K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 16

Hello Dramatics! We have another exciting episode underway with Remember. We are now on Episode 16 and with a few more episodes left, there is still a lot of excitement to keep us on the edge of our seats. With Nam Gyu Man now arrested, lets see if Jin Woo will finally get the justice he deserves.

When we last left off, Nam Gyu Man was in handcuffs and arrested at his office. Nam Il Ho lawyer lets him know that Nam Gyu Man has been arrested and he tells him he will work on getting Nam Gyu Man released. As Nam Gyu Man sits in jail, his father visits and tells him he is ruining the company with his behavior. His father tells him how he handles this situation will determine his fate for the company.

At Dong Ho’s office he reminds him of the contract that he signed when they first met. Jin Woo does not remember signing a contract and this makes Dong Ho a bit worried. He soon realizes that Jin Woo is suffering from memory loss when he talks to Lee In Ah. But she does not tell him the truth about his illness. Lee In Ah tells Jin Woo that Dong Ho was asking about his memory loss. He tells her not to say anything to him about his illness until everything is over.

Jin Woo talks to Nam Gyu Man’s friend who is in jail. Jin Woo is asking him for more information to bring down Nam Gyu Man. He tells Jin Woo that Nam Gyu Man drugged his victim and Kim Chan is the one who supplied the drugs. So Jin Woo goes to the entertainment company and finds a girl who was victimized by Nam Gyu Man.

Meanwhile, the younger judge gets back the fingerprint results and finds that the fingerprints and blood matched Oh Jung Ah’s. He then goes to talk to Nam Gyu Man who is still in jail. The younger judge tells him to surrender himself in Oh Jung Ah’s murder. Of course Nam Gyu Man refuses to confess to anything and plays dumb. The younger judge tells him now that he knows the truth, he will not leave this alone.

Nam Il Ho’s lawyer tells him that it will be difficult to get Nam Gyu Man released from jail because of the party he was arrested at along with other crimes he is accused of. So Nam Il Ho goes to visit the Supreme Court Judge to try to get his son released. Nam Il Ho explains the stress of his son being put in jail just to satisfy  the prosecution who simply want to ruin his image for some money.

Lee In Ah meets with Ha Young and she tells her about why she wanted to become an actress. Lee In Ah promises to help her get her life back. The prosecution is meeting to go over the Imprisonment Review of Nam Gyu Man for the sexual assault of Ha Yong. The younger judge states that here is evidence that was omitted five months ago regarding the case. So the decision is to put him on trial after he is released. Next we see Nam Gyu Man being freed from jail. His assistant, Soo Bum, tells him that his father did a lot in order to get him released from jail. Nam Gyu Man orders Soo Bum to take care of Kim Chan, and Ha Young from making any mistakes. Nam Gyu Man then pays a visit to Jin Woo at his office. Jin Woo states that he is not surprised to see him out of jail for he must have used some dirty trick to escape. Jin Woo tells him that he is finished and he will make sure he dies in the courtroom.

Kim Chan confronts Ha Young and threatens her because she did not keep quiet about Nam Gyu Man and his business. He tells her that this trial won’t mean anything and she will be the one who will get hurt. Ha Young tells him that she will be returning the hurt that she received. He threatened her again by stating that he has a video of her and he will use that against her if she testifies in court. Kim Chan leaves, and we see a man wearing all black outside watching her.

Dong Ho’s father figure goes to visit Nam Il Ho who is now released from jail. He gives him a case of wine and an envelope with a large sum of money. He then goes to Dong Ho’s office. He is looking at a picture of Dong Ho’s father and he talks to it. He says that Nam Il Ho wants Dong Ho dead, but he wonders if he should do it himself. Dong Ho enters his office and sees him there. His father figure tells him to give up the trial, but Dong Ho said that he is not going to be able to do that. Dong Ho tells him not to call him by his name for he has cut ties with him. His father figure then confesses to why he told Dong Ho to join Il Ho Group four years earlier and it was because he did not want to lose him.

While in Jin Woo’s office, Lee In Ah hears some people enter. They are Dong Ho’s father figure and his gangsters. He orders them to take everything out of the office relating to Nam Il Ho or Nam Gyu Man. Lee In Ah is hiding in the back office and Dong Ho’s father figure was about to enter until one of the gangsters said they could not find anything so they all leave. Lee In Ah gets on the phone and calls Jin Woo to tell him what happened.

Soo Bum talks to the younger judge and asks him what will happen to the murder weapon now that Nam Gyu Man is out of jail. He tells him that he has to be careful with it and he wants to give it to someone who needs it the most. Jin Woo comes to his office and sees the mess that was made. He immediately goes to the back office to see if Lee In Ah was ok. She tells him that they did not find the back room and they were going to see Kim Chan. Jin Woo calls Kim Chan and tells him that Nam Gyu Man has sent people to get rid of him. Kim Chan does not believe him and he just laughs it off as a joke. Kim Chan must have believed him because in the next scene we see Dong Ho’s father figure and the gangsters going to ransack Kim Chan’s business. Kim Chan sees this as he is hiding in his car. Kim Chan then calls Jin Woo and the two men meet in secret. Kim Chan gives Jin Woo a USB with all of the evidence on it. Jin Woo then calls Nam Gyu Man and taunts him with the evidence he just gained. Jin Woo hangs up the phone and this makes Nam Gyu Man angry. He throws a glass that almost hits Soo Bum, but it just scares the crap out of him.

Ha Young was being watched by Attorney Song because Jin Woo knew she would be in danger. They go out to find her and make sure she is safe and thankfully she was in a safe place. She has lunch with Lee In Ah and she tells her she is going to drop the case. Lee In Ah tells her not to drop it because it was her courage to come forward to put Nam Gyu Man on trial in the first place. Ha Young then tells her about the threatening video Kim Chan was going to release if she took the stand in court.

In court, Lee In Ah enters with Ha Young the poor girl is so scared she can’t even look Nam Gyu Man in the eye. She takes the stand to testify and she begins to tell her story on how she met Nam Gyu Man. She stated that Nam Gyu Man drugged and raped her at Kim Chan’s company. We then see Jin Woo and Attorney Song at Kim Chan’s company looking for the hidden room. They did find a security camera and retrieved evidence from that which was shown in court. We then see the unconscious Ha Young taken out of the car by Kim Chan and Nam Gyu Man. She was then sexually assaulted by Nam Gyu Man. Evidence also shows that the assault was violent for there were defense wounds found on Ha Young. Nam Gyu Man’s lawyer tries to say this was consensual because she was drunk, but to the prosecution, this story made no sense at all. After the assault, Nam Gyu Man wired some money to Kim Chan’s company. This was given to the prosecutor by Jin Woo and Lee In Ah and it was used in court. The prosecutor did a search and seizure of the company and found the hidden room that Ha Young was taken to. The prosecutor then gives the judge the USB with the entire assault on tape. The judge accepts this as evidence and he will review it at a later time. With that, court is in recess.

Jin Woo is back at his office after a long day at court. He sees Lee In Ah sleeping on the couch and he covers her with a blanket and says good job. Awwww so cute! I am still hoping for my “Noona Romance!” I know it will come despite all of the turmoil that’s happening.  Jin Woo then makes a video tape message to Lee In Ah, but we don’t know what he said just yet. Will he confess that he likes her? Will he thank her for being there for him through his ups and downs? We will have to stay tuned for that!

We see Dong Ho’s father figure in a car holding a knife in his hands. Dong Ho approaches and he gets in the car to talk to him. His father figure tells him once again to stop going after Nam Il Ho. He also tells Dong Ho that he will stop working for Nam Il Ho as well. He tells Dong Ho to live his life and get married and have children. It is starting to sound like a good bye message to Dong Ho as if his father figure is going to die or get hurt. He asks Dong Ho to call him Hyungnim once again but Dong Ho refuses and gets out of the car. As he leaves, we see a man dressed in black enter the car and stabs Dong Ho’s father figure. We then see Dong Ho running through the hospital to see him and it appears he is in a coma. When Dong Ho goes back to his office Jin Woo is there waiting for him and he tells him that Nam Il Ho has to be the one who orchestrated the stabbing of his father figure. Just then Detective Bae comes in with an arrest warrant and arrests Dong Ho for murder of his father figure. And that’s where our episode ends.

Wow I was not expecting that outcome at all! I wonder who is behind the stabbing of Dong Ho’s father figure. I am positive it is someone in the Nam Il Ho camp for sure. It’s obvious because Dong Ho was arrested and framed for murder.  And the trial seems like it is going well for Jin Woo. So far all of the evidence is adding up to be good sources to finally catch Nam Gyu Man. We will have to see what happens in the next episode.

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