K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 15

Hello Dramatics! It’s time once again for another K – Drama Review. We are now on Episode 13 of Remember. Have you been keeping up with what’s going on with our Jin Woo? Will he get close to finally putting a stop to Nam Gyu Man and receive justice for his father? Will Jin Woo gain Dong Ho as an ally or will he once again be betrayed by someone he trusted?  Without further adieu, lets get see what happens in Episode 15.

We left off with Nam Gyu Man at a party that was busted by the police because of drugs. He ran out the back of the club and met his assistant. The assistant had the car ready for him to make his get away and the two of the men switch suit coats. In the parking lot Jin Woo was there waiting for Nam Gyu Man to get out of the car in order to arrest him, but when the car door opened, Jin Woo saw that it was Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. We then see Nam Gyu Man make his get away in his car, evading the police and not getting arrested.

Next we see Nam Gyu Man’s assistant leaving the police station. He got arrested and took the fall for Nam Gyu Man as he usually does when he gets himself into trouble. At home Nam Gyu Man is still hung over and he opens the door and runs into Dong Ho. He tells Dong Ho that his assistant is at the police station and he wants him to make sure he does not look bad. Dong Ho advised Nam Gyu Man to live a straight life because all of the crimes he has committed so far will come back to haunt him. Jin Woo meets with Nam Gyu Man’s assistant at a bar. Jin Woo tells him if he keeps cleaning up Nam Gyu Man’s messes, he will eventually bear the cross.

Back at this office, Jin Woo and his team are looking at the evidence they collected on Nam Gyu Man at the party. Jin Woo stated that he wants to hand over the video evidence to Prosecutor Tak and Lee In Ah says he is the only one who can be trusted at this point. At home, Nam Gyu Man’s sister confronts him about the party he attended. She was with the police when the party was busted and she saw Nam Gyu Man. Nam Gyu Man admitted to his sister that he was the one who killed Oh Jung Ah four years ago. We then see Dong Ho and his assistant leaving Il Ho Group. Dong Ho has his belongings packed in a box as he officially quit working for Nam Il Ho. Jin Woo hears the news from Lawyer Song about Dong Ho’s departure and he wonders if he will join his side.

Nam Gyu Man’s assistant is our of jail and goes to his office to talk to him. Nam Gyu Man hives him money for going to jail for him and getting him out of trouble. AHe then tells him to get the car ready. As he turns around, he stares at a statue that he hid the murder weapon in when he covered for Nam Gyu Man before.

Jin Woo visits Nam Gyu Man’s sister at her office and he tells her that he was the one who set up the drug party her brother was attending. He then shows her the pen he used to record Nam Gyu Man at the party. He told her he will hand the evidence to her boss and he left the office. We then see Jin Woo, Lee In Ah and Prosecutor Tak viewing the video taped evidence. They want Prosecutor Tak to help them convict Nam Gyu Man’s friend who was at the party with him. Nam Il Ho confronts his children about what happened aat the party. He thanked Nam Gyu Man’s sister for helping him out, but he was very angry at Nam Gyu Man. He slapped him across his face and yelled at him because he is the face of the company and with his reckless behavior, he is giving the family a very bad name. After getting punished, Nam Gyu Man has a talk with his sister and she tells him it was Jin Woo who set everything up.

Lee In Ah is patiently waiting for Jin Woo to arrive at his office. When she sees him, she notices he starts to walk in the wrong direction. Jin Woo realizes this as well and he turns around and asks her how long has she known about his condition. She told him she has known about if for a while now. Lee In Ah also told him that he does not have to go through this alone and she will be there to help him. The two of them were holding hands! Awwww such a cute moment for these two! I just might get my “Noona Romance” after all. I am still waiting for it!

Prosecutor Tak takes the evidence to Nam Il Ho and tells him everything that Dong Ho was planning to do as well as Jin Woo’s plan and video taped evidence. Wow! I can’t believe Prosecutor Tak would betray not only Jin Woo, but Lee In Ah and Dong Ho. In the previous episode when Nam Il Ho asked him for help and he refused, I thought for sure that meant he wanted nothing to do with Nam Il Ho. Boy was I wrong! As a favor, Prosecutor Tak told Nam Il Ho he will get Dong Ho’s father figure out of jail (Seok Joo Il) and return him back to him.

Back at the office, Layer Song tells Jin Woo that Nam Gyu Man was not arrested because of the drug party. He also has a feeling that Prosecutor Tak betrayed all of them when Jin Woo handed over the evidence. Dong Ho found out that Prosecutor Tak betrayed him and he stormed into his office to confront him. He traded the information he gave him for a job with Nam Il Ho. Dong Ho was not happy about this at all and Prosecutor Tak threw him out of his office.

Jin Woo goes to visit Nam Gyu Man’s friend in prison. He knows Jin Woo was the one who reported him when they met in the parking lot before. Jin Woo tells him that if he gives him Nam Gyu Man’s name then his sentence will be reduced. He does not want to give up his friend so Jin Woo offered to help him. Jin Woo tells him that if he blows up the case against Nam Gyu Man then his name will be covered. But his friend does not trust anyone. But he does tell Jin Woo about an young girl who was an aspiring actress. She was screwed over by Nam Gyu Man and her life was basically destroyed. This case was very similar to Oh Jung Ah’s case from four years ago.

Lee In Ah goes to meet with the young lady that was assaulted by Nam Gyu Man. Her name is Song Ha Young and she tells Lee In Ah that one one wold listen to her story back then and she was labeled a gold digger. Ha Young did not want to talk about what happened to her so Lee In Ah gave her a business card and told her when she is ready to talk she will be available to listen.

Dong Ho’s father figure is out of prison and he goes back to work for Nam Il Ho. We also find out that Dong Ho was the lawyer in the case of Ha Young and because of this, Dong Ho is who Jin Woo needs to talk to in order to convict Nam Gyu Man. Later we see Dong Ho’s office being ransacked by his father figure’s bodyguards. As Dong Ho enters his office and sees what is going on he is furious! His father figure wants to know the whereabouts of President Ha. Dong Ho his him hidden because he wants to use him as evidence in his case against Nam Il Ho. Dong Ho does not open his mouth to where he is of course. Dong Ho’s father figure has a meeting with Nam Gyu Man and he tells him to take care of Jiin Woo and Dong Ho from meddling in his business.

Dong Ho goes to see Jin Woo at his office and he offers to make a deal with him. He tells him that he left Il Ho Group and he plans to hit them very hard. The then shows Jin Woo the evidence he plans to use to charge Nam Il Ho with conspiracy to commit murder. He said he will join forces with him if he helps out with Song Ha Young’s case. Dong Ho agreed to help Jin Woo with this case to convict Nam Gyu Man. The next time we see Dong Ho he is barging into Nam Il Ho’s office and he asks where President Ha is and if he killed him. We then see Detective Bae appear from another room. It appears that Dong Ho was betrayed yet again by another ally. He asked Detective Bae if President Ha was dead and he said he was not, but he sent him abroad.

Ha Young goes to see Lee In Ah and talk to her about what happened. Ha Young gives Lee In Ah a business card of her ex manager which is how she met Nam Gyu Man. Lee In Ah promises her that Nam Gyu Man will pay for his crimes. Lee In Ah and Jin Woo meet with Ha Young’s ex manager and questions him about her because he testified against her. Before he can answer anymore questions, he gets a sudden phone call and leaves the meeting. Jin Woo then meets with Detective Kwak in prison. He asks Detective Kwak about Kim Chan who is Ha Young’s manager. He tells Jin Woo that he manages new actresses and introduces the girls to rich men.

We then see Nam Gyu Man’s assistant pacing in his office. He is remembering all of the abuse Nam Gyu Man inflected on him in the past. He then goes to see the Younger Judge and gives him the murder weapon Nam Gyu Man used to kill Oh Jung Ah. We learn that the murder weapon that was found originally was a fake. At Jin Woo’s office, Lee In Ah, Dong Ho, and a female prosecutor are going over evidence for Ha Young’s rape case.

In the next scene, we see the female prosecutor come in Nam Gyu Man’s office with an arrest warrant and handcuffs him immediately. As they drag him outside, he runs into Jin Woo and Lee In Ah and the face off begins. Jin Woo tells him that the crimes he has committed will come back to haunt him in the end. And that’s where our episode ends.

Well it looks like Nam Gyu Man finally got arrested and will begin to pay for all of his crimes. But how long will this last? We all know the history of Nam Gyu Man and his father. They know everyone in the legal system that can get him out of any wrongdoing. Or will his father finally stop saving him? It’s obvious that his is getting tired of his son ruining his company’s name. We will have to find out in the next episode. Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more updates on this drama. Also I am reviewing this drama for DramaFever and if you missed any of my reviews, you can catch up with them here: Episodes 1 & 2Episodes 3 & 4Episodes 5 & 6Episodes 7 & 8Episodes 9 & 10Episodes 11 & 12 and Episodes 13 & 14 Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!









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