K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 14

Hello Dramatics! Another K – Drama review is underway! This is Episode 14 of Remember. Lets not waste any time and get right into our review.

We last left off with Jin Woo at his childhood home waiting for his father. He was supposed to go on a date with Lee In Ah, but he was side tracked by Nam Gyu Man. When he was late to dinner, Lee In  Ah called him and went to his home. When she saw him, she cried and hugged him because she finally came to the realization that he is losing his memory just like his father did. The next day when he wakes up, he realizes that he is at his father’s home and he rushes out very quickly to his office. At the office, Lee In Ah talks to he office manager about his condition. She knows that Jin Woo has Alzheimer’s  just like his father. The office manager told her that she is correct and the reason why she did not tell Lee In Ah is because Jin Woo told her not to. Lee In Ah asked her about Jin Woo’s doctor because she wants to know his exact condition.

The next day, Jin Woo visits Dong Ho’s office and slaps him across his face. He confronts him about the car accident that killed his family. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo that the accident happened because of Nam Gyu Man’s father, Nam Il Ho. With that, Dong Ho promised Jin Woo he will bring down Nam Gyu Man’s father.

At the doctor, Lee In Ah and Jin Woo’s office manager are getting more information about Jin Woo’s condition. He has Hyperthymesia which makes him lose his memory at a faster rate than most people. There is drug treatment that will slow down the process, but he will loose his memory within six months. The office manager tells Lee In Ah not to tell Jin Woo that she knows about his illness. When Jin Woo comes back to his office, Lee In Ah does just that, pretend that she is clueless about his condition. The office manager asks Jin Woo about the night before. He remembers he met with Nam Gyu Man, but does not remember anything after that.

Dong Ho learns from his assistant that Nam Gyu Man was the one who told Jin Woo about the accident. Dong Ho then rushes into Nam Gyu Man’s office to confront him. Nam Gyu man told Dong Ho that he found out about his father’s secret, and want’s to know what he found out about his father as well. Dong Ho demanded Nam Gyu Man to stop following him.

The younger judge gets a report back about the college student murder case. He discovers that there were no fingerprints found belonging to Jin Woo’s father and that a wine opener was the weapon. The younger judge, Nam Gyu Man, and his assistant are all having dinner. The younger judge asks Nam Gyu Man is it possible to kill someone with a wine opener, calling him out on his crime. Nam Gyu Man said he does not know because he has never killed anyone.

Jin Woo pays a visit to Detective Kwak in prison. He wants the Detective to introduce him to one of Nam Gyu Man’s friends who is a drug dealer. So Jin Woo meets with the drug dealer and he tells Jin Woo that he supplies drugs for a VIP party that Nam Gyu Man’s friend has once a month. The drug dealer tells Jin Woo the location of the party, and also it will not be easy to get in.

Lee In Ah is having lunch with her boss until he gets a call from Nam Il Ho. Nam Gyu Man and his lawyer are planning to trap Jin Woo again, but JIn Woo has nothing of value, until his lawyer mentions Lee In Ah. Lee In Ah’s boss meets with Nam Il Ho and his lawyer. Nam Il Ho asks him to work for him and he refused. Prosecutor Tak then goes to lunch with Dong Ho. Dong Ho tells him he has evidence that will bring Nam Il Ho down and he asks him for help to achieve this.

Attorney Song had his first case by himself. He was very worried that he might stutter as he gets nervous when he speaks in front of people. He had the support of Jin Woo, Lee In Ah and the office manager. He did a great job and won his case.

Nam Gyu Man’s friend who was in the video taped confession with him, comes to visit Nam Gyu Man and invites him to a party. Jin Woo sees Nam Gyu Man’s friend in the parking garage and pulls him aside for a talk. Jin Woo tells him that he was in the video where Nam Gyu Man confessed to killing the college girl.

Jin Woo calls the police to tell them about a drug party that will be going on later. Nam Gyu Man’s sister, who is a prosecutor is there and she gets the news. Nam Gyu Man’s assistant goes to find the bloody weapon used to kill the college girl hidden in a statue in his office. Nam Gyu Man then calls him to have dinner and gives him some money. Dong Ho visits his father figure in prison. He tells his father figure that he is headed to his last battle to finally get his revenge on Nam Il Ho. Nam Gyu Man’s lawyer visits Dong Ho’s father figure in prison and he tells him he will be released from prison if he takes care of Dong Ho. Dong Ho then goes back to his old office where he first met Jin Woo. He opens up a file and he has all of the evidence to bring down Il Ho Group.

Back at his office, Jin Woo, Attourney Song, Lee In Ah and the office assistant, are planning to catch Nam Gyu Man at the party. Attorney Song will be the one to enter the party and Jin Woo gave him a pen so  that he can record Nam Gyu Man’s actions. Lee In Ah and Jin Woo will be at the back door and vehicle entrance just in case Nam Gyu Man tries to leave that way. The office manager will be communications and if anything happens her job is to call the police.

At the party, Attourney Song goes in and sees Nam Gyu Man talking with his friend so be begins to record. His friend tells him that Jin Woo talked to him and asked him about the murder. Nam Gyu Man got angry and the two men began to fight. The police are called and Nam Gyu Man’s sister goes in with the officers. Jin Woo is waiting in the parking lot to see if he will catch Nam Gyu Man. When the police enter, Nam Gyu Man runs to the back and Attoruney Song follows. Nam Gyu Man then runs into his sister. He begs his sister to help him because she is a prosecutor. But she just brushes him off. He then slips out of the back of the club and Attorney Song loses him. Nam Gyu Man then calls his assistant to bring the car. When Jin Woo sees the car in the parking lot, he was expecting Nam Gyu Man to exit, but instead it was his assistatnt. We then see Nam Gyu Man driving off getting away once again. Dong Ho also resigned from being Nam Il Ho’s lawyer.  And that’s how our episode ends.

Wow I can’t believe how close Jin Woo was to catching Nam Gyu Man, but that sneaky snake got away from him. He is getting very close to catching Nam Gyu Man. Wow I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! Let me know what you think and leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to visit my You Tube Channel for updates and reviews. Also I am reviewing this drama for DramaFever and if you missed any of my reviews, you can catch up with them here: Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6Episodes 7 & 8Episodes 9 & 10Episodes 11 & 12 and Episodes 13 & 14 Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!





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