Korean Drama Preview: Man-Hole: Feels So Good

Hello Dramatics! It’s you favorite Drama Queen back again with another exciting K-Drama Preview. Man-Hole: Feels So Good tells the story of an unemployed man named Bong Pil (Kim Jaejoong) who falls into a manhole by accident and ends up traveling back in time. The stars of Man-Hole: Feels So Good are: JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong as Bong Pil, UEE as Kang Soo Jin, Jung Hye Sung as Jin Seok, and B1A4’s Baro as Jo Suk Tae. Let’s learn a bit more about our characters.


Bong Pil is played by Kim Jae Joong  He’s an unemployed ordinary young man who randomly experiences an extraordinary event in his life during the moment when he needs it. He has a one-sided crush on his long-time best friend named  Kang Soo Jin, so when she announces that she will be getting married soon he feels like the world has fallen apart. Fortunately, he realizes that the manhole functions as a portal to the past,  so he can use it to stop the wedding from happening. The caption on his porter accurately reveals his intention: “You think you can leave me alone and get married to another guy?”

Kim Jae Joong as Bong Pil


Uee is playing Kang Soo Jin, a woman known in their neighborhood for her stunning beauty. She has known Bong Pil for a long time but their relationship as each other’s best friend did not develop into something that Bong Pil has long desired. Her poster reads: “You’ll come to my wedding, right? You’re my one and only best friend.”

UEE as Kang Soo Jin

Playing the second female lead is Jung Hye SungHer character is named Jin Seok, also known as “Sook-prite,” (wordplay on her name and Sprite) the smartest among her group of friends. She seems surprised as well upon hearing Kang Soo Jin’s wedding announcement as the caption on her poster says, “You used to say bullshit about having a blind date! Now you’re saying you’re getting married?”

Jung Hye Sung as Jin Seok

Baro is playinig the role of Jo Suk Tae, Bong Pil’s best friend and an old enemy. He is described as someone who looks kind and shy but he’s actually capable of deceiving other people and betraying his friend with his innocent smile. He says on the poster: “No matter what, I’ll definitely win over you! My life is a success if you are ruined!”

Baro as Jo Suk Tae



Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

As you can tell by the video teasers and posters this drama is bound to leave it’s viewers with tons of laughs and adventure! Man-Hole: Feel So Good is the second time-slip drama of KBS this year after The Best Hit which ended recently. It will premiere on August 9, taking over Seven Day Queen on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am looking forward to watching this exciting drama! Will you be watching? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Remember to follow my You Tube Channel KDramaParadise for Asian Drama and Movie Reviews! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On! Happy Drama Watching Everybody!


K-Drama Preview: Voice

Hello Dramatics! Your favorite Drama Queen is back with another exciting drama preview! I am happy to announce that I will be reviewing the exciting and intense drama Voice for DramaFeverVoice is a intense crime Korean Drama that stars  Jang Hyuk and  Lee Ha Na as two detectives on a mission to track down murderers and save victims lives.

Synopsis (From DramaFever): When two detectives lives are both devastated by the same serial killer, they decide to combine their special skills to track him down, rescue his victims, and make sure justice is served. Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) is a genius voice profiler who uses her heightened sense of hearing to pick up clues other detectives don’t notice. Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) is a “mad dog” former violent crimes detective who is now a police call center dispatcher. Will her unique skills and his raw determination be enough to stop the criminal who murdered her father and his wife before more innocent people are killed?

Check out these amazing teasers:

Teaser #1:


Teaser #2:

Teaser #3:



Her poster reads, “Just by hearing, I can see. I will catch that sound.”


His poster reads, “You guys don’t know me yet…that I’m a mad dog.”




Judging by the posters and trailer this is drama is bound to keep viewers on the edge of ther seats!  Voice premiers on DramaFever Janurary 16th 2017. Are you as excited as I am to watch? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Remember I will be reiewing this drama for DramaFever so check back here for me reviews!  Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for Asian Drama reviews and much more. Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!