DramaFever Drama Club Review: Remember

Hello Dramatics! I am here to share with you some good news! I just found out that I will be reviewing the K – Drama Remember for DramaFever!


Remember (SBS) (리멤버)

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young

Diagnosed with hyperthymesia, Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) possesses an uncanny memory, which he uses to his advantage as a lawyer defending his wrongfully convicted father. But when Jin Woo is afflicted with Alzheimer’s, his only link to his father’s innocence begins to fray. With a mind that’s both his greatest asset and greatest liability, can justice prevail?
Remember Stars:



Yoo Seung Ho as Jin Woo, a lawyer with an autobiographical memory that allows him to remember everything in extreme detail. He vows to become a lawyer  to clear his father, who has alzheimer’s disease, of a false murder charge, but he begins to lose his memory as well.

Yoo Seung Ho







Park Min Young as Lee In Ah, Jin Woo’s childhood friend, who vows to stay by his side and help him







Park Sung Woong as a lawyer with a complicated past who helps Yoo Seung Ho solve the case




And Namgoong Min as the dashing but evil villain




Here is a 10 minute preview of the K – Drama Remember:


I can’t wait to start watching and reviewing this drama for you all! I am excited to see the story and character development. Just by watching the 10 minute preview above, I can tell this is going to be a good one. I have a feeling I will have a lot to say about the characters. I already have my favorites which I will reveal when I star reviewing! I hope you follow me as I review this drama! I will post my reviews here and I will do reviews on my You Tube Channel  so make sure you watch there as well! Also I will post what my DramaClub felt about each episode here and on DramaFever I will link each episode we review here as well so be on the lookout! Well Dramatics that’s all for now! I will see you in a few days for my  review on Episodes 1 & 2 of Remember! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm and Drama On!




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