K – Drama Preview: Let’s Drink

Hello Dramatics! Your Drama Queen is back with another K – Drama Preview. I am excited to announce that I will be reviewing the K – Drama Let’s Drink.  Let’s Drink is a spin off of the K – Drama series Let’s Eat and Let’s Eat 2. Let’s Drink has amazing and very talented cast which includes: Ha Suk Jin,  Park Ha Sun, , SHINee’s Key, , and Gong Myung. This cast of characters are portraying students and instructors at a private institute who bond over the hardships of their jobs and personal lives over a glass or two.

Drama: Let’s Drink (Drinking Solo)

Hangul: 혼술남녀

Writer: Choi Kyoo-Sik

Director: Myung Soo-Hyun

Network: TvN

Premiers: September 5th 2016

Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays

Episodes: 16

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea



Synopsis: This relatable and humorous series is set in Noryangjin, a neighborhood in Seoul that is known for being full of stressed students studying for the civil service exam. Enter Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun, an arrogant star veteran teacher and a struggling newbie lecturer. Ha Suk Jin’s character likes to drink alone so he can have “healing time,” but eventually the two begin to spend more and more time together, which evolves into romance. SHINee Key costars as a wealthy student who chooses to live in poverty in order to take on the student lifestyle. Gong Myung plays Ha Suk Jin’s immature younger brother, who has few job prospects so he is living with his older brother and being forced to study for the civil service exam by his mother


Ha Suk Jin‘s Trailer:

SHINee Key‘s Trailer:

Gong Myung‘s Trailer:

Park Ha Sun‘s Trailer:


Ha Suk Jin as Jin Jung Seok


Park Ha Sun as Park Ha Na. Her poster reads: “Cheers to tomorrow’s star lecturer Park Hana!”


Gong Myung as Gong Myung. His poster reads: “He only knows one [hana] but not two, Teacher Hana’s lover boy.”


Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Hwang Jin Yi Her  poster reads: “Now, rather than sexy, I’ll be a saek-shi [wife]!”


Kim Ki Bum (Key) as Kim Ki Bum His poster reads: “The civil service exam is a marathon. I won’t lose energy from the start!”


Kim Dong Young as Kim Dong Young


Min Jin Woong as Min Jin Woong His poster reads: “What’s so important about the lecture content?”


Kim Won Hae as Kim Won Hae His poster reads: “Gotta have a drink today, don’t we?”


Let’s Drink premiers on DramaFever September 5th! Will you be watching? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this upcoming drama!  Remember to check out my You Tube Channel for more K Drama Reviews. Until next time Dramatics! Remember To Keep Calm And Drama On!






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