K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 3

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another review for the K – Drama Remember. We are now on Episode 3 of this amazing and intense drama! I must say I am really enjoying this drama so far. The acting is amazing and the character development is spectacular. Have you been watching with me? What are your thoughts so far? Without further adieu, lets get into Episode 3!

The last time we saw Jin Woo, he was at Dong Ho’s office with a large amount of money. He dumped the money out of his backpack onto Dong Ho’s desk and begs for him to help defend his father in court. Dong Ho refuses, brushes him off, and kicks him and Lee In Ah out of his office. When he is outside, Jin Woo begs Dong Ho’s assistants to help him, but they just tell him to go home. We then see Dong Ho in his office and we flashback to when he was younger and he begged his father figure for money to help his father. He also remembers when Jin Woo did the same to him moments before.

At dinner, Dong Ho is talking to a woman and he shows her a video of Jung Ah being assaulted. The woman agreed to help him and he tells her he will play the footage in court. He tells her when the judge looks at her she is supposed to cry. Just then Dong Ho gets a call from his assistant. He tells him the reason why Nam Gyu Man went to the rooftop of the construction site. Then he mentions Jung Ah’s name which sounds familiar to Dong Ho. He now knows Nam Gyu Man had a party and invited Jung Ah to sing and she followed him into his house.

Dong Ho enters the court room to help Jin Woo’s father as his attorney. Dong Ho presents Jin Woo’s father with a contract he must sign in order to be his attorney. Jin Woo’s father signs and his former attorney leaves the courtroom. Dong Ho talks to Jin Woo and tells him he knows something about the night in question. Just when he said that, a strange man gets up and leaves the courtroom to take a phone call. The man is on the phone with Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. Nam Gyu Man’s assistant tells him that there is a new attorney and it’s Dong Ho.

In court, Dong Ho makes his argument and requests an continuance because he needs to find his witness. He tells the judge he only needs one day and the judge agrees. Outside Dong Ho talks to the prosecutor and tells him he will have a fair trial by bringing in the criminal.

Dong Ho has a conversation with Jin Woo and his father. Dong Ho asks him if the killed Jung Ah. It appears that Dong Ho does not believe he is innocent. Jin Woo asks him how is he different from the other attorney. Dong Ho responds that he only wants to know the truth. Dong Ho reveals a written statement that Jin Woo’s father signed saying that he killed Jung Ah.  JIn Woo’s father said he was threatened to sign the document.

We flashback to when Jin Woo’s father was arrested. He is not taken to the police station but instead he is taken to a warehouse. There the detective made him sign a document that he killed Jung Ah. He refuses to sign the document because he is innocent and he tells the detective that he did not kill anyone. The detective then puts a gun to his head and says if he does not sign he will find and kill Jin Woo. Jin Woo’s father tells Dong Ho that he did not kill Jung Ah.

Later at his office, Jin Woo gives Dong Ho the bag of money he earned to pay him for defending his father. Dong Ho gives the money back to him. He tells Jin Woo if he wins the case to promise him he will go to law school and become a lawyer. Dong Ho then takes out a bill from the bag and makes Jin Woo sign it as a promise contract. Dong Ho then tells Jin Woo he can help him in the case by using his memory starting from the moment that his father was arrested. Jin Woo begins to remember every moment from that day in great detail. Dong Ho asks Jin Woo about details he remembers from the day his father was arrested. Jin Woo remembers the detectives weapon which had his initials on it.

At court, the judge calls for witnesses. Dong Ho tells him his witness will be arriving shortly. The prosecutor calls a witness and the detective who arrested Jin Woo’s father enters the court. He questions him and of course he lies and says that Jin Woo’s father was very drunk when the crime was reported.

Dong Ho then calls his witness to the stand and it’s the same detective who arrested Jin Woo’s father. Dong Ho begins to question him and he asks if he illegally held Jin Woo’s father for three days and made him sign a document stating he killed Jung Ah. And of course he says no he did not do that. He then asks him is it true you threatened him with a gun pointed at his head, and he said no. Just then, Jin Woo’s father stood up and yelled “You’re lying! Tell the truth!” Dong Ho asked the detective to see his weapon. He describes the weapon and asks him if his initials are on it. The detective takes out his weapon and his initials are indeed engraved on it.

Outside the courtroom, news reporters are talking to Dong Ho. He tells the press the culprit is someone else, not Jin Woo’s father. He says to the camera, if you are watching the news turn yourself in or I will find you and catch you myself.

At Nam Gyu Man’s house, we see him talking to his father. Just then the news comes on and we see Dong Ho talking to the press. Nam Gyu Man’s father tells him to keep a low profile then he gets a phone call. It’s Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. He asks his assistant if he saw the news, but his assistant does not believe Dong Ho knows anything and he is bluffing. Nam Gyu Man thinks otherwise and he tells his assistant to make sure he does not talk to his father because he is more afraid of his father than going to court.

At the doctor’s office, Jin Woo learns that his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Jin Woo asks the doctor what happens if my did goes to prison. And the doctor tells him it will be difficult to get the medical treatment he needs. The doctor agreed to comply if Jin Woo needed help in court.

Jin Woo visits Dong Ho’s office and tells him his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Dong Ho tells him not to worry because this will help him with the case and he agreed to talk to the doctor. The two go out to eat and when Dong Ho brings Jin Woo home, Lee In Ah sees them. She confronts Jin Woo and tells him not to trust Dong Ho because he has a bad reputation. He tells her that his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dong Ho is the only one he can trust now.

While working out, Dong Ho suddenly gets a phone call and his assistant tells him that everything is ready to go. We then see Nam Gyu Man step out of a car and enter a club. There he is degrading women by asking them to bark like a dog and lick alcohol from a bowl. If they do this successfully he will give them the key to his car. One woman volunteers but she fails. Nam Gyu Man kicks her out, but as she leaves she turns a pack of cigarettes towards him. Inside the pack of cigarettes is a hidden camera. A man who was at the party when Jung Ah was killed entered the room and talks to Nam Gyu Man.

The girl from the club runs outside and into a van where Dong Ho and his assistant have set up surveillance cameras to watch Nam Gyu Man. As they listen to the conversation, the man asks Nam Gyu Man about the night in question and why he did that to Jung Ah. He said she made him feel like crap, she scarred his face first and he did not know he would kill someone that easily. The man then asks about Jin Woo’s father who is in prison, and he said that’s not his problem. The man begins to look for a cigarette and he finds the hidden bug in the pack on the table. Now that Dong Ho has been caught, he knows that Nam Gyu Man will look for him.

As predicted, Nam Gyu Man visits Dong Ho at his office. Dong Ho tells him that he is preparing documents for the trial and he has evidence. Dong Ho puts a DVD in his computer which is Nam Gyu Man admitting to the murder of Jung Ah. Nam Gyu Man is furious at this point so he picks up the computer and throws it across the room destroying the evidence. But our Dong Ho is one smart cookie. He reveals another copy of the disk from his desk. Nam Gyu Man tries to pay Dong Ho money to get rid of the evidence. Dong Ho refused his money,  Nam Gyu Man attacked him and Dong Ho’s assistant pulled him away.

In the car,  Nam Gyu Man is still fureious. He wanted to kill Dong Ho but could not do it. He asked his assistant what to do about Dong Ho because he promised to protect him. Nam Gyu Man then asked his assistant what did you do with that thing, meaning the murder weapon. He said he wiped the fingerprints off and thew it away. Nam Gyu Man does not believe him. The car is turned around and they go back to the villa where the murder took place.

At the villa, we see Jin Woo and Lee In Ah. The two of them sneak in and hide behind the bar. Nam Gyu Man enter and go to the bar and he gets a drink. He does not see Jin Woo or Lee In Ah hiding there. The two then sneak into the dressing room where Jung Ah was. Jin Woo remembers the red dress that was hanging on the rack is missing. He remembers seeing the dress on Jung Ah when he found her in the woods. He realizes that Jung Ah was at the villa before she died. Nam Gyu Man is talking to his assistant and they hear a noise from the dressing room. The assistant enters first and does not find anything, meanwhile Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are hiding behind a dresser. Nam Gyu Man enters and the assistant says the noise was nothing.

We then see Jin Woo and Lee In Ah running away trough the kitchen trying to find an exit. The assistant runs into another room and he lifts a picture from the wall and there he has hidden the bloody murder weapon wrapped in a cloth. We learn he did not throw it away as Nam Gyu Man instructed. Why would he keep it and hid the weapon from him?

Jin Woo and Lee In Ah go to Dong Ho’s office but he is not there. We see Dong Ho meeting with Nam Gyu Man’s father. Lee In Ah finds the DVD evidence of Nam Gyu Man admitting murder. Jin Woo comes over to the computer to invistate and he is shocked to see that he confessed the crime. He now knows that his father was indeed framed for murder and is innocent. And that is where our episode ends.

As you can see a lot went on in this episode! There are a lot of questions that need answers. Why does Nam Gyu Man’s assistant have the murder weapon? Does he plan to use this against him? Why is Dong Ho talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father? Will he show his father the video he has of his son admitting the crime? I hope these questions will be answered in the next episode! Let me know what you think! Are you enjoying this drama as much as I am? I have to admit I have cried watching every episode so far. This drama definately has me in my feelings! Don’t forget to catch my review of this drama on my You Tube Channel  I am also reviewing this drama for DramaFever Drama Club and you can check out my review here of Remember Episodes 1 & 2  Alright Dramatics I will talk to you next time! Until then Keep Calm and Drama On!






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