SnackFever: Halloween 2015 Review And Unboxing

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there! Today I am doing something a little different and bringing you my latest SnackFever unboxing! I discovered a snack box that is totally in-line with my interests (basically anything related to Korea, of course) and it’s quickly become the best snack subscription I’ve ever received! I just had to hop on board with this subscription! I have been subscribed to SnackFever since they first debuted in July 2015, and I have to say that this is one of my favorite subscription boxes! They are the only subscription that offer Korean snacks in the United States. Their headquarters are located in KoreaTown LA.

Who They Are: SnackFever is a snack subscription based out of L.A. that sends you a box full of really unique and interesting Korean snacks. They don’t stop at cookies and chips though they send soups, ramyun, drinks, candy and more!

Box Options And Prices: SnackFever offers 2 different sized boxes:

The Original Box ($20)
10+ Snacks in Every Box
Mini Box ( $12)
5+ Snacks in Every Box
SnackFeveroffers a monthly subscription, 3 month and 6 month pre-paid subscription plans that are discounted, so the more you buy in advance, the more you save!
And coming soon customers will be able to purchase a Deluxe Box! I can’t wait for this to be released. You know I will be getting this day one!
SnackFever offers free shipping to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. SnackFever will happily ship outside of these areas for an additional fee.
For the month of October SnackFever gave their customers the option of purchasing a special Halloween Box full of snacks and candy. This is not part of their regular subscription, but I do have to say that this box was jammed packed with lots of yummy goodies. I really hope that SnackFever comes out with these special theme boxes often. It’s always great to get some extra goodies.
SnackFever includes a helpful info card for all the snacks that are included in the box. This is especially great considering most of the snacks have Hangul written on them
  The description says that the purpose of this candy is to endure the sourness for 3 seconds! I have yet to try this candy but I do like sour candy. I believe once you get past the 3 seconds of sourness, this candy will become sweet.
This is cola flavored hard candy which actually tastes just like Cola! Very good!
Chocolate pie with marshmallow filling. I have tasted something similar to this here in the United States. Actually I live in the state and city where that version of the Choco Pie is made. This cake was not too sweet but very moist and the marshmallow filling was a very nice contrast and gave this snack flavor. I ate mine with a glass of milk.
My Gummy
Grape Jelly that has a chewy texture. These are similar to gummy bears.
Jardin Hot Chocolate
Homestyle cafe mori tea. This is perfect as we are getting into cooler weather!
Round biscuits filled with chocolate. These little biscuits have the Kancho characters imprinted on them! So cute 🙂
King Gummy Worms
Worm shaped Korean gummy worms with different flavors. These are very tasty! You can’t go wrong with gummies!
Country Corn
Fresh corn chips combined with butter flavor. These are very very good! I recieved a bag of these in a previous box and I really enjoyed them. They are a very light chip and when you bite into them, you can taste the sweetness of corn! One of my many favorites.
Honey cheese flavored baked potato sticks. These snacks are very light and tasty. As you bite into them you can taste the sweetness of butter and honey! These are fun to eat because they resemble Pepero.
Grape chewy candy containing natural fruit juice. These are similar to Starburst!
Strawberry Milkis
Strawberry flavored soda beverage. I received this in a previous box and it was very good. It taste like a light strawberry soda. It was not too heavy as sometimes soda can be.
Cookie stick filled with delicious chocolate inside. These are my favorite snack! When ever these are in my box I get very happy! They are so light and delicious! They definitely satisfy my chocolate craving!
Tasty fruit candy that has a long lasting flavor. I recieved this lollipop in a previous box as well. It was very good, but it was a little hard get it open, it was worth it when I finally did.
Sweet and sour caramel candy. These remind me of a slightly sour Starburst. They are not overly sour which is good. As you chew this candy it does become sweet. I really enjoyed this candy.
Hard sweet candies of Muscat and Plum. These were very good as well. I found them to be very long lasting too!
Walnut flavored soft marshmallow candy. This candy was very chewy and reminded me of sweet caramel.
Tayo is a animated childrens show that comes on in Korea. I watch it on DramaFever it’s really cute! The candy reminds me of a SweetTart!
And last but not least this SnackFever box would not be complete without the vinyl sticker. This time it’s Halloween themed!
And that is everything that is in my SnackFever special Halloween Box! Wow as you can see, it was jammed packed with a lot of yummy candy and snacks!  I have no idea how much these snacks are in Korea, but as I was looking up these snacks on Amazon, ebay I realized that I am getting a great deal with SnackFever I know it’s  not easy to find these products at low prices here in the US. At my local Asian supermarket snacks are a little pricy because of their commodity and popularity. Getting all of these snacks for $20 shipped is an awesome deal! I actually got it for even less since I signed up for a 6 month subscription. That’s what makes this box so fun for me! I love having no clue what everything is and having new and exciting snacks to try out! I was incredibly impressed with the variety of snacks included in this Halloween Box.

Snack Fever has immediately shot up to the #1 spot when it comes to snack subscriptions. It’s interesting, creative, affordable and has a great variety! I could not be happier with this subscription and I truly encourage everyone to sign up if they want more fun during snack time!

If you want to sign up for Snack Fever, I would love it if you’d use my referral link HERE

I hope you all enjoyed my review and unboxing for SnackFever Check out my You Tube channel for my live unboxing. If you get this subscription let me know what you thought of the snacks in your box? Which ones were your favorite? Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Snack On!