Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun Coming Soon In Live Action

Hello Dramatics and welcome back! It’s your favorite Drama Queen here with some exciting news for anime fans! Have you  read the manga Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun?


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Or have you seen the anime Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun?


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The anime and manga Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun (My Little Monster) will be getting its own live-action adaptation in 2018! This fan favorite is a romantic comedy with a good story and hilarious characters.

The Story

Haru Yoshida is a high school student. He is viewed as a problem child with unpredictable behavior. He also doesn’t have any friends.


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Shizuku Mizutani is a high school student who studies too much. She is very cold and also doesn’t have any friends.


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Haru Yoshida and Shizuku Mizutani sit next to each other in class. One day, small thing happens which causes Haru Yoshida to have feelings for Shizuku Mizutani. He then confesses to her about how he feels.

This live adaption of the well received manga and anime is originally written by Robico.

The Cast

Masaki Suda as Haru Yoshida


Tsuchiya Tao as Shizuku Mizutani


Yuki Furukawa as Yuuzan Yoshida


Hamabe Minami as Chizuru Oshima


Hayami Mokomichi as Mitsuyoshi Misawa


Ikeda Elaiza as Asako Natsume


Sano Gaku as Sohei Sasahara


Yamada Yuki as Kenji Yamaguchi


Photo Source: AsianWiki


Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun also known as My Little Monster, will release on April 27, 2018. Are you excited?

Watch the anime Tonari No Kaibutsu on  Crunchyroll

Are you excited for the live action version of this series? What do you think about the cast? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On! Happy Drama Watching!

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T – Drama Preview: (我的極品男友) Better Man

Hello Dramatics! Your Drama Queen is back once again with a new segment called You Should Be Watching.  Since a lot of my friends and subscribers love and trust my drama reviews, the premise is for me to give a preview and  recommendation of  Asian Dramas for you to watch and enjoy. For my first segment I would like to talk about the Taiwanese Drama: Better Man.


Jolin Chien as Yang Zhen Kai

He is twenty-eight years old and the youngest son who is a perfectionist and extremely meticulous in everything he does. He is very straightforward and unabashedly blunt when talking, and he can be hurtfully rude by not giving other people face, making them feel inferior and ashamed. After returning from abroad, his father assigns him the position of CEO.  Starting out as two bickering opponents, he meets his match and falls in love with an older woman who challenges his long held principles and habits.



Tender Huang as Yang Zhen Hao

He is thirty-three years old and the middle brother. He works in the entertainment industry and also has a side job as a fitness instructor. Outwardly, he seems carefree, loves freedom, and embraces life. He actually is very considerate towards others. He has a special talent with a superb memory and enhanced reading abilities since he was young. He surpasses everyone on memory and reading speed. But he does not care much about women. One day he starts to pay attention to one girl who is in poor physical condition and does not understand sports at all.


Lin Yo Wei as Yang Zhen Wei

The eldest son of the Yang family, a forty old who works hard at expanding a catering chain. A mature, earnest workaholic, he has little experience with women and has stayed single. Those around him thinks he likes men. Until one proactive, active, and courageous woman caught his attention and managed to get near him. Little by little after meeting her, be begins to open up but will they be able to over come the eighteen year age gap?



Synopsis From Viki:

The Yang brothers have it all — good looks, brains and family background. But each shuns romantic entanglements for his own reasons. Yang Zhen Wei (Lin Yo Wei) is the workaholic oldest brother who only has his mind set on expanding his catering business. Yang Zhen Hao (Tender Huang) is the middle brother who works in the entertainment industry and as a fitness instructor. Yang Zhen Kai (Jolin Chien) is the meticulous youngest brother who has been given the position of CEO of the family empire. How will the brothers handle their emotions when they each meet a woman who turns their perfect worlds upside down? “Better Man” is a 2016 Taiwanese drama series.

This drama looks very interesting because of the storyline. I am curious to see how the story plays out between all of the brothers. I think this is a drama you should watch because of the very interesting and romantic story and the handsome cast as well. If you are in the mood for a romantic drama give Better Man a chance and let me know what you think. Remember to watch and subscribe to  my You Tube Channel for more updates. Also don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for all of your Asian Drama updates and recommendations.  Well Dramatics that’s all for now! I will chat with you all next time with the next review! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!






K – Drama Review: Signal

Hello Dramatics! I am back with a mini preview of the K – Drama Signal. I will be reviewing this drama for the DramaFever Drama Club. I am very excited to be reviewing this drama. This drama is an spin off or remake of the drama Gap Dong and of the movie Memories of Murder. This drama is based off of true events that happened in South Korea of a serial murderer who raped and killed 10 women between 1986-1991. The premise of Signal is that detectives of the modern times are communicating with detectives of the late 1980s and early 1990s to solve this murder and catch the culprit.

From DramaFever:

Signal (시그널)

Starring Lee Je Hoon and Kim Hye Soo

Inspired by a real series of grisly rapes and murders from 1986-1991, detectives from the past and present tap into a mysterious walkie talkie signal that allows them to work together across time. With hindsight and foresight on their side, can these detectives catch the depraved culprit, or are 10 women—including a 71-year-old grandmother and 13-year-old girl—forever lost?
Here is the amazing leading cast of Signal:
Lee Je hoon as Park Hae Young
Kim Hye Soo as Cha Soo Hyun
Signal 3
Jo Jin Woong as Lee Jae Han
Here is a six minute preview of Signal:
Signal premiers on DramaFever on January 22, 2016. I will be reviewing this drama here on my blog and on my You Tube Channel so make sure to check them out and let me know what you think. Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!