DramaFever Drama Club Review: Come Back, Mister Episodes 1 & 2

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another DramaFever Drama Club review for the K – Drama Come Back, Mister.  If you want to know what Firnlambe, Marakeshparrow and I thought about this weeks episodes, click here:Episodes 1 & 2.  Don’t forget to remember to check out my You Tube Channel for updates and reviews. Let me know what you think of this drama! Leave a comment below and lets chat! Until next time Dramatics, remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Signal Episodes 1 & 2

Hello Dramatics! Want to know what Unniechan, Jazmine, and I thought about Episodes 1 & 2 of the K – Drama Signal? Check it out on DramaFever here: Signal Episodes 1 & 2 Don’t forget to check out my You Tube Channel for more reviews! Also don’t forget to check out my other reviews on the K – Drama Remember: Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6Episodes 7 & 8, Episodes 9 & 10 and Episodes 11 & 12 Until next time Dramatics. Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Signal Episode 1

Hello Dramatics! Here we go again with another review of the exciting K – Drama Signal. This drama is based off of the K – Drama Gap Dong and the movie Memories Of Murder. All three are based off of real life events that happened in South Korea between 1986-1991. There was a serial killer who killed 10 women between the ages of 13-71. The stars of  Signal are: Lee Je Hoon as Park Hae Young, Kim Hye Soo as Cha Soo Hyun, and Jo Jin Woong as Lee Jae Han. I will be reviewing this drama for DramaFever Drama Club. I will leave the links to our reviews weekly so you can see what we think about each episode. Lets get started with Episode 1.

We start of with a young girl in elementary school in PE class. The other children are playing and she is sitting by herself. She then sees a young boy who is our Detective Park. She goes over to him and asks to play but he just brushes her off. After school, its raining outside and all of the kids are dismissed from school. The only two students that are left are Detective Park and the young girl. Detective Park leaves and he sees a woman with red high heels. When he turns around, he sees the woman walking away with the young girl. At this point we assume that it’s the little girls mother. But we shortly find out that is not the case.


While at home, Detective Park is watching the news and hears the report that a young girl is missing at his school. He realizes that it’s the same girl he saw earlier who left with the woman. The news reports say that she was kidnapped by a man and Detective Park knows this information is not true. The man that is accused of kidnapping the girl is Seo Hyung Joon, a college student in his 20’s.

Young Detective Park goes to the police station to tell the officers that it was a woman, not a man who kidnapped the girl. As he was was pleading his case, no one would listen to him. The little girls body was found, but her case was never solved. The statue of limitation on the case is approaching and the police have until a certain date to catch the culprit.

We then see Detective Park as an adult. He is a police officer. He is very smart and quick witted in nature. He is determined to solve any crime he gets. We also meet his co worker Detective Cha. She has a very strong and bossy personality, but she is very hard working and all about business.

As Detective Park leaves, he is walking down the hall of the station, he suddenly starts to remember something from his past. We flashback to when he was a little boy trying to tell the other officers that the young girl was kidnapped by a woman, not a man. He has a note in his hand that he wants to give to an adult there, but he bumps into Detective Lee and loses the note. Detective Lee takes the note and puts it in his pocket.


Continuing with our flashback, we see Detective Lee going to a briefing about the murder of the young girl. We learn more detail about the abduction, the time, and a ransom note asking for 50 million won. Detective Lee goes to a cafe to try to find the culprit, but is unsuccessful. He did find his thumb print on a table. He had no phone records to trace in the investigation, however they did find his credit card records. They suspect he has a girlfriend because he made purchases on things a woman would use. We then see a young Detective Cha enter the office. It appears that Deceptive Cha and Detective Lee may have had a relationship at some point. He seems very concerned about her and asks if she has eaten. It’s obvious they work together, but there is something definitely  going on here. We will have to find out in later episodes.

Young Detective Park returns to the police station and realizes that the note is missing from his pocket. We then see Detective Lee exiting the police station and he reads the note that young Detective Park dropped. As he opens it, the note says “The culprit is not a man, but a woman.”


We then see Detective Park exit the police station in the present day. He is going out to his car but notices that a truck is blocking his way. He tries to call someone to move it, but he is unsuccessful. We then see Detective Lee and he goes to the Sunil Psychiatric Hospital. He is going there because he had a suspicious feeling he would find something related to the case there.

When he gets to the hospital, we see that it is closed down, abandoned, full of cobwebs and dust. It almost looks like a haunted house. Detective Lee makes his way to the back of the hospital and outside when he discovers a manhole. When he shines his flashlight down to take a closer look, he sees the skeletal remains of a body. Just then, he gets on his walkie-talkie and begins to talk into it. Detective Park hears the walkie talkie in the truck and finds it and begins talking to Detective Lee.


When he communicates with Detective Park, Detective Lee gives him precise  details about what he sees in the man hole. A noose is around the neck of the victim and his thumb is cut off. Detective Park is listening but confused at the same time because Detective Lee seems to know who he is. S6

Suddenly as Detective Lee is talking, he is struck on the back of the head with an object that knocks him out cold. We do not know who hit him, or why they hit him. We can only assume that whoever did it did not want him to find the remains.

On his way home, Detective Park thinks he is losing his mind. One of his co workers checked out the walkie talkie and we discover that it is very old and has no batteries so how could it transmit a signal? This made Detective park even more curious. So he goes to the hospital and he sees the manhole and when he shines his flashlight down he sees the remains.

The next day, other investigators ar at the hospital and he asks Detective Cha did she find anything out about the remains. Eventually she did find out that the remains are of a male about 20 years old with his thumb cut off. In the meantime, Detective Park is trying to find out any information about Detective Lee, but he is unsuccessful.


After finding out this information Detective Cha immediately confronts Dective Park. She accuses him of knowing the young man who was killed. Just then, the Chief of Police (played by Jang Hyun Sung)  comes in and breaks up the fight between the two. S10

The Chief demands that Detective Cha hand over the files about the victim. She does and he takes it back to his boss, Superintendent Kim Bum Joo. It’s obvious that the Chief and the Superintendent are our villains by their strong personalities and corruptness in the police force. As the two talk, the Chief tells his boss that it was true what Detective Lee said before about the missing thumb.  When he revealed it was cut off by a scalpel, the Superintendent got hostile and accused him of talking back.

As she leaves the station, Detective Park tells her that he saw the person who took the young girl. He reveals that the person was a woman not a man, and he tried to tell the police, but they would not listen to him. He offered to help her with the case since as well. When she exits the station she is bombarded by the media asking her questions about the case and he reply is no comment. Suddenly Detective Park confronts the media and tells them everything. This makes Detective Cha angry, but Detective Park tells her its the only way to get the truth out there. As Superintendent Kim and the Chief look at the news footage, they are outraged because the real truth is out. We also see a nurse who used to work at the hospital were the remains were found. She is very suspicious and it appears she knows something about the case. S15

Back at the office, the Chief of police enters is very angry that Detective Park spilled the beans about the case. Detective Cha stood up for him and told the Chief she told him to say that the murder was a suicide. Detective Park begins to tell all that he knows about the woman who took the girl. She takes care of her self very well, wears very nice close and was wearing red high heels the day she took the young girl. He also says that she must have been caught in the act and that’s why she killed the young man. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. So Detective Cha, Detective Park, and others decide to go out and find the woman who is suspected of murder.

As they receive tips about a suspect, they find a woman who they bring in for questioning. She is a nurse who worked at the hospital where the remains were found. However, she denies everything. It suddenly dawns on Detective Park that they have the wrong woman based on the shoes she was wearing.


The real murderer outsmarted the police. When they were searching her locker at work, she switched the name plates. So when Detective Park and Detective Cha got the pictures, it was of the wrong woman. Detective Park sees the woman and tries to find her, but she got away. We then see Detective Cha confront her and that is where our episode ends. S16

Wow a lot has happened the first episode! I am looking forward to watching this drama and learning more about the characters. So far I am really loving the writing and the strong cast! I adore Lee Je Hoon and Kim Hye Soo. Choi Jin Woong is always amazing! This first episode had me on the edge of my seat! I have so many questions that need answers. I can’t wait to see more of this amazing drama. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment down below. I am reviewing this drama for DramaFever so I will post those here too. Also check out my reviews on my YouTube Channel Until next time Dramatics, remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!















K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 1

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another review for you! This is for the K – Drama Remember.  I will be reviewing this drama for DramaFever Drama Club and I am very excited! Remember stars: Yoo Seung Ho as Seo Jin Woo, Park Min Young as Lee In Ah, Park Sung Woong as Park Dong Ho, Nam Goong Min as Nam Gyu Man, Jung Hye Sung, and Han Jin Hee as Nam Il Ho. Without further ado, lets get into the first episode.

We start off with an older gentleman who is being escorted by the police down a dark hallway the way he is dressed and shackled, we see he is a prisoner. They are taking him to be executed. As he begs for his life, on the other side of the window we see a Jin Woo. He looks on in horror as his father is about to be sentenced to death. Jin Woo begs the guards to spare his fathers life. Jin Woo’s father yells  “Jin Woo to tell them I am not a criminal”, and “You said you would get me out of here.” Then the noose is tied around his neck and he is hanged to death.  But it was all a dream.

In the next scene we see Jin Woo waking up from the dream about his father. We then see Jin Woo visiting his father in prison. As the two begin to talk, we notice that Jin Woo’s father has Alzheimer’s Disease and Jin Woo is his lawyer. It is very sad to watch Jin Woo’s father like this because he does not remember any thing that has happened to him. He does not even remember his own son. Jin Woo will appeal his father case in court. His father is accused of murder and rape of a twenty year old college student, but he has no memory of this incident. We also learn that Jin Woo has a very special talent. He has the ability to remember everything in detail. We learn that Jin Woo’s father has been in jail for four years and most importantly he has been framed for murder.

We flash back to four years ago and we see Jin Woo and his father having breakfast. Jin Woo is preparing to be on a TV show because his memory is spectacular. Then the doorbell rings and we meet a young girl named Jung Ah and her father. The two families are good friends as Jung Ah and her father bring food to Jin Woo and his father.

Next we meet a man who is singing in the shower and he has a large dragon tattoo on his back. We then see a half naked woman emerge from the bed and she follows him into the closet. She begs him to stay with her, but he says he has to go to court. This charismatic lawyer is named Park Dong Ho. He wears flashy bright colored suits and he has a one hundred percent success rate of all the cases he defends.

Jin Woo calls his father before he takes the bus to the TV station for his appearance. As the two talk, we learn that Jin Woo’s father works at a hotel as a janitor.

When Jin Woo is on the bus, an incident happens when a young girl’s wallet is stolen. She accused Jin Woo because he bumped into her when he was getting off the bus. She noticed that her purse is slit at the bottom and her wallet was removed. She demands the driver to stop the bus and drive directly to the police station. At the station, Jin Woo questions the girl named Lee In Ah, about the details of the incident. Of course she does not remember every single detail in every order in which it happened, but Jin Woo does. He remembers in great detail who was sitting next to Lee In Ah on the bus, what they were wearing, the bus number, and the time. We also learn that Lee In Ah is a law student who knows the law by reciting the articles of the law. As the moment is replayed, we find out that Lee In Ah’s purse was slit and wallet stolen before she got on the bus. Jin Woo saw this happen in great detail. The persons wanted poster is on the wall in the police station and he is later found and arrested thanks to the help of Jin Woo. Outside of the police station, Jin Woo confronts Lee In Ah who accused him of stealing her wallet. He basically tells her to make sure she gets her facts correct before accusing innocent people. He also adds that he could have gotten arrested.

As Park Dong Ho is talking to his client he will be representing in court, we learn a little bit about  our villian in this drama, Nam Gyu Man. He is rich, powerful, handsome and very mean. He always demands respect where ever he goes. An example of this is when he enters the building to go to his office everyone bows to him. However there was one person who was now bowing low enough and Nam Gyu Man pushed his head down lower. Also when Nam Gyu Man was in the car with his assistant, he scolded him. He wanted to make sure his assistant prepared his vacation home for a party that he wanted to have. He also requested a singer who sings trot music to entertain the crowd. After his assistant made a small mistake in the planning, Nam Gyu Man left him on the side of the road. However, not far behind, we see Dong Ho and his assistant following Nam Gyu Man and taking pictures of his car.

Lee In Ah’s parents own a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant which is not far from where Jin Woo lives. As she enters the shop, the TV is on and a news reporter states that a person was arrested for pic-pocketing. They then show a picture of Jin Woo who was the reason why he was caught. Then she changes the channel and she sees Jin Woo on the TV show because he has a outstanding memory reciting the number for Pi. Lee In Ah is very impressed by him.

Later we see Nam Gyu Man’s assistant bringing a singer to his house. As he is bringing her inside, she notices Jin Woo’s father working. He does not see her, but she hides her face from him. The assistant asked if she knew him and she said that’s her father’s neighbor. Jin Woo tells his assistant to tell Jin Woo’s father to do home for the night, and he does. As they walk further inside, we see a lot of drinking, dancing, and half naked women roaming around. The singer is very uncomfortable and is not sure if she wants to be there. But she has to do it or else she will not get her college tuition paid. So she gets dressed and goes through with the performance.

Meanwhile, Jin Woo is waiting for his father to get home. He calls him multiple times, but he does not answer. His father is at the store buying Jin Woo a new phone because his current one has a cracked screen. When he asks the sales clerk which phone would be best for Jin Woo, she tells him that he was there last week buying a phone. Unfortunately, he does not remember.

As the singer begins to sing at Nam Gyu Man’s party, he suddenly stops the band from playing. He is drunk and yelling at the singer to sing something different. He does not like that song and he asked for a trot singer. The singer, who is very afraid, begins to sing a different song for him. After the performance we see the singer getting changed. All of a sudden, a drunk Nam Gyu Man enters with a bottle of soju and two glasses and asks her to drink with him. We do not see what happens next, but I have a feeling that this is not going to be good.

The next day, Jin Woo’s father calls him. Jin Woo asks his father where he is, but he does not know. His father is wondering in the woods alone with the phone he bought in his hand. Suddenly, Jin Woo’s father finds the body of the singer from Nam Gyu Man’s party. She is obviously dead. He tries to call 911, but he cannot remember the pass code to his phone. Jin Woo finds his father kneeling beside the body of the singer.

In the next scene, Jin Woo’s father is in the hospital. Detectives question him about the dead girl in the woods. The more questions they ask, the more his father does not remember. He tells them he does not know who the girl is and he does not know how he got to the woods. After the hospital visit, Jin Woo goes home and finds that his father has bought multiple phones and multiple of other items. At this point, it dawns on him that his father is losing his memory.

The next day at the hospital, the doctor gives Jin Woo’s father a memory test and he passes it. The detective goes to the prosecutor and tells him he has questioned suspects but found nothing unusual. The prosecutor is threatened that everyone will be fired if he does not find the culprit. He goes to the last page of the list of suspects and it’s a picture of Jin Woo’s father. He has three days to confess to the murder of the Jung Ah.

At Jung Ah’s funeral, JIn Woo’s father is arrested by the police and charged with murder of Jung Ah. Jin Woo begs him not to take his father away. So they drive somewhere that is not the police station but some type of a warehouse. When Jin Woo goes home he finds his house if ransacked and ruined.

It is now  all over the news that JIn Woo’s father is charged with murder.  When Jin Woo visits his father in jail, his father does not remember him at first, but he finally does remember him. As his father is being bought to court, there are a lot of reporters outside waiting for him. Jin Woo is far behind, suddenly, one of the reporters recognizes Jin Woo and the crowd of reporters rush to attack him. The police hold them back, but people start throwing eggs at Jin Woo as he stands there crying and upset about the events that took place. And that’s where our episode ends. Wow! This first episode was very intense! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! Leave a comment below and let me know what you all think. What do you think about the story so far? Who is your favorite character? Lets talk about it! Don’t forget to check out my review of Remember Ep 1 & 2 on DramaFever and also visit my You Tube channel for updates as well. Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!


K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 1

Hello to all my Dramatics and  welcome to my review of the K Drama Cheer Up! Episode 1. This drama just premiered on DramaFever and I look forward to viewing this! I will be joining the DramaFever Drama Club for this drama so I am very excited to review this drama for everyone. Stay tuned and make sure you look out for that post coming soon.

Cheer Up! stars: Jung Eun Ju (from the group APink) as Kang Yeon Doo, Lee Won Geun as Kim Yeol, Cha Hak Yeon (aka N Leader And Member of the group VIXX), Chae Soo Bin as Kwon Soo A, Kim Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon, Kim Ji Suk as Yang Tae Bum.

Our drama starts as we meet Yeon Doo played by  Eun Ji. I am a fan of her from being in the group APink and I have sen her in other dramas such as Trot Lovers, Answer Me 1997, and That Winter Wind Blows. She is a very talented actress and singer. I really enjoy her character and the chemistry she has with the other actors.

So Yeon Doo is placed 196 out of the 200 students in her class. She is leader and member of the dance club Real Kings. Because these students are low ranking in their class, they are often mocked and teased. So being in the dance club is like a stress reliever for them. The room that they use for practice is right next door to another dance team called Baek Ho. The students on this cheer team are the top academic students in the school. These students use their space for studying. Team Baek Ho hears noise coming from the Real Kings room which distracts them from studying, so they cut off the power to the Real Kings’ room.

Of course this creates conflict between both groups.  Real Kings creates their own electricity by using a bicycle and a generator. This drowns out the classical music being played in the Baek Ho room. After the  Real Kings’ radio blows out and they decide to confront Baek Ho face to face.

Yeon Doo gets into a argument with Kim Yeol, the cocky and handsome leader of team Baekho. A group of parents are in a meeting with teachers and Administrators with questions about clubs at the school. One of the parents said she heard from her daughter that one of the clubs is loud and disruptive. The principal states that if a  club is disruptive they will disband them immediately. As the conflict between Baekho and Real Kings begins to get stronger, a member of  Team Baek Ho gets a text from her mother, telling her that she is on her way and not to get in trouble.  Eventually, the argument between the two groups gets physical as  Yeon Doo  tries to get one of the members  to  hit her while the rest the Real Kings goes after the members of Baek Ho.

A teacher comes out of his room to see both groups fighting. The teacher steps in just in time and breaks them up as the  principal and parents arrive around the corner. We see Yeon Doo in her room with a member from  Baek Ho named  Soo A.. We soon discover that these two are roommates. These two girls are roommates and are on rival teams which in my opinion is a conflict within itself.   Yeon Doo expresses to her roommate that it’s unfair it is that Baek Ho gets away with everything and Soo A advises  that Yeon Doo meet with Kim Yeol to extend an olive branch.

The rooms of Baek Ho and Real Kings are trashed so  Yeon Doo asks Kim Yeol to meet her so they can form a truce.   Yeon Doo does not really see this as in advantage because the school wants to get rid of the Real Kings anyway.  Yeon Doo is yelling at him and she trips and falls on top of him. They are in a compromising position like they are about to kiss.  So  Kim Yeol says that either she can move, he can move, or they can kiss. And just as he is about to kiss her we hear a cell phone camera snap from outside and the two separate quickly.

At this point we do not know who took the picture but we see the picture being sent to the teacher with a text about inappropriate behavior. Another teacher comes in who stands over his shoulder and sends the picture to the principal.

The Real Kings see a poster at school which says that their club is disbanded due to inappropriate behavior. Included in this poster is a picture of Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol as they are about to kiss. The Real Kings are very upset by this because they know that the picture is not what it seems. Plus the members of Baek Ho are getting no punishment at all.

Yeon Doo runs to the principals office but she cannot get inside. The principal is meeting  with Kim Yeol. The principal does not punish him because he is the number one student in the class and his father is a very powerful man.

Outside the principals’ office Yeon Doo is waiting to get inside to talk to the principal but Kim Yeol drags her away before she can tell her off. She asks him to tell the truth about the kiss that didn’t happen between them. He says he doesn’t want to, because it won’t be beneficial to him.  Yeon Doo argues that it’s the truth, but he says it doesn’t matter which leaves her even more upset.

We then see Yeon Doo talking to her best friend Dong Jae, who is on the basketball team. He is played by N of the grouop VIXX. As you know I love K Pop and N is an amazing singer and dancer. He is so very talented and charming in this role of Dong Jae.  He’s a good basketball player, but if he is going to be hit he will let the other player pass.   Yeon Doo states  that he has a physical handicap. We will find out more about this later I hope.

As she is hanging out with Dong Jae, she gets a call from one of the other members of Real Kings. Her room in being emptied of all of her possessions. Yeon Doo runs to the principals office and asks her for  another chance, but the principal refuses. Kim Yeol looks sympathetic to the Yeon Doo loosing her room.

We then see Yeon Doo crying up on the roof surrounded by her things. He asks her if she feels bad and she says she dies. As she gets up to leave she sees  that he has left a post-it on the wall instructing her to  make a poster if she feels bad about what has happened to her.

Yeon Doo and Dong Jae start making posters and  Soo A enters the room. She states that the posters will not make a difference. As she exits the room  we see her deleting a photo from her phone, the one of Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo  about to kiss. We discover that she is the one who took the picture and told the teacher on them. We then see a  flashback of her being instructed on what students to get close to. Soo A’s mother really wants her daughter to be the number one student in her class and she will do anything she has to do in order to make that happen.

Yeon Doo posts the posters around the school and they are quickly taken down by the teacher. A member from the Board of Education comes to the school and the  principal talks to him and she decides to punish all of the students by  grounding them for two weeks, forbidding them from leaving campus and having their cell phone rights revoked. The students of course are not happy about this and they blame Yeon Doo for this punishment. The students berate her in the cafeteria and Soo A completely ignores her. The harrisment continues until Kim Yeol tells them to back off.

Yeon Doo is upset and she asks the teacher who sent the picture. He does not tell her, but when he leaves she takes a look at his phone and discovers that is was Soo A who took the picture. Yeon Doo is shocked and very hurt by this.  She asks Soo A why she did that because they are friends.  Soo A responds by saying that she has no friends at school.

Soo A then backs out of the singing group she was in with Yeon Doo and teams up with other girls which leaves Yeon Doo to sing the song alone.  Yeon Doo becomes upset and she stops singing and calls out everyone in class who betrayed her including Soo A. She also calls out  Kim Yeol for not admitting they didn’t kiss, and the other bullies as well. She blames the entire student body for being cowards. Soo A tells her that her behavior is the same way and Yeon Doo says that’s right and she will leave the school so she can be different from everyone else.

Yeon Doo runs out of the classroom and goes home to her mother who is making dinner for her. All of a sudden Yeon Doo starts to cry and she leaves the table. She goes to her room to reflect she hears a tap on her window. It’s Dong Jae who is her neighbor and he tells her that she has a lot of penalty points and that she is back in the school. to the Baek Ho room where she tells them that she is applying to join their dance club.

I cannot wait to see what happens next in Episode 2! I have a feeling things are going to get very interesting for these groups of students.

I hope that you all stay tuned as I review this drama. Check out my review on my You Tube Channel Cheer Up! Episode 1 and my blog! I will link the DramaFever review as well. Thank you all! Take Care and Hallyu On!