DramaFever Drama Club Review: Signal Episodes 7 & 8

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another DramaFever Drama Club review for the K – Drama Signal. If you want to know what UnniChan, I thought about this weeks episodes, click here: Episode 7 & 8 . Just in case you missed our previous reviews click here: Episodes 1 & 2 , Episodes 3 & 4 and Episodes 5 & 6. Don’t forget to remember to check out my You Tube Channel for updates and reviews. Let me know what you think of this drama! Leave a comment below and lets chat! Until next time Dramatics, remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Remember Episodes 7 & 8

Hello Dramatics! Are you all eager to hear what CiCi, Drama Debussie and I thought about this weeks episodes of the exciting K Drama Remember? Make sure you check out our review on Episodes 7 & 8 on this exciting intense episode! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to visit my You Tube Channel for more updates!  Also visit DramaFever for our reviews on Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4, and Episodes 5 & 6 Thank you all for your support! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 7

Hello Dramatics and Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time ringing in 2016! I am very excited for this year because a lot of great dramas are premiering soon! I hope to bring you some good ones to talk about. We took a little break because of the holiday and now we are back with a new Episode of Remember. Lets get right into where we last left off.

In the previous episode, Jin Woo in court with the Vice President of Il Ho Life Company, and a witness who said she was assaulted by him. We soon discover that she lied about the entire incident and the Vice President was found not guilty.

In the car, Dong Ho tells Nam Gyu Man that his father was the one responsible for setting up the Vice President. Nam Gyu Man is shocked to hear this news and had no idea this plan was going on under his nose. Dong Ho advises him to lay low and to stay in control of himself.

Dong Ho has dinner with his father figure and he shares that Nam Gyu Man and Jin Woo butted heads earlier. Dong Ho said that he stopped them from fighting and his father figure said he should have stopped Jin Woo. The father figure reminded Dong Ho that no matter how things turn out, the enemy of the Nam family is Dong Ho and himself.

Nam Gyu Man is having dinner with his father and he asks him about the setup on the Vice President. His father said that people are like tools and when they do not work anymore, they get disposed of. He also mentioned that it’s an evil way of becoming president. Outside, Nam Gyu Man tells his sister to be careful hanging out with Jin Woo. She tells him to stay out of her business and she also states that after watching him in court, Jin Woo is caring and sincere.

For saving his life at the trial, the Vice President met with Jin Woo and give him a USB with all of the Il Ho Life financial records. The Vice President said that he will leave the country and concentrate on being a good husband and father to his wife and children. Suddenly, Jin Woo gets a phone call from a tipster who saw his father on the night in question. Jin Woo meets with the man. He tells Jin Woo that he saw his father wondering around the woods holding a bag and it seemed strange to him. He did not report it to Jin Woo earlier because he had an accident, but was unaware that the trial was not over.

Lee In Ah comes to Jin Woo’s office to congratulate him on his law firm. The two talk and she asked Jin Woo about his father. Jin Woo says that he will request an appeal because he has found a witness who will prove his father’s alibi. Suddenly, Jin Woo forgot the girls name. Remember, Jin Woo has this amazing memory and he never forgets anything. I am shocked that he forgot for a moment the name of his friend who died. I hope our Jin Woo does not lose his memory. He is very young and his memory is his super power. We will have to keep a close watch on Jin Woo in future episodes. He tells Lee In Ah he will talk to her later and rushes out the door.

JIn Woo hides the USB in a book in the back of his office. The Office Manager comes in and tells Jin Woo that Lee In Ah is concerned about him and how come he does not come clean with everything to her. He says he does not want to hurt her and that she was the only one who believed in him and his father when the trial started. I wonder what Jin Woo is hiding from Lee In Ah? Perhaps it has something to do with his health or loss of memory.

We see Jin Woo going to the court office to file an appeal for his father’s trial. He sees the original prosecutor from the first trial. The two men exchange words, and Jin Woo tells him this time things will be different in the retrial because he will find the real criminal.

Nam Gyu Man and Dong Ho have a drink together. Nam Gyu Man tells him that something seems fishy about Jin Woo. He wants Dong Ho to investigate Jin Woo and follow him where ever he goes. Dong Ho does not want to do Nam Gyu Man’s dirty work for him and he tells him that incident ended four years ago. Nam Gyu Man insists on having Jin Woo investigated.

We then see the younger judge holding the request for appeal that Jin Woo submitted. He then meets with Dong Ho, Nam Gyu Man, his assistant. The younger judge brings up the fact that four years ago Dong Ho was the attorney on the college student murder case and that it still must be on his mind.  He told the group that Jin Woo filed for an appeal and became a lawyer to save his father.  Nam Gyu Man was not happy about this at all. He told his assistant to make some phone calls and to closely monitor Jin Woo whereabouts.

Lee In Ah visits Jin Woo’s father in jail. She introduces herself as a friend of his son Jin Woo. His father tells Lee In Ah that he does not have a son and he has never heard the name Jin Woo. After seeing how worse he has become, Lee In Ah rushes into the doctors office. She asks him why Jin Woo’s father has not been treated for his condition has gotten worse. She promises him that she will not leave this matter alone and continue to investigate. As she leaves the prison, Lee In Ah sees Jin Woo coming in to visit his father. He asks why is she there to visit his father, and she says she needs to check something and it would be awkward meeting his father because she does not know him.

Jin Woo then gets a text from his Office Manager about his fathers former co worker. This woman took the stand to testify against him She lied and said Jin Woo’s father was hiding something in his room on the night in question. We learn that the woman went to China and came back to Korea for surgery. Jin Woo found her shopping at the grocery store with her daughter. Jin Woo approached her about falsley accusing his father and she would not tell the truth. Jin Woo then sees her daughter and he give her his business card. He tells her if your mother is ready to tell the truth, then have her call me. We also see Nam Gyu Man’s assistant in a nearby car watching everything that has just happened.

Nam Gyu Man is having dinner with Dong Ho, the former judge, and the detective who arrested Jin Woo’s father. Nam Gyu Man updates the men on the appeal that Jin Woo filed in court. The former judge and the detective told Nam Gyu Man if they need help getting rid of Jin Woo they will do it for him. Dong Ho sat there silent with a worried look on his face. At this point I think he is getting tired of Nam Gyu Man and his BS. Dong

Ho and his assistant go to pay a visit to Jin Woo. Jin Woo mentions the retrial of his fathers case. Dong Ho tells him that Nam Gyu Man and his father are above his head and the setup on his father was planned out from the beginning.

Nam Gyu Man is in his fathers office with his assistant. The assistant tells him that he saw Jin Woo with his fathers former co worker. He says what if she is persuaded by Jin Woo and says she  falsely testified. Jin Woo tells him to kill her and if he does not do it, then he needs to find someone who will. His assistant tells him he cannot kill anyone and he cannot hire anyone to kill for him. Nam Gyu Man then grabs a bamboo rod and begins to beat his assistant.

The former judge confronted Lee In Ah and took her off the case because he found out that she went off on the doctor who is supposed to be caring for Jin Woo’s father. The former judge put Lee In Ah on the long running unresolved cases of the last five years as punishment. Lee In Ah tells her boss that she wants to re-investigate the case from four years ago. She knows that Jin Woo’s father is innocent and she is positive she can catch the real culprit.

We see Jin Woo visiting his father’s former co worker who testified against him. He talks to her daughter because he wants to ask her to be a witness at the retrial. He tells her that her mother falsely testified on the witness stand and he knows her testimony was a set up. Jin Woo tells her to relay the message to her mother.

Dong Ho’s father figure walks into Nam Gyu Man’s office to talk. Nam Gyu Man told him because you helped my father with the Vice President’s incident, could you help me. He said he needs help with something and he cannot use his people. The father figure refused his request and was about to leave. Nam Gyu Man threatened to frame Dong Ho.

We then see Dong Ho’s father figure planning to help Nam Gyu Man by hiring someone to kill the former co worker of JIn Woo’s father. We see the woman at home with her daughter when the door bell rings. It’s Nam Gyu Man’s assistant, so the two of them go outside to talk. He began to threaten her to tell the truth about her meeting with Jin Woo.

Jin Woo goes to visit his father in prison. The guard tells him that Lee In Ah came to visit his father and went off on the medical chief. Jin Woo bought his father all of his favorite things to eat. He does not remember Jin Woo at all. Jin Woo tells him that he has filed an appeal for him and to celebrate he bought him food. It’s obvious that in prison they are not feeding him. As he eats, Jin Woo’s father stuffed his mouth with food as if he has not had a meal in months. He asks Jin Woo what kind of person was he. Jin Woo told him he was the best father in the world. His father told Jin Woo to tell his son that he misses him everyday.

At the woman’s house (the one who falsely testified), we see her on the phone with her daughter. Suddenly someone from behind attacks her. Jin Woo gets a text from the woman that says come to my daughters house and I will tell you everything. Jin Woo then rushes over to the house. As he enters, he finds the woman dead on the floor. We then see the detective and some other men say to Jin Woo you are under arrest for murder. So Jin Woo jumps out of the window and runs away with the detective and he men chasing after him. Soon this murder of the woman hits the news and Jin Woo is wanted for murder. Lee In Ah  and Dong Ho both see the news report. The dectictive goes to Jin Woo’s office to look for him. His assistant and Office Manager stall them before they can go through Jin Woo’s things and agree to talk to the police. As they leave, Jin Woo enters his office followed by Lee In Ah. She sees the room in the back of his office where he has been working on solving the case for his father. The two of them talk then Dong Ho enters the office looking for Jin Woo. And that’s where this episode ends.

Wow this was another exciting and intense episode! However,  it looks like our Jin Woo is going to be on the run for a while, accused of murder, and framed by Nam Gyu Man. We will have to see how Jin Woo gets out of this mess Nam Gyu Man created. I am hoping that Dong Ho will come to his senses and help Jin Woo. I already have confidence that Lee In Ah will have his back because she is determined to fight for justice and do what is right. Ok that’s all for now! Remember to visit my You Tube page for updates. Also visit my reviews on DramaFever  here: Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6  That’s all Dramatics! I will see you all soon for the next episode of Remember! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!













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