K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 11

Hello Dramatics! I’m back again with another K – Drama Review. We are on Episode 11 of the K – Drama Remember. A lot of exciting thing happened in this episode. I am loving this bad ass JIn Woo! He is out for revenge now that his father had died and he is determined to catch the real culprit. Without further adieu, lets see what happened in this episode.

We start off with Jin Woo reminiscing about his father who has passed away. He is remembering all of the good times and bad times with his father. We see him visiting his father’s grave and he promises him that he will avenge his death. He also asks his father to watch over him. We then flash forward to one month later. Jin Woo is visiting the original doctor who diagnosed his father with Alzheimer’s in jail. The doctor tells him that he feels bad for his father’s death. Jin Woo tells him that soon Nam Gyu Man will be in jail just like he is. We learn that the doctor is in jail for 2 years for perjury and a minimum of 30 years for added punishment. Jin Woo tells him that he needed his testimony at the retrial and he is no longer needed so he might as well serve his punishment.  Hearing this news makes the doctor furious as he screams at Jin Woo. Jin Woo leaves the jail with a smirk on his face as if a lion has caught his prey. Next up, our Jin Woo visits the doctor who did not take care of his father while he was in prison. We see him being led by guards off to jail. Jin Woo approaches and the doctor says you were the one to turn me in aren’t you? This made the doctor angry and he tried to go after Jin Woo. We see that Jin Woo and his assistant were watching him for a while as he was doing corrupt business. Jin Woo took this evidence and gave it to the younger judge, Kang Suk Kyu because he has a strong sense for justice. Judge Kang Suk Kyu also tried to help Jin Woo’s father at the retrial.

The next person on Jin Woo’s radar is Detective Kwak. Jin Woo goes to the restaurant where he knows he will be meeting with someone. The two men exchange words and Detective Kwak goes to have  dinner with his client. What he doesn’t know is that our Jin Woo has planted a camera in the room with him and it is recording the conversation the two men are having. At a meeting with other police officers, detective Kwak is giving a presentation. Jin Woo burst in with a USB and told him to play it. The other officers in the meeting agree. As the footage on the USB is being played we see Detective Kwak meeting with a client and he is saying some bad things about Nam Gyu Man and his father. The look on Detective Kwak’s face is priceless as he looks and listens in horror to his words and actions on tape in front of his boss and colleges. Detective Kwak then gets a phone call and is notified that the police are raiding his office. Scared for his life, the detective calls his only help, Nam Gyu Man. When he visits Nam Gyu Man, he asks him for help, but Nam Gyu Man refused to do so. He has seen the video tape of Detective Kwak and he is not pleased at his words. He also threatens to kill the detective if he rats him out.

As Dong Ho is arriving to court, we see some protesters outside with picket signs that say: Investigate the microwave explosion accidents properly, and Reveal The Truth. After having an interview, Nam Gyu Man meets with Dong Ho who gives him the result of a trial. He tells him that money was saved without paying a penalty. Satisfied with the news, Dong Ho leaves the meeting. Nam Gyu Man is worried that Dong Ho will betray him once again, so he asks his assistant to keep an eye on him.

Lee In Ah’s mother is still upset and bitter that she quit her job as a prosecutor. We learn that it has been one month since her mother has talked to her. Lee In Ah’s mother goes to visit her at Jin Woo’s office. Jin Woo is there to greet her and she hands him some food for her. It’s obvious that Lee In Ah’s mother still cares about her and is worried about her, but she does not want to see her. Jin Woo tells her that she will send her home soon. Jin Woo gives Lee In Ah the food her mother gave her. She asked if her mother came to visit her and Jin Woo told her that she is worried about her.

Later we see Nam Gyu Man and his father arrive at the courthouse and they see the protesters standing in front of the building. The signs read: Illegal lawsuit beings down a company that took three generations to build and Police must investigate Il Ho Group Now. Suddenly, one of the protesters confronts Nam Gyu Man and his father. The protester works for a light bulb company and Il Ho Group is blaming the bulbs he produces is the cause of microwaves exploding. We learn that Il Ho Group filed a lawsuit against the light bulb company and it closed down. The protester told Nam Gyu Man’s father that this is unfair and his company did not make defective light bulbs. He did begged him to withdraw the lawsuit, but the guards just dragged him away. Later we see a young man standing outside of the courthouse holding a sign that says: Please protect Miso Light Bulb. We learn that he is the president’s son of Miso Light Bulb. Dong Ho walks over to him and hands him Jin Woo’s business card and tells the young man that he could help with the case.

Dong Ho goes to meet with Detective Bae who was the detective when his father was in the car accident. The detective tells Dong Ho that his father told him some information about Nam Il Ho who tried to close the case in a hurry.

The young man from Miso Light Bulb went to visit Jin Woo and ask for help with his father’s case. Jin Woo refused to help him and walked out of the office. While in the car he began to reflect on when he was asking Dong Ho for help with his father’s case. Eventually he felt sorry for the young man and decided to help him and his father. Jin Woo meets with the young man and his father to find out more information about his company and the trial against Il Ho Group. Jin Woo promises them that he will win the trial. Nam Gyu Man learns that the lawyer defending Miso Light Bulb is Jin Woo and he tells this to Dong Ho. We learn that Dong Ho at Il Ho Group will be going up against Jin Woo in court. Nam Gyu Man hires a spy to keep an eye out on Dong Ho as he tells him to watch his every move.

Jin Woo sees Lee In Ah and she asks him where he was going. He told her he is going to his office, but he was walking in the wrong direction. Lee In Ah had a look of concern on her face. It appears to me that our Jin Woo might be losing his memory which is not like him at all. We see him in his office taking medicine.  So far in previous episodes we have seen him forget simple things that he always remembered. We know that something is wrong, but we don’t know what exactly his illness is.

At Miso Light Bulb, we see that it is being shut down by authorities thanks to Nam Gyu Man and his father. We learn that the court has seized the property for delinquent taxes. JIn Woo tells the young man and his father that there is noting that they can do at this point.  The next day, guards hired by Il Ho Group show up at Miso Light Bulb and stop the young man and his father from entering the factory. The guards tell them that they borrowed money from Il Ho Group and they will not enter until they pay them back.  As they try to enter and fight off the guards, they are both kicked and beaten. MIn Soo calls Jin Woo and asks him to come to the factory to save his father. We see the President on the rooftop ready to commit suicide. Jin Woo sees this and goes on the roof and talks him out of killing himself for his son’s sake.

The next day in court we see Jin Woo going against Dong Ho. Lee In Ah is cross examining a worker who manufactures light bulbs for Miso Light Bulb company and he testifies that the company is affiliated with Il Ho Group. At the end of the trial Jin Woo wins against Dong Ho. As Nam Gyu Man and Dong Ho walk out of the court room, Nam Gyu Man slaps Dong Ho in the face. Nearby, Jin Woo and Lee In Ah witness this. And that’s where our episode ends.

Let me know what you think about this episode and leave a comment below. I really am loving the mean Jin Woo. I am happy he is finally getting some type of revenge on those who wronged him and his father. I was also happy that Jin Woo helped Min Soo and his father with the rial. I am still hoping that Dong Ho and Jin Woo will become allies and help to finally end the evil reign of Nam Gyu Man and Il Ho Group. Ok Dramatics don’t forget to watch my reviews on my You Tube Channel. Also check out my reviews on DramaFeverEpisodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6Episodes 7 & 8Episodes 9 & 10 until the next episode! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!





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