K – Drama Review: Blood Episode 5

Hello Dramatics! Guess who’s back bringing you yet another K Drama review! A lot went on in Episode 5 of Blood. Lets not waste any time and jump right into what happened!

Lee Jae Wook and Park Ji Sang are in the surgery room at the same time. We then flash back to see how Park Ji Sang evaded the police. He ended up getting into a fight with them, knocks them out cold, and runs away back to the hospital. As Park Ji Sang starts the surgery, Lee Jae Wook goes upstairs to watch. He has this look on his face as if to say “How in the hell did this kid keep on surviving the fight?” The leader from the Drug Development goes into the patients room and injects a liquid into their IV drip as the are sleeping. As Park Ji Sang competes the surgery he begins get a bit dizzy. Ri Ta asks him if he is OK and she is even to finish the surgery if he can not continue. He assures he is OK and continues yet another successful surgery.

After the surgery, Park Ji Sang encounters the patient’s little boy who thanks him for saving his mother. Park Ji Sang tells the little boy to continue to be brave no matter what happeneds to your mother. At this point Park Ji Sang is reflecting on when he lost his mother and he too had to be brave.

Park Ji Sang also confronts Lee Jae Wook who is upset because he was very late to the surgery. Park Ji Sang tells him that  he had to attend to a personal matter. Lee Jae Wook told him never to let this happen again. Back in his office, Park Ji Sang is reflecting on the street fight he was in earlier with Lee Jae Wook’s assistants. Ri Ta enters the office and asks Park Ji Sang for an explanation on his lateness. He also tells her that it’s a personal matter and he does not have to explain himself to anybody.

Park Ji Sang then gets a call from his roommate, Joo Hyun Woo, telling him to come home quickly. He has something important he wants to share with him. It appears that Park Ji Sang is immune to the chemicals that was in the injection that Lee Jae Wook’s assistants tried to kill him with. In other words, nothing can kill Park Ji Sang. While Joo Hyun Woo is excited about this news, it makes Park Ji Sang sad. He explains that he is the worlds strongest who is infected and he will never become human.

We then see Park Ji Sang flashing back talking to his mother. Park Ji Sang told his mother that he could no longer hold in his urges. He stated that the wanted to kill a human and he killed the deer he was taking care of. His mother told him he does have the ability to control his urges and that in fact he is human. Park Ji Sang disagrees and says he always has urges to kill everything around him, he always has rising blood pressure, and he has to take medicine because if he sees blood he would want to kill someone.

Ri Ta watches the news about two police officers who were assaulted the night before. On the surveillance camera we see two of the officers on the ground and someone fleeing the scene. The person who is running away is Park Ji Sang. Ri Ta then notices this by the clothes he was wearing. They are similar clothes that Park Ji Sang was wearing when she visited him in his office. She then takes out her camera and takes a picture of him, but his face was not shown. Only the back of his head.

Park Ji Sang and Joo Hyun Woo see the news report as well. Park Ji Sang wants to ask him something as he flashes back to the surgery where he had a dizzy spell. Park Ji Sang asks him where the pills that he takes are. Joo Hyun Woo tells him and he goes upstairs to retrieve them.

In the next scene, we see Ri Ta taking to the other doctors about Park Ji Sang’s lateness to the surgery. The other doctors are not happy about this at all and Ri Ta files a disciplinary action report on him.

We then see a flashback of Lee Jae Wook talking to his mentor who is also a doctor. They are arguing over some research that needs to be done for a virus. The mentor says that he will not share anything him. This makes Lee Jae Wook very angry and he starts to change: His eyes turn green, His skin gets pale, His nails begin to grow, and He begins to grow fangs in his teeth. He told his mentor that he has been injecting himself with the virus they have been working on without his permission. Lee Jae Wook ends up chocking and killing his mentor. For some reason I thought that Lee Jae Wook was born with the virus to turn him into a vampire just as Park Ji Sang was. So for me watching this scene take place really shocked me that the would betray his mentor. However, he is a villain, and a good villain will often betray anyone for their own self worth.

The doctor who is the spy looks into Park Ji Sang’s file and sees a picture of him as a young boy with his mother and Lee Jae Wook. We then see Park Ji Sang and Ri Ta have a conversation and he asks her why did she cover for him to Lee Jae Wook. As we see a flashback to Park Ji Sang in the ER mumbling about not wanting his mom to die, Ri Ta says that she felt sorry for him because he is sick. As Park Ji Sang walks down the hallway, he notices more secutity camers, and a greater presence of security officers.

Ri Ta walks into to check up on a patient and sees the leader of the Drug Development team talking his blood sample. Remember, this is the same person who injected him with something in his IV drip. Ri Ta immediately confronts the Drug Development leader and says to her who gives you the right to take blood from patients without permission. She says the chairman of the hospital, Yoo Suk Joo (Ri Ta’s uncle), and director (Lee Jae Wook). The secretary to the chairman comes in on the last part of the conversation. and asks the Drug Development leader to apologize to Ri Ta. Just then, Park Ji Sang says to Ri Ta that there is something strange about the ward they are in. He is really nervous about the increased amount of security there. Ri Ta then goes and confronts her uncle about the leader of the Drug Development team taking blood from patients, and he told her he gave permission to her.

Park Ji Sang is checking on his patient and he notices a bruise on his arm. He takes a picture of the bruise and goes to his office to look up more information about it. He also asks the doctor who is the spy about the bruise. He says it’s from an infection. As Park Ji Sang leaves, the spy doctor continues to look into Park Ji Sang’s file.

The patients begin to feel effects of the medicine that was injected into their IV drip. Ri Ta notices the patient getting up out of his bed and into the medicine room. He is about to drink Rubbing Alcohol when Ri Ta stops him. She immediately orders that the patient be moved into isolation. Park notices something strange about the blood from the patients tube and he begins to feel effects and change. He rushes back into his room and takes a pill to fight off the urge. Park Ji Sang then goes back home and has a conversation with Joo Hyun Woo about the virus project that could possible cure him and make him fully human. Joo Huyn Woo does not want to make this virus because if he goes through with it, he will be human for a few days and he will die. Joo Hyun Woo is very close to Park Ji Sang and he does not want to lose his friend. I really enjoy the bond that these two characters have with on another. Joo Hyun Woo is like the brother Park Ji Sang never had.

The spy doctor then checks in on the patient with the bruise on his arm, only to notice that it has disappeared. The patient tells him that a nurse came in and took seven to eight vials of blood from him. The doctor goes back into his office to talk to Park Ji Sang about this. A nurse comes in with vials of blood and she slips and the vials of blood crash to the floor and break. The spy doctor asks the nurse if the blood was normal or infected. She said it is normal. Park Ji Sang can see that the blood is infected. He immediately runs out of the room.

We then notices a security guard running really fast down the hall. The patient who tried to drink Rubbing Alcohol has gone insane. He is fighting off the staff with and IV stand and he is rambling on about wanting alcohol. Park Ji Sang sees this and he says to the patient that he will give him alcohol. The patient begins to calm down, but just as the nurse was about to grab him the patient freaked out and cut himself with a scalpel. Park Ji Sang sees the blood and begins to get dizzy just as he did before in surgery. The patient then yells “I’m going to kill you all!” and he charges at Ri Ta. Park Ji Sang jumps in front of her and he gets cut on his cheek with the scalpel. The cut on his cheek begins to naturally heal himself as he covers up the cut with his hand so no one will see. And that’s where this episode 5 ends.

Wow this was a great episode! I look forward on what’s to come in the next episode. I have a feeling that Ri Ta might have got a glimpse of his cut and will be curious about it. We will have to wait until next time! Are you watching this drama? Let me know what you think about it so far! Don’t forget to catch me on my You Tube Channel and on DramaFever Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Blood Episode 4

Hello Dramatics! Are you ready for another exciting episode of Blood? Episode 4 of this drama had a lot of things going on! Lets not waist anymore time and jump right into the action.

Park Ji Sang gets into a fight with the Head Vampire’s assistants. He is double teamed and one injects him with a needle in his neck from behind. He takes the needle out of his neck and falls to the ground. But then suddenly without hesitation, he gets back up on his feet and runs after them. He tries to fight them off again, but he is very weak from the injection. We then see the Head Vampire getting a call from his assistants telling him what they have done to Ji Sang. The Head Vampire then congratulates them on a job well done.

Ri Ta is in surgery while this is going on. When she leaves the hospital, but before she leaves she chews out the new employee for giving a patient the wrong medicine, bringing the first year doctor to tears. Ri Ta then goes out to her car, she sees Ji Sang lying in the middle of the street. He is cold as she tries to check his pulse and she thinks he is dead. She calls out for help and gets Ji Sang into the ER to check his vitals.

While checking his blood pressure, heart rate and such, Ri Ta is about to inject him with a needle and he immediately wakes up and asks “What are you doing?” ” What Did You Do To Me?” Ri Ta says all she did was check his blood pressure and heart rate. Ji Sang then gets up and walks out of the hospital as if nothing has happened to him.

The Head Vampire is talking to one of his assistants about Ji Sang. He says that Ji Sang is acting like a human instead of a vampire. He has totally forgotten who he is and what he is. He is trying to live as a human just like his parents did when they were alive.

Meanwhile, back at Ji Sang’s apartment, LUVVY the robot checks his vitals and it reads that his blood pressure is very high and it needs to be lowered. Ji Sang tells his roommate to test the chemicals in the needle that he was shot with. The roommate then tells Ji Sang that who ever did this to you is infected and they are using the same method to try to kill you as they did your mother. Remember in Episode 1 Ji Sang’s mother was killed in a similar manner with an injection of something that killed her instantly by the Head Vampire’s assistants. Then we see the roommate give Ji Sang a little white box with two little tubes of liquid in them.

The next day, Ji Sang asks the head of security about the cameras in the hospital. He asks did he see anything suspicious in or around his room. The guard says that there has not been any problems and he has not seen anything suspicious. We then see the security officer talking to the Head Vampire about Ri Ta bringing Ji Sang to the ER the night before. The Head Vampire is very curious to why Ji Sang was in the hospital. He should have been dead according to him because of the injection his assistants shot him with. How in the world did JI Sang survive that injection?

Ji Sang is napping in his office and Ri Ta comes in and just as she is about to check his pulse, he wakes up and catches her in the act. The look on her face is priceless as if she just got caught stealing cookies out of the cookie jar. She runs out of the room and down the hall. Then all of a sudden we see Ji Sang appearing right in front of her. She asks him how did you teleport so fast here? They have a conversation and Ji Sang tells her to stay out of his way and to stop bothering him. He even eluded that she is following him becasues she likes him. Of course she denies it. The truth is I think she does like him a lot. She is just acting kind rude to hide her true feelings aobut him. It’s like a true love/hate relationship between these two. I have a feeling before long, they will end up in some kind of romance.

A group of nurses are having a conversation at the front desk when a woman appears. She is the one we saw in the underground hospital in the previous episode. She introduces herself as So Hy Ri, Drug Development Team Leader. She then demands the password to gain access to a particular ward in the hospital. The Head Secretary eavesdrops on this conversation and hears everything. She then goes to a doctor and asks him to keep a eye on the Drug Development Team. The secretary knows something fishy is going on because this team does not share what they are doing with anyone. Well the doctor refused to be a spy for her. He says this is your problem and you are responsible for bringing this team here. He also goes on to say he is offended by the team even being in the hospital to begin with. She then tries to blackmail him by promising to submit a proposal for him if he helps. The said he would have to think about it. The doctor then exits the office and down the hall where he looks into the window of the Drug Department to see what they are doing.

Ji Sang then enters a room of one of his patients and Sister Sylvia is in there praying for a very sick patient. Sister Sylvia is a nun who is very close to Ri Ta. She is in fact like a mother figure to her. A little girl is in the room with them and she is very scared that her father is going to die. As Ji Sang leaves the room, the little girl runs after him and begs him to save her father and to not let him die.

After that, we see another patient being bought in who is in need of a liver transplant. As usual the doctors have a meeting before going into this surgery. The Head Vampire is in this meeting of course and insists that Ji Sang do the surgery once again. It’s obvious the Head Vampire is setting Ji Sang up for failure. The other doctors in the meeting know it too because as they leave they have a conversation and says that he is screwing over Ji Sang.

Later after the meeting we see Ri Ta and Ji Sang having a conversation about the surgery that will take place soon. Ji Sang asks Ri Ta to join him in completing the surgery. As they are talking the Head Vampire comes in and asks Ji Sang if he was in the ER last night and he wants to do a medical examination on him. Ri Ta lies for him and says that he was in the ER because he was drinking a lot the night before. I was happy to see Ri Ta stick up for him. She has been acting very cocky towards him before. By having his back it shows that she does care for him even if it is a little bit.

Ji Sang goes back in to check on a patient and he sees the patiens daughter holding her hand and crying as she says “Please don’t die.” Seeing this reminds him of his mother and we see a flash back of Ji Sang holding his mothers hand saying the same words as she is slowly dying.

The patient that needs a liver transplant has a donor. Some of the doctors, including Ri Ta go to the ambulance to do the surgery on the patient with the good liver. This patient is in a hospital across town. The other half of the team stay at he hospital to tend to the patient who needs the liver. Just as Ji Sang is going into surgery, the Head Vampire stops him and says I need for you to do me a favor. He asks Ji Sang to go with Ri Ta to the other hospital instead of doing the surgery. Ji Sang agrees, and he goes in the ambulance.

While in the ambulance, Ji Sang gets a text from someone that says “Congratulations for surviving it for the first time.” Now at this point we do not know what this means. Ji Sang does not know what this means either because he simply ignores it and continues on doing his job.

The Head Vampire is talking on the phone to his assistants and he says because Ji Sang received the Congratulations Text, they can go on with the plan. Meanwhile in the surgery room, the patient almost dies. He is really in need of the liver transplant and fast. The roommate of Ji Sang finds out what was in the needle that he got injected with and we come to find out that he was injected with the same thing that killed his mother. Here is the thing….when his mother was injected….she died instantly. When Ji Sang got injected…..he did not die….he survived. That’s where that text came from. I think the text came from the Head Vampires Assistants!

Across the street from the hospital Ji Sang sees the Head Vampires assistants and he chases after them. A fight soon breaks out and once again it’s two against one. Meanwhile we go back into the surgery room of the patient that almost flat lined. No one in the room can perform the surgery. They all freeze and stand around as if they are first year doctors not knowing what to do. Ri Ta and her team come in the room with the organ and since no one can perform the surgery they immediately call the Head Vampire and Ji Sang. Neither of them answer the phone because Ji Sang is fighting off the assistants and the Head Vampire is not taking his calls on purpose.

We go back to the fight that Ji Sang is having in the street with the assistants. One of the assitants shines a UV flashlight in his eyes. But this has no effect on Ji Sang because he has contact lenses in. Remember the little white box that his roommate gave him? Well in that box was special contact lenses that deflect UV rays. So if the UV light comes into his eyes he will not burn him. The roommate is a very smart young man. I really like how he takes care of Ji Sang and he comes up with a lot of clever ways to assist him in keeping the assistants away. After the light is shone in his eyes, this makes Ji Sang very angry. He then begins to change. His nails get longer, his skin gets pale, his eyes become bloodshot, his teeth began to grow fangs. After he changes, the fight between these three vampires continue until the police arrive to break up the ruckus. There are a total of four police officers, two in front of Ji Sang and two behind him. The two that are in front of him get beat up by the assistants and they run off. As Ji Sang begins to run away the police officers behind him order him not ot move or they will shoot. He cannot turn arond to look at the police officers because he is still changed into a vampire. If he were to turn around he would be instantly shot to death.

Back in the surgery room, Ri Ta is there to take over the surgery. Just as she is about to start, Ji Sang enters the room and so does the Head Vampire. How did Ji Sang get to the hospital so fast? He was surrounded by police officers a mere few minutes ago! Somehow he evaded them just in time to get to the surgery.

Well my fellow Dramatics, this is where Episode 4 ends. I hope you stay with me to find out what happens in Episode 5. So far I can say that I am really enjoying this drama. I really like the acting and the action of the fight scenes. And I must mention that I am in love with the handsome villain: The Head Vampire. I really like his character and Ji Jin Hee is an amazing actor. Ok let me stop fangirling over the villan. Don’t forget you can also watch my review of this episode on my You Tube Channel here: Episode 4 Thank you all for reading! If you are enjoying this drama please leave a comment and let me know what you think. In the meantime: Keep Calm And Drama On!