K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 12

Hello Dramatics! Sadly this is our last Cheer Up! Episode. I am very sad this has to come to an end.  So without further adieu lets recap this final episode.

When we last left off Kim Yeol had confronted Ha Joon about quitting the cheerleading team, accusing him of quitting because of Yeon Doo. Ha Joon lies and says that he’s right. Even though he likes Yeon Doo he’s only quitting to save the cheerleading team from his father.

After his talk with Kim Yeol, Ha Joon gets mad and punches a mirror. Yeon Doo finds him and is concerned about his hand, which just makes things more difficult for Ha Joon. He keeps trying to forget her, but she keeps being  kind to him. Kim Yeol can’t stand things being weird between him and Ha Joon so the next day he goes and finds him and tells him that he’s just as important to him as Yeon Doo is and Ha Joon tells her that he’ll get over Yeon Doo.
Soo A’s mom comes to visit her at school and Soo A tells her things are going well in her life and to stay out of it. But her mom was there to see the principal as the two of them both are under investigation by the Board Of Education. The other moms teamed up against them and verified that they were stacking specs. As a result,  the Board Of Education decides to disband the cheer team. They find out about this by an announcement posted in the common room. Coach Nam and Teacher Yang are furious. They go to the principal’s office to beg her to save the cheer club only to learn she’s been fired and the Assistant Principal has become the Interim Principal.
Because the cheerleading team is being disbanded, it also means that the Coach Nam has been fired as well. The cheer team is sad to see her go. Through the time they spent together, it was her that turned them from a bunch of foes to a group of friends, but she leaves with a smile on her face and tells them how proud of them she is. Ha Joon finds out that even though he quit the cheer club, they were still disbanded and he is furious with his dad. He goes to confront his dad, but his dad just scoffs at him and tells him that it was for his own good. Yeon Doo knows that everyone expects her to have the right answer, but she doesn’t. She’s followed her heart up until this point, but there is no clear path for their group to take this time. The group all discuss how even though they were forced to do cheerleading at first, they grew to love it and more importantly each other. They still want to do the cheer competition, but know that they would be risking getting in a lot of trouble if they did.
As always Teacher Yang offers some wise advice to his students, knowing how much distress they’re going through.
To prevent Ha Joon from causing trouble, his dad has locked him in his room at home. Kim Yeol goes to check on Ha Joon and can tell that something strange is going on. Kim Yeol does not believe this so he goes and talks to Ha Joon’s dad about being mean to his son. Yeon Doo feels a little down and it’s Soo A who takes notice and takes the time to talk to her and encourage her. She tells Yeon Doo not to give up and tells her that she’ll help her with whatever decision she makes.
The next day Yeon Doo assembles the cheer team and tells them that she can’t make the decision for them as to whether they want to compete or not. She announces that she will be at the competition a half an hour early waiting and whoever shows up will go on stage and perform. But tells them to not judge the others if they don’t show up; everyone should make their own choice and respect the others’. The thing is, if even one person doesn’t show up, they can’t perform.
Worried about Ha Joon and not wanting him to be left out, Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol go and retrieve him from his apartment where he’s locked in. They pull the fire alarm and the maid has no choice but to let him out. They run away, but his father finds out and is there waiting when they get to the auditorium where the competition is held.  Ha Joon stands up to his father telling him that he’s going to compete whether he likes it or not. His father tries to hit him, but Ha Joon stops him. Ha Joon tells his father that he made him feel worthless and hate himself, but he’s not going to let that happen anymore. That he’s not going to hate himself because of his father and rather is going to start loving himself.
When Yeon Doo gets to the auditorium a minute after she said she was going to be there, she’s disappointed that no one is there. Then they all come running in. Because she was late they thought she wasn’t coming and ran around looking for her.  They go to register only to find out that their registration was cancelled and therefore it’s too late.  We think they’re out of luck until Coach Nam shows up, somehow knowing her students would be there. She gets on her knees and begs the officials to let them compete, which he seems to agree after enough begging.

It doesn’t take long for the cheerleading team to realize that they are far from the best team there. There are teams that are professional level and have been competing for a long time, but it doesn’t bother them when they remember that they came to have fun as a team.

They get up to perform and the sneering and whispers from the crowd are audible even on stage after their spec-stacking scandal. But Teacher Yang who is in the crowd cheers them on at the top of their lungs and they’re visibly encouraged. They give their performance their all and put all of their heart into it and end their performance with their signature signs.

 Later, when the cheer team is back at school we find out that they got last place.  They may have lost the competition, but what they won so much more. Ha Joon confesses to Yeon Doo that he does like her because she noticed and cared for him when he needed it, but that he doesn’t want anything from her and that she doesn’t have to feel bad because he’s grateful to have her in his life. If it wasn’t enough that things remained cool between Ha Joon and Yeon Doo, things with Ha Joon and Kim Yeol are also cool. They don’t let liking the same woman come between them at all and are just as close as always.
Things end absolutely perfectly with this drama. Ha Joon’s dad is investigated and gets a restraining order issued against him, Soo A’s mom is investigated for corruption as well but she and Soo A become close and they learn to lean on each other in times of trouble. The Assistant Principal loses his principal position almost as soon as he gets it. Soo A started stealing Yeon Doo’s strawberry milk from Dong Jae maybe a possible love connection there.  Yeon Doo’s mom and Kim Yeol’s dad resumed their relationship but Yeon Doo and Kim  Yeol are still together too. Kim Yeol is trying to figure out how to get his family registration switched over to his mom’s side so that he and Yeon Doo won’t be related on paper.
And the cheer team is as close as ever. They spend all their time together be it in class or after. Essentially, they are the 13 best friends that any ever had. There could seriously not be a better ending for these characters that I grew to love.

Well, sadly that’s where we leave Cheer Up! This will be on of my Top 10 K Dramas of all time list for sure. I really enjoyed this drama a lot. Any thoughts or comments on the finale? Let me know what you think. Remember to check out my You Tube Channel for updates. Also check out my reviews on this drama on DramaFever: Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6 Episodes 7 & 8 Episodes 9 & 10 Episodes 11 & 12 Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 11

Hello Dramatics! We’re down to the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and it’s almost time to  say goodbye to these characters. Lets get into what happened in Episode 11.

Soo A is happy that her friends from the cheer team wish for her to return and send her a video telling her how much they miss her. They forgive Soo A for everything that she’s done and they want to go back to being a team like before. Soo A finally has finally forgiven them.  She tells her mom that she’s sick of being the villain and she’s going to live a more positive life from now on.

She returns to school where everyone welcomes her with open arms and are very excited to have her back and she seems very glad to be back.  Yeon Doo becomes anxious because while her and  Kim Yeol are dating now and he has not made a move since the hospital.  Kim Yeol does have a plan up his sleeve,  but first he tells Ha Joon that he’s dating Yeon Doo. Then he plans a romantic movie night for him and Yeon Doo in one of the classrooms.

The students go home for a short break and Kim Yeol is excited to walk Yeon Doo home, but an  awkward encounter happens when they approach Yeon Doo’s house. Both of their parents are there holding hands. Both couples are shocked and don’t know how to take this.  BothKim  Yeol’s dad and Yeon Doo’s mom lie and say there’s nothing going on, but the kids know the truth. Kim Yeol goeds back to school to find Ha Joon never left. He confides about his dad and Yeon Doo’s’ mom. Ha Joon then finds Yeon Doo who he knows is struggling with the same thing and tells her to follow her heart. Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo decide that they need to stay together no matter what, so Kim Yeol meets with Yeon Doo’s mom and vice versa and they tell their parents that they are dating. Meanwhile Ha Joon’s dad has gotten word that the cheerleading club is going to be investigated and demands that Ha Joon quit. Yeon Doo finds Ha Joon after his father beats him and he loses his self-control for a minute and holds onto Yeon Doo. Up until this point he’d shown her no indication that he liked her.

Kim Yeol sees this from a distance and is upset, but Kim Yeol comes to take care of Ha Joon and his wounds.  Yeon Doo thinks that he just acted strange because he was in pain.  Ha Joon makes an agreement with his father to quit the cheerleading club, if his father promises to make sure it doesn’t get destroyed.

The next day at practice the team finds out he quit and Kim Yeol goes looking for him immediately. When he finds him he demands to know if Ha Joon quit because of Yeon Doo. And that’s where our episode ends.

Tell me what you all think about this episode! As usual you can check out my updates on my You Tube Channel. Also don’t for get to follow my reviews on DramaFever: Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6 Episodes 7 & 8 Episodes 9 & 10 Episodes 11 & 12

Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!


K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 10

Hello Dramatics! I am back once again with another episode of Cheer Up! We are now on episode 10! Let’s jump right in and see what happened to our students at Sveit High.

When we left our students, Soo A had just pushed Yeon Doo down the stairs and Kim Yeol grabbed Yeon Doo to save her from getting  hurt.  They both were rushed to the hospital after Kim Yeol lay there unconscious. Kim Yeol is not hurt very badly. Both Yeon Doo and Ha Joon wait for him to wake up and when he does Yeon Doo is there. She tells him she’ll get back at him for putting her through what he did and when he asks how, she kisses him on the cheek. Kim Yeol responds by kissing her back passionately.  Ha Joon then shows up and sees everything. He is very heartbroken. Soo A, scared about what she’s done. She is waiting outside the hospital and calls to learn of Kim Yeol’s condition. When she finds out he’s going to be okay, she cries tears of gratitude. Yeon Doo calls Dong Jae to fill him in on Kim Yeol’s condition and to get a little best friend advice.

Kim Yeol’s dad shows up at the hosptial with Yeon Doo’s mom who decides to leaves at the last minute. If she would have stayed, she would have found Yeon Doo in  Kim Yeol’s hospital room. Yeon Doo gives Kim Yeol and his dad some space to talk.

 Soo A talks to her mother to confess everything she has done. She’s expecting that when her mother realizes how far she has gone,  she says she will do something about it.  Instead, her mother tells her she will cover everything up and ensure that she’s still able to go to a good school. Soo A is horrified by this realization that her mother doesn’t even care about all the horrible things she’s done.  Soo A also realizes how hated she is by everyone else and doesn’t see a way out.
Yeon Doo is having difficulty thinking about forgiving Soo A at this point. She still hopes for her redemption, but feels that there’s nothing more that she can do for her. Soo A comes to the point where she realizes how evil she’s become and that she needs to apologize. She writes and apology note to Soo A and goes to the hosptial to give it to her. When she gets there, the whole cheer team is in Kim Yeol’s room so she leave it on the door.

Soo A sees Dong Jae and asks him a favor. Together, the two go out and spend some time at the arcade having fun together. She seems to genuinely enjoy herself and wonders why she never did something like this before. She regrets wasting her life studying when it did nothing but turn her into an awful person.

When Yeon Doo finds the note Soo A left she’s worried. It appears to be a goodbye note and she thinks that Soo A is going to do something drastic. The cheer team sets out to look for her. Yeon Doo calls Dong Jae who tells her that she just left and she seemed fine, but upon rethinking her behavior he’s worried too. Soo A’s mom gets the call that what seems like Soo A’s  suicide note was found and she is absolutely terrified.

 We find Soo A, on a busy road about to walk out into traffic.  Yeon Doo and  Kim Yeol see her from a distance, but can’t get to her as she steps out onto the road. She’s in the middle of the street and a car is coming up fast.
 Soo A stares into the headlights when Dong Jae comes and pulls her out of the way of the car and hugs her. Without thinking, he has overcome his phobia and saved Soo A’s life.
The cheer team is horrified at themselves for treating Soo A in such a way as to make her want to kill herself. Even though Soo A did awful things herself, they regret sending out the video and treating her so coldly.  They wait anxiously to hear if she’s okay, but as she’s recovering her mother won’t allow any visitors. So the team records a video of themselves telling Soo A they miss her and asking her to come back. The episode ends as she watches the video from her hospital bed smiling.
Let me know what you think about this episode! Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more updates! Until then Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!



DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 11 & 12

Hello Dramatics! Have you been watching our students at Sevit High?  These are the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and I hope you all enjoyed this drama just as much as I did!  Check out what June, Logan, and I thought about the final episodes of this amazing drama! What did you all think of the outcome?  I would like to know what you think! Also check out my reviews on my You Tube channel! Just in case you missed my last reviews on DramaFever you can check out Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6  Episodes 7 & 8  and Episodes 9 & 10 Also check me out on Seoulwave where I do K – Drama reviews as well! I will see you all in the next drama! Take care Dramatics!  Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up Episode 3

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there! Are you as excited as I am for another  Episode of Cheer Up? Lets not waste any time and dive right into Episode 3.

When we left off Yeol approached Yeon Doo and asked her to join the cheerleading team with him. Yeon Doo refused because she now knows that Soo A manipulating everything. Myself personally, I would want to know why Yeol changed his mind all of a sudden. I would want to hear his explanation out of pure curiosity.

Later we see Yeon Doo hanging out a couple of members of the Real Kings. Then Soo A enters with two former members of Real KIngs that left to join Baek Ho. The former members stand there looking guilty as Soo Ah confronts Yeon Doo. Soo A says to the Real Kings that they should join her squad because she will help them with their training.  Yeon Doo and the remaining members of Real Kings just walk away from her. In the background we see Kim Yeol who has heard the entire conversation.

Later we see Kim Yeol, having a conversation with Soo Ah and asks how she got the members to join and she tells him that she didn’t have to do anything. They just decided to join her. Kim Yeol later finds out that they had a choice: Either join the Baek Ho cheerleading squad, or get kicked out of the dorm. Kim Yeol tries once again to persuade Yeon Doo to join cheerleading, but she ignores him. In class, the teacher begins giving out punishments for those who went over 15 penalty points. Kim Yeol reveals all of the rules he broke for the week and he gets a penalty. He then tattles on  Yeon Doo for leaving the campus without permission at night. As a result, they serve their punishment together by crushing milk cartons.

Kim Yeol has a goal to convince Yeon Doo to do cheerleading with him by the end of their punishment. Kim Yeol asks one of her friends from Real Kings to meet him. The friend doesn’t know Yeon Doo is there with him, so when he comes to meet, he has his luggage with him. We find out that he also got threatened but still decided not to join the opposing group. Kim Yeol is shocked to see that Yeon Doo knows about all of the Real Kings getting removed from the dorm. Yeon Doo begins to cry as she feels very bad to see her friends struggle. but her pride is way more important. I am surprised that Yeon Doo chose her pride over her friends. It shows a lot about her character I think. Does this make her selfish? In my opinion I don’t think it does. Every one of her friends had to make choices as well. But she had to sacrifice something that is very important to her.

Kim Yeol lets her cry for a while until they realize they have to get back to the dorm before they are locked out for the night.. Ha Joon throws a rope down for them to climb up. Yeol offers his hand to help her up if she joins the cheerleading club, but she refuses. Kim Yeol begins to climb up only to climb back down to her Yeon Doo. They get inside Kim Yeol’s room and we see his room mates Dong Jae, and Ha Joon. Ha Joon begins to stall the teacher so that Yeon Doo and Yeol can get inside without getting caught.

Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol are hiding under the covers of his bed. Ha Joon continues  to stall the inspector and tells him that Kim Yeol is sick. Yeon Doo is lying under the cover very close to Kim Yeol.  These two characters are always end up in close proximity of each other. I always want them to kiss every time they end up very close to one another. Why must the writers and producers of this drama tease me so! I know the two of them are going to kiss. I will just have to be patient and wait for it.  Yeon Doo runs back to her dorm before the inspector gets to her room. Kim Yeol sends her a text asking her to meet him in the laundry room.  He tries one again to get her to join the cheerleading competition. He lies to her by telling her that he needs to save a friend. And actually, in a way, he is telling the truth. He then tells her that pride is the most important thing to Yeon Doo, but it’s not for him. Yeon Doo thinks very carefully about this. It seems like she has chosen pride over her friends.

So Yeon Doo calls a meeting with the Real Kings. The group is very happy to be together again like they used to be.  Yeon Doo is a little upset that her friends did not tell her that they were getting kicked out of the dorm, but she sympathizes with them. They all miss being a part of the Real Kings and Yeon Doo promised to get the dance team back on campus.

The next day, the Real Kings go meet with the principal and tell her that they will do the dance competition, but they know the principals wrongdoings. The principal must reinstate the Real Kings back on campus if they win. The principal agrees to the terms and  Yeon Doo records the conversation on her phone.  The principal asks them for apology letters and they already had them in hand and presented them to her. When they leave the office, the principal begins to read the apology letters and smiles to herself at how wonderfully they are written. I am so happy to see a soft side of this character. She has been very heartless and cold so far throughout the first two episodes.

Kim Yeol finds Yeon Doo and he is very happy she changed her mind about competing. Yeon Doo states that she wants to keep her friends together. Next we see a group of women enter the school. These women are the mothers of Baek Ho and they are not happy.They know about the cheerleading competetinon and that their children are being used to help Soo A get into a Ivy League school. They immediately confront the principal about this matter.

Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother are having dinner together at a restaurant. We see a box in his pocket and he tells lthe surver to come over to the table with the cake.  It looks like he will purpose to her. If this happends that means that Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol will be brother and sister! I do not want this to happen. Instead I want them to end up together as a couple. The angry Baek Ho mothers enter for a meeting with Soo Ah’s mom. Kim Yeol’s dad and Yeon Doo’s mom decide it’s time for them to leave. I wonder why he is rushing out of the restaurant so fast? Could it be because he is embarrassed to be with Yeon Doo’s mother or could it be because he hates the Baek Ho mothers so bad he can’t stand to be in the same room with them. This makes me very curious.

The mothers of the Baek Ho students agree that they will not go to the Board Of Education about the fraud of participating in the cheerleading tournament in order to get  Soo Ah into an Ivy League school as long as her mother agrees that it benefits all of the Baek Ho team and not just Soo Ah herself. Soo A’s mother agrees with this for she does not really have a choice. She will do anything to get Soo A into an Ivy League school.

Back at school we meet a cheerleading coach that Soo Ah’s mom hired to help train the groups. She states that the members of Real King will be the main ones cheering while the members of Baek Ho will essentially be doing nothing much really but holding pom poms. The Real Kings become furious at this point because they are being used yet once again. They want to quit but they really have no choice in the matter as of right now.

Kim Yeol feels like he should help Yeon Doo and to make sure they both get credit for the work. Ha Joon has been noticing Yeol’s interest in Yeon Doo and can’t help but mention it to Yeol at this point.  Yeol responds that he doesn’t really know what’s going on, but he keeps on getting tangled up with her.

Soo A then sneaks outside where she has hidden a  secret pack of cigarettes.  Dong Jae sees her retrieving the cigarettes and tries to bring her one that she dropped, but she lies and says it isn’t hers.  Yeol sees this and asks Dong Jae for the cigarette. Yeol then  brings the cigarette to Soo A with a smirk and puts it in her bag. He tells Soo A to make the cheerleading competition fair, but Soo A is not interested.

So back to class just as the teacher is about to dismiss them,  Yeol says that he’s missing his wallet, so the teacher asks all of the students to empty their backpacks.  As the teacher is making his rounds, Soo A begins to panic. Yeol is trying to get Soo A to change her mind my manipulating her.  Yeon Doo realizes what’s going on and announces that Yeol has found his wallet. Afterward, Yeol questions why Yeon Doo didn’t let him go with his plan and she explains that she doesn’t want to be on the same level as her.

Soo Ah overhears this  and slaps Yeon Doo in the face, accusing her of playing dirty and threatening that she can play just as dirty. At this moment Soo A does not feel that she has been playing dirty at all. Which is very surprising to me. Kim Yeol comes to Yeon Doo’s defense  saying it was all his idea. Dong Jae sees when  Yeon Doo got slapped and comes to check on his friend. This only makes Soo Ah even more angry at the fact that Yeon Doo has friends that will take up for her.

As Soo A leaves we see a flashback to Yeon Doo taking away her cigarettes and giving her candy, instead.  Yeon Doo was encouraging her when she was feeling bad about being second place. And even though Yeon Doo’s mom was scolding her about getting 196th place, Soo A was jealous  their interaction because Yeon Doo’s mom loves and cares for her.   Soo A’s mom reminds her that making careless mistakes has put and kept her in second place.

During cheerleading practice the Real Kings are able to complete the different drills with no problem. The Baek Ho team is struggling with the physical activity. When practice ends Soo A asks Yeon Doo why saved her earlier in class.  Yeon Doo says  that she knew the cigarette bought back bad memories. Soo A just brushes her off.   Yeon Doo states that she feels sorry for Soo A, but Soo A takes this as an insult. She says to Yeon Doo that she is going to do what’s most important to her.

We then see Kim Yeol who hears Soo A giving two guys cheat sheet in turn for a favor. The two guys are on the opposite team of the basketball team. They are playing against Dong Jae and they are coming closer to him. Yeon Doo is there watching with worry on her face. Them Soo A comes in the gymnasium and admits that she is responsible for what is happening to Dong Jae. At this point we know that Dong Jae does not like to be touched, so as one player grabs him he immediately falls onto the floor.

Yeon Doo is seeing what is being done to Dong Jae, and KimYeol confronts Soo A immediately. She says that Yeon Doo was the one who tattled on her with the cigarettes, however, Kim Yeol says this is a bunch of crap and tells her she should go after him…not Yeon Doo He then asks her why does she want to bring Yeon Doo down so bad, and her response is because she started it.

Yeon Doo sees that Dong Jae is doing better after talking to the nurse. As they exit the infirmary, they see Soo A.  Yeon Doo is very mad as Soo A does not even acknowledge them. As Soo Ahh passes them,  Yeon Doo grabs a basketball and throws it at Soo A hitting her in the head. At this point she is so mad at Soo A, if she could spit fire I am sure she would.   She then calls Soo A dirty and tells her that even if she was going to act like a terrible person she should at least live like a human being.

The next cheerleading practice is even more difficult and the members or Baek Ho decide enough is enough. They tell the coach that they are not going to do cheerleading any more and the coach orders them out. Parents are called and they enter the school and confront the cheerleading coach. The women threaten to fire her but she just said that she will quit. The Boad Of Education was called and they have shown up at the school to do an investigation on the school. We see the  principal and the parents who are coming together to make the club seem real just to get the students into college. And that is the end of Episode 3.

I can’t wait to see what happens in episode 4! Don’t forget to check me out on my other social media sites for updates! Until then Keep Calm And Drama On!

DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 1 & 2

Hello my fellow Dramatics! I will be doing reviews for the drama Cheer Up! on DramaFever. Here is the link where you can find the first review for Episodes 1 & 2: Cheer Up! Ep 1 & 2 Please join Logan, June, and I as we talk about our feelings for the first two episodes. Are you watching this drama with us? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think! Keep Calm and Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 2

Cheer Up! stars: Jung Eun Ju (from the group APink) as Kang Yeon Doo, Lee Won Geun as Kim Yeol, Cha Hak Yeon (aka N Leader And Member of the group VIXX), Chae Soo Bin as Kwon Soo A, Kim Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon, Kim Ji Suk as Yang Tae Bum, Park Hae Mi as Principal Choi Gyung Ran, and Lee Mi Do as Nam Jung (Cheerleading Instructor ).

Hello to all of my Dramatics out there!  I’m back again with Episode 2 of Cheer Up!  So far I am really enjoying this drama! I can’t wait to share with you what happens in Episode 2!

Yeon Doo goes back to  Sevit High School where she tells the members of  Baek Ho that she will be joining them.  The  members reject her because their club is only for the elite 5% of the class. She shows the members the rules and states that there is no such thing in the rule book that says that. Yeon Doo puts her foot down and tells them she will be joining them and she will study in the same room as them.

A teacher comes and removes her from the class and into the teacher’s lounge. As they enter the room they find that Yeon Doo’s mother is there and she is very upset. She goes off on the teacher for the way he was treating her daughter. Yeon Doo is so proud of her mom for sticking up for her she even calls her mom badass for doing that.  The expressions on the other teachers faces is priceless. They look ashamed and very embarrassed. She tells them all she will go to the Board Of Education and she states she wants her daughter to transfer out of the school. But Yeon Doo tells her mom she does not want to transfer…..she wants to stay.

We see Yeon Doo studying in the classroom of Baek Ho and the teacher keeps coming in and punishing her. She has to do numerious chores around school I for one can’t believe the teacher would have the gall to continue to treat Yeon Doo poorly after the verb, but she does not back down at all. I am surprised that after her mom went off in the office on him, he is still punishing her daughter. If I were him I would have been scared to raise one finger at Yeon Doo for fear of her coming back and yelling again.

When Yeon Doo is doing her chores her friends from the Real Kings step in and help her. I really like that the Real Kings are helping her and not letting her do all the chores by herself. It’s almost like they have the “all for one and one for all” type of attitude. Her friends really have her back and they make the chores fun.

The teacher comes outside where Yeon Doo and the Real Kings are. They are supposed to be watering the garden, but it quickly turns into a water fight. The teacher sees this and as Yeon Doo runs away, she trips and falls on top of Kim Yeol. As she tries to get up, he then pulls her away. He tells her his choices then Yeon Doo gets up quickly from on top of him. At this point, I am hoping that these two end up in a romance with one another. I think it’s so cute that she always accidentally trips and falls on top of him. I am going to call it now, this is the start of a budding romance!

Dong Jae then comes just in time with Strawberry Milk for Yeon Doo and they walk away. Kim Yeol then goes to the store with Ha Joon and he gets Strawberry Milk. Ha Joon asks him why he would want to drink that. Kim Yeol responds that he is just curious about it. Kim Yeol is starting to try the same things that Yeon Doo likes because he likes her even though he won’t admit it right away.

Yeon Doo sees Soo A and gives her a broom and mop because it’s her turn to clean the room. Soo A takes the broom and mop and throws them down on the floor. As  Yeon Doo comes back to the room she notices that Soo Ah put some of her things in the washing machine…..not clothes…..but her personal possessions like pictures, a trophy, and such. Yeon Doo has a argument  with Soo A and even tries to go after her. Just as things are about to get physical the members of Real Kings step in and save the day.

We flashback to learn that Soo A’s mother hired someone to help her get into Harvard. During the interview with Administrators, we find out that her resume is lacking real life experience. She has the academics but she does not have any real life experience with helping others. She does not have anything special that makes her stand out from other candidates who are applying. This person puts pressure on the principal and she says that Soo A needs to win a competition. As this person leave the office she sees Kim Yeol. She stops him to give him her card along with what she does.

As the principal walks down the hall, she sees the Real Kings members dancing and she gets an idea. She states that she wants to have a meeting with both of the dance groups. In that meeting she says that Baek Ho will be entering a cheerleading competition. Baek Ho has never entered a cheerleading competition before. The conditon is that the Real Kings must agree to compete and if they win their club will be able to be active on the school campus again.  As they are about to agree to the terms, Kim Yeol suddenly speaks up.

He calls the number on the business card that was given to him and he puts the phone on speaker so all can hear. He then asks what does he have to do in order to get into an Ivy League school and she says don’t worry because I know your team will win the cheerleading competition. This proves to everyone that the principal was going to use all of them to help a student get into an Ivy League school. This was a very mature move on Kim Yeol’s part to reveal this scandal. Good job young man….I applaud you!

Yeon Doo realizes that there could be only one person behind this madness….Soo A.  Soo A has a look on her face as if she has seen a ghost. Yeon Doo then says that the Real Kings will not be in any competition to help her. Soo Ah then runs out of the room and calls the person and goes off on her and tells her to fix this problem right away. After this she calls her mother, but we do not know what was said, but I am sure is was not good.

When she gets off the phone she gets hit in the back of the head with a basketball by Dong Jae who apologizes to her. He said it was an accident…..just like before when he “accidentally” dumped rotten Strawberry Milk on her head.  He heard the entire telephone consversation that Soo A was having and he then said he will forget he ever heard it. He says that Soo A does not have an easy life as well.

Real Kings are a little sad because they lost opportunity to get their club back. e of the members still think they should do the competition because the only way to get their club back is by winning. They agree to disagree about this issue. They get a text reminding them that they have a  dance competition coming up soon. The group decides to do the dance competition together.

As Dong Jae returns to his room, he finds Ha Joon, his roommate, in the shower with his wrists slit.   Dong Jae then tries to help him, but he hesitates and is in shock of what he sees. I believe that something may have happened to him in his past due to his reaction.  Kim Yeol enters and carries Dong Jae to the hospital. When they leave, they drop a towel that has blood on it. Soo Ah picks it up and brings it to the principal. She says she has an idea on how she can make the Real Kings do the cheerleading competition.

During the dance competition,  Yeon Doo twists her ankle, but she continues to dance and the  Real Kings win the competition. When the competition is over, two of the members of the Real Kings say they will not be performing with them any more. They are not confident that their club will be back and they wanted perform with Yeon Doo one last time.  Yeon Doo says she wants to go out for karoke, but they said they need to get back to school. The members are hurt by this news, but Yeon Doo says she understands because she is part of the blame for the club getting disbanded.

Yeon Doo then goes to the hospital to get her ankle check out. We see Kim Yeol at the same hospital with Ha Joon. A flashback happens and we see him coming into the hospital with Ha Joon because he tried to commit suicide  As Yeon Doo’s leaving hospital she sees Kim Yeol in the lobby with blood on his shrit. She asks if he’s okay and he tells her to mind her own business. She then sees Ha Joon with bandages on his wrists. Kim Yeol tells her to pretend that she never saw anything at the hospital that night.

When she reaches the exit she sees the homeroom teacher at the reception desk and hides so he does not see her.   She notices that Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are coming that way and she does not want them to be seen. She gets their attention and motions that the teacher is at the desk. The teacher does not see any of them at this point. Ha Joon runs one way and  Kim Yeol hides around the wall with her. As they are hiding from the teacher, Yeon Doo tells Kim Yeol that she will not tell anyone she saw them there at the hospital.

The teacher approaches closer to where they are and they hide behind a table together. Kim Yeol puts his arm around her. Yeon Doo is talking and all of a sudden Kim Yeol puts his hand over her mouth. As the teacher passes them by,  Kim Yeol’s face gets closer to hers as if they are about to kiss but they are interrupted by Ha Joon who lets them know the coast is clear. Why are the writers and producers teasing me like this! I so want them to kiss. What would have happened if they were not interrupted by Ha Joon? I think he would have kissed her. It’s obvious he likes her and he wants to because they keep ending up in these positions. Kim Yeol then smiles at Yeon Doo and thanks her before they leave.

We find out that the teacher did not leave the hospital. Instead he is there paying a bill and then he hears a nurse call Ha Joon’s name. He then asks if Ha Joon was wearing a school uniform. When Yeon Doo arrives back on campus she sees Dong Jae with her arms outstreatched she is wanting for him to hug her, but he walks past her and to Kim Yeol and Ha Joon to see if he is OK. Yeon Doo then asks Dong Jae what happened to Ha Joon, but he will not tell her anything.
We then see the teacher having a conversation with Ha Joon and he says he is going to call his parents and inform them on what happened. Ha Joon begins to beg him not to call. We learn that  Ha Joon’s father is very  abusive and his dad would send him to a mental hospital if he tried to commit suicide again.   The teacher  is very supportive of Ha Joon. I really like the teacher in this drama. He is very caring and has a warm heart for his students.
We then see the principal meeting with Kim Yeol.  She tells him that Joon Ha tried to kill himself (Remember the bloody towel) and gives Kim Yeol an condition.  Either he joins in on the cheerleading competition and gets Real Kings to join or she tells Joon Ha’s parents and they will remove him from the school and send him to a mental hospital.

As Yeon Doo is heading back to her room we see her two friends that quit Real Kings going into a classroom with Soo Ah. She peeks inside the room to find Soo A showing them a presentation on Stunt cheerleading. Yeon Doo is betrayed yet once again by her friends. The next day she avoids all of Real Kings at school. As she is hanging  out with Dong Jae,  Kim Yeol asks her to join cheerleading with him. She tells him that she is not going to do any cheerleading competetion with him. And that is where Episode 2 ends.

This drama is different from any other high school drama I have ever seen. I really like the plot and storyline and they are really hitting us with some strong topics such as abuse and suicide right from the start. I am also enjoying the chemistry between the two lead characters and the development of the others. I hope that you all stick around for Episode 3! Thank you guys for all of your support! Don’t forget to visit my You Tube page to see what I thought about this episode as well. I will see you guys next time! Keep Calm and Drama On!