K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 4

Hello Dramatics! Welcome back! It’s time to get into another episode of Remember. Just as in the previous episode, a lot of things happened in episode 4 too. A lot of shocks and surprises! I am still a bit dumbfounded at some of the events that took place. I will not keep you waiting any more, lets get into Episode 4!

When we last left off, Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are at Dong Ho’s office looking at the evidence of Nam Gyu Man admitting to the murder of Jung Ah. Jin Woo called Dong Ho and he said he will talk to him later. We then see Dong Ho talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father. He says I will help you and you will help me.

We then see Nam Gyu Man driving with his assistant. He asks him if he thinks he can stand trial because he is very afraid of his father disowning him. We learn that Nam Gyu Man is the successor of his father’s company. His assistant tells him that his father already knows because he reported it to him. Nam Gyu Man demands the car be stopped. He gets out and pulls his assistant out and begins assaulting him. He yells at him “I told you not to tell my father!” The assistant tells him that his father already took care of it that’s why the police never mentioned his name. The assistant told him Dong Ho is meeting with his father.

Next we see Dong Ho and Nam Gyu Man’s father discussing the videotaped evidence. Dong Ho tells him that the court may use the video as evidence because Nam Gyu Man was unaware he was being recorded. Dong Ho said if the court does not use the video it will be all over the media and he will make sure everyone sees it. Nam Gyu Man’s father will give Dong Ho whatever he wants not to expose his son. Dong Ho tells him the only thing he wants is for Nam Gyu Man to turn himself in before the trial starts.

At Dong Ho’s office where Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are waiting, Dong Ho enters and Jin Woo tells him he saw the video and knows what happened. Dong Ho tells him he will use the video as evidence and call the doctor as a witness. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo when the court finds out about his fathers medical condition the trial will turn over and his father will be able to go home.

Nam Gyu Man enters his fathers room to have a talk. Our villain kneels before his father and tells him he is sorry and he was wrong for what he had done. His father throws a fencing helmet at him and tells him to put it on. We then hear Nam Gyu Man screaming “I’m sorry father!” as he is getting punished by his father. His father then demands to hear everything that happened that night from beginning to end.

We then see a flashback on the night of Nam Gyu Man’s party. Jung Ah is on the floor in pain crying. Nam Gyu Man is standing over her and he throws money at her to pay her for her “services.” Jung Ah then grabs a glass from the table, breaks it and attacks Nam Gyu Man by cutting him with it on his face. He slapped her but Jung Ah fights him off and runs out of the room and into the kitchen. She is trying to find an exit but instead she runs into Nam Gyu Man. She continues to run away from him until she finds an exit outside. She runs through the woods with Nam Gyu Man on her tail. She falls down and hides behind some lumber hoping no to get caught. Nam Gyu Man finds her, strangles and stabs her until she loses her breath. Nam Gyu Man wakes up the next morning next to the deceased Jung Ah with blood on his face realizing what he has done. He calls his assistant for help and he orders him to get rid of the body and the murder weapon. Most importantly he wants him to protect him and make sure nothing bad happens to him. The assistant tries to call 911 stating that Jung Ah could still be alive, but Nam Gyu Man stops him.

Nam Gyu Man tells his father he had no intention of killing Jung Ah. He did not know he could kill some one so easily. He continues to tell his father he was not thinking rationally. His father scolds him by saying if you are crying and scared because a girl died how are you going to take care of my company.  Nam Gyu Man’s father is talking with his assistant. His father tells the assistant to make sure no one knows about what happened. Nam Gyu Man’s father states that he does have a plan and will reveal it when the time is right. He wants to get rid of Dong Ho and stop him because he knows too much.

At court, Dong Ho sees his father figure and the two men go outside to have a talk. He tells Dong Ho to lose the case. Dong Ho asks him did Nam Gyu Man’s father meet with him and persuade him to lose. Dong Ho brushes him off and walks away into court. While in court, the doctor is on the witness stand. Dong Ho asks him about Jin Woo’s father medical condition. The doctor says he is mentally unstable but is just like any other person. He then lies and says he does not have any symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The doctor also stated that Jin Woo came to him and said to claim his father has Alzheimer’s….again…lies. The prosecutor  then calls Jin Woo to the witness stand.

The court is in recess and Dong Ho talks to his father figure again. He asks him did Nam Gyu Man’s father promise him anything and he said he promised to help him with construction of a shopping mall. Just then we see a flashback of a young Dong Ho with his father. The two are in a truck and his father seems very nervous. He looks out of the window and sees the police chase him. His father tells him when I am gone the man who is his father figure will be his new father. His father gets into an accident and he dies on the scene. This is the same truck that hit Jin Woo and his family in the previous episode.

The next day in court, the prosecutor asks Jin Woo if the doctor provided a false test and he said no. Jin Woo then stood up and said someone else killed Jung Ah….Nam Gyu Man. The prosecutor asked if he has evidence and Jin Woo said yes there is a video tape confession. Jin Woo then asks Dong Ho to show the video tape, but he betrays him and does not. He tells the court there is no such evidence and Jin Woo is mistaken. Jin Woo is very hurt by this and does not understand why Dong Ho, someone he trusted, is betraying him. Jin Woo begs for Dong Ho to show the tape but he just stands there silent. Jin Woo is removed from the court screaming and begging Dong Ho to show the tape.

Jung Ah’s father is grieving the loss of his daughter. He watches video tapes of her as a young child as he breaks down and cries. He then enters her room and reads her diary. He finds out that she had a singing job at the villa of Nam Gyu Man. He also finds a business card and calls the prosecutor. He tells him that she went to work for someone at the company and he cannot allow an innocent person to be punished for his daughters death. He begs him to find the real criminal.  We then see the prosecutor talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father. We then find out that Jung Ah’s father committed suicide.

In court, a co worker of Jin Woo’s father takes the stand. She tells the court that he hid something in his room. They produce the murder weapon which had blood on it that matches Jung Ah. As the closing argument is read, the court finds Jin Woo’s father guilty and sentenced to death.

Nam Gyu Man visits Dong Ho’s office to retrieve the copy of the video. Dong Ho gives it to him and he walks outside. Jin Woo sees Nam Gyu Man get into his car and he tries to chase it down. He then sees Dong Ho exit the building and he runs over to him and punches him in the face. He starts yelling at him because he was betrayed by Dong Ho and he put his trust in him. Jin Woo states that he will finish what he started and he will never trust another lawyer.

Jin Woo attends the funeral of Jung Ah’s father. He does not get a good reaction as he enters the building to pay his respects. Jung Ah’s mother slaps him in the face and asks him why he is there. His father killed her entire family. Jin Woo pays his respects and then leaves. He has a suitcase in his hand.

Four years later, we see Lee In Ah as a prosecutor. Jin Woo enters the courtroom as a lawyer for his father. And that’s where our episode ends.

Wow what an intense episode! So much happened here. I can’t believe that Dong Ho betrayed Jin Woo however I can understand wanting to protect his father figure. I can also understand Nam Gyu Man’s father wanting to protect him too but his son is a murderer. I am looking forward to seeing how Jin Woo will be as a lawyer. I have a feeling he will do the right thing and help his father prove his innocence.  Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below and lets have a discussion. Don’t forget to visit DramaFever for my DramaClub recap of Episodes 3 & 4. Also check out my recaps on my You Tube Channel Until the next episode Dramatics remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!







DramaFever Drama Club Review: Remember Episodes 3 & 4

Hello Dramatics! Check out what Cici, Drama Debussie, and thought about Episodes 3 & 4 of Remember. You can check out our review here: Remember Episodes 3 & 4 Are you watching this exciting and intense drama along with us? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment and lets have a discussion! Don’t forget to follow me on my You Tube Channel for more updates on Remember! Until next time Dramatics! Remember to Keep Calm And Drama On!

K – Drama Review: Remember Episode 3

Hello Dramatics! I am back again with another review for the K – Drama Remember. We are now on Episode 3 of this amazing and intense drama! I must say I am really enjoying this drama so far. The acting is amazing and the character development is spectacular. Have you been watching with me? What are your thoughts so far? Without further adieu, lets get into Episode 3!

The last time we saw Jin Woo, he was at Dong Ho’s office with a large amount of money. He dumped the money out of his backpack onto Dong Ho’s desk and begs for him to help defend his father in court. Dong Ho refuses, brushes him off, and kicks him and Lee In Ah out of his office. When he is outside, Jin Woo begs Dong Ho’s assistants to help him, but they just tell him to go home. We then see Dong Ho in his office and we flashback to when he was younger and he begged his father figure for money to help his father. He also remembers when Jin Woo did the same to him moments before.

At dinner, Dong Ho is talking to a woman and he shows her a video of Jung Ah being assaulted. The woman agreed to help him and he tells her he will play the footage in court. He tells her when the judge looks at her she is supposed to cry. Just then Dong Ho gets a call from his assistant. He tells him the reason why Nam Gyu Man went to the rooftop of the construction site. Then he mentions Jung Ah’s name which sounds familiar to Dong Ho. He now knows Nam Gyu Man had a party and invited Jung Ah to sing and she followed him into his house.

Dong Ho enters the court room to help Jin Woo’s father as his attorney. Dong Ho presents Jin Woo’s father with a contract he must sign in order to be his attorney. Jin Woo’s father signs and his former attorney leaves the courtroom. Dong Ho talks to Jin Woo and tells him he knows something about the night in question. Just when he said that, a strange man gets up and leaves the courtroom to take a phone call. The man is on the phone with Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. Nam Gyu Man’s assistant tells him that there is a new attorney and it’s Dong Ho.

In court, Dong Ho makes his argument and requests an continuance because he needs to find his witness. He tells the judge he only needs one day and the judge agrees. Outside Dong Ho talks to the prosecutor and tells him he will have a fair trial by bringing in the criminal.

Dong Ho has a conversation with Jin Woo and his father. Dong Ho asks him if the killed Jung Ah. It appears that Dong Ho does not believe he is innocent. Jin Woo asks him how is he different from the other attorney. Dong Ho responds that he only wants to know the truth. Dong Ho reveals a written statement that Jin Woo’s father signed saying that he killed Jung Ah.  JIn Woo’s father said he was threatened to sign the document.

We flashback to when Jin Woo’s father was arrested. He is not taken to the police station but instead he is taken to a warehouse. There the detective made him sign a document that he killed Jung Ah. He refuses to sign the document because he is innocent and he tells the detective that he did not kill anyone. The detective then puts a gun to his head and says if he does not sign he will find and kill Jin Woo. Jin Woo’s father tells Dong Ho that he did not kill Jung Ah.

Later at his office, Jin Woo gives Dong Ho the bag of money he earned to pay him for defending his father. Dong Ho gives the money back to him. He tells Jin Woo if he wins the case to promise him he will go to law school and become a lawyer. Dong Ho then takes out a bill from the bag and makes Jin Woo sign it as a promise contract. Dong Ho then tells Jin Woo he can help him in the case by using his memory starting from the moment that his father was arrested. Jin Woo begins to remember every moment from that day in great detail. Dong Ho asks Jin Woo about details he remembers from the day his father was arrested. Jin Woo remembers the detectives weapon which had his initials on it.

At court, the judge calls for witnesses. Dong Ho tells him his witness will be arriving shortly. The prosecutor calls a witness and the detective who arrested Jin Woo’s father enters the court. He questions him and of course he lies and says that Jin Woo’s father was very drunk when the crime was reported.

Dong Ho then calls his witness to the stand and it’s the same detective who arrested Jin Woo’s father. Dong Ho begins to question him and he asks if he illegally held Jin Woo’s father for three days and made him sign a document stating he killed Jung Ah. And of course he says no he did not do that. He then asks him is it true you threatened him with a gun pointed at his head, and he said no. Just then, Jin Woo’s father stood up and yelled “You’re lying! Tell the truth!” Dong Ho asked the detective to see his weapon. He describes the weapon and asks him if his initials are on it. The detective takes out his weapon and his initials are indeed engraved on it.

Outside the courtroom, news reporters are talking to Dong Ho. He tells the press the culprit is someone else, not Jin Woo’s father. He says to the camera, if you are watching the news turn yourself in or I will find you and catch you myself.

At Nam Gyu Man’s house, we see him talking to his father. Just then the news comes on and we see Dong Ho talking to the press. Nam Gyu Man’s father tells him to keep a low profile then he gets a phone call. It’s Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. He asks his assistant if he saw the news, but his assistant does not believe Dong Ho knows anything and he is bluffing. Nam Gyu Man thinks otherwise and he tells his assistant to make sure he does not talk to his father because he is more afraid of his father than going to court.

At the doctor’s office, Jin Woo learns that his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Jin Woo asks the doctor what happens if my did goes to prison. And the doctor tells him it will be difficult to get the medical treatment he needs. The doctor agreed to comply if Jin Woo needed help in court.

Jin Woo visits Dong Ho’s office and tells him his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Dong Ho tells him not to worry because this will help him with the case and he agreed to talk to the doctor. The two go out to eat and when Dong Ho brings Jin Woo home, Lee In Ah sees them. She confronts Jin Woo and tells him not to trust Dong Ho because he has a bad reputation. He tells her that his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dong Ho is the only one he can trust now.

While working out, Dong Ho suddenly gets a phone call and his assistant tells him that everything is ready to go. We then see Nam Gyu Man step out of a car and enter a club. There he is degrading women by asking them to bark like a dog and lick alcohol from a bowl. If they do this successfully he will give them the key to his car. One woman volunteers but she fails. Nam Gyu Man kicks her out, but as she leaves she turns a pack of cigarettes towards him. Inside the pack of cigarettes is a hidden camera. A man who was at the party when Jung Ah was killed entered the room and talks to Nam Gyu Man.

The girl from the club runs outside and into a van where Dong Ho and his assistant have set up surveillance cameras to watch Nam Gyu Man. As they listen to the conversation, the man asks Nam Gyu Man about the night in question and why he did that to Jung Ah. He said she made him feel like crap, she scarred his face first and he did not know he would kill someone that easily. The man then asks about Jin Woo’s father who is in prison, and he said that’s not his problem. The man begins to look for a cigarette and he finds the hidden bug in the pack on the table. Now that Dong Ho has been caught, he knows that Nam Gyu Man will look for him.

As predicted, Nam Gyu Man visits Dong Ho at his office. Dong Ho tells him that he is preparing documents for the trial and he has evidence. Dong Ho puts a DVD in his computer which is Nam Gyu Man admitting to the murder of Jung Ah. Nam Gyu Man is furious at this point so he picks up the computer and throws it across the room destroying the evidence. But our Dong Ho is one smart cookie. He reveals another copy of the disk from his desk. Nam Gyu Man tries to pay Dong Ho money to get rid of the evidence. Dong Ho refused his money,  Nam Gyu Man attacked him and Dong Ho’s assistant pulled him away.

In the car,  Nam Gyu Man is still fureious. He wanted to kill Dong Ho but could not do it. He asked his assistant what to do about Dong Ho because he promised to protect him. Nam Gyu Man then asked his assistant what did you do with that thing, meaning the murder weapon. He said he wiped the fingerprints off and thew it away. Nam Gyu Man does not believe him. The car is turned around and they go back to the villa where the murder took place.

At the villa, we see Jin Woo and Lee In Ah. The two of them sneak in and hide behind the bar. Nam Gyu Man enter and go to the bar and he gets a drink. He does not see Jin Woo or Lee In Ah hiding there. The two then sneak into the dressing room where Jung Ah was. Jin Woo remembers the red dress that was hanging on the rack is missing. He remembers seeing the dress on Jung Ah when he found her in the woods. He realizes that Jung Ah was at the villa before she died. Nam Gyu Man is talking to his assistant and they hear a noise from the dressing room. The assistant enters first and does not find anything, meanwhile Jin Woo and Lee In Ah are hiding behind a dresser. Nam Gyu Man enters and the assistant says the noise was nothing.

We then see Jin Woo and Lee In Ah running away trough the kitchen trying to find an exit. The assistant runs into another room and he lifts a picture from the wall and there he has hidden the bloody murder weapon wrapped in a cloth. We learn he did not throw it away as Nam Gyu Man instructed. Why would he keep it and hid the weapon from him?

Jin Woo and Lee In Ah go to Dong Ho’s office but he is not there. We see Dong Ho meeting with Nam Gyu Man’s father. Lee In Ah finds the DVD evidence of Nam Gyu Man admitting murder. Jin Woo comes over to the computer to invistate and he is shocked to see that he confessed the crime. He now knows that his father was indeed framed for murder and is innocent. And that is where our episode ends.

As you can see a lot went on in this episode! There are a lot of questions that need answers. Why does Nam Gyu Man’s assistant have the murder weapon? Does he plan to use this against him? Why is Dong Ho talking to Nam Gyu Man’s father? Will he show his father the video he has of his son admitting the crime? I hope these questions will be answered in the next episode! Let me know what you think! Are you enjoying this drama as much as I am? I have to admit I have cried watching every episode so far. This drama definately has me in my feelings! Don’t forget to catch my review of this drama on my You Tube Channel  I am also reviewing this drama for DramaFever Drama Club and you can check out my review here of Remember Episodes 1 & 2  Alright Dramatics I will talk to you next time! Until then Keep Calm and Drama On!






K – Drama Review: Cheer Up! Episode 4

Hello to all of my Dramatics out here! Have you been keeping up with stuudents of Sevit High? I can’t believe we are already on Episode 4! I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but this drama is Twelve Episodes instead of Sixteen. I was hoping that this drama was a bit longer because I really am enjoying it. I hope you are too! Lets see what happens in this episode of Cheer Up!

We left off with a chaotic moment at Sevit High.  The cheerleading coach and the moms of the Baek Ho students were in an argument.  The moms wanted to fire her and she wanted to quit on the squad. Members of the Board Of Education walk in and got wind that the school was fixing the cheerleading club in order to get students into Ivy League Schools and not actually cheerleading. The principal jumps in and says to the Board that the students are going to be competing in a athletic competiton and the Baek Ho students will perform. All of the moms play along with the principals story stating that they will be in the performance as well. Just then, the Board Of Education say that they will be in attendance to watch the performance along with other members in the Education Department.

At this point parents and principal really need the cheerleading coach. Sp she decides to stay if they let her give grades for cheerleading based on participation. The principal is not happy about this at all, but she agrees to the coaches condition.   On the first day of practice Yeon Doo is a bit concerned because they are not practicing. Instead they were in the room doing their homework. Yeon Doo asks the coach why are they not practicing for the competetion. The coach tells her that they need to get to know eachother first. The students from both squads do not like eachother and they obviously want no part in this exercise.

The coach leaves and two teachers walk behind her and check out her body, but they both seem disappointed when she turns around and shows her face. The teacher then goes into the principal’s office to speak with her. She needs his help with the cheerleading club and then threatens to not renew his teaching contract if he does not comply. With his job on the line, the teacher agrees to help her.

Later we see Yeon Doo and Dong Jae walking. Yeon Doo finds out that her close friend Dong Jae was kicked off the basketball team.  She’s very angry about this and feels guilty. She tells him she will do what ever it takes to get him back on the team, but he tells her that he is Ok with not being on the team anymore. Dong Jae was not really upset about getting kicked off of the basketball team. Yeon Doo is furious about her best friend not being on the team. She is obviously more upset about that than he is. Could this be an opportunity for Dong Jae to join the cheerleading club with his friend? Walking behind them are Kim Yeol and Ha Joon.  Ha Joon asks Kim Yeol if he really likes Yeon Doo doesn’t it bother him that she’s always around Dong Jae.

Two members from the Real KIngs are on the upper floor of the school playing around with mops instead of doing their chores. The mop ends up breaking a window right underneath Yeon Doo is standing. Yeon Doo, Dong Jae, Kim Yeol, and Ha Joon see the disaster that’s about to occur. Dong Jae freezes up, and Kim Yeol grabs  Yeon Doo and gets her out of the way so broken glass does not hit her. The broken glass rains down on his back instead of her face. I just love how Kim Yeol protects Yeon Doo. It showes that he really does have feelings for her. After that, Kim Yeol goes to the hospital with Yeon Doo and the teacher is there also. Kim Yeol has a few cuts on his back, but he is not seriously hurt. Yeon Doo feels very grateful because he saved her.

Dong Jae, who is terriffied about what happened, is sitting on the floor underneath the desk rocking back and forth. He really did want to save Yeon Doo, but because he does not like physical contact he hesitated to do so. We then flashback to young boy on the playground who is  Dong Jae. He is sitting at the very top of the monkey bars and a young girl climbs up and asks if he wants to play with her and he said no. He does not push her, but he pulls his arm from her grip strongly and she falls backward off the monkey bars.  We then see the same little girl lying in a hospital bed with a bandaged head and Dong Jae crying outside the hospital window.

At the hospital, Kim Yeol says to the teacher that he is going to the bathroom and Yeon Doo follows him. The two of them are sneaking out of the school and cutting class. As Yeon Doo catches up with him, she thanks him for saving her and he asks her to buy him food. After eating, they walk down the street and to the market together. They see a group dancing on a stage and Kim Yeol drags Yeon Doo over to watch them.

The announcer says that the winner of the dance competition can with a stereo, Yeon Doo immediately goes up to stage to participate as she is in need of a new stereo because the Real Kings one is broken. Kim Yeol seems a little embarrissed at first, but then he smiles as he watches her dance. The announcer then notices Kim Yeol in the audience and tells Yeon Doo that he’ll give her the prize automatically if she does a dance with Kim Yeol.  Yeon Doo goes runs into the audience and grabs him and brings him on stage. Kim Yeol is shy at first, but then he begins to get more into the dance.

Later we see Yeon Doo carrying a rice cooker that says Third Place. They get onto a bus to go back to school and Kim Yeol takes the only empty seat so Yeon Doo is now standing with the rice cooker. Yeon Doo then sets the rice cooker on his lap and stands away from him, leaving everyone on the bus to stare awkwardly. There is an empty seat and he motions Yeon Doo to sit next to him. As they ride the bus, Yeon Doo falls asleep with her head on his shoulder and Kim Yeol with his head on hers. Kim Yeol wakes up to find her sleeping on him and smiles. He moves the rice cooker to his lap and then rests his head on hers again and goes back to sleep.

When they arrive back at school, Kim  Yeol is carrying the rice cooker for her. As the come to the entrance they notice the teacher is standing and waiting for them. The teacher is not really angry at them. He asks where they went and they did not answer him at all. Instead he tells them to say they were at the hospital the entire time.  Dong Jae is waiting for them at the entrance as well. KIm Yeol hands Yeon Doo the rice cooker and leaves. Excited,  Yeon Doo shows off her rice cooker to Dong Jae and he notices that she has a bandage on her hand. Apparently she got cut from the falling glass as well. Yeon Doo is telling Dong Jae all about their adventure and Dong Jae suddenly reaches out his hand to touch hers, but then pulls away.

Yeon Doo goes back to her room and begins to reflect about her day with Kim Yeol with a big smile on her face. It appears she has fallen for him as he’s fallen for her. And it’s about time! I am very excited about this! We also see Kim Yeol in his room and smiling about his day when Ha Joon mentions that it’s the first he’s ever seen him smile like that and it’s a good look for him.

The next day at cheerleading practice,  Dong Jae enters and announces that he wants to join, and the cheerleading coach approves. She does disapproves of is that the members of the Real Kings and Baek Ho have not gotten to get to know eachother. The cheerleading coach then puts the groups in a room and makes them ask each other questions.  They start with simple ones like “who’s your favorite singer” to which one of the members of Baek Ho answers “Apink”. And of course,  when Yeon Doo who is played by Jung Eun Ji, of Apink

Then Yeon Doo’s friend from the Real King brings up Kim Yeol’s reputation with girls and asks who he’s dating. He responds that he does have a girl that he wants to kiss. Yeon Doo instantly turns so red that Dong Jae notices and says that they should go to the nurse. She looks up at Yeol bashfully and he seems surprised and happy that she’s blushing and gives her an adorable smile. Ha Joon takes note of this interaction. This scene was so very cute and adorable, I even started to blush as well.

Later in the principal’s office the principal and a teacher realize that the CCTV footage of Baek Ho and Real King and their numerous fights was never deleted. The footage is now in the hands of the TV reporter that is investigating the school that is creating specs just to make the students resumes look good. So the principal tells the teacher to delete it immediately.   He begins to delete the footage, until he gets to footage of Soo Ah standing alone at the school entrance. He does not see anything suspicious, so he just leaves it alone.

The cheerleading coach has the members of Baek Ho and Real King practice a cheerleading stunt. They are to team up with a guy partner hoist the girl partner onto his shoulder and then she dismounts.  Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo get paired up which is perfect because they will finally be close to one another. Dong Jae, on the other hand,  gets paired with Soo Ah. This is bad because of his phobia about physical contact and he does not really like her to begin with.

After practice, the teacher has Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol in the teacher’s lounge filling out an incident report about the broken window incident. Kim  Yeol is left alone in the room after Yeon Doo goes to the bathroom. He sees the footage of Soo Ah on the computer. He decides to play the footage and sees  Soo Ah picking up the bloody towel when Ha Joon hurt himself.  Yeol realizes that she was the one who took it to the principal to give her ammo to blackmail Kim Yeol to join the cheerleading club.

Kim Yeol finds  Soo Ah and confronts her immediately. He tells her to be careful or she’s going to be sorry and to not mess with him or Ha Joon. Ha Joon hears part of the conversation and demands Soo Ah tell him what  they were talking about. During night time inspection Ha Joon ends up missing and Kim Yeol asks the teacher to cover for him. We then see  Ha Joon on the roof of the school, about to  jump off. As he gets to the ledge, he stalls as he can’t go through with it. Yeon Doo finds Kim Yeol saying she knows Ha Joon will be OK. Yeon Doo knows that Kim Yeol wasn’t lying when he said that they were like brothers and that he had to do cheerleading to protect him.

Kim Yeol finds Ha Joon and Ha joon gets mad at him for making the deal. He tells Kim Yeol that he already felt like dying and this just made it worse.Kim  Yeol tells him that he didn’t know what else to do. Ha Joon tells him that he’s only trying to stay alive because of Kim Yeol. During cheerleading practice, Ha Joon is not happy at all.  He says he’s going to quit and the members of Real King are offended by how he seems to look down on them and then a  fight begins.

The cheerleading coach takes a picture of the students fighting. She tells them that they could either endure physical punishment or get penalty points. So all the members of Baek Ho and Real King are forced to run outside in the rain. After this, the cheerleading coach tells the students they cannot clean up, instead they must eat together. With dirt and mud all over them, the members of Real King and Baek Ho sit around a table, eating ramen together as other students pass by and stare. As they eat, they realize how funny it is and start laughing together.  It’s the first real bonding moment we see between these two groups.

Yeon Doo’s mom and Kim Yeol’s dad are at a cafe ran by Yeon Doo’s mom. He sits down and says he has something to tell her. He pulls out a ring to propose to her.  Yeon Doo’s mom wants to keep the ring, but she refuses. This moment makes me happy and sad at the same time. These two people really care and love eachother and they should be together.  But if they got married, Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo would be related and they could not have a romance with one another.

The cheerleading coach and members of Baek Ho and Real Kings arrive at a location where they are to practice. She has a meal prepared for them and tells them to eat without her. They check the fridge to see if there is anything else to drink so they find water and juice. So they serve the juice and lo and behold, it’s not juice, but alcohol. The students had no idea what they were drinking was alcohol. They all begin to continue drinking the juice until it’s gone. By getting drunk, this is another boding experience for these two groups as well.

The drunk members of  Real King try to  teach members of Baek Ho to dance while others are hanging on each other and giggling.  Soo Ah, is up upstairs alone crying.  Ha Joon sees her and she expresses how lonely she feels with everyone against her. She is wondering why she’s getting all the blame and she states that she’s having a hard time. Ha Joon doesn’t say anything, but throws his handkerchief at her and walks away.

Outside Yeon Doo is sitting at a table alone when Kim Yeol comes out and sits with her. She lays her head on the table and tells him to do the same. They’re laying their next to each other and smiling when Yeon Doo sits up. He realizes this situation is familiar and references the times she fell on him when he gave her the choice to just go ahead with it or get up.

Kim Yeol tells her that this time he’s going to go ahead with it. He gently places his hand on her neck and then goes in for a kiss. Their lips are just about to touch as the episode ends. I wonder if they will kiss in the next episode or will they get interrupted? I guess we will have to find out in the next episode!

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