K-Drama Preview: Prison Playbook

Hello Dramatics and welcome back to another K-Drama Preview! Today I will be discussing the Korean Drama Prison Playbook. This drama has a huge and exciting cast which stars: Park Hae Soo, Krystal Jung of the K-Pop group (fx), and  Jung Kyung Ho to name a few. Prison Playbook is directed by Shin Won Ho who is responsible for directing the ever so popular “Reply” Series (Reply 1997, Reply 1994,  and Reply 1988). Prison Playbook tells the story of Kim Jae Hyuk who is a baseball player who suddenly becomes a prison inmate. This drama will explore the life and stories of these inmates.

Prison Playbook

Genre: Black Comedy

Stars: Park Hae Soo  as Kim Jae Hyuk

Krystal Jung as Ji Ho

Jung Kyung Ho as Lee Joon Ho

Network: TvN

Episodes: 16

Park Hae Soo as Kim Jae Hyuk. His poster says, “How much longer do I have to be here?


Jung Kyung Ho as Lee Joon Ho


Krystal Jung as Ji Ho, a college student who is majoring in Oriental Medicine.


Im Hwa Young as Jae Hee, the younger sister of Kim Jae Hyuk


Lee Kyu Hyung as a second generation chaebol who gets booked for his drug habit.


Sung Dong Il as Jo Joo Il


Park Hyoung Soo as Officer Na


Choi Yeon Dong as Officer Lee


Jung Woong In as Officer Paeng


Ahn Sang Woo as The Prison Governor


Kang Ki Doong as Prison Officer Song


Jung Jae Sung as Professor Myung


Kim Sung Cheol as Beobja (Law Man)


Lee Ho Cheol as Gundal (Good-For-Nothing)


Ahn Chang Hwan as The Henchman


See Hoon Ji as Soji



Teaser #1:

Prison Playbook is going to be a very exciting drama to watch! I look forward to learning about all of these characters and seeing how they handle prison life. Will you be watching Prison Playbook? Leave a comment below and let me know what y ou think! Remember to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more Asian Drama and Movie Reviews, Twitter and Instagram! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On! Happy Drama Watching!


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DramaFever Drama Club Review: Come Back, Mister

Hello Dramatics! I am back and excited to announce that I will be reviewing another drama for DramaFever. I will be reviewing the drama Come Back, Mister starring my very first bias in the Korean Entertainment industry Rain! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be reviewing this drama for all of you! I will post weekly what the DramaClub and I thought of the weekly episodes. I am not sure if I will be able to do reviews on this one episode by episode that I normally do because of time, but never say never. Lets take a look at this amazing cast of the the drama Come Back, Mister


From DramaFever

Come Back, Mister (돌아와요 아저씨)

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

After being worked to death, Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) gets the chance to live a charmed life when he possesses Lee Hae Joon (Rain), a hottie and all around perfect guy. Meanwhile, Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo) starts behaving as if she’s possessed by a man, and Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung) — a widow with new romantic appetites — turn Hae Joon’s department store upside down.
Come Back, Mister Stars:
 Kim In Kwon, a middle-aged manager who dies of overwork one day and returns to earth to possess Rain’s body.
.Rain, the sexy man who has Kim In Kwon’s soul inside his body.
Kim Soo Ro, a former mob boss-turned-chef, who also dies and ends up in Oh Yeon Seo’s hot body.
Oh Yeon Seo, who has Kim Soo Ro‘s soul in her body.
Lee Min Jung, Kim In Kwon (Rain)’s sweet and confused wife he left behind.
 Honey Lee, who helps the two men navigate their new lives.
Come Back, Mister is going to be a hilarious and touching drama! The cast is stellar and I look forward to watching and reviewing this for everyone. Thank you Dramatics for reading and let me know what you think of this drama so far. Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 5

Hello Dramatics! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday with your friends and family. Because of the holiday season, these next few recap episodes are going to be not as lengthy as I am spending the holidays with loved ones as well. With that being said, this review is not going to be as lengthy as my previous ones, but I am going to include the important things that happened in this episode. With that being said, lets get into Episode 5.

We start off seeing Jin Woo on his way to court and he is running late. That’s right…our Jin Woo has graduated law school and is now a licensed lawyer. He also has his own law firm. The stuttering attorney, who represented his father previously,  is now working with him along with another woman.

Lee In Ah is now a successful prosecutor. We see her doing some detective work however because there was a robbery at a nearby hotel.  There she befriends a young lady who was robbed of all her money. She was saving the money for her mothers surgery. Lee In Ah promised to help her find and catch the culprit.

Jin Woo visits his father in prison. At first he does not remember Jin Woo because of his Alzheimer’s. Jin Woo then reaches into his pocket and retrieves his mothers wedding ring and shows it to him. This made his father remember that Jin Woo was his son. Jin Woo then tells his father that he has become a lawyer. He tells his father to trust him and he will help him prove his innocence.

Jin Woo then goes to pay respects to his mother and brother on the anniversary of their death. There he sees Dong Ho doing the same thing for his father who passed away. The two men talk Dong Ho asks Jin Woo about his father and will he help free him now that he has become a lawyer. Jin Woo tells him that he has to make money first. He tells Dong Ho that he has his own law firm and he gave him his business card.

We see Lee In Ah talking to Nam Gyu Man’s sister. It appears that Nam Gyu Man’s sister and the new younger judge are dating. This could cause a big problem knowing how Nam Gyu Man’s father can manipulate and persuade anyone in the court to protect his son from murder. The new younger judge is not immune from this manipulation as well. We will have to see how this plays out in future episodes.

The young lady that Lee In Ah agreed to help from the hotel works for Nam Gyu Man’s fathers insurance company as an intern. We see her entering a party for the Vice President of the company. She seems a bit dazed and confused as she has a seat next to the VP and has a drink with him. A few minutes later we see her bruised and bloody stumbling into the police station. Lee In Ah demands that she become the lead prosecutor of this case. Her boss does not want her to take it because of the nature of the case. She eventually begs her boss until she gets her way. And rightfully so because she promised to help the young lady.

Nam Gyu Man asks Dong Ho to be the lawyer in the case of the VP. Eventually Jin Woo steals the case from him and becomes the lawyer for the Vice President.

On the night in question, the young lady walked the Vice President to his car and as she is about to leave he pulls her back inside. She is then sexually assulted and then we see her leave the car and run away. There is no video of this evidence however. Jin Woo and his assistant are determined to find it for proof.

In court, Lee In Ah accused the Vice President of sexual assault and naturally he denies doing any harm to the young lady. Jin Woo enters the court room to defend and call witnesses for the Vice President. He calls the former teacher of the young lady. She accused him of sexual assault as well but they did not go to court for that because there was a settlement between them . The teacher then says they were lovers. The young lady stood up and yelled at him and she said she loved him even though he was married which is why she asked him for a settlement. Lee In Ah and everyone in the court has a shocked and surprised look on their face after hearing this news. And that’s where this episode ends.

Let me know what you think about this exciting episode. Don’t forget to read my recaps on DramaFever here: Episode 1 & 2  and Episodes 3 & 4 Also check out my You Tube Channel for more updates. Until next time Dramatics remember to Keep Calm And Drama On! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!






K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 2

Hello Dramatics ! I am back once again with a review of Remember! We are now on Episode 2 and I am sure we will learn more about our characters and more about the story. Without further adieu, lets get started.

We start off with Jin Woo’s father having a dream about Jung Ah running in the woods. Someone is chasing her and she trips and falls on some rocks and attacked. Jin Woo’s father wakes up from his dream in jail. JIn Woo visits him and he tells him not to worry and someone will find a good lawyer for him when the trial starts. An attorney enters the room and talks to Jin Woo’s father.  He advises him to plead guilty to reduce his prison term by one year. Of course he refuses to do this because he is innocent. The attorney then tells him that because he applied for a jury trial so when the judge asks him how to plead he will say nothing, as if he is innocent, and the attorney will speak for him. His father says what do you mean “as if” I am innocent. Jin Woo jumps in and questions the attorney because he does not believe his father is innocent. He is worried about the outcome.

Jin Woo’s father is bought into court, bounded and escorted by police. Reporters and other paparazzi are outside of the court building shouting murderer and death penalty. Jin Woo is waiting to see his father and Lee In Ah looks on. When one of the reporters recognized Jin Woo, they rush over and grab him. As they do they break off his necklace with a ring around it. As the police hold the crowd back, the reporters begin to throw eggs at Jin Woo.

Park Dong Ho is in the bathroom and sees the attorney for Jin Woo’s father. The attorney is throwing up from partying the night before. He is very nervous about the trial. It is obvious that he is inexperienced. This is his first time in court and he does not know what he is doing. Jin Woo is at the bathroom door listening to the two men talk then walks away.

At the trial, Jin Woo waits nervously as they bring his father in. His lawyer is very nervous and sweating. He also stutters when he speaks, so it is very difficult to understand him at times.  Jin Woo’s father is accused of murder and rape of Jung Ah. He pleads not guilty and the judge asks the attorney if he is OK because of his nerves and stuttering. The trial continues and we learn that there was no DNA found because the murderer used a contraceptive. She was strangled and hit in the head with an object and then stabbed multiple times. No one asked for evidence so this is only speculation at this point.  While court is in recess, Dong Ho has a chat with the attorney. And Lee In Ah returns the necklace to Jin Woo that was broken off his neck.

The trial continues and the prosecutor questions JIn Woo’s father. He does not remember any of the details about that night. He continues to ask him questions like: Do you know her?  What were you doing on this night? How did you get there? Jung Ah’s father is so upset he gets up and rushes and tries to attack Jin Woo’s father, but Dong Ho stops him before he can do any harm. When Jin Woo’s father is being led back to jail, he tells Jin Woo to visit his mothers grave because it’s the anniversary of her death. He also tells him to wear the nice suit that is hanging in the closet.

Outside, Jin Woo looks up Dong Ho’s information on the internet. He sees that he has a 100% success rate and he always wins every case in court. On the bus, Lee In Ah tries to console JIn Woo but he just brushes him off. She tells him that her father is the owner of the pizza shop next door and she offered to bring him food later.

Later we see Nam Gyu Man watching the news report about the murder. He gets a phone call. He goes to a construction site and meets someone who was at his party the night before. He mentions that the girl was murdered on the same day and time of his party. He then asks him if he did it. Just as he was about to answer, Dong Ho comes in and interrupts the conversation. Naturally, Nam Gyu Man is very upset when he sees him and tells him to go away, but Dong Ho does not leave. Dong Ho says Nam Gyu Man killed the young college student based on evidence from his client plus he knows details about the night in question. Nam Gyu Man begins to beat up Dong Ho until he is bloody. Nam Gyu Man is about to throw Dong Ho over the building, but across the street on another building we see Dong Ho’s assistants video taping the entire incident. As Dong Ho leaves, Nam Gyu Man asks him why he went this far to get beat up? Is your client your father? To that, Dong Ho just walks off.

We then flashback to a young Dong Ho attending his father’s funeral. The man he is defending is a family friend and gangster. He tells a young Dong Ho to study hard in school and to study law and not be a criminal as he is. He gave Dong Ho a large sum of money for his college tuition.

We also see a flash back to a young Jin Woo and his family. His younger brother, mother and father are all in the car on their way to an amusement park. The family was stopped at a red light and when it turned green another car slammed into them killing Jin Woo’s mother and brother instantly. The only survivors were him and his father.

As Jin Woo is paying respect to his family at the cemetery, he sees Dong Ho who is doing the same. Jin Woo asks him if he is a lawyer and he says yes. Then Jin Woo begins to tell him everything he remembers when he visits his father’s grave. He continues to tell Dong Ho that his father was framed for murder and he is in need of a good lawyer to defend his father so he asks him for help. Dong Ho refuses because clients that come to him have to pay a lot of money. Jin Woo begs him to help his father again outside, and once again Dong Ho refuses.

When he returns home, Jin Woo finds a group of neighbors surrounded at his house. They have sprayed graffiti all over this front door.They begin yelling at him saying that they do not want to live next to a criminal. Lee In Ah hears the commotion and comes to break the crowd up. When she threatens to sue them all, they all agree to leave.

The next day, Jin Woo who is dressed very nice leaves his house and notices a pizza that Lee In Ah left for him. As he is about to get into a taxi, Lee In Ah sees him and stops him. He tells her that he needs to get some money in order to help his father. He then gets into another taxi and drives off. Lee In Ah follows the taxi to see where he is going. We find out he is going to see Dong Ho and he once again begs him to help his father, and once again he refuses. Jin Woo empties out a bag full of money on his desk. Dong Ho asks him how he made so much money so fast. Jin Woo said he earned it on one night. We then see a flashback on how Jin Woo made the money. He was gambling at a casino and was making money so fast the owner accused him of cheating. Jin Woo wasn’t cheating but instead he remembered the card sequence and that’s how he earned so much money so fast.  When the owner confronted him, Lee In Ah walks in with pizza and asks if anyone ordered. They all say no, then she takes a 2 liter of Coke and sprays everyone in the casino with it. Jin Woo and Lee In Ah run away and eventually get away from them without getting caught.

At trial, Jin Woo’s father is bought into court and cross examination starts but his father has no witnesses. Then just like a super hero who comes in to save the day, Dong Ho enters in a bright colored suit looking like he is ready to get down to business! And that is where our episode ends.

Wow I can not wait for the next episode! I am hoping that Dong Ho agrees to help Jin Woo’s father. He is his only hope at this point. Also I know it’s early but I predict a romance to blossom between Lee In Ah and Jin Woo too. We shall see if my predictions are correct in future episodes. Let me know what you think so far! Any predictions you have? What do you think about Nam Gyu Man? Who do you think the real murderer is? Leave a comment and let me know. Until then Dramatics Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!


K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 1

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another review for you! This is for the K – Drama Remember.  I will be reviewing this drama for DramaFever Drama Club and I am very excited! Remember stars: Yoo Seung Ho as Seo Jin Woo, Park Min Young as Lee In Ah, Park Sung Woong as Park Dong Ho, Nam Goong Min as Nam Gyu Man, Jung Hye Sung, and Han Jin Hee as Nam Il Ho. Without further ado, lets get into the first episode.

We start off with an older gentleman who is being escorted by the police down a dark hallway the way he is dressed and shackled, we see he is a prisoner. They are taking him to be executed. As he begs for his life, on the other side of the window we see a Jin Woo. He looks on in horror as his father is about to be sentenced to death. Jin Woo begs the guards to spare his fathers life. Jin Woo’s father yells  “Jin Woo to tell them I am not a criminal”, and “You said you would get me out of here.” Then the noose is tied around his neck and he is hanged to death.  But it was all a dream.

In the next scene we see Jin Woo waking up from the dream about his father. We then see Jin Woo visiting his father in prison. As the two begin to talk, we notice that Jin Woo’s father has Alzheimer’s Disease and Jin Woo is his lawyer. It is very sad to watch Jin Woo’s father like this because he does not remember any thing that has happened to him. He does not even remember his own son. Jin Woo will appeal his father case in court. His father is accused of murder and rape of a twenty year old college student, but he has no memory of this incident. We also learn that Jin Woo has a very special talent. He has the ability to remember everything in detail. We learn that Jin Woo’s father has been in jail for four years and most importantly he has been framed for murder.

We flash back to four years ago and we see Jin Woo and his father having breakfast. Jin Woo is preparing to be on a TV show because his memory is spectacular. Then the doorbell rings and we meet a young girl named Jung Ah and her father. The two families are good friends as Jung Ah and her father bring food to Jin Woo and his father.

Next we meet a man who is singing in the shower and he has a large dragon tattoo on his back. We then see a half naked woman emerge from the bed and she follows him into the closet. She begs him to stay with her, but he says he has to go to court. This charismatic lawyer is named Park Dong Ho. He wears flashy bright colored suits and he has a one hundred percent success rate of all the cases he defends.

Jin Woo calls his father before he takes the bus to the TV station for his appearance. As the two talk, we learn that Jin Woo’s father works at a hotel as a janitor.

When Jin Woo is on the bus, an incident happens when a young girl’s wallet is stolen. She accused Jin Woo because he bumped into her when he was getting off the bus. She noticed that her purse is slit at the bottom and her wallet was removed. She demands the driver to stop the bus and drive directly to the police station. At the station, Jin Woo questions the girl named Lee In Ah, about the details of the incident. Of course she does not remember every single detail in every order in which it happened, but Jin Woo does. He remembers in great detail who was sitting next to Lee In Ah on the bus, what they were wearing, the bus number, and the time. We also learn that Lee In Ah is a law student who knows the law by reciting the articles of the law. As the moment is replayed, we find out that Lee In Ah’s purse was slit and wallet stolen before she got on the bus. Jin Woo saw this happen in great detail. The persons wanted poster is on the wall in the police station and he is later found and arrested thanks to the help of Jin Woo. Outside of the police station, Jin Woo confronts Lee In Ah who accused him of stealing her wallet. He basically tells her to make sure she gets her facts correct before accusing innocent people. He also adds that he could have gotten arrested.

As Park Dong Ho is talking to his client he will be representing in court, we learn a little bit about  our villian in this drama, Nam Gyu Man. He is rich, powerful, handsome and very mean. He always demands respect where ever he goes. An example of this is when he enters the building to go to his office everyone bows to him. However there was one person who was now bowing low enough and Nam Gyu Man pushed his head down lower. Also when Nam Gyu Man was in the car with his assistant, he scolded him. He wanted to make sure his assistant prepared his vacation home for a party that he wanted to have. He also requested a singer who sings trot music to entertain the crowd. After his assistant made a small mistake in the planning, Nam Gyu Man left him on the side of the road. However, not far behind, we see Dong Ho and his assistant following Nam Gyu Man and taking pictures of his car.

Lee In Ah’s parents own a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant which is not far from where Jin Woo lives. As she enters the shop, the TV is on and a news reporter states that a person was arrested for pic-pocketing. They then show a picture of Jin Woo who was the reason why he was caught. Then she changes the channel and she sees Jin Woo on the TV show because he has a outstanding memory reciting the number for Pi. Lee In Ah is very impressed by him.

Later we see Nam Gyu Man’s assistant bringing a singer to his house. As he is bringing her inside, she notices Jin Woo’s father working. He does not see her, but she hides her face from him. The assistant asked if she knew him and she said that’s her father’s neighbor. Jin Woo tells his assistant to tell Jin Woo’s father to do home for the night, and he does. As they walk further inside, we see a lot of drinking, dancing, and half naked women roaming around. The singer is very uncomfortable and is not sure if she wants to be there. But she has to do it or else she will not get her college tuition paid. So she gets dressed and goes through with the performance.

Meanwhile, Jin Woo is waiting for his father to get home. He calls him multiple times, but he does not answer. His father is at the store buying Jin Woo a new phone because his current one has a cracked screen. When he asks the sales clerk which phone would be best for Jin Woo, she tells him that he was there last week buying a phone. Unfortunately, he does not remember.

As the singer begins to sing at Nam Gyu Man’s party, he suddenly stops the band from playing. He is drunk and yelling at the singer to sing something different. He does not like that song and he asked for a trot singer. The singer, who is very afraid, begins to sing a different song for him. After the performance we see the singer getting changed. All of a sudden, a drunk Nam Gyu Man enters with a bottle of soju and two glasses and asks her to drink with him. We do not see what happens next, but I have a feeling that this is not going to be good.

The next day, Jin Woo’s father calls him. Jin Woo asks his father where he is, but he does not know. His father is wondering in the woods alone with the phone he bought in his hand. Suddenly, Jin Woo’s father finds the body of the singer from Nam Gyu Man’s party. She is obviously dead. He tries to call 911, but he cannot remember the pass code to his phone. Jin Woo finds his father kneeling beside the body of the singer.

In the next scene, Jin Woo’s father is in the hospital. Detectives question him about the dead girl in the woods. The more questions they ask, the more his father does not remember. He tells them he does not know who the girl is and he does not know how he got to the woods. After the hospital visit, Jin Woo goes home and finds that his father has bought multiple phones and multiple of other items. At this point, it dawns on him that his father is losing his memory.

The next day at the hospital, the doctor gives Jin Woo’s father a memory test and he passes it. The detective goes to the prosecutor and tells him he has questioned suspects but found nothing unusual. The prosecutor is threatened that everyone will be fired if he does not find the culprit. He goes to the last page of the list of suspects and it’s a picture of Jin Woo’s father. He has three days to confess to the murder of the Jung Ah.

At Jung Ah’s funeral, JIn Woo’s father is arrested by the police and charged with murder of Jung Ah. Jin Woo begs him not to take his father away. So they drive somewhere that is not the police station but some type of a warehouse. When Jin Woo goes home he finds his house if ransacked and ruined.

It is now  all over the news that JIn Woo’s father is charged with murder.  When Jin Woo visits his father in jail, his father does not remember him at first, but he finally does remember him. As his father is being bought to court, there are a lot of reporters outside waiting for him. Jin Woo is far behind, suddenly, one of the reporters recognizes Jin Woo and the crowd of reporters rush to attack him. The police hold them back, but people start throwing eggs at Jin Woo as he stands there crying and upset about the events that took place. And that’s where our episode ends. Wow! This first episode was very intense! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! Leave a comment below and let me know what you all think. What do you think about the story so far? Who is your favorite character? Lets talk about it! Don’t forget to check out my review of Remember Ep 1 & 2 on DramaFever and also visit my You Tube channel for updates as well. Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!


K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 9

Hello Dramatics! It’s time for another episode of Cheer Up! We are now on episode 9. Only a few more episodes until the final episode of this drama, and I will be very sad to see it go. I have really enjoyed this drama and I hope you have too. Without further ado, let’s get started.

When we last left off, Soo A had left Yeon Doo at the convenience store and had gone back to the campsite by herself. When Soo A realized it wasn’t Yeon Doo who was blackmailing her, she felt guilty. Kim  Yeol confronts Soo A to tell her it was him who is blackmailing her.

Ha Joon finds Yeon Doo first and brings her back to the campsite.  Kim Yeol and Teacher Yang find the two of them and are relived to see that Yeon Doo is okay. Kim Yeol seems sad because it wasn’t him who found her.  They confront Soo A about what happened and tell her that if she doesn’t reveal everything, they’re going to reveal the footage of her stealing the USB to everyone in the school.

Everyone is having a good time at the bonfire and they play a truth game. The teachers leave and the game of truth or dare begins. The teachers bond with each other in another tent and the Assistant Principal tells all about how he has to endure the Principal and basically become her pet. He even reveals that he does not like her. Soo A does not tell the others what she did to Yeon Doo. Just when Kim Yeol is about to reveal everything to the entire group, Yeon Doo interrupts and suggests that it must have been a misunderstanding in communication.

Soo A tells Kim Yeol that she will tell everyone what happened,  she asks him to give her three days.  Later that night, Yeon Doo runs into Kim Yeol and he tells her that he is tired of admiring her in secret and he tells her that he likes her. But before she can reply, Ha Joon interrupts.

Everyone’s sad that it’s time to go back to school as they’ve grown really close as a group of friends and really enjoyed spending the time together away from school. When they get back to school, we find out that Soo A may have said she would tell everything, but she does not. Instead she is trying to find the footage of her stealing the USB by any means. She even goes through Kim Yeol’s things.

Later, Kim Yeol’s dad is waiting to hear an answer from Yeon Doo’s mom about marrying him. She seems to be seriously considering it, however, this could make things complicated. The parents agree to bring the kids together and announce their relationship.

Yeon Doo senses that Soo A is up to something,  so she reminds her of the three day time limit and that she can influence Kim Yeol to change his mind. The kids in the cheer club can see that things are getting rough between Yeon Doo and Soo A and wonder who will come out ahead. Kim  Yeol continues to push Yeon Doo for an answer as to how she feels for him.  She doesn’t give him an answer quite yet, but we all know she really likes him too

Soo A sneaks into Kim Yeol’s room to look for the footage. Teacher Yang sees her looking suspicious and heading toward the boy’s dorm and follows her. He catches her in Kim Yeol’s room just as she’s watching the footage.

Teacher Yang tells Soo A they’ll talk about it after class but she doesn’t go to class and makes her leave. The USB drive with the footage on it drops on the bed as they leave.  Instead of going back to class, Soo goes to the woman who’s been helping her build her specs. She is afraid that Teacher Yang knows what she has done.

The woman advises her to beg for forgiveness and admit her wrong to get sympathy from Teacher Yang and so that is her plan. Kim Yeol’s roommate who is a member of Real Kings finds the USB drive. He’s horrified by what he sees on it and shares it with another Real King members. They are upset at Soo A and so they send the footage out to the entire school. However, they forget to log into their own account before sending it while on Yeon Doo’s computer. So when Soo A returns to school, she learns that the entire school has found out about what she did and by all appearances it looks as though Yeon Doo was the one to tell everyone.  Yeon Doo is disappointed in her friends for telling everyone and goes to explain things to Soo A. Soo A does not agree. She slaps Yeon Doo and screams at her, before pushing her down the stairs. Kim Yeol sees this happen and grabs Yeon Doo and holds her as they both fall down the stairs together, shielding her body. Yeon Doo gets up, but Kim Yeol lays at the bottom of the stairs unconscious while Soo A looks horrified at what she has just done. And that’s where this episode ends. Wow what an ending! Let me know what you all think about this episode. Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube channel for more updates! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm and Drama On!