K – Drama Review: Signal Episode 2

Hello Dramatics! I’m back once again with another K – Drama Review. We are on Episode 2 of the exciting murder mystery drama Signal. A lot happened in the first episode! There are so many questions that needs answers! I am sure this episode will have you all on the edge of your seat as well. Without further adieu, lets jump right into Episode 2.

We left off with Detective Cha in the interrogation room with Nurse Yoon. She is asking Nurse Yoon about the abduction of the young girl and the murder of the young man. Time is running out for Detective Cha to get a confession from her before the statue of limitations take effect. Detective Cha is very stern and a tough interrogator as she asks Nurse Yoon tough questions. Nurse Yoon denies everything of course. With a few minutes left, Detective Cha reveals that her DNA was found on the glasses of the young man, however, they have not heard back from forensics to confirm this. With time running out, Detective Park enters the room and demands she confesses, but she stands firm that she is innocent. Now that time has run out, and the statue of limitations have gone into effect, they have no choice but to let her go. Detective Park gets the DNA results back about the blood on the glasses of the young man, and they stop Nurse Yoon from leaving. The statue of limitations have not run out for the young man. And with that, she is arrested.



Because of this case, there is a law that has passed. Any case before the year 2000 that has a statue of limitations on it has been reopened so they can be solved. The Chief of Police is in charge of this Cold Case Squad. And guess who is in charge of all of these cold cases….that’s right our Detective Cha and Detective Park. Detective Cha is not thrilled that Detective Park is working with her on these cases because he is inexperienced. We also learn a little more about Detective Park. It appears he has a brother who is either dead or in jail. He goes to visit a memorial of his brother in the woods and he also goes to his elementary school and pays respect to the young girl that was kidnapped and murdered.



Superintendent Kim i talking to the Chief about the cold cases that are now open. He is not happy about this at all and is hoping that the department will disappear soon. he tells the Chief to be quiet and play along like he did with Detective Lee 15 years ago. I wonder what happened between the Chief and Detective Lee?

Detective Cha goes to visit Nurse Yoon in prison. She asks the nurse if she knows the man in this picture, then she holds up a picture of Detective Lee. Nurse Yoon says she does not know or remember seeing him 15 years ago. Just then we flashback to a young Detective Cha and Detective Lee participating in a photo shoot. I have a feeling that Detective Lee might be deceased when Detective Cha visits his father at his shop. She asks him if he visits the temple and he said he does not go anymore.  The two talk and he asks her if she is dating anyone because she once loved his son. So we can say that Detective Cha and Detective Lee did indeed were in a relationship.


Detective Park gets a signal from his walkie talkie from Detective Lee. We see Detective Lee at the hospital and he has blood behind his head and on his shirt. He tells Detective Park this may be the last time he hears from him and to never give up. He also says the year will be 1989, the Lee Jae Han of that time. Detective Park is confused and does not know what this message means. Suddenly we hear a gunshot from Detective Lee’s end. As a viewer, we are not sure who shot who, if Detective Lee was killed, or why he was shot.



We find out more about the cold cases that our Detectives will be working on. One of the cases is the most popular one in South Korea, the Gyeonggi Nambu Serial Murders. We then see a young girl on the bus. After a short ride she gets off at her stop and she is attacked.  The next day, detectives find her deceased body, bound and bloody near a set of train tracks. According to the Chief, the culprit has never been caught. Detective Cha is not to keen on taking on this case because there are no files or evidence and she does not have confidence with her co workers. Detective Park thinks otherwise. Detective Park is looking through files to find some information on Detective Lee. There are many people who have worked on the police force with that same name. But he has narrowed his search down to three.

Next, we see Detective Lee with other officers searching for the girl who was murdered at the train tracks. Detective Park gets a signal from his walkie talkie and begins communicating with Detective Lee about a missing girl. Detective Park tells him the location of where the girl was found. He also said every cop in the country knows where the girls body was found. He then begins to tell Detective Lee about the other bodies and their location. Detective Lee does not know about them because they have not happened yet. When Detective Lee goes to find the first body, he discovers that Detective Park was correct on the location.


During a briefing of the case, Detective Cha gives Detective Park some pictures from a file. It is the seventh and eighth victim of the serial murders. We then see one of the victims walking along the train tracks and someone is following her. She drops her key, and her friend comes outside just in time before she is attacked. We see the culprit run away and hide. but we do not see his face. We then see Detective Lee and he pretends he is looking for someone who moved away in the area. As a viewer we are not sure if he is the culprit or if he was following the young lady to protect her. We then see him near the train tracks where one of the victims was found. The next day he tries to tell on of his co workers about the other murders, but they do not believe him.

Detective Park continues to study the pictures given to him by Detective Cha. He notices something about them. We then see Detective Lee find another victim at the train tracks deceased and her hands and feet are bound. Detective Park gets a weird feeling and it looks as if he has seen a ghost. We notice that the writing on the white board behind him has changed. Detective Cha is walking with a notebook and we also notice the writing in her notebook has changed. Detective Park notices this and he is surprised. And that’s where our episode ends.



Another exciting episode has come to an end. I am so happy with the way this drama is going so far. The writers are doing an amazing job with keeping the suspense level high. I still have so many questions and I wonder why things are the way they are, but I am sure I will get my answers in due time. I will be reviewing this drama for DramaFever and I will post the link when that post is up. Don’t forget to follow my You Tube Channel for updates! Until next time Dramatics. Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!






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