K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 12

Hello Dramatics! Here we are once again with another exciting episode of Remember. We are on Episode 12 of this intense drama. In our previous episode we saw our Jin Woo get his revenge on the doctors who wronged him and his father, he went after Detective Kwak and hand him running scared to Nam Gyu Man, and we saw Nam Gyu Man slap the hell out of Dong Ho. Let’s see what lies ahead in Episode 12.

We last left off with Nam Gyu Man and Dong Ho leaving court after losing to Jin Woo. Nam Gyu Man is so mad that he slaps Dong Ho in the face in front of Jin Woo and Lee In Ah. He threatens Dong Ho by telling him if he messes up again he will not let him off that easy next time.

After the trial, Jin Woo, Min Soo and his father all go out to eat to celebrate the winning. Min Soo asked Jin Woo why Dong Ho recommended him to take his case. Min Soo then showed Jin Woo his business card which was given to him by Dong Ho. Back in his office, Dong Ho asked his assistant for a list of victims regarding the microwave explosion incident and data on the chairman of Il Ho Group. Dong Ho then takes his findings to meet with Detective Bae. They find that there are a lot of things that are suspicious about the files. Nam Il Ho could have murdered the president of the rival company via an exploding microwave light bulb. Dong Ho also finds out that his father would not follow the orders of Nam Il Ho and was running away. As a result, he ended up in a car accident. We also see a spy of Nam Gyu Man watching and listening to everything the two men talk about. He later goes back and tells Dong Ho’s father figure everything he heard.

At Jin Woo’s office, his co workers and Lee In Ah are celebrating their win. The Office Manager and the stuttering attourney leave the room to give Jin Woo and Lee In Ah some private time. The two of them are cute and playful on the couch as Lee In Ah reminds Jin Woo that she is twenty-eight and he is twenty-three. She puts him in a friendly choke hold and demands him to call her Noona. The two of them are so cute and I approve of the older woman/younger man relationship. I am still hoping for a romance between these two sometime before the end of this drama.

After meeting with Nam Il Ho to discuss the results of the trial, Dong Ho meets with this father figure. Dong Ho asks him why is he spying on him. He also asks if his father’s death related to Nam Il Ho. His father figure tells him that he did not know about that, but if he is messing with the chairman, he will have to go through him. Hurt by this, Dong Ho suggests that because he no longer like a father to him they should go their separate ways.

Back at his office Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are talking and she mentioned something he said when they first met, but Jin Woo could not remember it. Concerned, she offered to help him if he gets too tired from working.

Detective Kwak enters the former prosecutor’s office begging for his help to make things right with Nam Gyu Man. The prosecutor refuses to help him because he betrayed not only Nam Gyu Man but him as well. The prosecutor then meets with Nam Gyu Man and tells him that the detective came to see him an asked for forgiveness. He also mentioned that the younger judge is suspicious about the trial that involved the college student.

The younger judge meets with Lee In Ah and Jin Woo at his office. He asks Jin Woo about the college student murder and told him that there is more to the story. He mentioned the sudden change of judges and the inconsistency in the testimony of the plaintiffs. Lee In Ah and Jin Woo mentioned that they both seen the video tape confession of the real murderer Nam Gyu Man.

In his office, Dong Ho’s assistant tells him that his father figure is indeed spying on him. At his point, Dong Ho knows that Nam Gyu Man is growing suspicious of him and what he is doing. He tells his assistant that Jin Woo must win the trial.

While having dinner with Dong Ho’s father figure, Detective Kwak barges in on Nam Gyu Man and his party. He asks Nam Gyu Man how can he betray him like this when he worked so hard and did everything he said. He threatened to rat Nam Gyu Man out and then he is removed by body guards out of the restaurant. Next we see poor Detective Kwak tied up and hanging from a room in the warehouse where  Jin Woo’s father was threatened. We also see a camera that is recording everything that Nam Gyu Man is saying. I am going to assume this was planted by Jin Woo and that Detective Kwak is working with him.

Lee In Ah goes to visit the home of the young college student who died. She enters her bedroom with permission from her mother and gathers some of her belongings. While examining  her things she sees her diary. In the diary Lee In Ah sees the singing job Jung Ah booked along with a business card of Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. She then goes to confront the assistant who denied everything. Nam Gyu Man saw the two of them talking and he asked his assistant what they talked about and of course his assistant said nothing.

Jin Woo and his assistant were trying to get witnesses for the upcoming Miso Light Bulb trial, and they were unsuccessful at first until they find one witness who’s daughter was injured. After talking to the man, Jin Woo finds out that Dong Ho asked him to falsely testify so that he can pay for his daughters surgery.

Nam Gyu Man’s assistant Soo Bum gets humiliated by Nam Gyu Man and his friend. He goes out to dinner with the younger judge and gets completely drunk. He starts to talk about Nam Gyu Man and how he knows secrets about him that could get him in trouble.

Nam Gyu Man and his assistant are dong some community service work until he gets a phone call. He sees a video where he tied up Detective Kwak and threatened him. Jin Woo is on the phone and taunts him. This makes Nam Gyu Man very angry that he flips a table and storms out. We then flash back to Detective Kwak visiting Jin Woo at his office and he gives him a USB. On this device is the video of the detective tied up by Nam Gyu Man. Now that everyone has abandoned him, Detective Kwak now realizes what he has done and feels ashamed for letting Nam Gyu Man treat him like a dog. He tells Jin Woo he wants to target Nam Gyu Man as well.

The former prosecutor has his office raided by an investigation team because of corruptness in the court system. This was set up by Lee In Ah’s former boss. The former prosecutor then calls Nam Gyu Man and tells him that he was ratted out and of course this makes Nam Gyu Man very angry. Next we see Dong Ho getting into his car, but we discover that he is being followed. His assistant is in another car behind the spy. When the two men notice this they sandwich him in the middle and get out to confront him. Dong Ho then punches him and tells him he will kill him if he keeps spying on him.

In the next scene, we see Jin Woo talking to a doctor about health. The doctor tells him that he is not in good condition. The doctor tells him that his memory is not an ability but a disability. Jin Woo asks him how much time does he have left before his condition gets worse. The doctor tells him the more he used his memory, the faster it will decrease. The doctor gives him one year to 6 months and during this time his memory will deteriorate. Hearing this news makes Jin Woo very sad of course. He flashes back to his father in prison who could not remember him and he begins to cry.

Inside, Lee In Ah is working in the back of Jin Woo’s office. Nam Gyu Man comes in and hears some one back there and he sees the light on. He goes to the back and sees Lee In Ah and he also sees all of the evidence Jin Woo has collected. Jin Woo is about to enter his office and that’s where our episode ends!

Another exciting episode of Remember has come to a close. I must say I am very sad that It appears that Jin Woo is having early stages of Alzheimer’s. I only hope he will take proper care of himself and over come it. I am so afraid of what Nam Gyu Man is going to do to Lee In Ah in the back of the office. She is by her self and we all know that Nam Gyu Man has serious anger issues. We will have to see what happens in the next episode. Don’t forget to catch my reviews on my You Tube Channel  Also check out my reviews on DramaFever Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6 Episodes 7 & 8 Episodes 9 & 10 Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!



K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 12

Hello Dramatics! Sadly this is our last Cheer Up! Episode. I am very sad this has to come to an end.  So without further adieu lets recap this final episode.

When we last left off Kim Yeol had confronted Ha Joon about quitting the cheerleading team, accusing him of quitting because of Yeon Doo. Ha Joon lies and says that he’s right. Even though he likes Yeon Doo he’s only quitting to save the cheerleading team from his father.

After his talk with Kim Yeol, Ha Joon gets mad and punches a mirror. Yeon Doo finds him and is concerned about his hand, which just makes things more difficult for Ha Joon. He keeps trying to forget her, but she keeps being  kind to him. Kim Yeol can’t stand things being weird between him and Ha Joon so the next day he goes and finds him and tells him that he’s just as important to him as Yeon Doo is and Ha Joon tells her that he’ll get over Yeon Doo.
Soo A’s mom comes to visit her at school and Soo A tells her things are going well in her life and to stay out of it. But her mom was there to see the principal as the two of them both are under investigation by the Board Of Education. The other moms teamed up against them and verified that they were stacking specs. As a result,  the Board Of Education decides to disband the cheer team. They find out about this by an announcement posted in the common room. Coach Nam and Teacher Yang are furious. They go to the principal’s office to beg her to save the cheer club only to learn she’s been fired and the Assistant Principal has become the Interim Principal.
Because the cheerleading team is being disbanded, it also means that the Coach Nam has been fired as well. The cheer team is sad to see her go. Through the time they spent together, it was her that turned them from a bunch of foes to a group of friends, but she leaves with a smile on her face and tells them how proud of them she is. Ha Joon finds out that even though he quit the cheer club, they were still disbanded and he is furious with his dad. He goes to confront his dad, but his dad just scoffs at him and tells him that it was for his own good. Yeon Doo knows that everyone expects her to have the right answer, but she doesn’t. She’s followed her heart up until this point, but there is no clear path for their group to take this time. The group all discuss how even though they were forced to do cheerleading at first, they grew to love it and more importantly each other. They still want to do the cheer competition, but know that they would be risking getting in a lot of trouble if they did.
As always Teacher Yang offers some wise advice to his students, knowing how much distress they’re going through.
To prevent Ha Joon from causing trouble, his dad has locked him in his room at home. Kim Yeol goes to check on Ha Joon and can tell that something strange is going on. Kim Yeol does not believe this so he goes and talks to Ha Joon’s dad about being mean to his son. Yeon Doo feels a little down and it’s Soo A who takes notice and takes the time to talk to her and encourage her. She tells Yeon Doo not to give up and tells her that she’ll help her with whatever decision she makes.
The next day Yeon Doo assembles the cheer team and tells them that she can’t make the decision for them as to whether they want to compete or not. She announces that she will be at the competition a half an hour early waiting and whoever shows up will go on stage and perform. But tells them to not judge the others if they don’t show up; everyone should make their own choice and respect the others’. The thing is, if even one person doesn’t show up, they can’t perform.
Worried about Ha Joon and not wanting him to be left out, Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol go and retrieve him from his apartment where he’s locked in. They pull the fire alarm and the maid has no choice but to let him out. They run away, but his father finds out and is there waiting when they get to the auditorium where the competition is held.  Ha Joon stands up to his father telling him that he’s going to compete whether he likes it or not. His father tries to hit him, but Ha Joon stops him. Ha Joon tells his father that he made him feel worthless and hate himself, but he’s not going to let that happen anymore. That he’s not going to hate himself because of his father and rather is going to start loving himself.
When Yeon Doo gets to the auditorium a minute after she said she was going to be there, she’s disappointed that no one is there. Then they all come running in. Because she was late they thought she wasn’t coming and ran around looking for her.  They go to register only to find out that their registration was cancelled and therefore it’s too late.  We think they’re out of luck until Coach Nam shows up, somehow knowing her students would be there. She gets on her knees and begs the officials to let them compete, which he seems to agree after enough begging.

It doesn’t take long for the cheerleading team to realize that they are far from the best team there. There are teams that are professional level and have been competing for a long time, but it doesn’t bother them when they remember that they came to have fun as a team.

They get up to perform and the sneering and whispers from the crowd are audible even on stage after their spec-stacking scandal. But Teacher Yang who is in the crowd cheers them on at the top of their lungs and they’re visibly encouraged. They give their performance their all and put all of their heart into it and end their performance with their signature signs.

 Later, when the cheer team is back at school we find out that they got last place.  They may have lost the competition, but what they won so much more. Ha Joon confesses to Yeon Doo that he does like her because she noticed and cared for him when he needed it, but that he doesn’t want anything from her and that she doesn’t have to feel bad because he’s grateful to have her in his life. If it wasn’t enough that things remained cool between Ha Joon and Yeon Doo, things with Ha Joon and Kim Yeol are also cool. They don’t let liking the same woman come between them at all and are just as close as always.
Things end absolutely perfectly with this drama. Ha Joon’s dad is investigated and gets a restraining order issued against him, Soo A’s mom is investigated for corruption as well but she and Soo A become close and they learn to lean on each other in times of trouble. The Assistant Principal loses his principal position almost as soon as he gets it. Soo A started stealing Yeon Doo’s strawberry milk from Dong Jae maybe a possible love connection there.  Yeon Doo’s mom and Kim Yeol’s dad resumed their relationship but Yeon Doo and Kim  Yeol are still together too. Kim Yeol is trying to figure out how to get his family registration switched over to his mom’s side so that he and Yeon Doo won’t be related on paper.
And the cheer team is as close as ever. They spend all their time together be it in class or after. Essentially, they are the 13 best friends that any ever had. There could seriously not be a better ending for these characters that I grew to love.

Well, sadly that’s where we leave Cheer Up! This will be on of my Top 10 K Dramas of all time list for sure. I really enjoyed this drama a lot. Any thoughts or comments on the finale? Let me know what you think. Remember to check out my You Tube Channel for updates. Also check out my reviews on this drama on DramaFever: Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6 Episodes 7 & 8 Episodes 9 & 10 Episodes 11 & 12 Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 11 & 12

Hello Dramatics! Have you been watching our students at Sevit High?  These are the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and I hope you all enjoyed this drama just as much as I did!  Check out what June, Logan, and I thought about the final episodes of this amazing drama! What did you all think of the outcome?  I would like to know what you think! Also check out my reviews on my You Tube channel! Just in case you missed my last reviews on DramaFever you can check out Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6  Episodes 7 & 8  and Episodes 9 & 10 Also check me out on Seoulwave where I do K – Drama reviews as well! I will see you all in the next drama! Take care Dramatics!  Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!