DramaFever Drama Club Review: Signal Episodes 5 & 6

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another DramaFever Drama Club review for the K – Drama Signal. If you want to know what UnniChan, Jazmine and   I thought about this weeks episodes, click here: Episodes 5 & 6 . Just in case you missed our previous reviews click here: Episodes 1 & 2  and Episodes 3 & 4. Don’t forget to remember to check out my You Tube Channel for updates and reviews. Let me know what you think of this drama! Leave a comment below and lets chat! Until next time Dramatics, remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Remember Episodes 5 & 6

Hello Dramatics! Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a great holiday! I am very excited for all of the K Dramas that will be premiering at the beginning of this year! Here is the latest episodes of the K Drama Remember Episodes 5 & 6 that Drama Debussie, Cici, and I reviewed on DramaFever Leve a comment below and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more updates! OK Dramatics that’s all for now! I will see you next time for another exciting episode of Remember! Until then, Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 6

Hello Dramatics! I’m back again with another exciting and intense episode of Remember. I hope you all are having a great holiday with friends and family. Because of the busy holiday season I will be highlighting the most important parts in this review. I hope you all enjoy! Without further adieu, lets jump right into Episode 6.

We left off with Jin Woo in court calling his witness to the stand. It is the former teacher of the intern. She accused him of sexual assault, but we quickly find out that they never went to court about this matter because it was settled between both parties. We also learned that the two of them were lovers. Lee In Ah is upset that the intern did not reveal this information to her at the beginning. Now knowing this, she tells the intern it may be difficult to win.

We see Jin Woo in the car talking to the interns former teacher. We learn that 4 years ago he was gambling illegally and Jin Woo has evidence of this. The teacher asked Jin Woo how did he know about this and he said he remembered everything about him, even what he was wearing. The man exits the vehicle and Dong Ho walks over to Jin Woo to have a chat. Dong Ho asks him why did he take on the case, is it perhaps to save his father? Or did you take on the case to catch Nam Gyu Man? Jin Woo said its for more reasons than just that.

Lee In Ah and her boss are having lunch until he gets a call from the head prosecutor. We quickly discover its the same one from Jin Woo’s fathers trial. He was responsible for sentencing him to death. Lee In Ah is shocked to see him. She is reluctant to shake his hand, but she does.

At his office, Jin Woo tells the stuttering attorney that there must be video evidence of the assault that happened on the intern. He tells Jin Woo that there were no recordings in the parking lot nor a black box in the Vice Presidents car. Jin Woo says maybe another car nearby has something recorded. He then orders the stuttering attorney to go out and find the evidence.

Jin Woo and his office manager are looking at the bored of everyone connected to this fathers case. He sees a picture of Nam Gyu Man’s sister. Jin Woo realizes that one way to get to Nam Gyu Man is through his sister. We then see Dong Ho and his father figure talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father. He tells Dong Ho that the Vice President cannot win the trial. He tells the father figure to proceed with the plan and to fill Dong Ho in on the details. Dong Ho and his father figure  talk and we learn that Nam Gyu Man’s father was in on the plan to sabotage the Vice President from the beginning. That’s right…he set the entire episode up. He did this in order to protect his son. Dong Ho was shocked to hear this news for he did not know this was happening.

We then see Jin Woo as he follows Nam Gyu Man’s sister. She is on a date with her boyfriend the younger judge. Jin Woo gets a phone call from Lee In Ah who is drunk at a bar. He goes to where she is and the two talk for a while. When she tries to stand up to leave she almost colapses. Jin Woo carries her out of the bar and her family sees Lee In Ah and they take her home. Jin Woo follows and he has dinner with her family. They ask Jin Woo about becoming a lawyer and how is father is doing. It’s Christmastime and when Jin Woo sees the tree,  we flashback when he was spending time with his father on Christmas and celebrating his birthday.

Jin Woo visits hes father in prison. He does not remember his son. Jin Woo takes out his mothers wedding ring and shows it to his father, but he does not remember who it belongs to. This is an indication that his fathers Alzheimer’s  is getting worse than before. Jin Woo tells his father that its the ring he gave his mother and to look closely to it. But he does not remember. With tears in his eyes, Jin Woo tells his father to look at him closely he is his son Jin Woo. His father says he does not have a son.

Nam Gyu Man’s assistant is talking to him about Jin Woo. The assistant tells him how successful he has become as a lawyer and that he has a great memory. He also tells him that he will be appealing the case against his father. He tells Nam Gyu Man not to worry about his father because of his illness.

At his office, Dong Ho’s assistant comes in and he tells him to keep an eye on Jin Woo until the trial is over. We then see Jin Woo at an art gallery where Nam Gyu Man’s sister works. The two make small talk about a painting she created. As he leaves we notice Dong Ho watching him from his car. He gets out to talk to Jin Woo. He asks him how he knows Man Gyu Man’s sister, but Jin Woo just walks away. As he does, Dong Ho advises him not to cross the line with Nam Gyu Man or his family.

We then see Nam Gyu Man in his car talking to the head prosecutor about the trial. He learns that Lee In Ah who is a rookie prosecutor will be taking the trial. Nam Gyu Man asks him is there someone with more experience who can take on the trial. At that moment we see Nam Gyu Man and his assistant having a drink with the younger prosecutor. He was about to leave because Nam Gyu Man was going to ask him for a favor in the Vice Presidents trial. He said he did not want to meet with them without any tension. The assistant asks him about dating any girls, and he said he does have his eye on someone. I think it’s Lee In Ah….but we shall see if this plays out. He tells Nam Gyu Man that his sister is like a little sister to him.

Back at his office, the stuttering attorney comes in and tells Jin Woo that he has not found any evidence on video tape about the assault. He tells him to keep looking for it is important he has this for the trial. The head prosecutor tells Lee In Ah to remove herself from the trial and she says she cannot do that. She gets a text from her assistant about the black box recording of the assault. She goes to the parking garage and someone from security gives her a USB and she views it on her tablet. As she is looking at the evidence, we see Dong Ho watching from his car.

At his office, Jin Woo is looking at the videotape evidence that was shown in court. He notices that the person who was in the car is not wearing his wedding ring. The Vice President always wears his wedding ring. Jin Woo then rushes out of his office and into his car. He calls the stuttering attorney and tells him to locate the black box because the video is fake. We then see Jin Woo in the parking lot and a security guard putting a suitcase in his car. Jin Woo proceeds to follow him. We also see Dong Ho’s assistant following Jin Woo and reporting to Dong Ho. Jin Woo follows the security guard to a dock where he meets with Dong Ho’s father figure and other men. Just as Jin Woo is about to go catch him, Dong Ho stops him. But Jin Woo runs after them anyway and he gets beat up by the men.

At court, Jin Woo plays the recording and proves that the video was indeed a fake. The man in the car was not the Vice President. He then calls the intern to the stand. He asks her how did she get the money for her mothers surgery. She used the Vice President to get the money she needed. He then asked her if the man in the video is of the Vice President an she said the Vice President is innocent and didn’t do anything to her.

When the Vice President was found innocent, this made Nam Gyu Man and his father furious. Nam Gyu Man was having a drink with his assistant and Dong Ho and he demanded the lawyer for the VP to come talk to him. Just as he said this, Jin Woo walks in with Nam Gyu Man’s sister. JIn Woo and Nam Gyu Man come face to face and Jin Woo tells him he will see him in court. And that is where our episode ends!

Let me know what you think about his episode by leaving a comment below. Also don’t forget to follow me on You Tube for updates and on DramaFever for my current reviews: Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Thank you for watching and reading my reviews this year! There will be much more to come in 2016! As usual Dramatics remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!



K – Drama Review: Blood Episode 6

Hello Dramatics! Today I am reviewing the K Drama Blood and we are on Episode 6. Have you been watching with me? Lets jump right into this exciting episode shall we?

We left off with the patient who went crazy at the hospital and was talking about how he wanted his alcohol. A nurse tried to stop him, but the patient grabbed the scalpel and went after Ri Ta. Ji Sang jumped in front of her and got cut on his face. His cut begin to heal on its own and when he realized this, he ran away. Ri Ta ran after him after she noticed this. Ji Sang covered his would with his hand so she could not see it.

Ji Sang rant into his office and wiped the blood off his cut and put a bandage on his face. Ri Ta knocked on the door wondering if he is OK. He opened the door and said he will take care of his wound and he did not need any help.

Lee Jae Wook and the lady that is the head of the Drug Development Department are talking about the patient who went crazy. Lee Jae Wook said that he can no longer stay at the hospital because he is an alcoholic. Alcoholics are usually the first to get adverse reaction in their blood.

Ji Sang tells his roommate that he has been experiencing dizzy spells in his previous surgery and when the alcoholic patient went crazy and he saw his blood. Ji Sang asked him to increase the dosage of his pills, but he is already at the maximum limit. Increasing his dosage would affect his nervous system and the ability to perform surgeries. His roommate wants to do blood work on him and Ji Sang told him that Ri Ta saw his injury.

At the hospital, Ji Sang hears a woman singing in the hallway. Her hair is above her so her neck is exposed. Ji Sang begins to change, his nails begin to grow, and his eyes begin to turn green. The girl then turns around and sees no one is behind her. But Ji Sang with is pale skin is getting closer to her. Just has he is about to go after her to bite her neck, he wakes up from a dream.

The next day the roommate tells Ji Sang not to perform any surgeries for a few days and to be careful around areas where blood is present. According to his blood results, he cannot depend on his medicine anymore, but his own urgent will. Just as Ji Sang leaves for the hospital, the roommate takes the bandage off his face.

Next we see Lee Jae Wook talking to security and looking at footage on camera of Ji Sang when he got cut. He orders to see security footage of Ji Sang in the ER, ICU, and OR for the last three days.

Ri Ta is talking to another doctor and says she say Ji Sang’s cut heal itself. She sees him in the hall and goes to confront him. She asks Ji Sang about his cut and weather or not he needed stitches. She takes the bandage off his face and his stitches are revealed. The roommate put fake stitches on his face in order to fool anyone who might be curious.

Ji Sang is talking to the spy doctor and he tells him that the blood samples of the patients don’t go to the department labs, instead they all go to the Drug Development team which has restricted access. They also discover that the patents are receiving medicines that are not on their charts. The spy doctor asks Ji Sang to do an investigation on the blood, but Ji Sang refuses.

Next we see the spy doctor talking to the head secretary. He tells her that the Chairman gave the Drug Development team authority and it would be difficult to investigate. She suggested he participate as an observer but if he does this they won’t share the data with him. She says it’s no problem and she will find a way around that.

Lee Jae Wook recommends a doctor as a future director when he leaves. They have a conversation about this and Lee Jae Wook said that Ji Sang will be the Assistant Director. Ri Ta will be on the business side of things and not doing surgeries. Lee Jae Wook then asks the future director to assist him in managing the ward with him.

A nurse sees Ri Ta in the hall and tells her to come quickly. The security guard is removing the alcoholic patient from the hospital. Ri Ta tries to stop them but the future director intervenes.

Ri Ta and her aunt (who is the head secretary) are talking about what happened that day. The alcoholic patient is killed by being ran over by a car, and the roommate tells Ji Sang to no longer work at the hospital. The secretary tells the chairman about her concerns of the Drug Development team.

In a meeting, Ji Sang’s hand begins to shake and Ri Ta notices this. The future director asks if he would like to take the surgery and Ji Sang refused. He said he would rather attend a seminar in Jeju Island. Eariler Ji Sang broke the vending machine by punching it. Ri Ta notices that the machine is broken and thinks that Ji Sang is responsible. While in his office, Ji Sang’s hand begins to tremble again. Ri Ta comes in and she tells him she is attending the seminar too,

At the seminar, Ji Sang is very well known. He gives a speech about the Applyby Surgery. We flashback to Lee Jae Wook who is visiting a girl in the hosptial. I am not sure who this girl is to him. Could it be his daughter perhaps or just a young patient he grew close to? She fell out of her hospital room window and died. We then discover that this little girl was an orphan.

Ji Sang goes for a walk into the woods and we flashback to when he saved a girl from wolves. Ri Ta followed him into the woods too. They talk and she reveals she was almost killed by wolves who attacked her. It was in fact Ji Sang who saved Ri Ta in the woods when she was little.

After the seminar the doctors, Ri Ta, and Ji Sang are having dinner. The group begin to play a drinking game. Ji Sang does not drink instead he wants to leave, but Ri Ta makes him stay. The others try to get Ji Sang to drink, but he says he is allergic to alcohol. Later we see Ri Ta outside vomiting from over drinking. She says that if the boy who saved her in the woods were there, things would be better. Ji Sang carries the hungover Ri Ta back to her room.

Lee Jae Wook’s assistants tells the others to kill Ji Sang. Back at the hotel, the fire alarm goes off and wakes up Ri Ta. It was a false alarm and Ji Sang walked outside of his room to see if Ri Ta was ok, but his bandage was not on his face. Ri Ta notices this as well.

The next day, Ji Sang and Ri Ta are going home. Ji Sang gets a text message that says “If you want to know who killed your mom meet me tonight and prepare to die.” So Ji Sang goes to meet with who ever sent the message to him. Lee Jae Wook’s assistants have blood in several IV’s at the underground hospital. Ji Sang enters and he begins to get sick as blood is dripping off the walls. This blood is contaminated and it is making Ji Sang very sick. He begins to fall to the ground. As he falls, he begins to change, his nails begin to grow, his skin begins to turn pale, and his eyes begin to turn green. The rest of the assisstants enter and one of them has a steak in his hand and he goes to stab Ji Sang. Just as this is happening, someone in a black hoodie knocks him down and begins to fight off all the assistants. This person in the hoodie kills the assistants and Ji Sang begins to fight him off. Just as the fight is about to start, the person in the hoodie reveals himself….and it’s Lee Jae Wook! This is where the episode ends. Ji Sang is suprised and shocked to see that he is a vampire too! We will have to wait for the next episode to see what happens next. Make sure you are following me on my You Tube channel for more reviews! Take care Dramatics. Remember to Keep Calm and Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 6

Hello my fellow Dramatics! I’m back again with Episode 6 of Cheer Up! Lets not waste any time and get right into this exciting episode!

In the last episode Yeon Doo told the reporters that she agreed to a interview.  Yeon Doo asks the interviewer will this help her teacher and he says yes. He asks her about the fact that the students were being used to help build other specs. She says this was true at first but now everyone’s working together as a team. I have a feeling he is going to take her words and twist them around by the time this interview comes out.

Then Kim Yeol and Ha Joon approach the reporter together. Kim  Yeol asks the reporter if he had a good interview with Yeon Doo to which the reporter says yes. Ha Joon then kicks the reporter. Kim Yeol explains to the him that he broke the Interrogative Security Law that is supposed to protect the interviewee’s identity. Kim Yeol threatens to sue him if he doesn’t properly protect Yeon Doo.

Later Ha Joon walks by Yeon Doo and she stops him and has him sit down to eat a snack with her. She tells him that she gave the interview. Ha Joon tells her that he already knew that and that he saws her talking to the reporter. She asks if he wanted to give the interview as well. He does not admit to this, but says he hopes Teacher Yang will be alright.

We find out that the  60 minutes special on Sevit High will not be aired.  Teacher Yang calls the reporter to find out what happened. He discovers that the reporters bosses at the station told him to trash the story. Then the reporter warns Teacher Yang to be careful as well. We discover that the Assistant Principal realized that Teacher Yang was planning to do the interview with 60 minutes and reported it to the Principal. Now at this point, they know they need to get rid of Teacher Yang. But they can’t fire him either. They begin to look for anything in order to get him fired.

Yeon Doo feels a little down that the interview will not be aired. Kim Yeol tells her that it’s for the best, that it helps to keep her safe. Kim Yeol tells her to concentrate on the cheerleading competition. It’s time to show Coach Nam their cheerleading routines.  Soo A and the Real King members perform their routine complete with stunts and performance dancing. Only Dong Jae is the only member who does not perform because he has not yet gotten over his phobia. Yeon Doo and the members of Baek Ho perform a dance performance highlighting each members talents.

It’s time to decide who the winner is and Coach Nam says that both teams did very good on their performances. But Coach Nam points out that because Soo A did not include Dong Jae in her perfomance. So that makes Yeon Doo the winner and Captain of the cheerleading team. Both routines were so good, Coach Nam decided to combine both styles together for the competition. Soo A is very upset that she lost the opportunity to be Captain. She finds out that Teacher Yang is the one who is ratting them out. Soo A’s mom tells her that the adults will take care of that issue. But Soo A does not trust her mother at all. At practice, the team is  trying to prepare for the competition and Coach Nam asks Teacher Yang to be the spotter for Jae Young, of the girls from the Baek Ho team. Her partner stumbles and Jae Young falls backward. Teacher Yang is there to catch her and protect her from getting hurt, but she yells at him as he touches her chest while doing so.  Everyone else realizes that this was necessary in order to keep her from getting hurt, but she’s upset and runs out of the room.

Jae Young realizes that Teacher Yang did not purposely touch her. Soo A approaches and tells the Baek Ho girls that they need to get back at Teacher Yang for ratting them out. So they go to the Principal and tell her that Teacher Yang touched Jae Young inappropriately. The moms of all the Baek Ho students find out and come to the school demand that he be fired. Coach Nam goes to the Principal and explains to her that explain that the touch was necessary in order to prevent Jae Young from getting hurt. The Principal tells him that she will let the Board Of Education know about this matter and see what they have to say.

Rumors start to fly around school about Teacher Yang. Embarrassed, he still continues to teach. Yeon Doo is furious as she knows these rumors are not true. As the whispers get louder  in Teacher Yang’s class while he’s teaching, Yeon Doo gets up out of her seat to tell the other students off. Kim Yeol stands up and tells Yeon Doo sit down. He says that the girls of Baek Ho were the main targets that started this whole mess about Teacher Yang. Kim Yeol goes on to point out that the girls are trying to get Teacher Yang kicked out of school. Yeon Doo is proud of Kim Yeol but asks him why he did it. He tells he did it because if he didn’t, she would without worrying about the consequences or pain it caused her. Yeon Doo questions what the means and he tells to think hard about it.

Yeon Doo goes to Teacher Yang and tells him that there are those who know he is a good teacher and believe he did not do anything wrong. After trying to cheer up Teacher Yang, Yeon Doo comes across a notice that Teacher Yang is to be fired. Ha Joon and Kim Yeol come upon her and try to tell her that there was nothing she could have done, but she tells them that it’s not over yet.

When Teacher Yang enters the lunchroom, everyone stars and whispers about him but he tries to remain positive. When he sits down at a table, all the students sitting nearby get up and walk away.  So Teacher Yang begins to eat his lunch alone. Just then, Yeon Doo and Dong Jae sit down at the table with big smiles and being to joke with the teacher. A few moments later Kim Yeol and Ha Joon have joined as well with smiles on their faces.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon start a petition to allow Teacher Yang to keep his job and submit it to the Board Of Education. The Principal finds out about this. Yeon Doo calls a few days later to check on the status but not petition has been filed there. Teacher Yang is then in a meeting with the Board Of Education about the charges of inappropriately touching Jae Young. They bring her in the meeting as well and she seems very upset as she knows her lie went way too far. Teacher Yang tells the board that it’s his fault and he’ll take responsibility and resign immediately.

Jae Young confesses to her mom that Teacher Yang never touched her and her mom tells her to keep quiet, that if she confesses not only will she be known for lying, but also the details on the spec-stacking will become known. Because Jae Young’s uncle is a congressman, it will mean a big deal to her family. Jae Young is still very much upset and goes to Soo A. Soo A said that he would only get a reduction in his pay. Soo A tells her it was her own fault for being too stupid not to realize that he would be fired.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are feeling sad after Teacher Yang was fired. While Kim Yeol seems frustrated at how stubborn Yeon Doo was on the matter at first Ha Joon tells him that despite what Kim Yeol says, he’s acting like he did care about Teacher Yang.  Ha Joon states  that he’s glad he helped Yeon Doo try to save Teacher Yang.

Ha Joon goes to visit his father at work and begs him to get Teacher Yang’s job back because he is on the Board Of Educaiton. His father just brushes him off and tells Ha Joon that the was the one who got rid of the petition and he wants Teacher Yang fired.

Yeon Doo’s mom comes to Sevit High to comfort Yeon Doo. Yeon Doo admits to her mom that she did give the interview after all and they talk about how similar they are.  Yeon Doo’s mom tells her that she really only told her not to do it because it was the mom thing to do, but really what she wanted for Yeon Doo was for her to follow her heart no matter what it told her to do. Yeon Doo walks her mom out and they see Kim Yeol who greets them. Yeon Doo informs him that it’s her mom. She tells Yeon Doo that he’s handsome and that she should go out with someone like him.

The next day at cheerleading practice, Yeon Doo is distraught by the whole Teacher Yang situation and Coach Nam tells her it’s a cheerleader’s responsibility not to cheer just for fun, but to cheer others on and to cheer others up. Yeon Doo gets an idea and approaches Jae Young and the other girl from Baek Ho and tells them she needs their help and reminds them about Teacher Yang, knowing that they don’t feel good about the way things turned out. She finds Teacher Yang and makes him promise to show up at the athletic competition and he says he will.

On competition day Kim Yeol sees Yeon Doo pacing alone in the hall. He gives her Vanilla Milk, telling her he wants to be different from from Dong Jae. He then tells Yeon Doo that at first, he found her funny and fun but lately he’s been making her feel all sorts of different emotions. Yeon Doo apologizes and starts to walk away. But then Kim Yeol grabs her into a tight hug and tells her to cheer up. Yeon Doo is shocked by his actions. A member of Real King comes running up to tell them that Teacher Yang is there and they break apart. Kim Yeol seeming quite happy and Yeon Doo quite surprised.They look out in the audience, to see Teacher Yang trying to be unnoticed. The entire team is excited that he’s there. Coach Nam sees him as well and motion him to sit next to her in the front, telling him that’s where he belongs, saying that he’ll be their teacher forever.

The cheer teams gets on stage and performs their cheer routine.  Then when they finish, they pick up signs that they incorporated into their routine. As they flip them over they reveal the messages which read: “Teacher Yang didn’t touch me”, “Please have him come back, he was wrongly accused”, and “Cheer Up! You Have Us!” Teacher Yang sees this and tears well up in his eyes as the students begin to chant his name. Coach Nam is very proud of the team. The cheer team smiles at him and cheers him on except for Soo A who didn’t know it was coming and is furious. She’s not alone as the Principal, Assistant Principal and Soo A’s mother all watch from the audience just as furious. And that’s how this episode ends!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! I really hope Teacher Yang returns because he is a very good teacher and he is the only adult that is trustworthy at the school. Are you watching this drama with me? Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to check out my review on DramaFever and check out my You Tube channel for reviews as well! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!