was not drinking on the day of the accident. At the police station, Dong Ho meets with detective Bae and asks him about the details of the traffic accident he mentioned before. The detective tells him that three people died when the truck hit the car. Dong Ho requested to see the files of the accident report. When Dong Ho reads the accident report, the then realizes that it was his father that killed Jin Woo’s mother and little brother. He is very sadden when he learns this news. I hope that by knowing the truth about the accident, Dong Ho will become allies with Jin Woo again and help him with his father’s trial.

We then see Nam Gyu Man and his father meeting with a new female prosecutor. Nam Gyu Man, Dong Ho and prosecutor Choi have dinner. It appears that prosecutor Choi and Dong Ho know each other from law school. Nam Gyu Man wants the two to work together to help him be safe in the retrial.

The head prosecutor asks Lee In Ah to take on the retrial with prosecutor Choi. Lee In Ah is very shocked by this because it puts her against Jin Woo in court. He reminds her that he was the original prosecutor four years earlier and that she must win the trial no matter what.  We then see the prosecutor talking with Nam Gyu Man. He tells Nam Gyu Man that he will make Lee In Ah quit her job by stressing her out.

Jin Woo pays a visit to his father’s doctor who diagnosed him with Alzheimer’s. Jin Woo tells him to reveal in the retrial that he gave false testimony four years ago against his father.

We see Dong Ho go into a safe deposit box and in there he has a copy of the tape confession of Nam Gyu Man saying that he killed the college girl. I am hoping that he uses this as evidence in court to help Jin Woo and his father once and for all. This evidence would finally put an end to Nam Gyu Man and his manipulation. Nam Gyu Man calls Dong Ho and tells him to meet him at Jin Woo’s office. Nam Gyu Man gets there first. He offers Jin Woo money and a position at his company if he would back off of the retrial. Dong Ho enters the office and tells Jin Woo the trial was doomed from the start and the results will still be the same four years later.

At the retrial,  Lee In Ah walks in and she sits on the side of Jin Woo instead of prosecutor Choi. Prosecutor Choi notices this and makes a phone call to the former prosecutor. The video tape of the woman who falsely testified in court is played. Prosecutor Choi tells the judge that the tape cannot be used as evidence because she was threatened by Jin Woo to say those things on tape. She calls a grocery store worker to the stand who saw Jin Woo talking to the woman on the day in question. He tells the court that she was being threatened by Jin Woo. He said he heard the woman say he will call the police if he keeps harassing her. Jin Woo then calls the womans daughter to the witness stand and she tells the truth. She says that Jin Woo did not threaten her mother to making that video confession, but it was done on her own free will. And she revealed that it was her who shot the video tape and she gave it to Jin Woo. Jin Woo then calls his father’s doctor to the witness stand. As Jin Woo was about to question him, he suddnely forgot what he was going to say. He falls dizzy and faints in the court room. Lee In Ah and Dong Ho rush to his side to help him. And that’s how Episode 9 ends.

Remember Jin Woo has a photographic memory…..he NEVER forgets anything. He always remembers everything to detail. I wonder why is he starting to lose his memory? It was hinted earlier that something is wrong with him, but we do not know what illness he has at this time. Hopefully we will find out soon. Alright Dramatics that’s all for now. Leave a comment and let me know what you think so far about this episode? Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel Also check out my reviews on DramaFever Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6Episodes 7 & 8. Thank you all for your continued support! Leave a comment and let me know what you think so far! I will see you all in Episode 10! Until then Dramatics Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!





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