K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 6

Hello Dramatics! I’m back again with another exciting and intense episode of Remember. I hope you all are having a great holiday with friends and family. Because of the busy holiday season I will be highlighting the most important parts in this review. I hope you all enjoy! Without further adieu, lets jump right into Episode 6.

We left off with Jin Woo in court calling his witness to the stand. It is the former teacher of the intern. She accused him of sexual assault, but we quickly find out that they never went to court about this matter because it was settled between both parties. We also learned that the two of them were lovers. Lee In Ah is upset that the intern did not reveal this information to her at the beginning. Now knowing this, she tells the intern it may be difficult to win.

We see Jin Woo in the car talking to the interns former teacher. We learn that 4 years ago he was gambling illegally and Jin Woo has evidence of this. The teacher asked Jin Woo how did he know about this and he said he remembered everything about him, even what he was wearing. The man exits the vehicle and Dong Ho walks over to Jin Woo to have a chat. Dong Ho asks him why did he take on the case, is it perhaps to save his father? Or did you take on the case to catch Nam Gyu Man? Jin Woo said its for more reasons than just that.

Lee In Ah and her boss are having lunch until he gets a call from the head prosecutor. We quickly discover its the same one from Jin Woo’s fathers trial. He was responsible for sentencing him to death. Lee In Ah is shocked to see him. She is reluctant to shake his hand, but she does.

At his office, Jin Woo tells the stuttering attorney that there must be video evidence of the assault that happened on the intern. He tells Jin Woo that there were no recordings in the parking lot nor a black box in the Vice Presidents car. Jin Woo says maybe another car nearby has something recorded. He then orders the stuttering attorney to go out and find the evidence.

Jin Woo and his office manager are looking at the bored of everyone connected to this fathers case. He sees a picture of Nam Gyu Man’s sister. Jin Woo realizes that one way to get to Nam Gyu Man is through his sister. We then see Dong Ho and his father figure talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father. He tells Dong Ho that the Vice President cannot win the trial. He tells the father figure to proceed with the plan and to fill Dong Ho in on the details. Dong Ho and his father figure  talk and we learn that Nam Gyu Man’s father was in on the plan to sabotage the Vice President from the beginning. That’s right…he set the entire episode up. He did this in order to protect his son. Dong Ho was shocked to hear this news for he did not know this was happening.

We then see Jin Woo as he follows Nam Gyu Man’s sister. She is on a date with her boyfriend the younger judge. Jin Woo gets a phone call from Lee In Ah who is drunk at a bar. He goes to where she is and the two talk for a while. When she tries to stand up to leave she almost colapses. Jin Woo carries her out of the bar and her family sees Lee In Ah and they take her home. Jin Woo follows and he has dinner with her family. They ask Jin Woo about becoming a lawyer and how is father is doing. It’s Christmastime and when Jin Woo sees the tree,  we flashback when he was spending time with his father on Christmas and celebrating his birthday.

Jin Woo visits hes father in prison. He does not remember his son. Jin Woo takes out his mothers wedding ring and shows it to his father, but he does not remember who it belongs to. This is an indication that his fathers Alzheimer’s  is getting worse than before. Jin Woo tells his father that its the ring he gave his mother and to look closely to it. But he does not remember. With tears in his eyes, Jin Woo tells his father to look at him closely he is his son Jin Woo. His father says he does not have a son.

Nam Gyu Man’s assistant is talking to him about Jin Woo. The assistant tells him how successful he has become as a lawyer and that he has a great memory. He also tells him that he will be appealing the case against his father. He tells Nam Gyu Man not to worry about his father because of his illness.

At his office, Dong Ho’s assistant comes in and he tells him to keep an eye on Jin Woo until the trial is over. We then see Jin Woo at an art gallery where Nam Gyu Man’s sister works. The two make small talk about a painting she created. As he leaves we notice Dong Ho watching him from his car. He gets out to talk to Jin Woo. He asks him how he knows Man Gyu Man’s sister, but Jin Woo just walks away. As he does, Dong Ho advises him not to cross the line with Nam Gyu Man or his family.

We then see Nam Gyu Man in his car talking to the head prosecutor about the trial. He learns that Lee In Ah who is a rookie prosecutor will be taking the trial. Nam Gyu Man asks him is there someone with more experience who can take on the trial. At that moment we see Nam Gyu Man and his assistant having a drink with the younger prosecutor. He was about to leave because Nam Gyu Man was going to ask him for a favor in the Vice Presidents trial. He said he did not want to meet with them without any tension. The assistant asks him about dating any girls, and he said he does have his eye on someone. I think it’s Lee In Ah….but we shall see if this plays out. He tells Nam Gyu Man that his sister is like a little sister to him.

Back at his office, the stuttering attorney comes in and tells Jin Woo that he has not found any evidence on video tape about the assault. He tells him to keep looking for it is important he has this for the trial. The head prosecutor tells Lee In Ah to remove herself from the trial and she says she cannot do that. She gets a text from her assistant about the black box recording of the assault. She goes to the parking garage and someone from security gives her a USB and she views it on her tablet. As she is looking at the evidence, we see Dong Ho watching from his car.

At his office, Jin Woo is looking at the videotape evidence that was shown in court. He notices that the person who was in the car is not wearing his wedding ring. The Vice President always wears his wedding ring. Jin Woo then rushes out of his office and into his car. He calls the stuttering attorney and tells him to locate the black box because the video is fake. We then see Jin Woo in the parking lot and a security guard putting a suitcase in his car. Jin Woo proceeds to follow him. We also see Dong Ho’s assistant following Jin Woo and reporting to Dong Ho. Jin Woo follows the security guard to a dock where he meets with Dong Ho’s father figure and other men. Just as Jin Woo is about to go catch him, Dong Ho stops him. But Jin Woo runs after them anyway and he gets beat up by the men.

At court, Jin Woo plays the recording and proves that the video was indeed a fake. The man in the car was not the Vice President. He then calls the intern to the stand. He asks her how did she get the money for her mothers surgery. She used the Vice President to get the money she needed. He then asked her if the man in the video is of the Vice President an she said the Vice President is innocent and didn’t do anything to her.

When the Vice President was found innocent, this made Nam Gyu Man and his father furious. Nam Gyu Man was having a drink with his assistant and Dong Ho and he demanded the lawyer for the VP to come talk to him. Just as he said this, Jin Woo walks in with Nam Gyu Man’s sister. JIn Woo and Nam Gyu Man come face to face and Jin Woo tells him he will see him in court. And that is where our episode ends!

Let me know what you think about his episode by leaving a comment below. Also don’t forget to follow me on You Tube for updates and on DramaFever for my current reviews: Episodes 1 & 2 Episodes 3 & 4 Thank you for watching and reading my reviews this year! There will be much more to come in 2016! As usual Dramatics remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!



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