DramaFever Drama Club Review: Signal Episodes 7 & 8

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another DramaFever Drama Club review for the K – Drama Signal. If you want to know what UnniChan, I thought about this weeks episodes, click here: Episode 7 & 8 . Just in case you missed our previous reviews click here: Episodes 1 & 2 , Episodes 3 & 4 and Episodes 5 & 6. Don’t forget to remember to check out my You Tube Channel for updates and reviews. Let me know what you think of this drama! Leave a comment below and lets chat! Until next time Dramatics, remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 12

Hello Dramatics! Sadly this is our last Cheer Up! Episode. I am very sad this has to come to an end.  So without further adieu lets recap this final episode.

When we last left off Kim Yeol had confronted Ha Joon about quitting the cheerleading team, accusing him of quitting because of Yeon Doo. Ha Joon lies and says that he’s right. Even though he likes Yeon Doo he’s only quitting to save the cheerleading team from his father.

After his talk with Kim Yeol, Ha Joon gets mad and punches a mirror. Yeon Doo finds him and is concerned about his hand, which just makes things more difficult for Ha Joon. He keeps trying to forget her, but she keeps being  kind to him. Kim Yeol can’t stand things being weird between him and Ha Joon so the next day he goes and finds him and tells him that he’s just as important to him as Yeon Doo is and Ha Joon tells her that he’ll get over Yeon Doo.
Soo A’s mom comes to visit her at school and Soo A tells her things are going well in her life and to stay out of it. But her mom was there to see the principal as the two of them both are under investigation by the Board Of Education. The other moms teamed up against them and verified that they were stacking specs. As a result,  the Board Of Education decides to disband the cheer team. They find out about this by an announcement posted in the common room. Coach Nam and Teacher Yang are furious. They go to the principal’s office to beg her to save the cheer club only to learn she’s been fired and the Assistant Principal has become the Interim Principal.
Because the cheerleading team is being disbanded, it also means that the Coach Nam has been fired as well. The cheer team is sad to see her go. Through the time they spent together, it was her that turned them from a bunch of foes to a group of friends, but she leaves with a smile on her face and tells them how proud of them she is. Ha Joon finds out that even though he quit the cheer club, they were still disbanded and he is furious with his dad. He goes to confront his dad, but his dad just scoffs at him and tells him that it was for his own good. Yeon Doo knows that everyone expects her to have the right answer, but she doesn’t. She’s followed her heart up until this point, but there is no clear path for their group to take this time. The group all discuss how even though they were forced to do cheerleading at first, they grew to love it and more importantly each other. They still want to do the cheer competition, but know that they would be risking getting in a lot of trouble if they did.
As always Teacher Yang offers some wise advice to his students, knowing how much distress they’re going through.
To prevent Ha Joon from causing trouble, his dad has locked him in his room at home. Kim Yeol goes to check on Ha Joon and can tell that something strange is going on. Kim Yeol does not believe this so he goes and talks to Ha Joon’s dad about being mean to his son. Yeon Doo feels a little down and it’s Soo A who takes notice and takes the time to talk to her and encourage her. She tells Yeon Doo not to give up and tells her that she’ll help her with whatever decision she makes.
The next day Yeon Doo assembles the cheer team and tells them that she can’t make the decision for them as to whether they want to compete or not. She announces that she will be at the competition a half an hour early waiting and whoever shows up will go on stage and perform. But tells them to not judge the others if they don’t show up; everyone should make their own choice and respect the others’. The thing is, if even one person doesn’t show up, they can’t perform.
Worried about Ha Joon and not wanting him to be left out, Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol go and retrieve him from his apartment where he’s locked in. They pull the fire alarm and the maid has no choice but to let him out. They run away, but his father finds out and is there waiting when they get to the auditorium where the competition is held.  Ha Joon stands up to his father telling him that he’s going to compete whether he likes it or not. His father tries to hit him, but Ha Joon stops him. Ha Joon tells his father that he made him feel worthless and hate himself, but he’s not going to let that happen anymore. That he’s not going to hate himself because of his father and rather is going to start loving himself.
When Yeon Doo gets to the auditorium a minute after she said she was going to be there, she’s disappointed that no one is there. Then they all come running in. Because she was late they thought she wasn’t coming and ran around looking for her.  They go to register only to find out that their registration was cancelled and therefore it’s too late.  We think they’re out of luck until Coach Nam shows up, somehow knowing her students would be there. She gets on her knees and begs the officials to let them compete, which he seems to agree after enough begging.

It doesn’t take long for the cheerleading team to realize that they are far from the best team there. There are teams that are professional level and have been competing for a long time, but it doesn’t bother them when they remember that they came to have fun as a team.

They get up to perform and the sneering and whispers from the crowd are audible even on stage after their spec-stacking scandal. But Teacher Yang who is in the crowd cheers them on at the top of their lungs and they’re visibly encouraged. They give their performance their all and put all of their heart into it and end their performance with their signature signs.

 Later, when the cheer team is back at school we find out that they got last place.  They may have lost the competition, but what they won so much more. Ha Joon confesses to Yeon Doo that he does like her because she noticed and cared for him when he needed it, but that he doesn’t want anything from her and that she doesn’t have to feel bad because he’s grateful to have her in his life. If it wasn’t enough that things remained cool between Ha Joon and Yeon Doo, things with Ha Joon and Kim Yeol are also cool. They don’t let liking the same woman come between them at all and are just as close as always.
Things end absolutely perfectly with this drama. Ha Joon’s dad is investigated and gets a restraining order issued against him, Soo A’s mom is investigated for corruption as well but she and Soo A become close and they learn to lean on each other in times of trouble. The Assistant Principal loses his principal position almost as soon as he gets it. Soo A started stealing Yeon Doo’s strawberry milk from Dong Jae maybe a possible love connection there.  Yeon Doo’s mom and Kim Yeol’s dad resumed their relationship but Yeon Doo and Kim  Yeol are still together too. Kim Yeol is trying to figure out how to get his family registration switched over to his mom’s side so that he and Yeon Doo won’t be related on paper.
And the cheer team is as close as ever. They spend all their time together be it in class or after. Essentially, they are the 13 best friends that any ever had. There could seriously not be a better ending for these characters that I grew to love.

Well, sadly that’s where we leave Cheer Up! This will be on of my Top 10 K Dramas of all time list for sure. I really enjoyed this drama a lot. Any thoughts or comments on the finale? Let me know what you think. Remember to check out my You Tube Channel for updates. Also check out my reviews on this drama on DramaFever: Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6 Episodes 7 & 8 Episodes 9 & 10 Episodes 11 & 12 Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 11

Hello Dramatics! We’re down to the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and it’s almost time to  say goodbye to these characters. Lets get into what happened in Episode 11.

Soo A is happy that her friends from the cheer team wish for her to return and send her a video telling her how much they miss her. They forgive Soo A for everything that she’s done and they want to go back to being a team like before. Soo A finally has finally forgiven them.  She tells her mom that she’s sick of being the villain and she’s going to live a more positive life from now on.

She returns to school where everyone welcomes her with open arms and are very excited to have her back and she seems very glad to be back.  Yeon Doo becomes anxious because while her and  Kim Yeol are dating now and he has not made a move since the hospital.  Kim Yeol does have a plan up his sleeve,  but first he tells Ha Joon that he’s dating Yeon Doo. Then he plans a romantic movie night for him and Yeon Doo in one of the classrooms.

The students go home for a short break and Kim Yeol is excited to walk Yeon Doo home, but an  awkward encounter happens when they approach Yeon Doo’s house. Both of their parents are there holding hands. Both couples are shocked and don’t know how to take this.  BothKim  Yeol’s dad and Yeon Doo’s mom lie and say there’s nothing going on, but the kids know the truth. Kim Yeol goeds back to school to find Ha Joon never left. He confides about his dad and Yeon Doo’s’ mom. Ha Joon then finds Yeon Doo who he knows is struggling with the same thing and tells her to follow her heart. Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo decide that they need to stay together no matter what, so Kim Yeol meets with Yeon Doo’s mom and vice versa and they tell their parents that they are dating. Meanwhile Ha Joon’s dad has gotten word that the cheerleading club is going to be investigated and demands that Ha Joon quit. Yeon Doo finds Ha Joon after his father beats him and he loses his self-control for a minute and holds onto Yeon Doo. Up until this point he’d shown her no indication that he liked her.

Kim Yeol sees this from a distance and is upset, but Kim Yeol comes to take care of Ha Joon and his wounds.  Yeon Doo thinks that he just acted strange because he was in pain.  Ha Joon makes an agreement with his father to quit the cheerleading club, if his father promises to make sure it doesn’t get destroyed.

The next day at practice the team finds out he quit and Kim Yeol goes looking for him immediately. When he finds him he demands to know if Ha Joon quit because of Yeon Doo. And that’s where our episode ends.

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K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 10

Hello Dramatics! I am back once again with another episode of Cheer Up! We are now on episode 10! Let’s jump right in and see what happened to our students at Sveit High.

When we left our students, Soo A had just pushed Yeon Doo down the stairs and Kim Yeol grabbed Yeon Doo to save her from getting  hurt.  They both were rushed to the hospital after Kim Yeol lay there unconscious. Kim Yeol is not hurt very badly. Both Yeon Doo and Ha Joon wait for him to wake up and when he does Yeon Doo is there. She tells him she’ll get back at him for putting her through what he did and when he asks how, she kisses him on the cheek. Kim Yeol responds by kissing her back passionately.  Ha Joon then shows up and sees everything. He is very heartbroken. Soo A, scared about what she’s done. She is waiting outside the hospital and calls to learn of Kim Yeol’s condition. When she finds out he’s going to be okay, she cries tears of gratitude. Yeon Doo calls Dong Jae to fill him in on Kim Yeol’s condition and to get a little best friend advice.

Kim Yeol’s dad shows up at the hosptial with Yeon Doo’s mom who decides to leaves at the last minute. If she would have stayed, she would have found Yeon Doo in  Kim Yeol’s hospital room. Yeon Doo gives Kim Yeol and his dad some space to talk.

 Soo A talks to her mother to confess everything she has done. She’s expecting that when her mother realizes how far she has gone,  she says she will do something about it.  Instead, her mother tells her she will cover everything up and ensure that she’s still able to go to a good school. Soo A is horrified by this realization that her mother doesn’t even care about all the horrible things she’s done.  Soo A also realizes how hated she is by everyone else and doesn’t see a way out.
Yeon Doo is having difficulty thinking about forgiving Soo A at this point. She still hopes for her redemption, but feels that there’s nothing more that she can do for her. Soo A comes to the point where she realizes how evil she’s become and that she needs to apologize. She writes and apology note to Soo A and goes to the hosptial to give it to her. When she gets there, the whole cheer team is in Kim Yeol’s room so she leave it on the door.

Soo A sees Dong Jae and asks him a favor. Together, the two go out and spend some time at the arcade having fun together. She seems to genuinely enjoy herself and wonders why she never did something like this before. She regrets wasting her life studying when it did nothing but turn her into an awful person.

When Yeon Doo finds the note Soo A left she’s worried. It appears to be a goodbye note and she thinks that Soo A is going to do something drastic. The cheer team sets out to look for her. Yeon Doo calls Dong Jae who tells her that she just left and she seemed fine, but upon rethinking her behavior he’s worried too. Soo A’s mom gets the call that what seems like Soo A’s  suicide note was found and she is absolutely terrified.

 We find Soo A, on a busy road about to walk out into traffic.  Yeon Doo and  Kim Yeol see her from a distance, but can’t get to her as she steps out onto the road. She’s in the middle of the street and a car is coming up fast.
 Soo A stares into the headlights when Dong Jae comes and pulls her out of the way of the car and hugs her. Without thinking, he has overcome his phobia and saved Soo A’s life.
The cheer team is horrified at themselves for treating Soo A in such a way as to make her want to kill herself. Even though Soo A did awful things herself, they regret sending out the video and treating her so coldly.  They wait anxiously to hear if she’s okay, but as she’s recovering her mother won’t allow any visitors. So the team records a video of themselves telling Soo A they miss her and asking her to come back. The episode ends as she watches the video from her hospital bed smiling.
Let me know what you think about this episode! Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more updates! Until then Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!



K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 9

Hello Dramatics! It’s time for another episode of Cheer Up! We are now on episode 9. Only a few more episodes until the final episode of this drama, and I will be very sad to see it go. I have really enjoyed this drama and I hope you have too. Without further ado, let’s get started.

When we last left off, Soo A had left Yeon Doo at the convenience store and had gone back to the campsite by herself. When Soo A realized it wasn’t Yeon Doo who was blackmailing her, she felt guilty. Kim  Yeol confronts Soo A to tell her it was him who is blackmailing her.

Ha Joon finds Yeon Doo first and brings her back to the campsite.  Kim Yeol and Teacher Yang find the two of them and are relived to see that Yeon Doo is okay. Kim Yeol seems sad because it wasn’t him who found her.  They confront Soo A about what happened and tell her that if she doesn’t reveal everything, they’re going to reveal the footage of her stealing the USB to everyone in the school.

Everyone is having a good time at the bonfire and they play a truth game. The teachers leave and the game of truth or dare begins. The teachers bond with each other in another tent and the Assistant Principal tells all about how he has to endure the Principal and basically become her pet. He even reveals that he does not like her. Soo A does not tell the others what she did to Yeon Doo. Just when Kim Yeol is about to reveal everything to the entire group, Yeon Doo interrupts and suggests that it must have been a misunderstanding in communication.

Soo A tells Kim Yeol that she will tell everyone what happened,  she asks him to give her three days.  Later that night, Yeon Doo runs into Kim Yeol and he tells her that he is tired of admiring her in secret and he tells her that he likes her. But before she can reply, Ha Joon interrupts.

Everyone’s sad that it’s time to go back to school as they’ve grown really close as a group of friends and really enjoyed spending the time together away from school. When they get back to school, we find out that Soo A may have said she would tell everything, but she does not. Instead she is trying to find the footage of her stealing the USB by any means. She even goes through Kim Yeol’s things.

Later, Kim Yeol’s dad is waiting to hear an answer from Yeon Doo’s mom about marrying him. She seems to be seriously considering it, however, this could make things complicated. The parents agree to bring the kids together and announce their relationship.

Yeon Doo senses that Soo A is up to something,  so she reminds her of the three day time limit and that she can influence Kim Yeol to change his mind. The kids in the cheer club can see that things are getting rough between Yeon Doo and Soo A and wonder who will come out ahead. Kim  Yeol continues to push Yeon Doo for an answer as to how she feels for him.  She doesn’t give him an answer quite yet, but we all know she really likes him too

Soo A sneaks into Kim Yeol’s room to look for the footage. Teacher Yang sees her looking suspicious and heading toward the boy’s dorm and follows her. He catches her in Kim Yeol’s room just as she’s watching the footage.

Teacher Yang tells Soo A they’ll talk about it after class but she doesn’t go to class and makes her leave. The USB drive with the footage on it drops on the bed as they leave.  Instead of going back to class, Soo goes to the woman who’s been helping her build her specs. She is afraid that Teacher Yang knows what she has done.

The woman advises her to beg for forgiveness and admit her wrong to get sympathy from Teacher Yang and so that is her plan. Kim Yeol’s roommate who is a member of Real Kings finds the USB drive. He’s horrified by what he sees on it and shares it with another Real King members. They are upset at Soo A and so they send the footage out to the entire school. However, they forget to log into their own account before sending it while on Yeon Doo’s computer. So when Soo A returns to school, she learns that the entire school has found out about what she did and by all appearances it looks as though Yeon Doo was the one to tell everyone.  Yeon Doo is disappointed in her friends for telling everyone and goes to explain things to Soo A. Soo A does not agree. She slaps Yeon Doo and screams at her, before pushing her down the stairs. Kim Yeol sees this happen and grabs Yeon Doo and holds her as they both fall down the stairs together, shielding her body. Yeon Doo gets up, but Kim Yeol lays at the bottom of the stairs unconscious while Soo A looks horrified at what she has just done. And that’s where this episode ends. Wow what an ending! Let me know what you all think about this episode. Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube channel for more updates! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm and Drama On!


DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 11 & 12

Hello Dramatics! Have you been watching our students at Sevit High?  These are the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and I hope you all enjoyed this drama just as much as I did!  Check out what June, Logan, and I thought about the final episodes of this amazing drama! What did you all think of the outcome?  I would like to know what you think! Also check out my reviews on my You Tube channel! Just in case you missed my last reviews on DramaFever you can check out Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Episodes 5 & 6  Episodes 7 & 8  and Episodes 9 & 10 Also check me out on Seoulwave where I do K – Drama reviews as well! I will see you all in the next drama! Take care Dramatics!  Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 8

Hello Dramatics! Guess what time it is? That’s right Episode 8 of Cheer Up! is now upon us! Lets see what happens in this episode of this exciting drama!

We last left off with Yeon Doo who received a text from her friend of Real Kings that showed footage of her and  Kim Yeol in the store, when the teacher’s USB drive was stolen. She meets Ha Joon to show the footage, which shows the USB drive in the teacher’s bag, after the time that  Kim Yeol was in the office. So far the claim has been that Kim Yeol stole the USB while in the teacher’s office but this shows that the teacher had it after that.

Ha Joon and Yeon Doo want to show Kim Yeol the footage right away, so they sneak out of school and go visit him. But they get caught by a teacher that catches them makes them duck walk as punishment.  Ha Joon helps support Yeon Doo’s back to make it easier for her to walk.  Yeon Doo sends a picture of her and Ha Joon serving their punishment to Kim Yeol, who finds it funny at first, but then realizes that he’s jealous that they’re spending time together.

While in his room, Ha Joon smiles at the time he just spent with Yeon Doo and uses the cream and bandages that she gave him before on a injury that happened when they were trying to sneak out of school. Kim Yeol then called Yeon Doo while she is in the laundry room on the phone with him. They’re smiling as they talk on the phone to each other. Kim Yeol states that the footage alone probably, won’t be enough, but knowing that he’s not alone has encouraged him. He tells her the fact that he knew she believed in him made this situation manageable.

The next day Kim Yeol comes to school and shows the footage to the Principal and the Assistant Principal along with other footage and witnesses that account for him from the time between him in the store and when the teacher realized the USB was missing from his bag. The Principal points out that it was still in  Kim Yeol’s bag, but then he points out that anyone could have put it there.  Kim Yeol’s case is solid and even the Principal has to recognize that and she agrees to let Kim Yeol return to school.

Yeon Doo and Ha Joon wait outside the office to see the outcome of Kim Yeol’s meeting with the Principal. While the two are waiting Ha Joon teases her for always being worried about other people’s problems and she teases him for always saying the opposite of what he means.  She tells him that he acts cold on the outside, but he’s really soft on the inside. Teacher Yang announces in his class that they are going to find the culprit who took the USB drive and that whoever took the USB should come forward now and he would be on their side and help them overcome their actions.

Kim Yeol, Ha Joon , and Yeon Doo are having a  celebration for Kim Yeol’s return to school. Kim Yeol shakes a can of Cola and says he’s going to get Yeon Doo back for the time  when she did that to him but  she uses Ha Joon as a shield instead. Kim Yeol tells Ha Joon he has to choose between him or Yeon Doo.  Ha Joon responds that he’d choose Kim Yeol over Yeon Doo. Kim Yeol has been welcomed back to the cheer team and while Soo A is ignoring him, he approaches her and says it must have been fun to earn the number one spot while he was away. Soo A calls her mom to ensure that Kim Yeol isn’t going to be able to take a make-up exam and she tells her that he won’t be able to. One would think that Kim Yeol should be able to retake the exam, but the Principal doesn’t think so.  She tells him that it wouldn’t be fair to the other students since they already took the exam. But Kim Yeol is not okay with this neither is Kim Yeol’s dad who is now on Kim Yeol’s side.

Kim Yeol’s dad arrives at school with  lawyers and reminds the Principal that Kim Yeol was falsely accused and has every right to retake the exam. The Principal says that they were not going to count Kim Yeol’s mid term against his final grade and Kim Yeol points out how that would be unfair to him, because what if he didn’t do great on his final exam. Later Kim Yeol’s dad tells him that he will go as far as Kim Yeol wants him to. Kim Yeol is surprised at his dad’s attitude and this means a lot to Kim Yeol.  Kim Yeol’s dad meets up with Yeon Doo’s mom. She encourages him about standing up for Kim Yeol. He begs her to reconsider his proposal once more, saying he’ll be a good dad to Yeon Doo.

The Principal tells the Assistant Principal that it is his responsibility to take care of the Kim Yeol scandal because it’s his fault. However, he does not want Kim Yeol walk all over him in the long run. Soo A has asked the lady that’s helping her get into college, to get the surveillance footage for her.  Well, she gets the footage only to find out that another student had gotten to the security company and taken away a copy before the woman could get the footage from the security officer. Soo A panics and  begins to suspect everyone. Yeon Doo reveals to Kim Yeol how impressed she is with him getting back in school. He tells her that she can’t be that in awe of him already.  She doesn’t seem to understand what he’s saying, but he is happy that she’s giving him praise.

After he talks to Yeon Doo, he sees the Assistant Principal in the hall. The Assistant Principal tells Kim Yeol it was wrong to him and Kim Yeol tells him that he’s going to file a petition against him to the Office Of Education but he may change his mind if the Assistant Principal stops giving his friends penalty points. So Kim Yeol tests this as he  orders food and he and the guys from the cheer team eat it together in the classroom. The Assistant Principal comes in ready to scold the students when he sees Kim Yeol, smirks, and then leaves the room.

Kim Yeol talks to the Principal and makes a deal with her. He agrees to her that he won’t ask her about taking his mid term test if she lets Teacher Yang continue to work at the school and renews his contract. She tells him she will think about it. Soo A found a note from a Sevit High student that has the security footage.  The note lets Soo A know that they have the footage and they are watching her. Dong Jae walks up on her as she is panicking and she asks him why he’s always showing up behind her.  She then wonders if it was him who left the note.

Coach Nam thinks the cheer team should go camping to practice and to have some fun together, but they don’t think that the Principal will allow it. When they ask the Principal for permission, she agrees and states that Soo A’s mother will fund the trip for them. The Assistant Principal is confused as to why this is happening. Then he realizes out loud that she wants Teacher Yang to forget that she was against him.

Dong Jae and Yeon Doo leave early with Teacher Yang to go set things up at the campsite, while the Assistant Principal comes with the rest of the students by bus. The Assistant Principal sees the students wearing make-up and hair gel. He is about to give them penalty points when Kim Yeol sticks his head out to remind the Assistant Principal he’s there and watching him.  But both Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are upset to learn that Yeon Doo has already left and they grumble to each other about how much time she and Dong Jae spend together.

At the campsite, the cheer team talk about who might have framed Kim Yeol.  They agree that everyone at school benefited from him missing the test and therefore, anyone would have framed him.  Meanwhile Soo A is off sitting alone and suspecting everyone else of having the footage. The students are getting ready to grill and have a bonfire that night. Soo A goes into her tent just as Yeon Doo is coming out of it and finds a note in her backpack that says “The bonfire is your last chance. Confess now” And so Soo A is highly suspicious of Yeon Doo, thinking that it’s Yeon Doo who has the footage.

Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol have a conversation while they’re stocking the cooler and talking about their fathers.  Yeon Doo tells him how cool his dad was today and talked about how she was like her own dad in that she liked titles just like him.  Kim Yeol says that he and Ha Joon pretty much only had each other from the time they were kids because both had absent parents.  Yeon Doo compliments him on growing up well and tells him she’s proud of him.

Teacher Yang asks Yeon Doo,  Kim Yeol, and another student to do some chores for him. He asks Yeon Doo to bring someone with her to the store to get more drinks for that night. Yeon Doo agrees, but decides not to go alone with the maintenance man. Then Soo A says she wants to go with because she has some things to get at the store.

They get to the store and Soo Ah asks if Yeon Doo looked through all the CCTV footage to clear Yeol’s name and Yeon Doo tells her she did. Then as Yeon Doo is digging for her wallet to pay for the supplies, Soo Ah see a pad of magenta post-it notes, the same kind as the note she got telling her to confess. Now she’s absolutely certain that it’s Yeon Doo who’s threatening her.

Soo A and Yeon Doo leave with the maintenance man then Yeon Doo says she has to use the bathroom. Soo A offers to take the groceries and Yeon Doo’s bag to the car. Yeon Doo believes that Soo A is being kind to her. Soo A gets in the truck with Yeon Doo’s belongins and tells the maintenance that they can go, that Yeon Doo is meeting up with the teacher and the maintenance man drives away.

Yeon Doo comes out of the bathroom to find them gone and realizes what has happened.  She goes back to the store, but it is closed and the owner is no longer there.  Soo A seems nervous, and a bit guilty, about what she’s done and avoids everyone when she returns to the campsite.

Kim Yeol begins to get worried when he notices that Yeon Doo is missing and begins to ask everyone if they’ve seen her. Jae Young tells him that she went to the store and when he asks Soo A where she was and if she had seen Yeon Doo she says that she hadn’t and that she was alone on a hike. When Ha Joon also realizes Yeon Doo is missing he starts searching frantically. We then see Yeon Doo walking alone down a dark road and she is very scared.

Ha Joon, Kim Yeol, and Teacher Yang go to the maintenance office to find Yeon Doo, but the maintenance man has left for the night. Ha Joon  sees a bike so he hops on it and take off in search of Yeon Doo.  Teacher Yang and Kim Yeol continue to knock on the maintenance shed and find a phone number for him, but they don’t have any cell phone service.

Soo A has gone back to her tent and open her backpack to find another note placed there since she’d been gone. She is horrified when she realizes that Yeon Doo is not the one leaving the notes. Kim Yeol and Teacher Yang force their way into the maintenance shed to use the phone and when they get in contact with him, they find out what happened and what Soo A did.  Kim Yeol finds Soo A immediately confronts her, and demands to know where Yeon Doo is.

Ha Joon is riding down the road and he sees Yeon Doo walking in tears.  He gets off his bike and when he sees her face a look of such relief passes over him. She looks at him with such gratefulness that it makes her cry more and she walks slowly toward him. When she reaches him she buries her face into his chest. He is filled with emotion and internal struggle is written all over his face as he remains motionless for a moment before wrapping his arms around her and holding her to him and that’s where the episode ends.

So what did you all think of this episode? There were a lot of emotions for sure. The last scene was very emotional and I think that Yeon Doo and Ha Joon will begin to get closer to one another. I believe this is more than just a crush or a simple I like you. There was a lot of passion as they embraced each other. We will just have to wait until the next episode. If you have not been keeping up with the episodes, you can check out my reviews on You Tube and DramaFever Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!


K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 7

Hello there Dramatics! Are you all ready for another exciting episode of Cheer Up? Let’s talk about what has been going on at Sevit High since we last visited.

When we last left off, the team used their cheer to cheer up Teacher Yang by writing on their signs that he was innocent and should be allowed to come back at school. The principal nervously meets with one of the members from the Board Of Education, He is impressed by the students during their cheer performance.
Meanwhile the cheer team is celebrating with Teacher Yang and Coach Nam. They had a great performance and they stuck up for their teacher and Teacher Yang is very proud of them for doing so. He was almost in tears because the put themselves in danger in order to save him. We then notice that  Jae Young and her friend from Baek Ho apologize to Teacher Yang for lying. The apology from the girls was very sincere as I can tell that they are truly sorry for lying to everyone about Teacher Yang. Jae Young expects Soo Ah to apologize too but she refuses.  Jae Young was about to go after Soo Ah when Yeon Doo tells her it’s not worth it.

Soo A states to the group that they can celebrate all they want, but it’s not over. And they’re not going to win in the long run. Then the Principal enters the room and calls Yeon Doo and the girls from Baik Ho out of the classroom.  The girls seem very nervous but Yeon Doo takes Jae Young’s hand and tells them everything will be ok while they’re walking. She instructs them to tell the principal that she made them do it.

Back in the room where the rest of the cheer team remain,  the mood changes suddenly.   The students, Teacher Yang and Coach Nam are worried about the girl. The fact that they are going to get in trouble for doing something good falls on them on. Ha Joon decides that he needs to take action and runs out of the classroom. He catches up with the girls and the Principal and runs to step in front of them. As Ha Joon is leaving the room it seems that Kim Yeol is a bit put off by the fact that it was Ha Joon who was the first one to take action and not him.

Ha Joon tells the principal that he was also in on the cue cards that declared Teacher Yang’s innocence and that if that’s why she was taking Yeon Doo away, then she should take him too.  Both Yeon Doo and the principal are quite shocked by this. Then the rest of the cheer team showed up as well saying they were all in on it.  Kim Yeol tells the Principal she’ll have to expel them all. By the look on the Principal’s face, she knows she has no choice and so she leaves.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are back in their room and Ha Joon is looking fondly at the bandage and antibiotic cream that Yeon Doo had given him. He smiles thinking about her and the events of the day.  Kim Yeol mentions to Ha Joon how his actions were unlike him and asks why he did it.  Ha Joon responds that it’s hard not to do anything when Yeon Doo so quickly stands up for justice.

The Board Of Education has reopened Teacher Yang’s case and brings in the Baek Ho girls to get more facts about the incident.   Jae Young and her friend admit to lying saying that they didn’t mean to outright lie, but had a misunderstanding that went too far.  Soo A does not change her story at all.  And because of the girls honesty, the Board Of Education declared Teacher Yang not guilty. The Principal meets with Teacher Yang and congratulates him  but reminds him that his contract will end at the end of the school year. Teacher Yang reminds her he will still be there for the rest of the year and tells her that she won’t be able to do anything wrong to Yeon Doo or transfer her out while he’s there.

Teacher Yang comes out of the Principals office to find that Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol, and Ha Joon are waiting for him. They all go to the roof and have Jjajjangmyun (black bean noodles) for lunch.  They ask him if he’s okay and he says  there’s no such thing as being okay, and everyone is always just lying and saying they are.  They agree and have a pleasant meal together.

The students have mid-terms to worry about now.  Yeon Doo wonders why the students don’t use Kim Yeol’s notes to study since he’s the number one student. Kim Yeol then brings Yeon Doo his notes and offers to help her study. She gladly takes him up on his offer and he helps her study after hours in the laundry room. He’s surprised to see that she actually cares about her grades and asks her why she came to Sevit High when she knew it would be hard. She tells him that it was her mom’s wish and therefore she’s doing it because of her.

Later we see all of the cheer team members in the practice room studying together.  The members of Baek Ho are helping the members of Real King and it’s good to see the two teams cooperating and helping each other. While Soo A did choose to study in the cheer room, it seems as though it wasn’t a good choice for her because the other members were disturbing her.  The other girls point out that she needs to chill, that even  Kim Yeol is chill and he always gets number one. Soo A exits and has a nose bleed from the stress right after she leaves the classroom. Teacher Yang sees her and gives her his handkerchief.  She tells Teacher Yang that she does not feel bad about what she did. Teacher Yang tells her he knows that she’s having a hard time and to come see him whenever she needs to.

Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are studying again when she falls asleep. Kim Yeol puts notebooks around her to keep the sun out of her face and leaves a post-it note on her forehead asking if she wants to see a movie with him after mid-term. In class Kim Yeol  texts Yeon Doo and motions to her to check her phone. Yeon Doo checks her phone when Teacher Yang catches her takes her phone until after mid-terms are over.  Yeon Doo begs him not to take her phone  because as she told Kim Yeol her phone charm, a little cat, is her lucky charm and she can’t take tests without it.

Kim Yeol feels guilty about getting Yeon Doo’s phone confiscated so he sneaks into the teacher’s office and grabs the phone charm off of it, but while he’s in there a teacher comes in. He then attempts to hide behind the Assistant Principal’s desk, but the other teacher spots him and tells him to get out. Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol are in the school store and Yeon Doo states that she needs her phone charm. Kim Yeol has the charm but he does not tell her. Yeon Doo’s friend from Real King comes in and teases them about dating and films them on his phone, asking what they’re doing around each other.
Later in class, Soo A becomes upset because Kim Yeol gets a better grade on his essay than her. She asks the teacher and he tells her that her essay was great, but Kim Yeol’s essay was amazing.  Their conversation is then interrupted by two students that the teacher had chase down the hallway. While doing this, everything in his bag spills out onto the floor including his USB drive. Soo A looks around to make sure that the coast is clear and then she steals the USB. She plugs it into her computer and sees that it has the midterm test questions on it to she downloads them and then throws away the drive in the bathroom garbage. When the teacher realizes that his USB is missing, he goes into a panic.  Soo A overhears one of the teachers say that Kim Yeol was in the teacher’s office and he may have stolen it. Soo A then goes back to get the USB and dropps it into Kim Yeol’s bag when he is not looking. The teacher comes in and accuses Kim Yeol of stealing the USB. Kim Yeol denies this and the teacher grabs his bag and finds the USB inside.

Rumors begin to start around the school that Kim Yeol is number one  because he’s been stealing the answers. Even the cheer team questions this as well. Ha Joon and Yeon Doo don’t like the way the members are talking about Kim Yeol this way.  Ha Joon is about to give them a piece of her mind and Yeon Doo beats him to it. She goes off on her friends for not believing in Kim Yeol when they know his character and the fact that he would not do something like that.

Kim Yeol is called to the Principal’s office as well as his father. The Principal says that with the evidence they have, Kim Yeol will have to be expelled.  His dad asks the Principal to let Kim Yeol off with community service instead. This means that Kim Yeol is going to miss the mid-term exams. Kim Yeol is very upset that no one took the time to listen to him or believe him including his own dad.

When Kim Yeol leaves school  he comforts Ha Joon first and then finds Yeon Doo waiting for him outside the building.  He gives her her phone charm. She feels sad when she realizes that he got suspended because of her. Kim Yeol states that that even his own father didn’t believe him, but his dad says there was nothing else he could do because they had evidence. We then see a flashback to Kim Yeol as a kid listening to his parents from another room and then we hear the sound of someone getting abused physically. Followed by him laying on a couch waiting for his parents to come home.  He waited for two days for one of his parents to show up before someone finally did. This was the day that Kim Yeol stopped trusting adults.

Yeon Doo is sad in class looking at  Kim Yeol’s empty seat during mid terms and is worried about him because he has not recieved a call or text from him. We see Kim Yeol doing community service at a retirement home.  He’s inside sweeping, when the sound of singing comes from outside. His becomes happy when he recognizes the voice as Yeon Doo’s. He goes outside to see her singing with the seniors and they both smile at each other.

The two take a walk and Yeon Doo tells him she thought he would prove himself innocent and come back to school. Kim Yeol mentions that everyone at the school is happy to have him gone because they’ll all move up in ranking.  Yeon Doo says that they can believe in him as the number one student, but that she believe in him just as he is, without the title of the number one student.

Later that evening Yeon Doo is sneaking around the teacher’s office to try to find the surveillance footage to clear Kim Yeol’s name when she bumps into Ha Joon who is doing the same. Over the next few days, the two view the footage together, looking for something to clear Kim Yeol’s name. Meanwhile, Soo A claimed Kim Yeol’s number one position when the results of the mid-terms come out. To reward her, Soo A’s mother buys her a very expensive purse that she shows off to her roommates.

The girls admire the purse but then state that Yeon Doo is trying to find the survelance footage to clear Kim Yeol’s name. Soo A begins to panic knowing that there is footage of her taking the teacher’s USB drive. Yeon Doo comes into the room on the phone with Ha Joon, talking about trying to find the footage. After she hangs up with him, she gets a text from her friend from Real King.  It’s a clip of her and Kim Yeol in the store and she gasps and announces that she’s just found something that will clear Kim Yeol’s name. And that’s where the episode ends.

What are your feelings about this episode? I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one! I really like how Ha Joon is warming up more to Yeon Doo. However this could cause a big love triangle between Ha Joon, Yeon Doo, and Kim Yeol. And what do you all think of Soo A? She needs to stop trying to ruin the lives of her classmates in my opinion. She needs a big reality check. But we will just have to see what will happen in the next episode. If you haven’t been catching up make sure you check out my You Tube Channel for updates as well as my review on DramaFever Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!


DramaFever Drama Club Review: Cheer Up! Episodes 7 & 8

Hello Dramatics! Have you been keeping up with all of the students from Sevit HIgh? Check out what June and I thought about the latest Episodes 7 & 8 here Let me know what you think about all of the scandalous behavior that has been going on between the students. Also don’t forget to check out my You Tube Channel for the latest reviews of the current Episodes. Just in case you have not been following me here are the latest DramaFever reviews for Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 and Episodes 5 & 6 Also check me out on Seoulwave where I also do K – Drama Reviews. Until next time Dramatics until next time! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 6

Hello my fellow Dramatics! I’m back again with Episode 6 of Cheer Up! Lets not waste any time and get right into this exciting episode!

In the last episode Yeon Doo told the reporters that she agreed to a interview.  Yeon Doo asks the interviewer will this help her teacher and he says yes. He asks her about the fact that the students were being used to help build other specs. She says this was true at first but now everyone’s working together as a team. I have a feeling he is going to take her words and twist them around by the time this interview comes out.

Then Kim Yeol and Ha Joon approach the reporter together. Kim  Yeol asks the reporter if he had a good interview with Yeon Doo to which the reporter says yes. Ha Joon then kicks the reporter. Kim Yeol explains to the him that he broke the Interrogative Security Law that is supposed to protect the interviewee’s identity. Kim Yeol threatens to sue him if he doesn’t properly protect Yeon Doo.

Later Ha Joon walks by Yeon Doo and she stops him and has him sit down to eat a snack with her. She tells him that she gave the interview. Ha Joon tells her that he already knew that and that he saws her talking to the reporter. She asks if he wanted to give the interview as well. He does not admit to this, but says he hopes Teacher Yang will be alright.

We find out that the  60 minutes special on Sevit High will not be aired.  Teacher Yang calls the reporter to find out what happened. He discovers that the reporters bosses at the station told him to trash the story. Then the reporter warns Teacher Yang to be careful as well. We discover that the Assistant Principal realized that Teacher Yang was planning to do the interview with 60 minutes and reported it to the Principal. Now at this point, they know they need to get rid of Teacher Yang. But they can’t fire him either. They begin to look for anything in order to get him fired.

Yeon Doo feels a little down that the interview will not be aired. Kim Yeol tells her that it’s for the best, that it helps to keep her safe. Kim Yeol tells her to concentrate on the cheerleading competition. It’s time to show Coach Nam their cheerleading routines.  Soo A and the Real King members perform their routine complete with stunts and performance dancing. Only Dong Jae is the only member who does not perform because he has not yet gotten over his phobia. Yeon Doo and the members of Baek Ho perform a dance performance highlighting each members talents.

It’s time to decide who the winner is and Coach Nam says that both teams did very good on their performances. But Coach Nam points out that because Soo A did not include Dong Jae in her perfomance. So that makes Yeon Doo the winner and Captain of the cheerleading team. Both routines were so good, Coach Nam decided to combine both styles together for the competition. Soo A is very upset that she lost the opportunity to be Captain. She finds out that Teacher Yang is the one who is ratting them out. Soo A’s mom tells her that the adults will take care of that issue. But Soo A does not trust her mother at all. At practice, the team is  trying to prepare for the competition and Coach Nam asks Teacher Yang to be the spotter for Jae Young, of the girls from the Baek Ho team. Her partner stumbles and Jae Young falls backward. Teacher Yang is there to catch her and protect her from getting hurt, but she yells at him as he touches her chest while doing so.  Everyone else realizes that this was necessary in order to keep her from getting hurt, but she’s upset and runs out of the room.

Jae Young realizes that Teacher Yang did not purposely touch her. Soo A approaches and tells the Baek Ho girls that they need to get back at Teacher Yang for ratting them out. So they go to the Principal and tell her that Teacher Yang touched Jae Young inappropriately. The moms of all the Baek Ho students find out and come to the school demand that he be fired. Coach Nam goes to the Principal and explains to her that explain that the touch was necessary in order to prevent Jae Young from getting hurt. The Principal tells him that she will let the Board Of Education know about this matter and see what they have to say.

Rumors start to fly around school about Teacher Yang. Embarrassed, he still continues to teach. Yeon Doo is furious as she knows these rumors are not true. As the whispers get louder  in Teacher Yang’s class while he’s teaching, Yeon Doo gets up out of her seat to tell the other students off. Kim Yeol stands up and tells Yeon Doo sit down. He says that the girls of Baek Ho were the main targets that started this whole mess about Teacher Yang. Kim Yeol goes on to point out that the girls are trying to get Teacher Yang kicked out of school. Yeon Doo is proud of Kim Yeol but asks him why he did it. He tells he did it because if he didn’t, she would without worrying about the consequences or pain it caused her. Yeon Doo questions what the means and he tells to think hard about it.

Yeon Doo goes to Teacher Yang and tells him that there are those who know he is a good teacher and believe he did not do anything wrong. After trying to cheer up Teacher Yang, Yeon Doo comes across a notice that Teacher Yang is to be fired. Ha Joon and Kim Yeol come upon her and try to tell her that there was nothing she could have done, but she tells them that it’s not over yet.

When Teacher Yang enters the lunchroom, everyone stars and whispers about him but he tries to remain positive. When he sits down at a table, all the students sitting nearby get up and walk away.  So Teacher Yang begins to eat his lunch alone. Just then, Yeon Doo and Dong Jae sit down at the table with big smiles and being to joke with the teacher. A few moments later Kim Yeol and Ha Joon have joined as well with smiles on their faces.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon start a petition to allow Teacher Yang to keep his job and submit it to the Board Of Education. The Principal finds out about this. Yeon Doo calls a few days later to check on the status but not petition has been filed there. Teacher Yang is then in a meeting with the Board Of Education about the charges of inappropriately touching Jae Young. They bring her in the meeting as well and she seems very upset as she knows her lie went way too far. Teacher Yang tells the board that it’s his fault and he’ll take responsibility and resign immediately.

Jae Young confesses to her mom that Teacher Yang never touched her and her mom tells her to keep quiet, that if she confesses not only will she be known for lying, but also the details on the spec-stacking will become known. Because Jae Young’s uncle is a congressman, it will mean a big deal to her family. Jae Young is still very much upset and goes to Soo A. Soo A said that he would only get a reduction in his pay. Soo A tells her it was her own fault for being too stupid not to realize that he would be fired.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are feeling sad after Teacher Yang was fired. While Kim Yeol seems frustrated at how stubborn Yeon Doo was on the matter at first Ha Joon tells him that despite what Kim Yeol says, he’s acting like he did care about Teacher Yang.  Ha Joon states  that he’s glad he helped Yeon Doo try to save Teacher Yang.

Ha Joon goes to visit his father at work and begs him to get Teacher Yang’s job back because he is on the Board Of Educaiton. His father just brushes him off and tells Ha Joon that the was the one who got rid of the petition and he wants Teacher Yang fired.

Yeon Doo’s mom comes to Sevit High to comfort Yeon Doo. Yeon Doo admits to her mom that she did give the interview after all and they talk about how similar they are.  Yeon Doo’s mom tells her that she really only told her not to do it because it was the mom thing to do, but really what she wanted for Yeon Doo was for her to follow her heart no matter what it told her to do. Yeon Doo walks her mom out and they see Kim Yeol who greets them. Yeon Doo informs him that it’s her mom. She tells Yeon Doo that he’s handsome and that she should go out with someone like him.

The next day at cheerleading practice, Yeon Doo is distraught by the whole Teacher Yang situation and Coach Nam tells her it’s a cheerleader’s responsibility not to cheer just for fun, but to cheer others on and to cheer others up. Yeon Doo gets an idea and approaches Jae Young and the other girl from Baek Ho and tells them she needs their help and reminds them about Teacher Yang, knowing that they don’t feel good about the way things turned out. She finds Teacher Yang and makes him promise to show up at the athletic competition and he says he will.

On competition day Kim Yeol sees Yeon Doo pacing alone in the hall. He gives her Vanilla Milk, telling her he wants to be different from from Dong Jae. He then tells Yeon Doo that at first, he found her funny and fun but lately he’s been making her feel all sorts of different emotions. Yeon Doo apologizes and starts to walk away. But then Kim Yeol grabs her into a tight hug and tells her to cheer up. Yeon Doo is shocked by his actions. A member of Real King comes running up to tell them that Teacher Yang is there and they break apart. Kim Yeol seeming quite happy and Yeon Doo quite surprised.They look out in the audience, to see Teacher Yang trying to be unnoticed. The entire team is excited that he’s there. Coach Nam sees him as well and motion him to sit next to her in the front, telling him that’s where he belongs, saying that he’ll be their teacher forever.

The cheer teams gets on stage and performs their cheer routine.  Then when they finish, they pick up signs that they incorporated into their routine. As they flip them over they reveal the messages which read: “Teacher Yang didn’t touch me”, “Please have him come back, he was wrongly accused”, and “Cheer Up! You Have Us!” Teacher Yang sees this and tears well up in his eyes as the students begin to chant his name. Coach Nam is very proud of the team. The cheer team smiles at him and cheers him on except for Soo A who didn’t know it was coming and is furious. She’s not alone as the Principal, Assistant Principal and Soo A’s mother all watch from the audience just as furious. And that’s how this episode ends!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! I really hope Teacher Yang returns because he is a very good teacher and he is the only adult that is trustworthy at the school. Are you watching this drama with me? Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to check out my review on DramaFever and check out my You Tube channel for reviews as well! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!