K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 13

Hello Dramatics! Welcome to another K – Drama Review of Remember Episode 13. So many twists and turns in this episode that really kept me on the edge of my seat. Characters that you thought were allies are actually enemies. Nam Gyu Man is still up to no good and trying very hard to stop everyone who comes in his path. Without further adieu, lets get into Episode 13 and see what happens to our Jin Woo.

When we last left off, Nam Gyu Man entered Jin Woo’s office and suddenly he heard something near the back. As he entered, he sees Lee In Ah and she is very suprised and frightened. Nam Gyu Man has now seen all of the evidence that Jin Woo has been keeping in his secret room about the case against his father. He has a few words with Lee In Ah and he goes to slap her, but then he hesitates when she threatens to use the video against him.

Jin Woo enters his office and Lee In Ah tells him that Nam Gyu Man was there and he seen his secret room. Jin Woo was not at all upset that he saw it, in fact he was glad he found out about this room. Jin Woo told Lee In Ah that he has nothing to hide anymore so it’s for the best. Jin Woo suddenly gets a phone call and rushes out.

Later we find out Jin Woo rushed to meet Detective Kwak at the warehouse that he threatened Jin Woo’s father at. Detective Kwak tells Jin Woo that he will need help taking down Nam Gyu Man. He can no longer do the job because he is not a detective anymore. So Detective Kwak has a “gift” for Jin Woo.

In the next scene, we see what the “gift” actually is. It is Detective Kwak on video confessing that he interrogated Jin Woo’s father illegally for three days in the warehouse and all of the other dirt he did for Nam Gyu Man. When Nam Gyu Man saw this “gift” lets just say he was not very happy and begin to show his anger by trashing his office. He then tells his assistant to bring some men to take down Detective Kwak for opening his mouth and confessing.

Next we learn that the former prosecutor is resigning because he is taking blame for all of what has happened in court so far with Jin Woo’s father’s case. After his speech he is confronted by Lee In Ah and her boss and they tell him just because he is retiring does not mean that his crimes cannot be covered up.

Next we see Nam Gyu Man enter the warehouse with his bodyguards to confront Detective Kwak. He immediately asks Detective Kwak how can he betray him when he let him live the previous time. Detective Kwak calls him a loser with management issues and Nam Gyu Man gets even more enraged. Detective Kwak also let Nam Gyu Man know that Jin Woo also has a copy of the “gift.” The bodyguards began to attack Detective Kwak until some police officers enter the warehouse and arrest him. It appears that he called the police and asked to be arrested. So the police arrest Detective Kwak and take him to prison.

Back at his office, Jin Woo reviews the “gift” that was given to him by Detective Kwak. His office manager asks him about his health and advises him to slow down a bit and concentrate on taking care of himself. But he said he will not stop and make Nam Gyu Man stand trial for his father’s murder before his memory disappears.

We then see the former prosecutor talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father and Nam Gyu Man’s sister is eavesdropping on their conversation. He has hired the former prosecutor to work for him as a lawyer and to protect Nam Gyu Man.

Lee In Ah gives a copy of the slush funds of IL Ho Group to her boss. He is next in line to be the Chief Prosecutor and she trusts him so he decides to take the file and help her out. Next we see Jin Woo visiting Detective Kwak in prison. Detective Kwak tells Jin Woo that in order to take down Nam Gyu Man, he will need his help. Even though they are enemies, they both share the same goal and should work together.

Attorney Song is preparing for his first case by himself. He was practicing when Jin Woo and Lee In Ah walked in and told him he was doing a very good job. We then see how Attorney Song and Jin Woo met each other. He had lost a case and his client was being very rough on him. Jin Woo witnessed this happen and talked to him about joining his law firm.

In court, Jin Woo is proving that the light bulbs that were exploding in the microwaves are defective. Dong Ho calls the factory manager to the stand to testify. The factory manager testifies that indeed the light bulbs that he produced were defective. Jin Woo did not have any further questions for the defendant. He did have evidence that the met with Nam Gyu Man’s father to receive money for his daughters surgery if he kept quiet about it, but Jin Woo did not use that against him.

Nam Gyu Man asks his new lawyer to keep an eye on Dong Ho because he feels that something is not right with him. He tells Nam Gyu Man that he is watching him and he is digging up information about his fathers past. This makes Nam Gyu Man even more suspicious. He asks his lawyer to continue to keep an eye on him and to report back to him often.

In court, Jin Woo is proving that the light bulbs are not the defective but faulty wiring is the cause of the microwaves exploding. He hands over proof to the judge in the form of a document that states the wires are defective because of overheating. Jin Woo then receives a text from Lee In Ah stating that the broadcast will start soon. Jin Woo gets up and goes to the TV monitor and turns it on. He then shows the court the broadcast of the press conference. This is how the slush funds were created by Il Ho Group because they did not care about the product they were making. The electronics company was set up to sell inexpensive, defective wires to launder money for Ill Ho Group.  When Nam Gyu Man sees this broadcast, he is not very happy. He then gets a call from his father. Back in court, Jin Woo wins his case against Dong Ho.

As Dong Ho leaves the courtroom, the younger judge pulls him aside to talk about the college student case. He mentions to Dong Ho the video he has of Nam Gyu Man confessing the crime. He says that the person who committed the crime should be punished. Dong Ho does not tell him anything about the video tape or what he knows. He then gets up and leaves.

As they celebrate their win at the office, we find out that Jin Woo’s condition is getting worse. He forgets an important detail that has already happened in court. His office manager just played it off and said he forgot because he has been working too much. Lee In Ah notices that Jin Woo has been acting strange and she asks his office manager about it. She tells Lee In Ah that it’s best to hear the news from Jin Woo himself and not her, for it is not her place to talk about his medical condition.

Nam Gyu Man then confronts his father who is not very happy with him. His father demands that he finds a way to get rid of Jin Woo. The new lawyer promises Nam Gyu Man’s father that he will take care of everything and not to worry. We then see Dong Ho’s father figure with the video taped confession of Nam Gyu Man. He then makes a phone call and tells someone if anything happens to him, hand it over to Dong Ho. Nam Gyu Man tells his father that Dong Ho is digging into his past. Nam Gyu Man’s assistant mets with the younger judge and he asks him what do you have on Nam Gyu Man as it relates to the college student murder. The younger judge asks the assistant if Nam Gyu Man killed someone and of course he denied it.

Jin Woo gives Lee In Ah her new business cards and he asks her to take some time off so they can go out somewhere. He takes her to buy a new purse because when they first met, hers was ruined. After they go shopping, he then asks her out to dinner. And Lee In Ah said yes! I am so happy! Finally I am going to get my “Noona Romance” between Lee In Ah and Jin Woo! In the next scene, we see Dong Ho’s father figure get arrested on charges of tax evasion and embezzlement. Nam Gyu Man’s new lawyer saw this happening from afar. Dong Ho then goes to visit his father figure in prison. He tells Dong Ho not worry that Nam Gyu Man’s father will be getting him out soon. Dong Ho tries to tell him that this may not be the case because Ill Ho Group is only using him and treating him like a dog. With that, the two men decide to go their separate ways.

Nam Gyu Man is talking to his assistant in his office when someone comes in with a file from the car accident Dong Ho’s father was in. Dong Ho located the manager of the company his father worked for and he asked him about the car accident as well. We then see the man running down the street being chased by someone. But the man hides in an alley and calls Dong Ho to save him. He tells Dong Ho that some people from Il Ho Group are after him and trying to cover up the past by killing him.

Jin Woo is about to go on his date with Lee In Ah until he gets a call from Nam Gyu Man. He goes to his office and he reveals the file that states Dong Ho’s father was the person who caused the accident that killed his family. Jin Woo was very hurt and betrayed by Dong Ho once again. Instead of going on his date with Lee In Ah, he went to his childhood home . Lee In Ah was waiting for him at the restaurant and when he was late she called him. He told her he was at home waiting for his father to come home. She went to his hone and saw him there and she began to cry. She hugged him and that’s here the episode ends.

Well it looks like Lee In Ah knows something is seriously wrong with Jin Woo. I have a feeling that she knows he is loosing his memory even more now than before. I also wonder what will happen now that Jin Woo knows that Dong Ho’s father is the one who caused the accident that killed his family. Once again so many questions that need answers. Hopefully we will find out in the next episode. Let me know what you think about this drama so far. Leave a comment below and lets chat. Also don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more updates and reviews. I am also reviewing this drama for DramaFever. If you have missed any of my reviews check them out here: Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6Episodes 7 & 8Episodes 9 & 10Episodes 11 & 12 and Episodes 13 & 14 Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!






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